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Rachel Lea Fox
Our Two New Little Boys! Year 2 with a black kitten for Halloween! #foxfosterkittens
photo 2.jpg
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The black one has stunning blue eyes. I've never seen that before! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
I've seen blue eyes on a black cat before. There could be some siamese in it's background. I can't really tell from the pic - does it have a wedge-shaped head? It might outgrow the blue eyes, though. How old is it? - Katy S
Cute cute cute cute cute!!! - Georgia
The blue eyed black cat is quite different. Cute. - Louis Gray
Katy, I'm not sure if he has a wedge-shaped face. I will get better photos of them soon. They are not brothers, the black one is around 5 weeks old, 18.7oz (so he could still outgrow his blue eyes, but also might not) and the tiger is about 6.5 or maybe 7 weeks 24.3 oz. - Rachel Lea Fox
The Chuck Jones classic "Feed the Kitty" has a black kitten with blue eyes. - Spidra Webster
Precciousss kittahz! You'z so cute you look yummy! LOL I'm just kidding, I wouldn't =) - Franc, a rememberer
wow both super cute, but yeah I've never seen a black cat with blue eyes before, my black cat has the yellowest eyes I've ever seen - Toby Graham
Toby, we aren't sure if he will keep them. At 5 weeks old he could still go either way, but we are excited to see if he does! They are both super sweeties! But baths are in their near future. If you all could smell them through friendfeed... well you would still find them cute, but stinky cute!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Awww.. my cat was dusty-black and hella stinky when I adopted him. xD - Franc, a rememberer
Blacky seems to be sick. He isn't eating much and is throwing up most of what he eats. We will be going in today. I'm sure his stinkiness isn't helped by his being sick. But we will get it all worked out. - Rachel Lea Fox
super bas lepa slika - Milenko Raljic
I went to the future, that is Tomorrow, and got a pic of V with the BFG!
Make it big, it looks better - Fee501st
Too many pixels in that gun... - Thomas
it looks Doomy to me ;) - Fee501st
Also, wasn't it green in that game..? - Thomas
Never mind - just the shot was green... - Thomas
oh yea its not the Doom's BFG, its Quakes 2 BFG there no good shots of the Doom 1 BFG - Fee501st
Now that's awesome! - Dave Friedel from Android
You should sign it as "BFGeek". - Jason Wong from iPod
I think everyone needs to be photoshopping Veronica. - Dave Friedel
Careful Dave... you know what that would lead to. - Jason Wong
Veronica is the new Terminator?? - imabonehead
Now her bicep is the BFG right? Just look at the size of that weapon! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
That kinda kicks ass - Josh Haley
Boom, headshot - Mike Nayyar
nic luk - Sabir Ansari
Best LOST Finale Party Invitation Ever?
That's so cool I almost wish I cared about Lost. - Fleagle
How can you say no?
CUUUTE!! - Veronica
ohh sweet - shey
Sarah Lane
Behind-the-wheel test to get my drivers license back on Thurs. Which I will ace, btw (I live in SF, I can parallel park w eyes closed). YAY!
You always have Jules! - RAPatton from iPhone
V has a Posse!
The real meme also says the weight but i'm not that crazy.... - Fee501st
Wise choice, Fee... :) - Thomas
also the meme if you never saw it - Fee501st
Andre the Giant still has the original posse. But V's posse is pretty pimp. - Fleagle
A little bit Wraith looking. - Dave Friedel
HAHAHA - Veronica
i'm a floating head! - Veronica
@jellyd was a floating head last Halloween wasn't he? - Dave Friedel
It does look like V's about to explain to Kal-El where he comes from... - Thomas
She's the next Holly from Red Dwarf. :) - Amy
LOL! I love Red Dwarf! :) - Carlos Urrutia from Android
Howdy doodly do. - Ghworg
I would smash that toaster within seconds. - Amy
Am I the chairman of said posse? - Ryan Block
Aren't you the Ryan I had lunch with? - Dave Friedel
Ryan: Yea you could be the top OG - Fee501st
Grrr, Dave Strikes again!
Michael Gartenberg
.@scobleizer says "Google Chrome OS has already won" MG. Google has won NOTHING with Chrome at the moment. #koolaid
OMG. Scoble spoke too soon about something? That never happens! - Fleagle
Sarah Lane
@michaelslarsen Who said anything about taking away people's right to vote? I'm talking about irrational fear. Give ME a break.
Did i miss something? - Jerry Perez
I'd only let people take away my right to vote if they did things to me. LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS WANDER! - Mike Nayyar
ok, i'm with you now. Wow sometimes I forget to follow "real" news. - Jerry Perez
Thanks for the article, Hisham. - Veronica
MG Siegler
Apple’s New Remote Is A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma -
Apple’s New Remote Is A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma
Apple’s New Remote Is A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma
Sarah Lane
I can! RT @veronica How many times we can RT #BeatCancer today? Each tweet with that tag gives $.01 to cancer research
Good on ya! #BeatCancer - Thomas
I lost my dad to cancer just over five years ago... nobody should have to go through what he did! #BeatCancer!!!! - Sarah Lane
I just lost my Uncle to cancer a month ago. It was rough for our family - Fee501st
Sorry to hear that, guys. #BeatCancer - Thomas
A friend of mine lost his Dad a few years back to cancer as well. He was a wreck for a while... #BeatCancer - Thomas
I'm trying to #beatcancer too. - George Brickner
Sarah Lane
Wanted to send a belated, heartfelt thank you to @damonberger, who literally saved my life 3 days ago. I'm so, so grateful.
Glad to hear you're feeling a little bit better! - Veronica
Nice to see you are better! - Jerry Perez
Great to hear you're up and around! - Thomas
I'm out of the hospital, friends! Talk about a step in the right direction! - Sarah Lane
:) - Rodfather
Yay! - Jesse Stay
Happy to hear it Sarah! - Eric Geller
Its great to here your doing better - Steve Mott
Fantastic - Jerry Perez
Excellent... - Thomas
Please take good care of yourself, Sarah. I hope you are feeling much better. - Kelly J
Scott Beale
What? No photography allowed in The Alamo? Wouldn't that help us to remember?
how stupid. - Thomas Hawk
photos only allowed in the basement of the Alamo ;) - Petunia GreenBeans
Ha Thomas, I was just about to say, good thing I didn't go all "Thomas Hawk" on their ass. - Scott Beale
haha, you should have. That's a stupid policy. Policies like that need to be overturned. - Thomas Hawk
There isn't a basement either - RAPatton from iPhone
Its for respect. - Michael Weems
some images are better captured in the mind's eye - Jim Posner
Well said, Jim and Michael. Former Texas Transplant myself. There are just some events that pictures must be taken with the mind and developed in the heart. - Melanie Reed
I think it's stupid. Why would it be disrespectful to want to capture the memory? Sensory memory is brief for people, and some of us compound that with poor overall retention. - MiniMage
What did they say was the rationale for no photos??? That's crazy. - rowlikeagirl
Louis Gray
So @google, while you're injecting Chrome goodness into IE, can you take a pass at infiltrating Safari so I can install Google Toolbar?
