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Author of Atheist Revolution, proud member of the reality based community, enduring Mississippi.
Thought crimes and the Atheist Movement #art #atheism #outrageculture via @mojoey
RT @SIN_Notung: Can Evolution be Reconciled With Theism? A Response to Greta Christina | Notung #atheism #evolution #religion #theism
RT @secularjen: Nobel prize-winning author Wole Soyinka warns of religion's roll call of death
Disclosing Bias | Atheist Revolution #blogging #media
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @Stefanelli @brucegerencser
Ten Commandments On City Hall Lawn Violates Establishment Clause #churchandstate
RT @SkepticalSooner: Raised a christian, I was taught that we have dominion over the earth. Now an atheist, I realize that we are completely dependent on it.
RT @ahadave: Death threats for AL atheist for speaking out against IGWT. Let's stop pretending "God" in government is harmless.
Why is porn made in a church a crime? #australia #religion
Is President Obama still listed on the #BlockBot or did they finally remove him?
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @Becky_Garrison
After school shootings, preachers being invited into public school for “comfort.” #churchandstate
The Taboo of Questioning Religious Claims #atheism #religion
RT @boodleoops: The people running the blockbot get more unwittingly Orwellian daily. Just been added (again) for "privilege denial"
Are Evangelicals Right About TV Programming? #media #christianity via @brucegerencser
God Didn’t Foresee Fundamentalists | Dangerous Talk #atheism #christianity #bible via @DangerousTalk
Interview With Lawyer Who Fought The Uganda Anti-Gay Bill #LGBT #religion via @GodlessPoutine
Megalodon: the New Evidence is a fake documentary | #skepticism #science #media via @SFriedScience
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @manseydoll @WiseGuyEddie
RT @humanism2014: 'Bad free speech should only be met by better free speech. It is up to us to provide it.' —A C Grayling, #whc2014
RT @DJGrothe: In Defense of Being Offensive: Jonathan Rauch on the New Threats to Free Thought
RT @DJGrothe: Good to-do list for the life of the mind, from a recent talk by Greg Lukianoff (@glukianoff). #outrageculture
The stigma of being an atheist in the US #atheism #stigma
Renting a Serial Killer's House #skepticism
Education secretary to cut public funding to nurseries promoting 'extremist views' – including creationism
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