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Happy 3rd Anniversary Monica! -
Psst... Who's doing something cool? @ me pls! Needing to know... Thx.
I just realized what India (when I visit) smells like: "wet wool". where my desi peeps at? #nodisrespect
Just sat next to 2 book publishers on the bus. This digital thing, you know ... The Internet. It's not going away PS!
Coming up on 9 months in the SF bay area! Everyone should live here at some point in their lives #whatagreatcity
Thinking about signing up for @uber. Anyone have a promo code?
Anyone going to Pecha Kucha night in SF tonight? I'll be there!
Any fans of uber cab? Thoughts?
Girls shouldn't wear Ughs, or Uggs, Or Uhhgs (I feel like Master P when I say that - "make 'em say UHHgg na-nah-na-nah") #theyreugly
This is cool: Doing my first Pecha Kucha talk on Monday! #pechakucha I'm excited/nervous/anxious/pumped/happy. Promise to rock it!
Almost home. And excited to see @karchitecture tomorrow morning at my first #SMPS event and then kickin' it with @ArjunDArora on Friday!
I really hope everyone out there is happy and more importantly HEALTHY!
Working until I board... Headed to SFO! @ TPA Tampa International
When I ask people about their day it's because I really want to know - and it's okay if they go on..... because I asked! #muchlove
About to meet @RichCartlidge for the first time in a bit. #likewoah
OH: "women wear totally different clothes and change their hairstyles. It's not fair. How was I supposed to remember her?" #ashe
About to get my shoes shined at the Layton Construction booth at #ashe. Not a bad strategy!
How many tweeting about #ashe are actually here?
In Tampa for ASHE PDC 2011. @ Courtyard Marriott
I'm working & drinking coconut water! Yum!
RT @schneidermike: Hi! If you accidentally took my iPad from the #techi set #pepsicostage, would you please return it to me? #sxsw
Kinda disappointed that @SorenG never responded to a request I had a while back. O well...can't win 'em all!
#SXSW Gotta throw our a plug for @ArjunDArora and @ReTargeter who are making their debut. #SXSWRookie Say hello to them! #goodpeeps
One of the smartest peeps in Seattle is @rganguly. #Supercrazyridiculoussmart And now you know!
I just saw any email from @DairyQueen saying they're postponing their "green" initiative for 2 years! Woah - I'll get to the bottom of this.
Based on Twitter stream I'm glad I'm don't fly American.. I'm nervous how @UnitedAirlines would treat me if I ran into issues...
RT @GiangBiscan: I'm looking for a roommate to split my hotel room with me in Austin for #sxsw. Anyone interested? Thanks.
Good luck to @rypan & @usefunnel today at sfBeta tonight!
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