Me needs it too. - Igor Poltavskiy
You want to use sidewiki, don't you? - Jesse Stay
I was annoyed about this today. - Veronica
Jesse, it's not a matter of "want". It's a matter of finding if all browsers can support the same functionality. - Louis Gray
Safari really isn't built to be extensible. The only real hooks happen though framework injection and other less-stable methods. IE is built on top of COM, making it somewhat modular. There are hooks up and down the browser stack. I've looked into what it would take to bring our stuff into Safari and it's not easy. You can do a "virtual sidebar" in HTML, but that's about it. It's a pretty complex area, but anyone interested in details can always ping me. - Matt M (inactive)
FWIW, this is the only way I know of to get full browser integration in Safari: - Matt M (inactive)
There are a few different ways, but the concept is basically the same: SIMBL (and most Snow Leopard-enabled Safari plugins) use the Scripting Additions/helper app method. It should be noted that even Apple uses a similar helper app method to load the Flash plugin. - Mark Trapp
Mark, thanks for that reference. It adds a few extra techniques I haven't seen before (although they are all variations along the lines of "inject code into Safari" :)). - Matt M (inactive)
That's correct: there is no officially supported way to modify Safari itself (Apple/WebKit only sanctions modifying the document via content-type plugins) so you're left with code injection. But hey, toh-may-toh, toh-mah-toh. You say code injection, I say extending. :-P Some developers, like Agile Web Solutions, do it pretty well to the point where I'd challenge a regular user to find something off about the process. - Mark Trapp
Yep... - Rahsheen
LogEx - It's true. On top of that, you can only have so many toolbars before you no longer have a viewport in which to actually look at Web sites. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
No-one needs Google toolbar anyway. Only people soft headed enough to fall for every geegaw thrown at them as "Useful". It has no real use beyond feeding info back to Google. Everything else can be accomplished without it. - Gilbert Harding
Really Otto? Oddly enough, the fact that combining the address bar and search bar isn't standard in other browsers is the main reason I cannot stop using Chrome. I just end up typing my search terms into the address bar on those browsers too, with mixed results. - Dan Crum
+1 Dan. I do the same thing. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
me too - vadimka
+1 Otto. I like smart apps. But Chrome is a smart ass :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
MG Siegler
Apple’s Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Can’t. -
Apple’s Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Can’t.
happier "than" - Josh Haley
hmm MS also wants muli-touch mice, this could get good! - Fee501st
The only thing "mighty" about it was its scrollwheel, and mine broke in about 1 yr. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Terrible design; I'm MUCH happier w/my Logitech laser mouse. - Thunderwing from twhirl
I really hope that the next one doesn't suck. I'd hate for them to go back to the dark days of the "puck" mouse. - Caleb
MG Siegler
Most TVs come with good remotes but then we're still forced to use the shitty ones that come with cable boxes.
A good option exists: replace the cable box with a TiVo, which has a very good remote. - Scott Ludwig from iPhone
TiVo is the only solution ever. - Louis Gray
Louis, Imma happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Logitech Harmony has the best remote ever - ever! - Jesse Stay
I use the a Logitech Harmony remote which works great - especially given the fact that you can program all the settings via their app on my Mac. - Mike Bracco
Mike, I love my Harmony - watch Woot - you can often find a pretty good deal on them there - Jesse Stay
used to have a tivo, that did have a good remote, but tivo is yet another box, i want less boxes. always hear good things about harmony remotes but i really just dont see why tv makers spend time making these pretty nice remotes only to be cut out of the picture by cable box makers, who, by the way, have some of the worst tastes ever when it comes to UI/UX design. - MG Siegler
Jesse: cool thanks. Although I love my Harmony it's just b/c it's not as bad as all the other solutions. The UI still feels really kludgy - The ideal solution would be to just have an iPhone app .......which would also require component makers to build bluetooth and/or wifi into their boxes. - Mike Bracco
Mike, that's coming. I know of several in the works, and a few in early stages right now. I'd like to see Logitech build an app that does it though. - Jesse Stay
My satellite box's remote isn't that bad, it's the U.I. that's lacking - they still don't have a widescreen EPG and instead strech the regular 4:3 EPG - Bryce Roney
Jesse - cool, I'm sure it's coming. I think long term the ideal solution are for these components to have no interface on the physical box themselves. They should all be controlled on an iPhone or another device using an app. I think in 5 years the thought of having knobs on components will seem old least I hope so! :) - Mike Bracco
I have a Harmony and a TiVo - because cable boxes and non-universal remotes suck - Ankush Narula
Controlling from your Iphone would be great but I would not pass mine around, controlling with the Apple tablet would be awesome because it would pretty much stay in my living room most of the time. But my Harmony 900 will have to do for now. - Johann Diaz from Nambu
I'm still waiting for the remote that will stand the heavy beating of a 1 to 4 year olds for more than a month or two. - Amit Morson
Apple Tv uses both the normal remote (which is pretty good) and the Remote App for iPhone or iPod Touch (which is freaking amazing) - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
I've had a logitech Harmony - sorry but didnt work with my very standard sony TV, or with my arcam home cinema. Were listed in the booklet but didnt work as described. Logitech support suggested actually it only worked in the more expensive models, i should buy these... Expensive paperweight - and the last logitech product I bought. - Iphigenie
Years ago I had an HP iPaq 2210 with a powerful IR LED perfectly capable of functioning as a remote. And in fact, one of the provided app in it was a remote control app, with a database of over 400 devices that it support directly. And one can train it to record the IR signals of unsupported remotes. Miss it a lot :-( - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
Alex Albrecht
I think Shannon from Lost is on my flight home to Los Angeles... should I be scared?!?!
If you're on an Oceanic Air flight maybe... - Holger Eilhard
do you hear dramatic music? - David Eckard
No, because then the Others will never let you live with them. And you know you'll be dying for a shower and shave soon. - Jeremiah Green
duuuuh dum pooooooooosh. - Michael Weems
Ryan Block
Spent my Sunday afternoon going through countless boxes in preparation for big giveaways on @gdgt.
