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Vinh what I learned this weekend: if a woman asks you if you love her, and you say no, she'll punch you in the face.
Vinh well I'm done, done and I'm on to the next one, done, done and I'm on to the next one, done, done and I'm on to the next one... umm, the next project/client. I love me a great finish.
Vinh am I stuttering?
David Guetta - The World is Mine - Music Video -
David Guetta - The World is Mine - Music Video
The Current State of Web Design: Trends 2010 - Smashing Magazine -
Vinh two hour therapy session compliments of mother nature, the pacific ocean and my father who always knew that his son would surf. at least I got one thing right. attitude adjustment, check.
Vinh there is a little surf out there! w00t!
Vinh hypothetically speaking, is drinking a gallon of sake a lot?
"while everybody else is getting outta bed, I'm usually gettin in it."
"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO] -
"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Vinh a good night's sleep does wonders. my father told me that many years ago. he said, "[expletive deleted], no matter how [expletive deleted] a situation is, give it a day and see how you [expletive deleted] feel about it."
I will be watching the next 2 LAKERS game at the same place, at the same table, and drinking the same thing as I did the last time they won the championship. yeeaa bitches.
I have 420 friends. haha.
EndeverafteR - Baby, Baby, Baby -
EndeverafteR - Baby, Baby, Baby
USC: hahahahahahaha.
I hope the place I'm going to watch the lakers is pager friendly or has a pay phone bank, you know, a bunch of pay phones?
Vinh well I guess it would be nice. if I could touch your body. I know not everybody, has got a body like u.
Vinh newsflash: giant fake boobies are now considered passé. when the eff were they c'est la mode again? nice going heidi montag.
Vinh how the hell is connie chung married to maury povich? what the heck do they talk about at dinner?
Vinh testing AOL's lifestream app.
Deftones - The chauffeur -
Deftones - The chauffeur
Vinh looking forward to champagne in 1 hour and 14 minutes.
Vinh looking forward to champagne in exactly 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Vinh open source blows. "hate" is too soft of a word to describe my feeling of it.
Perfect Date Dating Video -
Perfect Date Dating Video
Vinh let's see if I can have this conference call without falling asleep...
Frenzied Waters : Discovery Channel -
Vinh facebook ads = dumb.
Vinh up and at 'em, all of 'em.
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