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If there's a God, Joan Rivers is up there givin' him Hell. RIP Joan.
what is hell you are saying - arif suhail
Anonymous Vows Action Over Shooting Death of Unarmed Teen
On @TakePartLive this week, we interviewed activist and rapper @TefPoe on the scene in Ferguson, MO:
Uber for thinking up a witty comeback at the moment you need it
RT @Outlander_Starz: #Outlander is renewed for a second season, based on @Writer_DG’s Dragonfly in Amber. Retweet to spread the word!
It’s Friday. Let’s try harder next week, world.
The Kindle version of Help Fund My Robot Army is on sale for $.99. I have a story in there!
Playing #Godus on Steam. Love this kind of game, reminds me of Black & White :)
I love Pagan, he is such a ham to the camera! Cracks me up. #SFGiants
People in United lounge are very upset that their flight is delayed over a broken part. IS CRASHING MORE CONVENIENT FOR YOUR SCHEDULE?
Yes airlines make money only when the plane flies; if it's not flying there's probably a good reason so just sit down and be thankful - Steve C Team Marina
One of my favorite childhood memories was staying up late in my PJs to eat nachos and watch Mork & Mindy. Thank you for all the laughs.
RT @swordandlaser: Sign up for our newsletter and receive a free story by @adribbleofink from the Anthology!
RT @TakePartLive: If you missed our show earlier it re-airs in 15 minutes! Watch @MeghanMcCain, @JacobSoboroff and @Veronica do something with the news!
Add me to the chorus of disbelief and heartbreak over Robin Williams. One of my favorites.
Excited! RT @TakePartLive: Tonight! @Veronica is co-hosting plus @amandadecadenet and @iamjrmartinez stop by! 10pm ET/7pm PT
This video could also be titled “Things I Will Attempt After Several Drinks, Causing Many Holes In My Wall”
This video could also be titled “Things I Will Attempt After Several Drinks, Causing Many Holes In My Wall”
I met a Mii yesterday who really loves his job.
Should I get Zelda or Tomodachi Life for 3DS?
WHAT RT @garywhitta: @Veronica Did you never see that crossover?
The family from Alf and the family from Full House are both named the Tanners. Relation?
Nowish! RT @acedtect: DTNS live in a half hour with @Veronica on Twitch and Kitteh hackers or
Sword and Laser bookclub kicks off The Name of the Wind
Whoa, an AMA for a woman whose husband tried to have her murdered: #reddit
That moment in your life when you realize Against Me! songs are now about you… not for you.
OH SNAP RT @KelleyWelch: @Veronica I bet the crabs are the best there.
I had a dream that Paris Hilton was launching a new lobster bisque at the San Francisco Soup Company. Diversify?
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