I would like this 300 more times if I could. Get this stuff outta here!!! - Veronica
just say the time and place, and i'll bring a u-haul! (electronics only) ;) - Fee501st
Thomas Hawk
Chris Rock on Roman Polanski: "It's Rape!" - Today's News: Our Take | -
Chris Rock on Roman Polanski: "It's Rape!" - Today's News: Our Take |
"Chris Rock says he doesn't understand why fellow filmmakers are coming to the defense of Roman Polanski, saying of the charges against him, "It's rape." "People are defending Roman Polanski because he made some good movies? Are you kidding me?" Rock said on Thursday's Jay Leno Show. "He made good movies 30 years ago, Jay! Even Johnnie Cochran didn't have the nerve to go, 'Well, did you see O.J. play against New England?'"" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Here's the vid Rock starts talking about Polanski at 2:22 - Shane
Scott Beale
SFO boarding passes go paperless -
Robin Barooah
Aeropress - basically a coffee syringe. -
Aeropress - basically a coffee syringe.
My first cup was an americano made with Blue Bottle Hayes Valley Espresso coffee. I had a cup of drip from the Blue Bottle cafe this morning (because of my accident with the siphon) and I have to say that the results from the Aeropress were extremely similar. - Robin Barooah
It came with a carrying bag which is useful since I'll need it at home while I wait for the new siphon funnel. - Robin Barooah
I used it again yesterday - had 3 cups during the course of the day. I have to say the results were consistently very good. It is very easy to control the amount of coffee you make and how strong it is, and it is as quick and easy to clean as they say. It also produced great results every time with no real practice - which is not true of hand dripping or siphoning. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is that it has no romance to it at all - it's almost like using a medical appliance. - Robin Barooah
LOL @ syringe... it goes PERFECTLY with the IV ;) - Mona Nomura
Tried this with the Jamaican Blue Mountain. Surprisingly, FAIL. It tasted good, but had none of the richness I got from dripping. The Aeropress seem to do a very good job of extracting the sweeter notes but doesn't handle the body well, so it will make an average coffee taste sweeter, but do violence to something that's already well balanced. - Robin Barooah
I think I'm going to relegate this for coffees that are past their prime. - Robin Barooah
(note: that last comment doesn't mean that I have stopped thinking this is great - I'll be using the siphon or hand dripping instead) - Robin Barooah
So you're having good luck with Blue Bottle beans, generally? That's what I'd typically be using. - Veronica
Yes, generally great with them. - Robin Barooah
Just having a cup of the Temescal Espresso made using the Aeropress. Very nice indeed. Definitely works well with espresso/mokka pot blends. - Robin Barooah
i live in turkey and i dont know how can i buy. how much money did you pay for Aeropress? is it expensive? - fatih gül
I'm not sure how to buy one in turkey. sells them - do they ship to turkey: ? - Robin Barooah
thank you robin:) - fatih gül
If only you can hook up to a hose you can do an iv. Neat device. - Admiral70
i've had coffee made from just about every brewing method around and this one, hands down, makes the best cup of coffee I've had. very highly recommended. - Brett Kelly
I need to replace my old espresso maker - this is definitely a contender. - Caffeinated Sue
Just got this and LOVE it. Thanks! - Jimmy Ether
Leo Laporte
Live now: TWiT with @Veronica Belmont, @MollyWood, and Scott Johnson (@ExtraLife). Discuss here....
Hello - Kevin
So this is the right one? - Hector
yo! - Veronica
Great hosts today! - Dakota O'Neill
OOh fancy - Nick Young
hello - Mark
guten tag - Ryan
Molly: Awesome view! Jealousy ensues! - Holger Eilhard
INTENSE!! - Dakota O'Neill
<3 FriendFeed - Hector
Hello everyone! - Grant Gochnauer
Hello Hello - Stephen Heron
Looking forward to this, hi Leo, Molly and Veronica and Thndall - RALPH
Sup dug - Fee501st
Hi guys!! - Bo Stern
We love you! - Eric Boehs
Hello world. - Julie Bernstein
Howdy!!! - robby
hi! - patrick
hey guys! - Jeff McGovern
OK now we are just doing this on purpose - Hector
Molly has an awesome view - robert steburg
Hi Leo, Molly and Veronica! - David Rysz
oley how. - Denis Dervisevic
yeah, we are! - Jeff McGovern
holy cow oO - Dakota O'Neill
Holy?? - Bo Stern
I am speaking to you from Windows 7! - RALPH
excellent - denis evans
Hello guys!! - Nolan Alston
hello - TheGhost
Hello - Paulette
Molly looks great outside. Sorry Dane> - maurice jamison
Hi Everyone. :) - John Lyons
Hai giez! - x5315
Hello - Adam
Nice view - russellcoleman
Molly froze - Ryan
Molly is frozen - Gary Kostrivas
Holly how! - Fee501st
Hi!!!!!! - Stephen Pickering
hi from Puerto Rico! - Luis
cow - Mike Beahm
Molly: Raising the class level a bit with the wine and fancy view... - Ross Duggan
frozen. - Dakota O'Neill
Goeiedag! - Willem (@wim66) ☠
The frozen molly wood - Eric Boehs
Very nice house Molly!!! - denis evans
Moooh!!! - Bo Stern
in tents! - jccalhoun
Leo, you should include the pre- and post-show banter on the MP3! - nick
Wholly How - Jim Bednarz
Great show - Craig Shipp
Frozen Molly is frozen... - Holger Eilhard
molly! we love your humor on CNET Mailbag! you rock! - Stephen Styffe
Hello everyone - Benjamin
Hello everyone - Richard
she froze before as well. - Denis Dervisevic
I think we might break Friendfeed :) - Grant Gochnauer
Bestest TWiT Panel evar! - John Brazel
Leo knows so well that I was like how do I get the comments by themselves and then he said click the time stamp! Woo Leo! First time listening to the live feed - I'm only here because I am such a fan of Molly of Veronica! Yay for Buzz report & Qore! - Jonathan Day
Wouldn't there be an audio issue if it was a wifi issue? - Ryan
ok these comments are crazy fast. - Denis Dervisevic
Hey, what does this button do? - Masterwabbit
Molly was frozen inside too - russellcoleman
Friendfeed is strong, it will not break. I hope. - Nolan Alston
Hi from Vegas! Leo, thanks for the studio tour earlier, great idea. - J.F. Brissette
Molly is rebooting herself. - denis evans
this is both cool and a bit weird! - Mike Paschall
Molly is just practicing her Han Solo - Nathan Dyer
TWiT is More Gooder!! - Guy Dossett
Hi Leo, I'm all set up. Skype me up? - Hector
hi everyone from ohio - Thomas Tuy
Forget the tech guy show, just say "Reboot" when anyone calls and hang up - Nick Young
Michigander here - Paulette
Hi from sweden. - Denis Dervisevic
IRC is better than FF!! - Andrew Euell
Howdy from the great state of Texas - Cockpit Geek
Hello to Ryan Block - Gary Kostrivas
Loved the tour earlier too. - David Schmidt
Great? :p - Mark
An awesome panel yet again. I won't be able to watch because I'm on public library Wi-Fi, but I look forward to downloading the MP3 tomorrow. Have fun everyone! - Eric Geller
