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RT @elpie: NZ’s Suffrage Day today - any woman not intending to vote in this election should feel ashamed. Please honor those that fought for our right
What kind of vine would this be? Was growing on our phone pole. #montreal
Hey @linkedinselling how can anyone read that with such poor contrast between white bg and light grey txt? #a11y
Oh noes! “@MacBerry: Nutella price could soar amid worldwide #hazelnut shortage Stock up”
Yum! “@mcpheeceo: I think I’ll have Chinese food tonight. I love that fried beef with…”
RT @elpie: 90-year-old Holocaust survivor forced to walk while police carry her cane. Shame on those police officers.
First tear gas canister thrown by city employees in front of Montreal city council. HT @ChrisGNardi
RT @QPIRGConcordia: Photo from today's #Montreal vigil in solidarity with the #Ferguson uprising. #manifencours #polmtl @OpFerguson
RT @ChrisGNardi: Un premier truc fumigène vient d'être lancé par les employés municipaux devant l'hôtel de Ville. Conseil à 7pm
RT @oohincensed: UK ‘is the first country to face UN inquiry into disability rights violations’ … … … …
I'm glad that I'm not the only one that couldn't find fly spray at supermarket. 3 staff couldn't find it either.
Finally got an ice cream scoop after *weeks* needing one. Then realised I forgot to buy ice cream. Typical.
Hmm @elpie kindly let me win this game… #backgammon. Need to go cook roast dinner now!
RT @osrin: Londoners: that completed loyalty card you have... consider handing it to someone living on our streets. #passItOn
. @Ont_Ombudsman I deleted my FB account years ago because of things like that.
RT @peggylcurran: New Montrealer loves it here, wants to be Canadian except... RT@guardian: Why must I swear allegiance to the Queen?
Just found some news footage of the fire last night This was 80 m from our place.
RT @elpie: Saddest sight: neighbors walking down the street with bags, dog bed under arm and their dog. All fire trucks still here. Water still going.
So. The fire down the street appears under control. But the 4 fire trucks still in the street. Firemen still in and out of homes :(
Firemen climbing on roof. Cutting holes in ceilings to get in neighbouring homes. Fire is scary.
4 truck fire on our street. Not 100 m from our flat. Street blocked. Power out.
Staying off twitter because #fergusson #gaza #robinwilliams etc. Just. Too. Much.
Cat stretching from a nap in the afternoon heat. 36 C with humidex in Montréal today. Look at these claws!!!
Really fed up with @carbonandroid not sending photos. I need suggestions for good, reliable android twitter client.
RT @elpie: Anonymous makes a stand. #ferguson #OpFerguson
And it’s eating our potted basil… :D “@elpie: There’s a skunk in our garden! A big, fat, cute as anything skunk! I saw it! W00t!”
RT @IndianGuru: RT @renzo_soprano: This dentist brings his dog to work to calm down the kids that are scared. I had to tweet this!
RT @PhotosHistos: Charles B. Tripp, l'homme sans bras et Eli Bowen, l'homme sans jambes, sur un tandem, vers 1890 #histoire
RT @johnfoliot: EPIC!! RT @ollieglass: Guy calls a telemarketer back and tricks them into resetting their phone
Note to self: it's 'asterisk', not 'asterix'. One's a character on the keyboard. The other a character in a cartoon. #typo
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