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Don't know... Not sure...!
RT @UDistributed: Thanks everyone for joining! Be sure to visit: for more on #CodeHalos
RT @CPJay: @BenjaminPring Thanks for the engaging session @krbenedict #codehalos enjoyed it thoroughly!
RT @BenjaminPring: #CodeHalos Thanks everyone for the great questions ... keep 'em coming and may your HALO be GOLDEN!!!
Thanks @UDistributed @BenjaminPring for giving some interesting facts about #CodeHalos
RT @UDistributed: Thank you @BenjaminPring for your great insights on #CodeHalos for Organizations. We look forward to hearing more from you about #CodeHalos!
RT @UDistributed: A special announcement for all you Android owners : The #CodeHalos app is NOW available for download
RT @BenjaminPring: A19 #CodeHalos and #IoT are mutually reinforcing. IoT needs Code Halos and vice versa but IOT is a subset of CHs. Great time to be in tech.
RT @krbenedict: Q19 What role does #IoT play in a #CodeHalos strategy?
RT @topbop_: @BenjaminPring What are best practices & success stories for #HealthCare adoption of #CodeHalos for enhanced customer experience cross sell?
RT @kishlaybaranwal: @krbenedict @BenjaminPring How can global co's simultaneously drive #CodeHalos campaigns across their geo's (China+ LATAM+ Europe+ US etc)?
RT @BenjaminPring: A14 HUGE implications for #mobilebanking ... if my ATM asks me once more to "press 1 for English" my head is going to explode.
RT @BenjaminPring: A13 Thought 1) With difficulty (i.e. don't start there) 2) 10 years ago "Cloud wasn't to happen in Europe" ... how'd that work that?!!!
RT @BenjaminPring: A14 Seriously! HUGE transformation in next three years. If you can't see your bank's Code Halo and they can't see yours ... CHANGE BANK.
RT @JulesC: Love this #data #privacy via @BenjaminPring Co's need to tell customers what they know abt THEM. Front up, stop hiding in shadows #CodeHalos
RT @togyjose: @krbenedict Assuming #codehalos insights require functional, technical and statistical skills, do orgs today have the right talent mix?
RT @WileyBiz: Great resource! RT @UDistributed: For a comprehensive introduction to #CodeHalos, check this link out:
RT @BenjaminPring: A10 Individuals and Co.'s on GITHUB are building #CodeHalos to find and service customers. @LinkedIn is a Code Halo model for all of us.
RT @NaThomson: @krbenedict What is ExaaS? Q: 10? #CodeHalos
RT @krbenedict: Q14 What implications do #CodeHalos have on Digital Banking? #Mbanking #mobilebanking #banking
RT @BenjaminPring: A11 PART TWO Tell your #CodeHalos customers what you KNOW about THEM. Companies using Code Halos need to front up and stop hiding in shadows
RT @UDistributed: For a comprehensive introduction to #CodeHalos, check this link out:
RT @BenjaminPring: A6 @nathomson #CodeHalos Great question - at this stage of the game collecting more data than less is important. Collect as much as you can.
RT @UDistributed: Where would you apply #Codehalos in your organization? Join us LIVE on our #Codehalos #TweetChat to share your experience.
RT @UDistributed: In a #CodeHalos world, how small companies can apply #CodeHalos approach with minimal resources? Ask author @BenjaminPring in TweetChat NOW
RT @UDistributed: Author and futurist @BenjaminPring will answer your concerns about #CodeHalos for small companies. Join the #CodeHalos TweetChat NOW.
RT @kishlaybaranwal: @krbenedict @BenjaminPring Can smaller biz's look at #CodeHalos as an opportunity to grow swiftly, inorganically vs. big, less nimble co's?
RT @UDistributed: Remember to use #CodeHalos as you join in on the #CodeHalos chatter.
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