who just walked in behind Veronica? - J.F. Brissette
Hey guys - Alex Sotirov
Hi all - Randy
hi everybody :D - Chris
hi everyone from East Texas - Emery Walker
hello from B'ham, AL - Nolan Alston
hello - Victor Barriga
What is the room for Twit News feed - Ken O'Kelly
First post! ....Oh too late! OK hundreth post! - Ben
just signed up.... wow its an art to keep up in here - Max Palumbo
with IRC the conversation isn't persistent - Ryan
Scott - we love app slappy - Jon Albright
Hello from Trinidad and Tobago - Kevin Ramcharan
I used to live near Bath England, which named because of the Roman Baths there - Nick Young
Hi from Monterrey, Mexico - Eduardo
Too bad friend feed doesn't auto scroll - Eric Boehs
Not yet. - Denis Dervisevic
This is awesome! - Tom Stiles - min
Hi from The Netherlands. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
nice breeze - Dakota O'Neill
wind rufflin - Denis Dervisevic
@ericboehs I know right? I find if you're typing away in the comment box it will scroll for you. - Jonathan Day
J.F. Brissette - That's Ryan Block. Google him. - Robert
Molly is back! yeah! - Stephen Styffe
Boom and it's on. - Denis Dervisevic
Thanks Dakota - Ken O'Kelly
Innies vrs outties - John Brazel
ipone - min
Hello from Canberra, Australia 8.25am Monday morning! - denis evans
ipwn ftw - Dakota O'Neill
You guys are agreat! - Craig Meyer
Love AppSlappy - Ben
Weird little sister nobody ever had :) - Dakota O'Neill
Veronica looks extra pretty today. - Aaron Coe
Greetings - JT Ray
Yay Veronica! I want her to be my best friend - even though I'm alliance. Meh, we could be the odd couple! - Jonathan Day
do mirror downloads leo. - Dakota O'Neill
Watching with @ramdomthoughts from the UK :-) - Jacqueline from iPhone
can i expand the comment to see more? - HeavenLike
veronica drunk ahaha - Dakota O'Neill
how are you watching on the iPhone?? - Aaron Coe
the bullet bourbon was 2/3 full only last week - paulie 2.0
Its not as good as woodford reserve Leo.. - James Watt
licquored up, molly style - min
She rules them hills with an iron fist! - Jonathan Day
Take it easy Molly! - Joe Gilbert
Hello all! - Jo An
Georgia, Russia - Dakota O'Neill
twitter was down? thought thats normal - min
I'm looking forward to the "Molly's Giving up on iPhone" rant. I'm sure it'll be a good one. - Jonathan Day
Meanwhile.... in stately Wood Manor - ZillaFan
Molly ditched the iPhone. - T C Sandford
well look at the size comparison of twitter, to facebook, youtube, google, livejournal - Dakota O'Neill
Hi, from Rochester , NY - harry burgos
boxee here too on ATV - Danny Whitt
fb is bigger than fb, and they came back on sooner - min
sheesh, twitter - min
we want Veronica - Mark
hey Jacqueline, what are you using to watch TWiT on your iPhone? - Aaron Coe
Dont rely on Twitter for your main news source - Greg
Where can we found this Forecast thing? - Chris Gilmore
I don't think twitter is strong enough yet, it may be very popular like other websites but it is not as stable as the others. - Jonathan Day
is twitter so important? - EvilMonkey
Not to sound like a commercial for Windows 7, but watching Leo on full screen with IE 7, pretty nice. For those that are Windows Users, you have something to look forward too, and I m running intensive gaming apps at once! - RALPH
Federated twitter.... use - Ryan
In soviet Russia Google Searches you - Fee501st
We love Leo - Mark from iPhone
it's ok, it's russian govt support attack so it's legit - min
Think this was a wake up call for some people regarding Twitter and their dependence on it - Greg
Yea, Win 7 - T C Sandford
evilmonkey how many millions before it's considered "important"? - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
I can finally update Twitter from Firefox 3.5.2 again - Gary Kostrivas
I was in mid-tweet when twitter went down - Kevin Ramcharan
"Federated twitter" e.g. laconica is great in theory, but in practice it won't work unless Twitter approves, supports it, and collaborates - Ken Sheppardson
Gary I had no problem with any of the FFox 3.5.x updating twitter - Greg
Well the downtime shows how important people think it is... - Jonathan Day
Given Twitter's role in the Iranian elections, stuff like this is bound to be big news. - Garance Alistair
Why? It's just not that important. Come on! - Allyn Edmonds
What's Twitter? - David Rysz
lol my local news (Toronto) had it as their first story, ahead of the Tragedy on the Hudson. - Dakota O'Neill
I was down in Oklahoma but when I proxied to my california box I could get on twitter just fine. - Eric Boehs
'Cause the news is relying on Twitter for their sources - Carey Lumeng
Yea, it is important, its a great source of spam. - James Watt
more time to enjoy the view Molly - min
i was at work when all this was going on, i didnt miss it - Fee501st
Sure it is, I get a lot of news from Twitter now, more so than just browsing the web. - Nick Young
yeah leo, all that media tlalking about it - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
millions of what? - EvilMonkey
Twitter isn't important. It's a drug and "shiny new thing", but nothing more. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Jon and Kate were also at the top of the news for a while. You can't infer importance from the fact that something's in the news. - Ken Sheppardson
I think that Molly is right on this - RALPH
Just like Charlton Heston in Omega Man - ZillaFan
How often does that happen...meaningful conversation? - Allyn Edmonds
I had a normal day .. twitter had no effect - Greg
Greg - for two days all I got was the spinning thing when I tried to update when using firefox - Gary Kostrivas
Friendfeed is better then twitter - Fee501st
Friendfeed is great! - RALPH
Last Twitterer on Earth - ZillaFan
Dvorak must be having a cow right now - Carey Lumeng
Friendfeed makes a good companion to twitter though, a good bridge I should think. - Jonathan Day
twitter, like a bad hollywood movie - decjr
Leo don't forget to mention Open Street Map - Jim Shaver
Teens don't use twitter ahaha, its funny because there are more grandparents on facebook! - Dakota O'Neill
Yeah. .we need Dvorak to comment on this... Probably why he didn't come on twit this week - Eric Boehs
people in irc are saying friendfeed is too complicated.. huh? - Greg
I think Twitter and Friendfeed have their own place - RALPH
Drovak, meh, move on - min
The media just like the sound of the word "Twitter". Twitter. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter needs a dedicated fail whale server - Eric Boehs
Leo loves to hate and hates to love Twitter. - Aaron Coe
Father's who tweet to much and the daughters who block them. - Gary Kostrivas
Here we go!! - Jonathan Day
It may have something to do with the manner of comment and how to get it to work lol - RALPH
(repeatedly stunned) - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
no audible yet,,,commonnnnn - harry burgos
I guess I should check out FriendFeed more often. - Garance Alistair
