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RT @ehogue: Having your security contact email being doesn't look too serious
RT @FunnyBearTED: "When you fall, I'll always be there for you." -Floor
Really impressed with @car2goMontreal service today. Call centre staff really helped get me out of a pickle. Thank you.
Sites that make you guess maximum number of characters for passwords, and don't tell you they forbid special characters. Urgh
Accessibility and Security The slides and text for my recent #oscon presentation.
Most excellent post: An Alphabet of Accessibility by @kirabug #mustread
Bad idea to do google image search on ‘pussy cat tattoo’. Some are clever, but what has been seen cannot be unseen…
How about it #oscon ? RT @johnfoliot: Throwing down the gauntlet
RT @johnfoliot: Throwing down the gauntlet
Call centre message says they won't tolerate aggressive clients. They shouldn't play such vile hold music then...
RT @dboudreau: Three simple tips to become a keyboard accessibility super hero » #a11y by @feather
Remembering the day someone threw a handful of change in the coffee cup I was holding for @elpie. Not even enough for a new coffee.
Really weird conversation with neighbour. Switching seemlessly between French, English, and pure Joual. #mtl #montreal
Who else finds the word "commentard" highly offensive, and particularly innapropriate coming from large news website? #disability
Good on you @roddrury “@TimNoonan: Good to see that #Xero is doing work to make their accounting app #accessible
RT @AJKandy: Google Maps thinks Greene Avenue is a two-way street above Sainte-Catherine, so until it’s fixed, be aware…
There’s a definite wafting of skunk smell coming from the yard. And @elpie wants to feed it so she can see it :D I’m putting my foot down!
Used a whole (mini) Tabasco bottle in our 2 Bloody Caesars. Very good drink on a hot summer evening before dinner :)
My #oscon bag makes a fantastic grocery bag. :)
Having fun at the Haiti en follie Rara parade #mtl
Irrefutable proof that the squirrels ARE digging our plants Can't stop laughing! :D
Irrefutable proof that the squirrels ARE digging our plants Can't stop laughing! :D
24 years of Americans with Disabilities Act today. Happy anniversary. I wonder if we'll ever be able to quantify the changes
So, @TELUSsupport tells me on the phone it takes 2 weeks for a name to disappear from the marketing call lists. Really? Slow database? :o
Arrived at YUL with over three hours delay. Middle of night. Lights in corridor all off. Trip. From. Hell. Glad to be home though
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?!
no wonder it felt a bit crowded at times :D “@MAsh187: 4200+ attendees at this year's #OSCON.”
I hope they bring out the burger quickly. I have a plane to catch :o
Goodbye #oscon. It’s been awesome. So much to unpack over next wee while. Hope to see you all again next year!
Anyone going to #PDX airport by Max train leaving from #oscon in the next hour? Want to travel together?
If you were at my #oscon presentation on Accessibility & Security, please make sure to give me feedback
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