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Greinke looks like the preppy jerk from a John Hughes movie. #SFGiants
Cat just sat on the KVM switch. Guess she wants me to play video games and not answer emails.
Hey dog on the block that cries and brays for five hours every day when your owner leaves. Stop.
It's almost like everyone I know on the Internet is at Comic-Con. Wear good costumes and make bad decisions, my friends!
Join me July 31st at 4pm EST / 1pm PST to watch the unboxing of a new way to connect! #guesswhatsinside
RT @scottjohnson: Excited to have @veronica on the @morningstream Mondays, starting on the 28th, with a new gaming segment!
I'm doing a talk with @tonyconrad and @TechCocktail's @FrankGruber tomorrow at @parisoma. Get your ticket now! -
Any fellow web video folks have a recco for a small desk light and softbox? Something I could mount behind my webcam for even lighting.
The problem is that the people who need to read this article will probably never read this article: via @steimer
RT @SFGiants: @Veronica He said " do you know we have to wake up in 5 hours and do this again? END THIS"
S&L Podcast - #184 - Threeways to Save Humanity -
That... was awesome. Leading the league in Brandons! #SFGiants
Do I have to change my profile picture back tomorrow or can the kittens keep their birthday hats for a while? cc: @darth
The electricians just found an old rusty axe head in the wall of our home. I wonder when they’ll find the bodies.
I'm guessing when they look down. - Steve C
Future you went back into the past and set the axe in the wall so you could use it. What for remains to be seen. - Todd Hoff
RT @CatApocalypse: Still, I had fun learning that Target sells sex-toys, figs are filled with wasp eggs, and pee shows your health and destiny. #VaginalFantasy
Great read. “This Is Not a Vermeer ™” by @fimoculous
Airmail for OS X is weirdly de-prioritizing @ryan’s email for autocomplete under every Ryan I have ever met. Also people not named Ryan.
Hey people smart about cars… is the Club the best thing out there? Something better?
LOL at my Twitter feed right now. cc: @violetblue @ijustine @shiralazar
Here is your annual “Plurk still exists” tweet. It’s true! Apparently.
I think I accidentally swallowed some packing tape. Not as fun or kinky as it sounds. #movingday
RT @ChrisAvellone: @Veronica You can never trust tape. They all want to destroy us.
I walked 13k steps yesterday unpacking stuff at the new place! And I feel every step this morning.
RT @twaggies: Red Lobster has a dish called “Lobster topped Lobster.” Isn’t that just… lobster? @veronica
Digging the new @toryburch designs for @fitbit. Hopefully other designers will get on board! via @EclecticCook
RT @doctorow: Congress wants to shut down broadband competition - ACT NOW!
Oh, never mind! I was in a new subreddit and confused its design with the overall design. So yes, I am crazy!
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