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just learned of GraphicsMagick, much faster at image resizing than ImageMagick, go go real time thumbnailing ;-)
why is it so hard to get restarted on an old project, has the motivation gone?
oh #mootools why do you break minor functionality on each upgrade ;-( still <3 mootools
who needs nagios when you have smf + smfalert ;-)
late night fun, thinking of ways to shard uploadbooth data across multiple #couchdb at the application level. bigcouch looks tempting.
Just updated uploadbooth and friends to work with the latest ruby libraries, everything looks like it works, I need to write tests ;-(
#vox closing shop, yet another big service bites the dust. #recession
just tried #amazon's mp3 service, drm free music > #itunes -- any day
RT @ivaynberg: Wicket 1.4.10 and Wicket 1.5-M1 are released!
I would be in such a world of admin hurt if it wasn't for #pkgsrc on #solaris throws javascript errors on IE7, quality control? no way. #fail
pushed out a new vrsn of, added more UI polish to help new users get started with the nontraditional registration process.
falling back to #squid still issues with #varnish on #solaris - good thing I still have my squid patches
well done, open sourced my #ruby locale translator;
need to github my #ruby yaml locale translator, it can translate locale files into diff languages, even merge differences. google api ftw
In Russia PasteBooth pastes you
In Russian PasteBooth pastes you
supporting 10+ languages has never been easier ;-)
added end-to-end localization in our applications from backend to frontend. english YAML file converted to other languages using googles api
get #zfs #samba file sharing working correctly on #MacOSX
MacOS X ZFS Samba Transfer Fix -
#activemq helped me scale #couchdb writes from 10req/sec to 128req/sec - a write per page view for analytic data. Keep it classy ;-)
updated to #couchdb 1.0 - no issues. I am wondering if updating to #erlang 14A is worth the hassle?
moinmoin, my new favorite wiki.
A fix for the sound delay with VoodooHDA and Final Cut Pro -
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