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'Tis the season to watch some Warren Miller before bed and dream of winter's progress.
Love that @GrubHub let's you request no napkins or plasticware in delivery. Sucks that no restaurants honor the request.
My next garden project? Hmmm...
.@willhacker you gotta beat that bitch (ego) into submission otherwise it dominates and that's not good. There is no genius.
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: What do men want? They want a lot of pals, and they wish that people wouldn’t get so mad at them.
$35K Tesla in 2017. That's pretty rad! Still outside of my price range but much closer.
$35K Tesla in 2017. That's pretty rad! Still outside of my price range but much closer -
RT @hinklecolin: Check out my latest drone video flying over #chicago. Next video begins this week out of state
Flagged a @yellowcabchi instead of calling an @Uber_CHI. What's that get me? An expensive ride in a smokey car. Lame.
Silly fun with photography to start your morning. Happy Friday!
“The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions” by @mulligan
RT @laughinghyena13: "The irony is plain. A problem largely caused by overplanning is to be resolved through more planning."
RT @farnamstreet: Happy Birthday to Aldous Huxley — Amusing Ourselves To Death
RT @TheAtlantic: The leader of the unfree world: How the U.S. prison population ranks globally
I just got an offer from @bitcasa today: $20, 100GB RT @odower don't see @Dropbox prices drop nearly as fast as I see storage costs dropping
RT @SAlhir: "@intmf: We tried a society of continuous War, religious ideology & control,it was a 1000 years ago & was called the Dark ages for a reason"
Too bad, so sad, @Uber isn't as down with transparency as they should be. "Fixed" ability to find passenger rating:
.@Marina4UX Welcome to the club!
RT @mlevison: Companies that aren't running small experiments instead of roadmaps will be crushed by those that turn faster than they do. #Agile2014
RT @johnmaeda: Technology is what it does. Design is what it does for *me*/*us*.
.@goddessgrocer Stand on quality of your food and compete! Quit complaining to city about food trucks that offer better quality. #boycott
So much for that tinfoil hat providing any protection: Researchers reconstruct audio from visual information.
RT @pourmecoffee: In Hell, everyone gets a personal electronic device that does nothing but prompt you to update Adobe and Java.
Watching loved ones go through medical system this year & repeatedly shocked by quality of food served to the ill. Nutrient much? Shameful.
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Future generations will look back on TV as the lead in the water pipes that slowly drove the Romans mad.
Really @RootsPizza ??? You've screwed our order in house, delivery, and now this evening for carryout. I've refrained writing 1-star yelp...
(@RootsPizza) reviews because I'm lazy and you're in my 'hood. Never been to a place with such consistently good food and shit service.
.@RootsPizza I hate to say this but whenever I think of the servers there I can't help but think of the Screeching Weasel song, "Dingbat".
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