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Scott Adams Blog: The Less Feature 08/20/2010 -
...At some point in the process I crossed a line: The time to plan and book the trip took longer than it will take to fly across the entire country... - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed -- Engadget -
Cool visualization of top stories - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Clark Little Photography, Hawaii | Official Site -
awesome photography - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Confirmed: Digg Just Hijacked Your Twitter Links -
Digg url shortner breaks the circle of trust... - Viktor Cea
Dave Winer
I gotta say it, the word "asshole" isn't being used enough. An asshole deficit. Like "idiot" a few years ago. Today's word is "asshole."
Right! Very useful word, and it describes a specific person. Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump are prima facie assholes, for example. Dictionary versions. - Robert Linthicum
I like what censorship does for our creativity tho. There are so many wonderful, fun-sounding alternatives. - Doug Haslam from twhirl
I personally like "douchewaffle." Turns out you can add -waffle to almost any existing insult and create something unique and fresh. - Viktor Cea
There's no deficit. Quite a surplus. Just a usage deficit. - bebizzy
Viktor Cea
Hype Machine Zeitgeist: Listen in Full to the 50 Most Blogged Albums of -
Great stuff. Listen to something new. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Explore Your Interactions with Google Reader -
Cool 'hidden features' in google reader. For example: I've been frustrated by not having a place to find posts I've emailed to people that's included here. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Potential Applications of Facebook Connect in E-Commerce | Stay N' Alive -
Make sure to check out the presentation. Very interesting concepts. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Steve Jobs’ health not behind the keynote snub, says the one story with an -
"...[CNBC Reporter Jim] Goldman’s report is the only one I’ve heard about with any actual sources on the matter..." - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
PSFK Talks to Abe Burmeister, Co-Founder of Outlier Tailored Performance -
I love the look of these pants and can appreciate the thinking that went into them. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Tonight: Biggest, brightest full moon of the year -
That explains it. I saw the moon leaving work and it was GINORMOUS. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Searching for Insight Into States -
Being a fan of tennis, I always suspected this would be true: " searches [on Google] correlate negatively with suicide.." - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Inside the Case Against Illinois Gov. Blagojevich -
This disgusts me - Viktor Cea
Louis Gray
Jeff Zucker To CNBC: Online Ads Much Slower Than Anyone Thought -
watch Zucker video interview: - Viktor Cea
watched this interview this morning and thought it was interesting. I thought it was interesting that they've noticed that in his words they've been exchanging "analog dollars for digital dimes." - Thomas Hawk
Viktor Cea
For iPhone: Find a convenient time for teleconferences, easily -
This is always a problem with offices in Singapore, London and New York. - Viktor Cea
Viktor Cea
Choke-able Chicken is a Bonafide Stress Reliever [Rubber Chicken] -
I always knew choking the chicken was a good stress reliever..." - Viktor Cea
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