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Listening to an old favourite: Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield: Doesn't make me any younger :D
I guess nobody in Couillard's entourage has read otherwise they might have reconsidered austerity measures in QC
L'après-midi passé à écouter le canal de #assnat pour voir qui sont nommés sur le Conseil des ministres. Ça prendrait du popcorn :D
Je suis le canal de l'Assemblée nationale pour voir qui sont nos ministres. Le suspense...
I want to start re-reading Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) but am loathe to begin before series is FINISHED :(
RT @Helena_LB: Meanwhile, in Canada...
must be hockey going. Top, and left, and right neighbour’s tv going on, with lots of people yelling. :D #habs having an exciting play-off
I can't have a simple Facetime conversation with @elpie because @SnapInternet keeps having micro outages. #frustating
Must find a way to work collaboratively on MS Word docs that don't involve emailing back and forth, Google Docs, or Wikis :(
RT @farrm51: Surely the beauty of the minute's silence is in switching off technology
Seriously cool Game of Thrones interactive map à la Googlemaps. via @MightyApe
Prendre une bière c'est comme aller au gym. Parce qu'une bière des haltères... :D
Agadou dou-dou, pouss' l'anana et mouds l'café Sharing an #earworm makes it go away, right? :D
16 YO boy flies from CA to HI in wheel well of plane And they want us to believe nailclippers are a security hazard?
Interesting choice of image on your #a11y reading list @dudleystorey Blended ramps/stairs aren't accessible @webatou
Need to reach @telus support. but their phone custome service is staffed only starting at 10am... WTF?
“@Nzgrim: Surreal Photo Manipulations By Photographer Dariusz Klimczak | Bored Panda via @boredpanda” sweet
RT @LordManley: All countries in the world that use the mmddyy date format @amazinmaps
RT @a11ymedia: Immobile like me: The inaccessible truth about public transit #Toronto #AODA #accessibility #transportation
Got @SygicOfficial maps for North America. Can't bear Google's mangling of Québecois city and street names. Hope this is better
Help! Need to rehome our lovely 2.5 YO Border Collie, Charlie, because of international move. Experienced BC owners in NZ North Island.
Must rehome Charlie :( Looking for good home for our 2.5 YO Border Collie in NZ North Island. Experience w BC a must. Quite urgent. #moving
There's all kind of accessibility wrong with using an image of text to display tabular data.. 16 years in the business, I think it's a 1st!
RT @BarrSteve: The Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing:
RT @BarrSteve: The Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing:
I'm going to buy Scrivener when it comes out for iPad. Need same editor on both my PC and tablet. @ScrivenerApp I hope it comes out soon.
Google seems to think that Victoria Kennedy died in 2009. But it's her *husband*, Ted, that died then :o
Having to explain to dad why his 6 letter password is bad. *sigh* He doesn't get it, and doesn't want to change.
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Can't stop laughing :) Brilliant!
Oops. Well done Harcourt’s. :D “@Brilliant_Ads: Print ad fail...”
Interesting post by @ninjudd "Passwords are Obsolete" In such a system, how would accessibility be ensured, I wonder
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