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Author of Atheist Revolution, proud member of the reality based community, enduring Mississippi.
Deep Thoughts : There must be a better tool -
"If there is, I haven't found it yet. I've been fairly happy with MarsEdit, but this would not be the case if I worked with as many pictures as you do. You might give Ecto a try and see what you think. I seem to remember it handling images better, but it has been years since I tried it." - vjack
The method is similar to that used in the atheist community. Criticize the existing structure from a biased perspective, block or disable dissenting opinions and discussion, wait for the inevitable trollish hatred and nasty comments, display the troll comments as proof of the initial problem, rinse and repeat. Click bait journalists eat this stuff... -
Atheist Revolution : Secular Spirituality -
"I don't like the term either. I recognize that this is primarily because I have a hard time separating it from the supernatural or mystical, neither of which holds any interest for me. And yet, some of the more important aspects of how spirituality is usually defined by those who study it (e.g., awe, transcendence, interconnectedness) require nothing supernatural or mystical. And so, I can consider it potentially useful in that way." - vjack
Constitutional ignorance has fueled our culture wars and perpetuated a narrative that Christianity in America is under attack. -
To be sure, “In God We Trust” has been the nation’s motto since 1956 and there’s no suggestion that it be stricken from the currency or otherwise banished. But to introduce it now in an age much more pluralistic is to invite discord. -
Mississippi Atheists : A Positive Experience of Mississippi -
"Good point about Reddit. I sometimes forget to mention it, but I have had positive experiences there too." - vjack
Mississippi Atheists : Mississippi Needs a Statewide Atheist Organization -
"Beau, are you on Facebook?" - vjack
A Positive Experience of Mississippi -
In reality, a fundamentalist interpretation of any religion can open the door to murder and massacre. -
Islam is not a race. Do not let baseless accusations of racism deter you from criticizing #Islam or any other religion. #SJW #fb
Atheism 101: Why isn't everyone an atheist? #atheism via @DangerousTalk
The point is, the name of religion has been used continuously to justify cruelty and hatred. There’s nothing wrong with believing in something, or with religion as a concept. In fact, faith can be an amazing quality to have. It becomes an issue, however, when religious institutions impose their morals onto those who don’t believe in them. -
Many Atheists Do Care About Religion -
Bigotry Against Atheists is Still Socially Acceptable -
I suspect that the reason we hear so much about one’s right to one’s beliefs is that some people - especially some religious people - refuse to distinguish between the private beliefs that occupy their thoughts and what they do or say. That is, some people equate holding a belief with expressing it or acting upon it. -
How to Win Any Argument About Social Justice -
A Church-State Victory in Mississippi -
Separation of Church and State is a Social Justice Issue -
Is Separation of Church and State Still Relevant? -
Mississippi Needs a Statewide Atheist Organization -
Christians Disregard Jesus to Pray Publicly -
Confronting Our Own Hypocrisy and Repudiating Bad Behavior -
Political Extremism is Part of Our History -
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