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Author of Atheist Revolution, proud member of the reality based community, enduring Mississippi.
vjack on #Manspreading and Publicly Shaming Strangers -
"Right. It is almost as if some people think that others should be able to read their minds and know what they are thinking without them having to ask. Asking someone to move seems far more defensible than taking their photo without consent and then trying to shame them on social media." - vjack
vjack on What Do Atheists Want? -
"You are correct that atheism is an answer to a single question. On the other hand, atheists are people." - vjack
vjack on What Richard Dawkins book should I read to empower me to live my life -
"I have read most of Dawkins' books and don't think you will find what you seem to be looking for in any of them. I second the recommendations for something by Carl Sagan. You might also try Sam Harris' Waking Up." - vjack
vjack on Biweekly gear purchase help post (2014-11-23) -
"I don't think that active speakers with built-in electronics are likely to last as long as passives, but I don't have enough experience with them to know for sure." - vjack
vjack on Biweekly gear purchase help post (2014-11-23) -
"I've been fairly happy with my Audioengine speakers. I have not heard the Airmotivs, but I have seen some reviews that suggest they are somewhat better for many types of music (though not rock, hard rock, and metal). The Adam F5s might be another one to consider." - vjack
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Jehovah’s Witness reveals what life is really like inside the religion | Herald Sun #religion
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