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I think I just dreamed I received an email I was expecting. Not even an important one. It’s definitely not in my inbox.
S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Kevin Hearne -
Just bought every available copy of Tailchaser’s Song by @tadwilliams on Amazon because reasons.
Eatbugs! - Akiva
S&L Podcast - #171 - The Martian Influx -
It’s not technically a real word. But it worked. RT @98lwatso: @Veronica I just learnt a new word!
The “scenes from next week’s Mad Men” are always hilariously non-sequiturial. “Hi, this is Roger.” Titillating!
I had no idea that was Sigur Rós playing at the Purple Wedding! #GameofThrones
How should I spec my Khajiit Nightblade? #ESO
Sigur Rós covering the The Rains of Castamere. Also, the first time I’ve heard them sing in English! #GameofThrones
Walk-off home run by Crawford took some of the pain out of my Sunday afternoon of tax filing! Thanks, #SFGiants!
I’m very confused by how @MyFitnessPal works with @fitbit. Does it only track calories if you manually create an activity with Fitbit?
OMG, more from the Star Trek archives of my youth. I did not keep these mint, clearly.
Cool, both deliveries at my apartment yesterday were stolen. Nice homecoming.
Nice one - TAPAN KUMAR
RT @WillJPowers: Instagram servers are down at the same time as Coachella week 1. The hipster apocalypse has begun, people! This is what we've trained for!
Winter Soldier was so good. Can’t wait to see how it affects #AgentsofSHIELD! Again disappointed by how many people left at the very end.
S&L Video: Author Spotlight - Brent Weeks -
Tune into a very special Google hangout today with @Disney legend Richard M. Sherman - 1pm PT, hosted by me!
RT @RyAlcott: @Veronica This is now my favorite gif. lol
OK, #Dodgers, though I loathe to say it (as I loathe you) that was a lot of home runs and great pitching. Well played.
#SFGiants vs. #Dodgers and #GameOfThrones tonight. A lot of bloodshed in the future.
My mom sent me my Star Trek folder from when I was a kid, including my sketches, collectors cards and…
Excited to be hosting the #SmallWorldHangout at Disneyland! You can post your Qs using the hashtag or on this page:
Got an awesome gift in the mail from the Austin @VaginalFantasy chapter! Thanks, ladies!
RT @feliciaday: .@wilw just announced that we'll be crowd funding season 3 of Tabletop! Go to & support or spread word! #TableTopDay
Phew! #SFGiants
OH: “Finally! I know everything there is to know about sexual harassment!”
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