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Super excited to try @CoachmanSF. I've been wanting to eat here for a while! #TimeOutNightOut @TimeOut_SF
RT @acedtect: Want to know what @veronica and I think about the President's net neutrality opinion? Come here in about 25 minutes
You guys wish you had Smell-O-Twitter right now. #applemuffins
hmmmmmmmm good idea - Sandy Brown
Interview with Dale Leary: The Guts of Dust.Evolution -
Interview with Dale Leary: The Guts of Dust.Evolution
“We should not be judged by our lowest common denominators.” @PatrickRothfuss, on genre fiction (and fiction too!):
Hangout with Ariel Mendoza: Dust.Evolution -
Hangout with Ariel Mendoza: Dust.Evolution
My friend @georgeruiz produced this incredible short film, Everlast. It’s intense.
What’s your favorite tripod or iPhone tripod?
After 'Cosmos,' Neil deGrasse Tyson Dives Into Science of 'Interstellar' via @NBCNews
Seriously, Homeland just keeps getting Homelandier. You know what I mean?
How many times can I view a targeted ad online before I succumb? Apparently this is quantifiable.
Is it? Is it “great to hear”? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. RT @thewriterist: @Veronica Great to hear! Haven't started the new season yet.
RT @swordandlaser: Live in 5 with Sword & Laser Episode 196! Come join us (Q&A enabled):
This @Shopbop ad cookie is about 3 more views before it makes me buy that item. I can feel the system working and I accept it.
Sometimes I read BuzzFeed so I don’t have to feel for a while.
But like, maybe we’ll become really good friends and years from now we’ll look back on this and laugh at the ridiculousness of life.
Hahaha!! Oh no. RT @mzauberman: @Veronica try having a phone number a digit away from a bail lawyer
Got a wrong number text and they will REFUSE TO BELIEVE that I am not the person they want me to be.
Last chance to back #Robogames! We are super-excited to bring this back to the screen:
I posted a little behind-the-scenes at the last big event I worked at on @storehousehq:
Hey #NaNoWriMo people! @20lines is doing a fun writing competition you might want to check out:
At an advanced screening for #TheTheoryOfEverything hosted by my girl @BrokeAssGourmet!
Interview with Paolo Parente of Dust.Evolution -
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