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Hrm, and the trackpad on my phone isn't working properly, either. Tech must hate me, today. -
...and it's now slowly ambling forward a few metres - for the time being. -
Stuck on a broken-down bus that's spewing smoke, in the middle of a narrow village road. Fun. -
Amused by Still, wouldn't the money wasted on decals be better spent on trying to fix things for real? -
@bazbt3 From looking at the system logs, it appears to be a little Linux box running BusyBox. I wonder if GPL source has been published? -
@bazbt3 So, it looks like the repeater works OK - but short of hacking it, it doesn't seem to be possible to move it from channel 11. -
It appears that contrary to complaints, the configuration HTTP service doesn't become inaccessible - instead, it moves to an IP from the GW -
Ja-jan! The WLAN repeater arrived, and configuring it via Ethernet to be a dumb repeater/DHCP client was easy. -
Just finished reading Nothing really changes, since I doubt that US consumers want to be seen with "old" phones... -
Amused at discovering that SkodaFone have (spotty) EDGE coverage - unlike O2, here. Moreover, their new PAYG tariff seems cheaper, too. -
Surprised at discovering that my sister's phone now boots again (instead of being a torch) - months after it succumbed to water damage... -
Sure, CV points, training, and hardware might be nice - but the idea of being a (voluntary) MS shill still leaves a dirty feeling. -
Thinking that "Canter Guts" is a perfectly cromulent name for a light, flatbed truck. ( -
@bazbt3 I found one for £296.82 + £138.27(shipping) - but then, it's a case of customs clearance/finding an appropriate power supply for it -
@bazbt3 Speaking of "only in Japan" stuff, I'd love one of those Panasonic Nano-E air purifiers, given the quality of the air in our house. -
RT @bazbt3: @vmlemon People who bought this on Amazon also bought 1000 mile support socks and Unibond tile grout refresher. :) -
RT @JustJon: The legendary Atari dump is going to be excavated for a documentary -
@bazbt3 I'm guessing that it'll be the same reference HW design, in slightly tweaked casing. -
@bazbt3 I'll probably do a mini review of them, once they arrive. :) -
@bazbt3 (Back when we had a free trial). -
Amused by, given that JS code is already distributed in plain-text form, modulo optional bandwidth optimisations... -
Disappointed by Opera Next 15. The installer crashes, after attempting to elevate privileges; and the app itself crashes after 30 seconds. -
@diodesign I've felt that everything's gone downhill, post-2000. Nostalgia? Or genuine changes for the worst? -
@diodesign Same. If I had enough money, a passport, and thought that the grass was greener elsewhere, I'd jump ship, to be frank. -
@diodesign I'm just as perplexed by the folks who want to see the death penalty reinstated. Nothing makes sense here, these days. -
@0boy Monsanto's brand's tarnished - and they know it, even if they won't openly admit? -
RT @tkoola: "We checked you problem and are inclined to conclude that your device has stopped working because a metal object penetrated you… -
RT @tkoola: This deserves another Tweet: Someone tried to troll Nokia Finland and they totally owned the sucker. -
Curiously, sounds like a high pitched, clicking whine at a high volume. -
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