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Vinh currently text-rap battling with a worthy opponent. she's pretty good but I'm all up on it.
Vinh yo-yo ma kicks ass. never rocked out to a cellist before him...
Vinh do yourself a favor and don't watch the news today. geez. just ruined my whole afternoon.
Vinh dreaming of warm summer weather, listless afternoons on the warm sand, and mojitos with extra mint...
I wanna slow dance to roxy music later. that would be radical.
Vinh why do I need a nap after only being awake since noon? must be getting old. hahahhaa. not.
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me -
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Vinh shaking hands and kissing babies today.
Vinh popcorn pairs phenomenally with toblerone. FYI.
Vinh epic week. I'm calling it. have a great weekend!
Vinh wakey, wakey, eggs and backey!
Vinh champagne.
RIP ronnie james dio. among many other great rock/metal accomplishments, credited for the "horns" hand gesture. rock on.
Vinh and great news: I don't smell like scotch today.
Vinh up and at 'em. day two of endless new client meetings. today, LA for tour of client's luxury store. and thank god it's a mattress company. I can take a nap.
Vinh still looks like morning out there. I never got out of my PJs or bunny slippers.
Vinh yea, I throw down a mean dinner, but I burn popcorn every effing time. wtf.
Vinh dear life, you are pretty good.
Vinh omg t-minus 4.5 hours till the mercy house gigantic gala! "but I've got the biggest balls of them all!"
Vinh ok, 7 hour marathon shopping session complete. looking forward to a friday night of work to alleviate the damage...
I have succumb to the gravitational pull of a sickass suit at dolce & gabbana.
Vinh t-minus one day till mercy house gala. can't wait for a black tie evening.
Guns N' Roses - November Rain -
Guns N' Roses - November Rain
Vanilla Twilight Lyrics (Owl City) -
Vanilla Twilight Lyrics (Owl City)
Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] -
Kid Rock - All Summer Long [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
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