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@siavashsen @may_gun Thanks! I'll be 23, which means that I'm getting positively ancient, come to think of it... :(
Meh, just my luck that I'd fall ill with something horrible, on the day before my birthday... :(
@hideout I'm tired, but fine, thanks. As for the shop - run, don't walk! ;)
The Wonderful World of MS: Where you find new mail in "Sent Items"; "Vista" & "XP" are numbers; "Yesterday" doesn't exist; and 1 min = 1hr.
RT @diodesign: V British headline - flat battery rather than y'know, flat phone RT @Telegraph 'You won't fly if your phone is flat'
@MichaelxHell No worries. The recent Twitter Web UI refresh is buggy junk, anyway. :)
@MichaelxHell Hmm, weird. My replies to your post don't appear in my own profile feed. I wonder if they arrived?
RT @yurau75: 不自然な部分があったのでなおした
@MichaelxHell (And you didn't get around to charging it, since you had to race for the airport, in order to make the flight home)
@MichaelxHell The question is - what happens if you're bringing back a brand new, boxed phone as a gift? Or your battery died in the hotel?
RT @MichaelxHell: So now you have to have your devices charged when you enter a flight to the US. Ridiculous.
@Mona Does anyone actually use LINE, these days? I registered, installed the app on my phone, and received a bunch of random spam messages.
Sent an e-mail to a member of the student support office, regarding my results letter. Should be interesting...
@gatchers Heh, some of the comments on the YouTube video (just a still image, with the song as backing track) that I found were pretty weird
@hideout Maybe? :)
@hideout Heh, did you see the video that I posted a URL for on IRC? A gross "trekking" hamburger in a can - made in Germany! ;)
@hideout Very expensive, too - £4. :(
@hideout No worries. Sounds like you had a good time. :)
Also - unicycle quartet!
Something that you don't see, everyday... (A guy singing in French, with an accordion, and a onion belt)...
@KevinJHatton Heh, thanks. Nice cat! :)
@hideout Purple's Tinky Winky (Stinky Pinky), Yellow's La-La (Lager), and Red's Po (Poo). :)
@hideout Green one's Dipsy (AKA Dipstick). Surprised that I can still remember. :)
@hideout Heh. Stinky Pinky, Dipstick, Lager, Poo say "Eh-oh"!
@hideout Good afternoon
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