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@BradfordUni Please can you enlighten me on why my eVision mode would change to "Dormant - Previously Part-time" from "Decision deferred"?
@MichaelxHell Heh, how can anyone not like a kitty? :)
@debexpert This is an interesting idea, given the cost of obtaining ZigBee specifications, membership, and certification...
@gatchers (I remember someone mentioning a hack to play 24-bit audio using a specific directory structure on a USB drive)
@gatchers I'll definitely try it, though.
@gatchers Haven't tried. I've mostly tried UPnP, reading CDs in the PS3, and stuff like Music Unlimited, and YouTube streaming on the PS3.
@gatchers If I get time, I'll look into seeing if I can rip some CD tracks to plain WAVE files, and see what happens.
@gatchers I wouldn't be surprised if WMP isn't significantly downscaling content to be "safe", when streaming via UPnP, to be honest...
@gatchers Otherwise, you end up with the weird situation where the PS3 can't read the metadata on the files that *it* created...
@gatchers Also noticed that AAC encoder for CD ripping writes metadata in a different format to WMP, so you need to double-tag for streaming
RT @gatchers: @vmlemon some games/apps support printing. A mouse also works! Or a keyboard with trackpad. I use a Rii-mote.
@gatchers I'd expect transcoded "lossless" audio to sound exactly like the source material that it was ripped from, though. :)
@gatchers Should probably see if it works better with HDMI - but it just sounds really muffled, and hollow with the "newer" TV...
@gatchers I've tested with an ancient Toshiba CRT televideo thing - which sounds ace, and a generic French-reimport LCD TV, which sounds bad
@gatchers It's a "fat" model, with a HDD access door on the side, but I haven't tried opening it, yet...
@gatchers Good idea about poking the settings, though.
@gatchers Even streamed MP3s, and AAC files sound significantly better on it, otherwise - and that's with a SCART connection to a rubbish TV
@gatchers Indeed. Sadly, we ended up getting a 160GB model in the end, so it lacks the goodies like SACD, PS2 BC, card readers, and OtherOS.
@gatchers (I'm guessing that either Windows Media/DirectShow's WMA Lossless -> WAVE transcoder's crap, or I'm just using a bad speaker)...
@gatchers On the other hand, I'm mystified as to how streaming WMA Lossless rips of CDs via UPnP can sound worse than the CD itself...
@gatchers Aah. They really did think of everything, when they developed the firmware! :)
@gatchers Interesting. I also noticed that it has drivers for printing, of all things. No idea why you'd do that on a PlayStation, though...
@diodesign Well, it *was* a successful failure. :)
RT @diodesign: Error message: "Unable to connect server port 7000 [Success]" The best kind of success.
RT @mappingbabel: Forget the mobile patent wars – IT giants have patented the belly of your data center < cloud patent investigation
I want to open a North Korean-themed cocktail, and smoothie bar, in an abandoned church, called "The Tower of Juice Ideas", someday...
@koenvervloesem Sounds interesting. Also discovered "sepak takraw" (a similar game, played with a woven rattan ball on Wikipedia.
Amused at discovering that exists. What's next? Playing football with a golfball, surely?
@monkchips Won't that cause a rip in the space-time continuum, make the Earth spin backwards, and make the sun explode?
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