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Author of Atheist Revolution, proud member of the reality based community, enduring Mississippi.
If you live in Southeast Wisconsin, check out the Freethought Alliance of Milwaukee #freethought #atheism @FAMilwaukee
Got religion on campus? Leave it off your resume | #religion via @CLGrossman
Five Reasons the Hobby Lobby Decision Should Terrify You #HobbyLobby #churchandstate #law
Council votes to display "In God We Trust" in chambers #churchandstate #southcarolina
The Condescending Nature of Proselytizing | Atheist Revolution #atheism #religion
10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing #science
How to Win Any Argument About Social Justice -
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @justinvacula @novenator
Renting a Serial Killer's House | Atheist Revolution #skepticism
More on the "Religious Tolerance" Issue | Atheist Revolution #atheism #religion #tolerance
Have You Contributed to a Health Scam? - The Atlantic #skepticism #health
RT @SNAPNetwork: Phone line for abuse victims doesn't work, SNAP responds
Texas Medical Board files detailed complaint against Burzynski #health #skepticism via @DoubtfulNews
Renting a Serial Killer's House -
The Taboo of Questioning Religious Claims | Atheist Revolution #atheism #religion
Finding Any Reason To Be Offended | Conservative Skeptic #SJW via @jeh704
John Oliver does an excellent job of explaining why we should be careful about taking Dr. Oz too seriously. -
Ending Door-to-Door Proselytizing | Atheist Revolution #atheism
RT @EnsuingDarkness: You know you are surrounded by intelligent people when you can sneeze and no one says anything
Atheist Revolution : Room For More Atheist Blogs -
"That's a great point. I had a similar experience when I first started. I realized that I did have a somewhat different viewpoint than some of the others, and like you said, there were issues I didn't think were being addressed." - vjack
Hearing good things about #TAM2014 even though it sounds like it was not entirely without controversy
RT @CuestionMarque: When our elected Representatives no longer represent our views & wishes, but only their 1% donors… what good is Representative government?
Quick Insight On How A Humanist School Is Perceived In Uganda #humanism #Uganda via @GodlessPoutine
Atheist Revolution : It Looks Like Christian Extremism -
"I don't think Hemant said that he has a right to feel safe or not to be insulted. I don't believe I did either. I think we both shared our reactions to the photo." - vjack
Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage is Bigotry | Atheist Revolution #LGBT #bigotry #equality
Witchcraft Belief, Superstition & Mistrust Of Science-Based Medicine Hampering Fight Against Ebola #health
The Atheist Revolution Daily is out! Stories via @justinvacula @mycultlife
About Those Churches That Prayed for LeBron James to Stay in Miami… #BandsForBron #prayer via @hemantmehta
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