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A bug marked as "trivial" is stopping me from using @civicrm for the main reason I installed it: Civimail. :(
New Google maps is impossible to use with StreetView. The whole thing locks up. Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE, all munted
RT @CuteEmergency: He hates water in his ears, so here's the solution.
OMG laughing so hard I am crying! :D Thank you. “@kindofstrange: Oh internet, why are you so awesome sometimes?”
Why would my emails be bounced by Spamcop via postmaster at mail dot hotmail dot com when neither I nor the recipient uses hotmail???
Silly, silly bank with a "6 numeric characters" password limitation. Bet they haven't heard of Heartbleed either. Urgh.
RT @gergmuure: This is pretty ridiculous "@DemetriMartin: In honor of Palindrome Week here is a 500-word palindrome."
Quick and easy way to strip all HTML tags and attributes (regardless of the attribute) in a page on a PC? Go! Thank you
RT @JonathanMosen: The fact that @NZStuff uses an offensive term like "blind leading the blind" in a headline in 2014 shows how far we have to go.
RT @lucia888: Disconcerting horse head pillow #TheGodfather
RT @elpie: Based on what I’m seeing in my hospital record, I think you should each request a copy of your own records.
RT @FriendsEAT: If life gives you #lemons, make #orange juice! Wait... what?! #meme #fail #foodie
RT @kscottz: Montreal is like Paris and Detroit had a baby.
Interesting to see names from people I used to work with when I was on Joomla! core, but haven't had contact with, come across my timeline.
Sentence for old bully appeals to my sense of humour But I'm far from sure it was effective #disability #abuse
New batteries in the noise cancelling headphones really help with the noise cancelling :D
Do not ever rent a car with Discount. Worst customer service ever.
Dad is now addicted to YouTube :) #ttrtpt
I created a monster. Showed dad how to get all the old songs he liked so much! Ogeret, Theodorakis, Renard, Ferré. mum isn’t impressed :D
Dad was looking at 27” iMac at store. Nice machine for him. His other computer is ~8 years old! He fears change. But loves speech to text!
Un ami de mon père a deux lamas. Un appelé Serge, l’autre appelé Dalaï. :)
Couple raccoons having a his say fit under the front porch at dad’s. Noisy buggers!
Mounted on my wheelchair? :) “@lancewiggs: Oh yes. Instant speed.”
RT @lancewiggs: Oh yes. Instant speed.
Flooding in Québec in the Huntingdon area. The joys of snow melting and spring rains
Finding Grid-It organiser by @cocoonbags to be really useful. Reduces the mess in bags :)
RT @Vivredignite: Il n'y a pas de consensus sur l'euthanasie au Québec #pl52
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