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Kaushal Karkhanis
Evan Williams
Listening to @biz stories with the team.
Bhooshan Pandya
AdFreak: Apple Get a Mac: The Complete Campaign -
Moksh Juneja
New York from 1920-1960 Period (PICS) -
Aditya Sengupta
10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit -
Aditya Sengupta
But If We Started Dating It Would Ruin Our Friendship… | The Best Article Every day -
Jennifer Connelly
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The older she gets, the hotter she gets. - vimoh
I agree, she does look better with age. I have a friend who looks a little like her and she's looking better with age too. - Anika
Some people have an in-built hotness chip. - vimoh
Ha, Chris. I keep trying to get her on FF, but she doesn't even have a computer at home. - Anika
A most unfortunate state of affairs. - vimoh
LOL - Anika
<33333333. Move Away Vimoh! She's MY PRECIOUSSSSS! - Parth Awasthi
As far as I remember, you did not morph your face with Gollum's. I did. - vimoh
30 Must-Have Tweaks For Your Mac -
Aditya Sengupta
Geek_Tattoo_html.jpg (JPEG Image, 349x493 pixels) -
I WANT! - Aditya Sengupta
Dave Winer
I don't have time to write a blog post about RSS being dead. I'm too busy writing apps that move RSS from here to there in new ways.
That was a pretty silly statement by Steve Gillmor. Maybe RSS readers are dead, but RSS is certainly long-term glue--as you are proving. - Bill Rice
How else was he going to generate the pageviews? - coldbrew
so RSS is *un*dead? braiiins. :) I'm sure you've encountered the same thing, but I don't think RSS will ever be consumer tech in it's raw (RSS reader) form. It was destined from the beginning to be plumbing. - mikepk
I used to describe it as the defacto web data API. Perfect? no, but darn useful. - mikepk
Mike, it's like HTTP. - Dave Winer
wow, thats great. Would like to know more about it through one of your blog posts - Sampad Swain
You know since Steve was adopting a musical theme, I went looking, and I haven't found it yet. I think it's on the Love You Live album where Mick Jagger responds to some people carrying on in the audience with a dismissive even derisive "Everything okay in the critics section?" He has a picture of the Beatles, they did some great music, but RSS is more like the Stones, rough and dirty. But it rocks. - Dave Winer
If RSS is dead I must be in heaven - 722 feeds and rising. - Michael Turro
I can feel the shift, I also just made mention of RSS feeling different now with TWITTER and other real time aggregators on my account @mattaphillips - Matthew
Gautam Ghosh
“If you’re too big for a small job, then you’re too small for a big job.”
Annie Leibovitz's Vanity Fair Partnerships Photo Shoot « -
Annie Leibovitz's Vanity Fair Partnerships Photo Shoot «
Annie Leibovitz's Vanity Fair Partnerships Photo Shoot «
Yeah, Annie Leibowitz. Oh lord, how does she do it? - Roshni
The Loneliness of the Early Adopter -
I totally hear McKracken here. Been through the same shit. I remember thinking of Twitter was not so cool when they didn't have SMS updates, and none of my friends were on back in late 2006. - Saket Vaidya from fftogo
i was sure someone would empathise :) btw, did you see the 'facebook' comment (nimeh) lol :) - manuscrypts
Vikas SN
Unfollowing in Twitter Explained. -
Robert Scoble
"We can not escape each other," Bill Clinton says, while explaining global interdependence. Get that man on Twitter!
