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Author of Atheist Revolution, proud member of the reality based community, enduring Mississippi.
Islam is not a race. Do not let baseless accusations of racism deter you from criticizing #Islam or any other religion. #SJW #fb
Atheism 101: Why isn't everyone an atheist? #atheism via @DangerousTalk
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @denyreligion
The Optics of Community Volunteerism | Atheist Revolution #atheism #church
RT @ChrisDStedman: "Being an Atheist Is Not a 'White Thing' and It's Not a Bad Thing. I'm Proof of That," says @DJ_Blues:
Ferguson as Portrayed by Facebook and Twitter: Algorithms Have Consequences #ferguson via @PaulFidalgo
Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage is Bigotry #LGBT #bigotry #equality #religion
RT @BlameEllenBeth: So Why Wasn't Officer Wilson Arrested? Plus Answers To Other Questions About The Law via @stlpublicradio
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @pdxprogressiveX
Atheist Finds Acceptance at Episcopal Church | Atheist Revolution #atheism
Three Observations on Ferguson | Center for Inquiry #skepticism #ferguson via @RALindsay
Saudi Religious Police Call On Government To Arrest Atheist Bloggers #atheism
The EPA and Evangelical (Anti)Environmentalism | Religion Dispatches #religion
Atheists in foxholes — and car accidents | Faitheist #atheism via @ChrisDStedman
RT @hellbentarmour: "I'm not offended by believers beliving in god." #atheism
Blood, Bibles and Videotapes: Exposing an Ancient System of Psychological Coercion #christianity #atheism
Chromecast for My Media Streaming Needs | Atheist Revolution #chromecast #media
One of the things I love about Sundays is that I can pick something I enjoy and do that instead of church. #atheism
Freethought Blogs--The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Atheism? #atheism #shunning #freethought
Guerrilla Skepticism: An (evidently) thankless task | Incongruent Elements #skepticism
From peyote to sex: Religious liberty fight recast #religion #discrimination #law
US must 'destroy' Islamic State, say religious conservatives #religion #extremism
War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing #Ferguson via @ACLU
RT @mojoey: New Post - The danger of stifling creativity #photography
Petition: Oppose Militarized American Police Forces - ForceChange #ferguson
RT @ACTORSandCREW: BREAKING: @GovernorPerry INDICTED on felony counts of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant ::
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @pdxprogressiveX
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