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@hideout Google Translate says "㉕ Weixu dependents 㕳 Ju 㤷 rushing water", but that too doesn't really mean much.
@hideout Hah, I'm guessing that the iPhone app tells you about the vehicle that it's a model of, but I haven't had a look. :)
RT @jprzedlacka: Lynne Murphy talking about googling words about #American English dialect insecurity #SCEP2014
@hideout Heh, I saw this, earlier. (Powerful working tractor, made in Germany!) ;)
New record for slowest back-up of ~4GB (to JungleDisk @ 304-320kbps), ever? Started at 3:49pm, yesterday, and finished at 1:56pm, today.
@gatchers (One of them was used specifically for J2ME apps, and would gradually slow down as you type)
@gatchers Yeah, some Samsung phones were rubbish, like that. I had one with 3 different, slow on-screen keyboard implementations...
@fcassia @gatchers Seems that only Google + RIM have really been successful with the vision of making Java "the" language/API on their OSes
@fcassia @gatchers Then again, Qualcomm tried doing the "feature phone with native apps" thing, with BREW, and it eventually flopped
@fcassia @gatchers That's an interesting idea, although I always felt that J2ME apps lacked integration with the phone, and other apps
@gatchers Interesting, regarding the JVM for J2ME. Sounds about right, for some of the OMAPs in Nokia's Symbian handsets, too. :)
@gatchers (Although it does also run on TV STBs, and dumbphones, of course)
@gatchers Still amazed that they managed to shoehorn an implementation of Java onto such constrained devices. :)
@gatchers Then again, these days, even smartcards have a ridiculous amount of processing power, for such small devices.
@gatchers Heh, yeah. The days when every last memory cell, and transistor had to be accounted for, and 1MB of RAM/storage was "luxurious"...
@gatchers But then, some people (like the professor who taught the AI module) are sufficiently skilled enough to make anything look "easy".
@gatchers Then again, I think procedural, and logic programming needs a specific mindset that doesn't come naturally to everyone.
@gatchers To be honest, they were interesting-but-arcane, and didn't seem evidently useful to me.
@gatchers Thanks. Yeah, I think the weirdest language that I've brushed with, recently was Haskell, or ProLog, as part of an assignment...
RT @devbisme: @vmlemon It was only a few years ago that they removed the US telephone tax that was used to pay for the Spanish-American war!
@gatchers Yeah, I haven't worked with Java for eons, but I remember thinking of C# as "Ersatz Java", when I first encountered it, years ago
@gatchers (Both in terms of cost-to-obtain, and usability, of course). :)
@gatchers Not forgetting that "UNIX-like" OSes are more accessible to the layman than they used to be, decades ago.
@gatchers True. Sure, it's harder if you actually want to make a career out of SWDev, but folks are spoilt for choice, in terms of tools.
@gatchers Reminds me that I really need to sort out a VFS, and proper POSIX stdio implementation for that, at some stage.
@gatchers I still need to get to grips with this newfangled "Gerrit" thing, for working with the Wireshark codebase at some time, too...
@gatchers Still doesn't quite work, although I've gotten as far as being able to scan the PATA buses for drives.
@gatchers I did start porting an ATA driver, FAT driver, liballoc, and parts of various BSD libcs to a microkernel (L4Ka::Pistachio), though
@gatchers Interesting. I'll admit that I still haven't done anything with the RPi.
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