Dommage que je sois locataire. J'aimerais installer @casaconnected chez nous, mais je ne crois pas que le proprio payerais pour :(
Judges render judgment. Cooks render lard. Hmmm.
RT @tumour: You may now unplug me.
So, since upgrade to latest #firefox my Logitech trackball scrollwheel doesn't work anymore. :(
Nice typo: The guy is a "paychiatrist"...
RT @ChrisGNardi: O.o woah RT @mpcornelliertva: **FERMÉE** Décarie sud. Sortez à Jean-Talon. Véhicule en flammes @tvanouvelles
I miss my dog. I wish I could borrow one from somebody. Just for a couple hours.
However, the avocados at the other store were so soft my finger near we went through
RT @kirabug: Lessons in American English: one of my co-workers thought my yellow jacket problem involved clothing. #nope
A big thank you to @joshuahames who increased color contrast ratio on his site within minutes of being made aware of #a11y issue. #kudos
Methinks I haz a cold.
Just discovered that Remembrance day is NOT a statutory holiday in Quebec...
What are they doing talking about early release anyway?!artic... Pistorius can't wear ankle monitor - He has no ankles!
. @kaupapa @iHealthBeat Not to mention the most excellent highlighting risks to people with disabilities.
. @kaupapa One has to wonder if the people who's records were analysed gave consent. There's no privacy in eHealth. @iHealthBeat
When you tell the tech support that you've already run /ipconfig and they tell you "click on Start, type Charlie Mike Delta..." *sigh*
I probably started using computers before this kid was even born! #techsupport I don't call with silly questions
Tech support always talking to me like I have never seen a computer :(
Having to sell my Lois McMaster-Bujold collection. Includes TWO autographed copies by the author.
To think @IainLG was my MP for years. I'm glad I'm gone. Hurts my heart and soul too much.
. Very disappointed to hear @IainLG is reintroducing the #euthanasia bill in New Zealand. Sad to see NZ politicians supporting this shit.
I am SO FED UP with all the #gigaspam that is still going on. #enoughalready. Got old a week after the start of the contest, a century ago
3 hours of harassment of a little person Inspired by the 10 hours of...
Deadline met!!!
Have just registered to go to @a11yMTL. C'est mieux d'être bon! ;)
Right. I have 5 hours to finish rewriting my 100 page report that somehow got corrupted beyond recognition, along with its back up! Bye
I hope the cops that keep on arresting Arnold Abbott feel like eels. It might be the law, but the law's wrong.
Found in the wild: <h2 class="h3">... Errm. Why do devs do these things??? #html #a11y #semantics
Pssst. It's an alt *attribute*, not an alt tag. #a11y
Sidewalk blocked. Bus dropped me off there. I had to jump the curb into traffic at rush hour #wheelchairlife
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