ATT is bad everywhere - Andrew Leahey
living in a tree house :) - Dakota O'Neill
ATT can be a bit tough - RALPH
but they have more bars in mo places! - min
Can you guyz discuss the G1 ? - TalkToMeGuy
I'm a teen and use Twitter, my friends (in the UK) are starting to use it - Chris Gilmore
AT&T works fine in Oklahoma area... Great 3G coverage for such a low pop state - Eric Boehs
That's why I have an Android Phone instead of a IPhone. I don't like AT&T. - John Lyons
Chris Gilmore - same with me! - Dakota O'Neill
too many of you tech heads with iphones - EvilMonkey
sounds like we need to have a Global Twitter Support Group, now lets organize and use twitter to get the word out, LOL - Dave T
T-Mobile has crap 3G coverage - Eric Boehs
AT&T dies has soon has you enter a building here - Fee501st
I'd switch to go to a Google Cell Network - Mike
Exactly the same conversation we used to have 10 years ago RE dial-up providers. - Ken Sheppardson
I have not thought about T Mobile of being an alternative, but my AT&T here in Florida runs pretty good - RALPH
the terrorists are coming! - Dakota O'Neill
I wouldn't go back to Verizon. Each carrier has their own problems. I don't have any AT&T problems with my iPhone. - David Rysz
I get 80 kbps on Rogers.... If it is a concentration problem, how do they do it in Japan and Singapore - Jim Shaver
T-Mobile has great customer service but poor coverage service. - Dale Feinstein
I use T-Mobile G1 for my phone and back it up with an iPod Touch. - Gary Kostrivas
I couldn't be happier with my Palm Pre and Sprint these days, btw. - Ken Sheppardson
thats a ridiculous line, if you jail break your iphone the terrorists win. - mikemcmullan
Dale where are you ..? part of the country? - TalkToMeGuy
its unlocking, not jailbreaking for T-Mob - chris dowling
Nice straw leo :P - Eric Boehs
I'm looking at cell phones and going to be curious about how people feel about the MyTouch, since I refuse to go iPhone, though the Galaxy isn't far off... - Patrick Sullivan
Will there be a mass exodus from at&t when the iPhone ends up on Verizon? - Jim Bednarz
The Google/Apple FCC saga will end with the FCC stepping in saying allow the app. - Luis
Yep, until the day the Tablet is announced. Ohh, Ahh. - Mike
@TalktoMeGuy: I am in southern New Jersey (Ocean County). - Dale Feinstein
Yeah that tablet rumour is worrying me... - Jonathan Day
Apple is not consistent with approval process. - DesertWeather
Most of the people with iPhones I know have only a few apps and love it. GV isn't going to touch them - Carey Lumeng
Google Voice is Sweet ! I use it a Lot ! - TalkToMeGuy
The developer note published on Saturday says that “based on the current app submission, 96 percent of applications are being approved within 14 days.” - Eric Boehs
Google Voice is appealing to anybody who has more than one phone number of voicemail system, i.e. home and work. I think y'all are going just a *little* overboard with the "We only care because we're the tech elite" argument - Ken Sheppardson
virtual arm wrestle! - Dakota O'Neill
Beat her in wow - Fee501st
What is a Chumby?? - Julie Manweiler
Awh!! Chumby is so cute, yeah I want one too ladies, I want that very fancy alarm clock. - Jonathan Day
@aron Coe Watching TWIT on the Mac watching FriendFeed stream on iPhone - Jacqueline from iPhone
I like Apple, but I'm annoyed about Google-Voice getting blocked. I do know some people who really don't understand the point to Google Voice, and we can't explain it to them. - Garance Alistair
I use my N800 instead of the CHUMBY - RALPH
Rock paper scissors!! - Jonathan Day
Whats #1? - Fee501st
Bing! - Jim Bednarz
myspace had a moment? - Dakota O'Neill
Myspace peaked about 1988 - Jim Shaver
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook - Ken Sheppardson
Facebook is 6th in the US behind Google, yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and the Fox Interactive properites - Ken Sheppardson
Alex - click on the time stamp and you get 1 webpage of just these comments! - Dakota O'Neill
Oh no Molly's gone!! - Jonathan Day
Long ago and far away - RALPH
Veronica won, molly is gone - Fee501st
I still greatly prefer MySpace over Facebook for tracking music. But I don't use MySpace for anything outside of music. - Garance Alistair
Stand-alone pop up for this thread - - Ken Sheppardson
once you get twitter you understand it! - Dakota O'Neill
thanks Ken Sheppardson - Jim Shaver
molly , get a better connection please - harry burgos
she's on wifi, she can't help it - Dakota O'Neill
I wonder what's average time spent on facebook - mikemcmullan
Molly makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl - like someone said titmouse up in here! - Jonathan Day
1 Billion googles - min
twitter is bigger then digg now, wow didn't know that - Dakota O'Neill
Google understands the nature of a distributed network infrastructure. My guess is Twitter... less. - Ken Sheppardson
bing will have them before the end ot the year, ha - EvilMonkey
Facebook is doing everything that wanted to do, except turned into a total ad agency. - Garance Alistair
Yeah, if you write a page about a topic, guess what... it pops up pretty high in the list of relevant articles for that topic. (i.e. wikipedia) - Ken Sheppardson
Plus Wikipedia often holds the answers to whatever you're searching google for. - Jonathan Day
The "same old thing" aspect of Google is why I use Yahoo and Bing... and dmoz. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
I took the Search Engine Blind Test and I picked Yahoo. - Gary Kostrivas
gotta go lookup hegemony - Jim Bednarz
People like finding info in a familiar format... Wikipedia gives them that - Jim Shaver
I think one side-effect of Google being so successful is that fewer people have their own web pages with links to sites. And those other links used to be one of the ways Google decided what pages should be on the first page. - Garance Alistair
Yes, if many people think an article is relevant... isn't it... you know... more likely to be relevant? - Ken Sheppardson
what's bing? - min
google has a twitter? - Scott H
oic - min
the blind search engine test is down. we crashed it - Dakota O'Neill
google is all about backlinks - Jörg Reinhardt
bing is microsoft's competing search engine. - Ronald Hahm
it was down before you said it leo. BTW I always pick google on the blind test thing. - Dakota O'Neill
do it in chrome - EvilMonkey
Wikipedia is so widely found because everyone links to it, because its cc - Jörg Reinhardt
You can do it in safari with glims - Ward Miller
"screw you" apple - Dakota O'Neill
Leo add Glims - Ward Miller
Understatement of the Week: Apple not exactly open - Jim Shaver
So anybody else have a Pre? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
what was the blind search URL ....? - TalkToMeGuy
Apple: Because pretty things are often painful. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Like Club Fed - craig keenan
