Shocking: Taser Sues Linden -
"I doubt they simply filed a DMCA request first. LL would have dealt with it if they had. A 102 page complaint. Those Taser lawyers must have a lot of time and money on their hands. It's something a simple phone call to Mark K. or Phillp R. would have fixed, no doubt. But Taser chose the silly but profitable road of litigation. They already have a ton of bad karma, and this only adds to it. Not that they understand or subscribe to any notion of karma, but it is just so unnecessary, and so sad. "A failure to communicate", kind of like the Taser itself. And what a stretch: there's pornographic content in Second Life. Fake Tasers are sold in Second Life. Ergo sensitive, confused people will associate Tasers with adultery, extra-marital virtual copulation, and furry-robot dirty dancing. What a crock of shit. They should be ashamed. But shame is another very foreign concept to these dishonest purveyors of death sticks." - Viajero