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Sneak peek at one of my slides for my Accessibility and Security presentation at #oscon. “CAPTCHAs are evil” #a11y
RT @wendyabc: #OSCON folks, please keep your eye out for a blue wallet that folds once. If you find it, pls let me know ASAP. Thx. @simonstl
Swelling and bruising ankle. Icing and elevating now. Might have to see a medic if no better in the morning :(
I spoke to a Brit about rugby and to a Swede about earthquakes. Odd conversations at #oscon party…
Just added #accessibility and #francophone tags to my #oscon name badge
I don’t drink coffee. Don’t like the stuff. But some days, the smell of coffee being brewed makes my mouth water. Like now.
Just bumped into @wendyabc :) Not literally :) Nice meeting you.
At least one BoF session I’ll be at: “Privilege, diversity and inclusion in Open Source”. Should be interesting. #oscon @rootwork
Anyone working with #civicrm at #oscon? Would love to catch up.
My Airbender keyboard case is losing its rubber feet. Dang!
Very nice meeting @jonpielaet and having a chat about the challenges of dealing with accessibility in academia #oscon
Just saw a guy walk by carrying a #webstock bag at #oscon. Small world
A row of geeks at #oscon. Not rowdy yet :)
+10122 “@elpie: I wish those posting images of dead children would use an appropriate hashtag. I’ve seen & cried enough already.”
Lots of laptops, Mac and PC both, at #oscon. It almost feels inadequate to be using my iPad. I’m not a serious enough geek, or sumthin’ :D
Lunch at #oscon with security geeks was quite interesting :)
. @jonobacon this cartoon about equality vs equity might interest you as you're talking equality in community bldg
At #oscon? Don’t miss my Accessibility & Security talk Wednesday
“Sunlight is the best disinfectant” - be open and transparent to avoid festering community problems says @jonobacon #oscon
I’d forgotten how things are kept so cold with AC. Glad I brought a polar fleece
RT @camille_comete: voici donc ce à quoi ressemble une vache quand on la lave et la sèche avec un sèche cheveux. #WTFtweet
Community management workshop by @jonobacon about to start at #oscon
My Kiwi Foo t-shirt is being noticed at #oscon :D @gnat
hmmm. New movie by Luc Besson coming out in a few days: “Lucy”. Either a huge disappointing flop, or awesome.
Am now in PDX, checked in at hotel. #oscon tomorrow morning. For now, I need food.
Lots of people having to sky check their carry-on bags. Not me with my @tombihn Aeronaut even though its chocka
Bombardier Dash 8 from YVT to PDX. Not gonna be any WiFi on this flight :D
Half hour to landing in YVR. I look forward to be out of plane because #sardine. But then, have another flight before reaching #oscon in PDX
“@HistoricalPics: Paris, 1920s” As opposed to Paris, 2014
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