Bing on Safari? Install Inquisitor - Carlos Duarte
Molly is PC only - Fee501st
All Hail Linux the luxurious - Jim Shaver
oh dear - RALPH
Veronica - Dakota O'Neill
Wasn't it Alex on Macbreak that was putting forward the theory that there was orginally only one Steve, and that some strange time/space discontinuity split him into Woz and Jobs? - Ken Sheppardson - Mitch Boettcher
apple fail - EvilMonkey
Long Live LINUX! - RALPH
Apple knows we are talking about them - Jim Shaver
lol freaking sound engineer! - Dakota O'Neill
Sound engineer or Cylon - Gary Kostrivas
yea, tea inhalant - min
Dvorak - Jim Shaver
Can I mention his name? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
No, not Dvorak - Ken Sheppardson
Adam Currey - Jim Shaver
curry - Jim Shaver
g gang episode.... - min
does his name rhyme with mvorak? - Jim Shaver
Dane Golden - Jim Shaver
i can't wait until html5 comes fully. i hate flash, your lagging on me leo :( - Dakota O'Neill
rhymes with Ganter - Jan Ole Peek
What min and Jan said. - Ken Sheppardson
I totally agree with Veronica. - Jonathan Day
Not allowing "targeted messaging" on Twitter seriously constrains the potential to commercialize the service. - Ken Sheppardson
I don't mind people who advertise "their stuff", but not an ad that someone is paying to insert their commercial in someone else's life. - Garance Alistair
Molly is grand! - James Larmore
This discussion is immediately following a GoToMeeting ad? Hm. - Ken Sheppardson
That is why Leo brought it up - Hector
Ah... I tuned out during the ad. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
A big problem with spam ads is that they suck. They are not interesting or helpful. Compelling ads or products don't usually make spam. Just a thought. - Joel R
The line is most blurred on TWiT when it comes to Drobo on Macbreak and TWiP - Ken Sheppardson
Alex, Scott, etc. are all fans of the product, who are also paid to "evangelize", in a sense - Ken Sheppardson
You choose what twitter is for you, it can be about conversation with people who interest you or it can be following tonnes of random people. - Jonathan Day
All of us are on Twitter to advertise. - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken those are part of the PixelCorps though - Jim Shaver
I don't like the idea because somebody could make it look like an ad but it might actually be say a website with a virus. - Dakota O'Neill
Yes, Oprah is on twitter to advertise herself. But the people *FOLLOWING* Oprah are following her because they expect that. They want Oprah's ads. - Garance Alistair
it really depends on how often the ads come up - Daniel E. Renfer
Twitter will be history this time next year - Rick
did the first podcasts have adds? - EvilMonkey
no - Jim Shaver
Also, Twitter is the company which is spending all the money to make the service available, and these commercials are not financially helping Twitter. - Garance Alistair
Humans are inherently internally inconsistent and hypocritical, and we don't like it when other people do things we think it's OK to do ourselves. We all just need to learn to live with it and move on. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I am Mad about DIGG.COM's sponsored stories!!! I think that is just as messed up as ad tweets - Nick Young
I love Molly Rants !! I finally lived long enough to hear bull crap and Oprah's name [brand] used in the same sentence !! - TalkToMeGuy
I've been seeing a lot of twitter spam bots that have 4 random facts, and then one ad. I removed them - Daniel E. Renfer
What if the ads were personally selected by the person on twitter ? - Jason Cartwright
@Rick I agree, though I'd give it two years at the most - TeraDyne Azurepaw
It was years before podcasts had ads - Jim Shaver
as long as you put a mute tag in the tweet so I can mute it - min
Leo has difficulty seeing other point of view here. As for me, I just won't follow an ad dropper. So some people will drop ads, and others won't. What's the big debate about? - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
facebooks ads are just dirty - Dakota O'Neill
Just let the market decide. If their content isn't important enough to you, you stop following, if their content is important to you, you're gonna continue following even if they have ads - Stephen Pickering
Preternat: He's trying to reconcile his same basic reaction with the sponsorship system on TWiT - Ken Sheppardson
too many url shorteners... - decjr
URL shortening is a commodity with no marginal value. All the services will start to fall by the wayside, and it'll just become a feature of other sites and services. - Ken Sheppardson
bittercakes. ahaha cute. - Dakota O'Neill
Ken ok, but my point still is, how one person reconciles it can be different from others. His is not the only point of view. - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
I like moourl because it has a cute cow on it. - Jonathan Day
Preternat: I agree with you. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter: we couldn't find a buisness model, so we're shutting down - Daniel E. Renfer
URL shortening is a short term arbitrage sort of opportunity. If you're building a business around it, you're doomed. - Ken Sheppardson had great stats too - Klaus Bach
Name the show: TWiT 207: Taste the bitter cakes - Fee501st
Bingo - Ken Sheppardson
TWiT 207: Taste the bitter cakes - Hector
To be fair, I have to add... I prefer his point of view. It's just not the only view. - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Bitly is gonna build a nice business around it - Stephen Pickering
I agree and disagree, I follow certain people to advertise what they wrote or did not advertise someone elses product. I block people who only post ads, it's spam to me. I don't use twitter for ads, I use it more as an RSS in a way - Dave Hoffman / N3PRO from twhirl
Why can't Twitter automatically convert the shortened URLs to the actual URLs? - Dale Feinstein
He needs money for his podcast not Twitter, Twitter is free his cost to buy stuff to make his broadcast better isn't, so ads help to make back the money he spends to bring the program to us. - Jacob Chimilar from iPod has a Firefox plugin to preview - Nick Young
@Leo The security aspect might be a good topic for an episode of Security Now. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
another reason to go mac - min
Scott gets it. You have to trust the person posting the link. - Ken Sheppardson
Wow Leo is pissed - Hector
Adrian: First time listening? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Imagine. A Twitter conversation on "Twit Live". Who would have guessed? :-) - Garance Alistair
Don't interrupt the Leo! - Hector
He was more pissed that Coleen stole his passwords :D - Nick Young
Is Twitter reliable - Jim Shaver
Patents, copyright, trademark... all the intellectual property laws are fundamentally broken and not keeping up with technology. - Ken Sheppardson
reliable twitter aint - EvilMonkey
