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@JennYates So I'm at the mercy of battery life, and find myself worrying if I'll have enough charge, come 5pm.
@JennYates Aah, that makes sense. I tend to use my phone as a Swiss army knife (camera, document reader, music player, etc)...
@JennYates I still remember compact cassettes, too. :)
@JennYates Haven't experienced them, but it seems that there's some excellent decks, out there. So much for a dead format.
@JennYates @rbonini ...But I've got a UPnP server installed, so I can stream to the PS3, and my tablet.
@JennYates @rbonini Nice! Right now, I'm just using my phone for portable listening; and I occasionally listen to stuff on my laptop...
RT @JennYates: @vmlemon this player says it holds 58gb so I guess it's a music hd for my car lol
@JennYates @rbonini I hear rumours that you can play Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC files on some BlackBerries, too - but I haven't tested it.
@JennYates @rbonini 141 tracks, spanning 10 albums (so average ~13 tracks/CD), at a total of 445MB, so far. Sounds great, too.
@JennYates @rbonini On that note, my sister's wanting to buy an iPod Touch - so I've spent the last 30mins ripping her CDs to HE-AAC/Pulse.
@JennYates @rbonini Agreed - and streaming media systems (e.g. Linn DS, and Sonos) seem to be the way to go, for in-home hi-fi, nowadays.
Thinking of biting the bullet, and just installing the W8.1 update. If it breaks, I keep all of the pieces...
RT @jetdaisuke: Windows95のころ何してた?と訊けばジェネレーションギャップ系の会話を楽しめたものだけど、最近じゃオムツしてたどころか精製されてもいないのがいてな。
RT @ThatsEarth: Long exposure photo of a lightning bolt hitting a tree.
RT @ltomuta: The Romanian proofing tools for Office 2013 are totally useless. @RoMicrosoft should do something about them.
@ltomuta And then they'll remove them, and make folks wait forever - until they're re-introduced in a "revolutionary new version" of Office.
RT @GeorgeAylett: What has Europe ever done for us? #PMQs
@samoore Agreed. It's interesting to see how the mentality prevails in the rest of the world, for better-or-for-worse, though. :)
RT @samoore: @vmlemon well, England is largest, has greatest population, etc., but England /= UK :-)
@Alainah_NTR @sparklepete Just don't eat too much Privat-Veg, and you should be OK. *Hides*
RT @glynmoody: Chip-and-PIN cards let nearby fraudsters steal $1M at a time - in the UK; eeek
@samoore Even though イギリス is derived from a Portuguese loanword...
@samoore Something interesting, as a Japanese speaker is that most common names for the UK ("Igirisu"/イギリス; "Eikoku"/英国) imply England first
Slept a little better, last night; and light exercise (indoor bike) seems to help temporarily with sinuses. Still coughing like crazy.
It's fun to stay at the...
Somehow, I don't trust the updater not to break my installed drivers, and applications, and trash my data...
I guess it's just a side effect of the latest Microsoft PassiveAggression Professional Edition 2014 update...
Pushy much? I can't remember actually requesting the installation of Windows 8.1...
@hideout It's been out for a while, but I'd be interested in knowing how it compares with MacZFS
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