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Panayotis Vryonis

Panayotis Vryonis

hacker, developer and social media consultant, advocate of open source, open data and open protocols. Mixing all these for work and pleasure.
They are called (software) bugs because they get under the #entrepreneur's skin and eat the life out of him.
Mitro Releases a New Free and Open Source Password Manager (via @hackernodeapp)
Monster Snack: A frantic game featuring a curious crocodile, a mysterious monster, and an energy-starved rocket!
RT @deepfreezeio: You can now connect more than one Dropbox accounts to your @deepfreezeio account.
“How a bug in Dropbox permanently deleted my 8000 photos” by Jan Čurn
.@OvercastFM rocks. It's the podcast app I'll use from now on. Btw, once you try voice boost in a noisy env, you'll get addicted to it.
RT @glynmoody: Ford and General Motors Sued Over ‘CD Ripping Cars’ - perhaps they'd like to lobby for copyright reform?
TYPORN is an online platform for the Typophile Generation.
nope.c is a light flyweight platform for creating lightning fast and scalable network applications using C.
RT @deepfreezeio: Our windows app is out. Visit to download it.
Re: offers cheap long-term cloud storage, but you’d better not be in a hurry -
"Pricing is not our only feature (I'm the founder of the service): For example, integration with other services (currently only Dropbox, but more in the pipeline), is one of them. Also, services from Google, Microsoft, etc, impose a "strategy tax", because that's not their primary business. For example, they will try and make some things more difficult than they should be, or force you to do things in a way that suits their overall strategy, not you. However, since you mentioned pricing, keep in mind that the price for 200GB is also $120/year, because the next plan after 100GB is 1TB. that's 300% more than what you would pay at for 200GB/year." - Panayotis Vryonis
Deaths in the Iliad: a classics infographic.
RT @graffic: @vrypan @EFF Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 4,355,634 tested so far :(
RT @SulomeAnderson: He calls me neshama, I call him habibi. Love doesn't speak the language of occupation #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies
How unique and trackable is your web browser? PLS, participate and help @EFF increase their sample size!
RT @Workable: Hiring literature is a neglected necessity:
RT @brainpicker: July 23, 1951—how a vintage children’s book saved the Hudson River’s iconic red lighthouse
Incelligent Secures Pre-seed Funding for its Wireless Broadband Network by @openfund
To recognize the breakthrough, Kildall’s invention (CP/M) was named an IEEE Milestone Good old times :-)
The Letter, Jul 21, 2014 -
O is simpler/shorter than Yo. Rich, context-aware sounds coming soon: exclamatory, sensual, bored, and much more.
Sky News apologises after presenter is seen looking through MH17 luggage via @guardian
RT @jimeh: "Source code for the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer"
RT @mashable: Update: Ukraine gov't minister says rebels shot down a #MH17 Malaysia Airlines plane with 295 on board
RT @No_CQRT: is storage in the cloud for the rest of your stuff.
Re: I Was Hidden on This Guy’s Hard Drive for Over 6 Years -
"Wow, I had a similar thought some years ago: I think it would make a great feature over existing photo-sharing services, or even as a separate service." - Panayotis Vryonis
DVD is a dying medium, at least for me. Here's how I deal with it.
RT @jackschofield: Why Europeans Don't Refrigerate Their Eggs (and Americans do), at @SAI ~
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