I invented the wheel. What's prior art? - Daniel E. Renfer
I invented Patent Oswalt - Gary Kostrivas
patent is a good business. It doesn't require a real product - min
Patents: For those who can't make money the honest way - TeraDyne Azurepaw
She should! She would be awesome, made to rant in a legal capacity. - Jonathan Day
Isn't patent law fundamentally unchanged since it was developed in Italy back in the 15th century? - Ken Sheppardson
This conversation would be very different if @acedtect & @therealdvorak were here - Mike
you have to be an engineer to be a patent lawyer, right ? - chris dowling
Going to law school to study patent law these days is equivalent to going into engineering to learn about buggy whip dynamics - Ken Sheppardson
patents try to increase innovation where there is none. We have plenty of innovation in the tech world and the current patent regime stifles it - Jim Shaver
It used to be that you could apprentice with an attorney for seven years, and that would allow you to sit for the Cal BAR in CA. Not anymore. You have to take classes at a law school now. You can, however, pass law school and call yourself a JD (Juris Doctorate). - shelter watch
Can't skip past the ad on the live stream can you? >_< - Jonathan Day
No, Jonathan, you can't. 'cause they sneak in content during the ad ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
if you stop the stream and come back in... say 20 mins - Jim Shaver
@Ken, Leo makes content out of the ads. He's just that good. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
He's certainly mastered the Paul Harvey ad format :-) - Ken Sheppardson
good day - min
I'm not taking that risk, there might some gems of content hidden in the ad in that case. That being said I might actually give Squarespace a try - need to sort out my blog. - Jonathan Day
There's an online law school (non-ABA approved) which allows you to sit for the BAR for $3K plus per year. There's another law school which meets only M-TH at night only for people who want to have a law degree for nonprofit type purposes (People's Law School or something like that). $5K plus per year. - shelter watch
First season of Caprica starts January 22, 2010 on SyFy - Ken Sheppardson
What about SANs Institute comments about Adobe - Rick
Caprica = two hour pilot + 18 one hour episodes - Ken Sheppardson
the zune hd video interface is on youtube, its sick! - Dakota O'Neill
Is Veronica a secret booze hound? This is not the squeaky clean VB image I'm used to! - Jonathan Day
BSG: When Pam wakes and finds Bobby the Cylon in the shower and the previous season was just a dream... I never saw that coming! - ZillaFan
Molly needs to get also get a PHD and get knighted so she she can be Sir Molly Wood Esquire - Dave T
I really want a Zune after seeing the Zune HD. I already wanted a Zune, but the HD is just too awesome to pass up. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Look how freaking smug Molly looked there for a passing moment. - Jonathan Day
Sir Dr. Wood Esquire - Dave T zune hd interface video at gdgt - Dakota O'Neill
That would be Lady Dr Wood Esq - Jonathan Day
speaking of SciFi network, check this out: (Save the Sarah Connor Chronicles) - Aaron Coe
Get out the cold water - Anthony
Sir/Lady it's all good - Dave T
Just upgrade the old tunes to iTunes+ . She probably can't upgrade all the old tunes, but most of them. (I've upgraded most of mine, but some songs don't show up for upgrades for some reason) - Garance Alistair
The ad people didn't like it - Jonathan Day
No Scfy in Canada\ - Greg
It's because they can not TradeMark SciFi - Nick Young
It was hard to brand the original Channel content because Sci-Fi was also the genre so they had to change it. - Jonathan Day
SyShyack - Garance Alistair
the shack = wtf - Dakota O'Neill
the Shaq? - RALPH
With their giant laptops... - Jonathan Day
just love when Chief TWiT makes fun of other names - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
the shack? - EvilMonkey
To get pot? - Ken Sheppardson
Online Law School - Degree - Northwestern California UniversityNorthwestern California University is an entirely online law school with ... Address: 2151 River Plaza Drive, Suite 306 Sacramento, CA 95833 - shelter watch
Ive got a woody - RALPH
Ohhhh, radio shack - min
twt shack - chris dowling
They should call it the TechShack - Gary Kostrivas
So Lance Armstrong just signed on to join a RadioShack sponsored cycling team... I wonder how "The Shack" will go over as an international brand... - Ken Sheppardson
Like they have any electronics left in them anyway - Anthony
Vacuum tubes - Ken Sheppardson
in canada I haven't seen a radioshack in forever. we have "The Source" By CircuitCity - Dakota O'Neill
A few years ago, all the Radio Shacks in Canada became "The Source by Circuit City" - Thomas James
Tandy - David Cassady
That's a Disney lesson they need to learn - Jonathan Day
sony not cheap - EvilMonkey
A possible purchase for myself over here in Ireland since the kindle doesn't seem to be happening over in Europe in general. - Jonathan Day
she's talkin about the itablet - min
Disney, McDonalds, and Coke never change. Thats why they are still around. - craig keenan
THE HORROR!!! - Dakota O'Neill
Coke tried to change you kidding?? - Da-Chief
She drunk downloads!! Like Molly was talking about on the recent Gadgettes episode - Jonathan Day
and when Coke tried to they almost tanked and were forced to change back - Grumpy
The little reference paperbacks I carry with me most often are ~4.5"x7". That's 8" corner to corner. A device that size would be pretty darn handy. - Ken Sheppardson
Toby remembers when COKE TANKED! - Da-Chief
My question is, what happens to all those purchases when they finally make a Color Kindle? Will you be able to get your book in color? - RALPH
I have an ebook reader: my eeePC 900A. Displaying text is all it seems to be good for anymore. - TeraDyne Azurepaw
snap veronica - chris dowling
5" is probably about the minimum size screen you can read comfortably and feel "like a book" - Ken Sheppardson
Rename Twitter... "ter" - Ken Sheppardson
Amazon will be AMAZN - TeraDyne Azurepaw
Or even, Uh-Mahzan lol - Klaus Bach
If it paid good, I would take it. I would also have to move to the USA - Dakota O'Neill
I think the only real responsibility of that position is to make sure all the TPS reports have the proper cover sheet. - Ken Sheppardson
Oh it is getting late here over on the Emerald Isle, might need to call it a night. I will try and hold on another while because I am enjoying this lovely group. - Jonathan Day
NSA is the grand daddy and it knows all the dirty tricks. - min
CyberTsar is a cool title though . What do you do? I'm the CyberTsar!! - Chris Gilmore
not sure if that "poor guy" was really damaged much - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
goverment reg for computer are too stiffeling. - Howard Losiewicz
cept for the DrM - min
