Empirical Sentiment Accuracy Bounds - http://www.slideshare.net/Visible...
Empirical Sentiment Accuracy Bounds
The Future of Social Influence in a Social Capital World - http://www.slideshare.net/Visible...
The Future of Social Influence in a Social Capital World
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Been a great day at #GravSum!
Start-up Spotlight and espresso shots! #GravSum
Social Media Policy is the most important part of compliance. #GravSum
Social Media is the great equalizer #GravSum
Don't buy fans, engage them. #GravSum
RT @JoselinMane: Influence + Intelligence = $ocial Capital @socialMorgan @visible_tech #gravsum http://t.co/pUCsLfI
Great job Elizabeth!! #FutureM #GravSum
The next generation: How can we become predictive about what a consumer is going to do? #GravSum #FutureM
RT @jdarrenlister: How do you measure social media reach? Relevance makes a big difference - @visible_tech #GravSum
You can't look at activity or tweets in isolation. #GravSum #FutureM
Elizabeth Morgan: "Social influence affects intent to buy." #GravSum #FutureM
#GravSum #FutureM Social Capital: The collective digital presence that a consumer has.
RT @bevisible: Wish I could be at #gravsum today! #StuckInOhio
Elizabeth Morgan is taking the stage soon! Watch live: http://t.co/iPl4Qf4 #FutureM #gravsum
RT @BeverlyMacy: #GravSum FutureM at Harvard Faculty Club is here! Watch LIVE 9 ET. GravItySummit.com
RT @gravitysummit: @Audi thousands of people engaged talking about how their car got them home. Traditional Marketing + Social Media
Going to #FutureM today? Make sure to see Visible SVP Elizabeth Morgan's talk on how consumer social influence impacts social capital.
Today we remember #911 #Sept11. Retweet if you remember, too!
RT @DioFavatas: I like the point "to grow and nurture relationships..." Why Do People Share Online? http://t.co/nNg2Don #SocialMedia
Social Media is like marriage: http://t.co/qQhYBLj
Visible's Elizabeth Morgan will be discussing measurement of consumer social influence on Monday at the @gravitysummit #FutureM conference!
9 Etiquette Rules That the Boss Shouldn't Break. Do you agree? http://t.co/xEclswl
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