My honest guess would be that as soon as most 'cyber czar' candidates see what the NSA, et al are already doing they realize they really don't have a role other than PR - Ken Sheppardson
If they don't choose it... Why is Cory Doctorow not on . Can't use on Linux - Jim Shaver
so if i sign up i get 2 free and can cancel and keep the two free books? - Jim Graham
Molly's frozen again. - John Lyons
I don't think regulations are "too stifling," but I do think walking into a role like that brings with it an unparalleled exposure to a level you wouldn't get even as a CIO of some of the largest companies - Marco Iacono
does the audible promotion work in Canada, I have always wondered? - Dakota O'Neill
I like the Sun for the articles - min
The "Ted Turner" model... - craig keenan
I thought that there is some type of law which requires a non-US citizen to only own a certain amount (percentage) of media. There was a big deal with Rupert Murdock about 10 or so years ago over this. Maybe he became a citizen? - shelter watch
they are forced to not give bs comment on michael jackson and what not when there is a election crisis - aleser
Weren't you going to mention OpenStreetMap Leo? - Patrick Sullivan
don't forget OPEN STREET MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!! - Jim Shaver
where does it tell you, how long you have been on twitter - Dakota O'Neill
not humane please stop - aleser
great show! - Dakota O'Neill
very cool it i wonder if tehachapi ca is on it - aleser
I guess I could do dinner now, then. - min
good show! - Benjamin
TWiT 207: Taste the bitter cakes - Hector
clean up before the go to my pc ad to, you where talking about pot! - Dakota O'Neill
hmm, laugh track - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
oprah has a big audience too - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
question wat happened to the twitter chat and why is it only friend feed to post chat anyone ...! - aleser
what was twitter chat? have never seen it. you mean chat? - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
i dunno. the character changes when the studio fills up with superfans - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Great Show Thanks Leo! - RALPH
Is the twit listen option new or did I miss it all those times? My EVDO works when it wants to, right now I only have 1XRTT speed of around 100K. Definitely better than dial up here in the boonies which is what I had b4. - shelter watch
twit listen has been available for awhile now - russellcoleman
What is twit listen? - drmacintosh
What the hell it is? - Josh Haley
Ryan Block
@osage_1 Actually, award-winning Ideacodes did our design. P.S. -I only take design advice from people who don't build their sites in Flash.
Haha his flash site does look sick tho but totally useless in real terms - Mark from iPhone
Gdgt looks decent enough. - Mark from iPhone
Thomas Hawk
Heading up to Pandora's offices to take some photos for a photoset and blog post. Pandora's one of my favorite music sites on the web. They rock.
Nice to meetcha, Thomas. :) Lucia - Pandora Radio
Nice meeting you as well Lucia, and thanks to you Tom, Tim, Chris and the rest of your team. You guys have a great office and a great service. - Thomas Hawk
A great service indeed!! I don't know what I would do without it!! - Tamon Yanagimoto
Oh to live in the US - John Cooper
John, tell me what sort of station you want and I'll sing the Pandora tracks to you via Skype. - Rob from iPhone
In Europe we have Spotify. Great selection of streamed music.They're trying to get their app in the iPhone app store. - Paul Nash
Wife and I just took a driving trip from Portland to San Fran. Used the Pandora app on her Pre all the way. Awesome. - Fleagle
Rick Webb
Hitler gets mad when Kiss is not on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballott -
Hitler gets mad when Kiss is not on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballott
MG Siegler
Did I really just download a Lady Gaga song? No comment.
Let's have some fun: this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. - Mark
MG Siegler
Skype Unleashes A “Super-Secret” Project: A Cheap Headset -
drew olanoff
I #BlameDrewsCancer for wallets. Can i please have a credit card and ID chip installed?
Where do you swipe it? - Johnny from iPhone
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada.
Fair trade for them getting the good view of Niagara Falls I'd say. - invariant
frickin sweet! - BEX
LOL - Tibor Holoda
LOL! too funny. - John Blanton from twhirl
Heh. B. Kliban did a cartoon of this with their pants down. Good job on this, tho :-) - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
hahaha, that's funny! - freedom fighter mom from twhirl
What? There's another view? Please post. - Ken Morley
I'm pretty sure it's in the collection "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head", published back in the early/mid 70s. I know I've got it around here somewhere... - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
ROTFL, "the other side" - Roberto from fftogo
Hahaha. Awesome sight for 'em Canadians! - Santosh
face down and ass in the air! Love it! - John Hillestad
Cool, except anybody who's been to Mount Rushmore knows it faces east! So really this is the view from Wyoming. - Ben Hanten
Ben: Americans have never been known to have a sense of direction. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Hilarious :-D - Ace
Sarah Palin sees this from the other side of her house. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
awesome - Nick Humphries
ahahahahahahah - Adriano Mercurio
LMAO! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
lol ... yup that's just what we see from Canada ... a bunch of asses - jay macpherson
*access memory: Braveheart battle scene* - Mo Kargas
Too funny! - Mark Harai
Haha... I LOL'ed for real too. - Barbara
wiping away tears. rofl - Capn' One Eye - adrift
+1 Jay (not really true, but still very funny :o) - Ken Morley
Hay I am Canadian !.....giggle - hollyseven
How did I miss this?! HAHA - Mona Nomura
I think somebody has a wedgie! - That's So CAJ!
that is epic. ;) - Philip "dmouse" Campbell
Awesome! - Timothy Federwitz
hahahaha wtf - tohuko
Teddy has a nice butt =p - Zulkarnain K.
where do you get this stuff from - Frank loves it - Kathi Barrett
That is brilliant. B3TA or somewhere similar? - dannystaple
Hahahah! Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada. - KyNam Doan
haha ace babes xx - abigailashleawhitaker
This is an old pic, but is still always funny to see. :) - John Pyper
ha ha ha - shaquille
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
woooowwwwww steady, sweet - Dc L Ie
ROFL - denis
wow - renga
Glenn Slaven
Ok, anyone talking about Jeff Goldblum, this is the site the news came from and this is the text at the bottom of the page
Well let's dump this site for a start! Thanks Glenn. - Kate Foy
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