Sorry, as quotables go, "We can not escape each other" is somewhat less twitterworthy than a bacon link. - Mattb4rd
Robert, is Gore there? I remember shaking his hand and thanking him at a convention in Montreal and it was mesmerizing! If Clinton is at Davos, Gore must be somewhere! - Michael Forian
Bill should be on Twitter and be blogging - paul mooney
Live4Emma (L4S)
When I was a kid, I did the take off the stickers approach. - Chris Rivait
When I was a kid, I just took the damn things apart and put them back together again. Less mess. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Okay fine, it was last week. - Chris Rivait
ROFL, Chris. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
That would work for me.. - Neya
I peeled stickers, myself - Michael W. May
Same here, MWM - Hookuh Tinypants
sticker-cheater here too - mikepk
Great! This is a very good example for how to workaround a problem :) - Roberto
Isn't this how politicians solve real world problems? - Saket Vaidya
Darn it, Alex. That is exactly what I did and you couldn't even tell afterwards. ;-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
hahahhahahhahahha - Mona Nomura
Never peeled the stickers because they'd never come off right. Just take a screwdriver to one of the corners and when it pops out... instant solve'd - Outsanity
The key was doing it in another room or my fav. Saying I need to use the loo, I can solve this one handed. ;-) - Mathew A. Koeneker is a great fun-site for these stuff! and this is one of my favorites. - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
thats cheating :) - Rob Brammeld
@Rob...i prefer to think of it as "creative winning" :-D - Live4Emma (L4S)
Screwdriver? Amateur! All you need to do is twist one side halfway and pop the corner piece out. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
New Windows Mobile UI confirmed? -
New Windows Mobile UI confirmed?
"According to the good people at Neowin, Microsoft has a few big announcements for Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona next month. Apparently, the company will be taking the wraps off a cloud-based syncing service called SkyBox, a MobileMe-like system which allows you to sync and backup your Windows Mobile phone OTA, though there's speculation the service might be extended to non-WM devices as well. The cats in Redmond will also apparently unveil something called SkyLine, an enterprise version of SkyBox, and will properly introduce SkyMarket -- its "mobile marketplace" (an App Store competitor). Most interestingly, however, Neowin is now claiming that those shots of a Windows Mobile interface we saw back in November that looked somewhat questionable are in fact actual pics from a forthcoming UI overhaul. The site goes as far to say it can "confirm" that the honeycomb interface seen in the photos are "genuine concept shots" of a new interface." - vijay from Bookmarklet
Looks good. But whether it's as practical remains to be seen. - vijay
Leo Laporte
The Cafes » How To Shutdown a Computer -
"In the future, here’s how shutdown should work: 1. You flip the power switch. That’s it. No shutdown menu item. No wait for the system to hibernate. No opportunity for applications to save data. Nothing. Then, when you turn the power switch back on, the entire system is restored with all data, windows, and programs intact (optionally after typing in the usual username/password credentials.)" - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
The behavior of a computer being shut down is not something I'm going to worry about. If I'm turning off my computer, there's a larger problem. When I'm not using my mac, I close it. I don't know about the rest of you, but the percentage of my week spent waiting for a computer to shut down goes unnoticed. - Dustin Sallings
Dustin - I rarely shut down my mac but I sure wish it went smoother when I do. - Marshall Kirkpatrick
I almost never shut down my computer. I need Busy Sync to sync gcal with ICal, which then syncs MobileMe which then syncs to my iPhone and then syncs the other way when I make additions or changes. - Steve Sill
I every night shutdown my computer, With XP on 2GB its fast - Guy Doron
Robert Scoble
What's my answer to people who believe conspiracy theories? Everything you read on the Internet is true. Heheheh.
The earth faked the moon formation! - Mitch
Robert Scoble really is a member of the Illuminati! He must be stopped before he Immanentizes the Eschaton! - iTad
Some people will believe in anything. I want to run away from those people as fast as possible. All they do is waste your time. - Robert Scoble
Telling them that everything on the Internet is true sends them in circles. - Robert Scoble
It's like a computer program that overflows its stack. - Robert Scoble
Totally agreed. - iTad
If it was on Twitter than it must be true. Anything on FriendFeed, however is up for debate ;-) - Andy Sternberg
I know two people who thought the MacBook Wheel was real... - Dean Clark
Conspiracy nuts already go in circles. Part of being schizophrenic is going in circles. Around and around all the way down the rabbit hole. - iTad
Half my office thought it was real Dean... - iTad
Wait, the MacBook Wheel isn't real? I just pre-ordered one from a Nigerian Prince. - Kevin Bondelli
I suspect me and @enroc are the only real people on Twitter. The rest is Robert Scoble and all his aliasses. No. Really. I read that in a newspaper. So that is really true. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Dean - score! You now know what to get them for their next birthdays :) - Micah
My tin foil hat keeps Scoble's tweets from entering my brain directly. :) - David Andrzejewski
I pick up Robert Scoble's tweets via the iron fillings in my teeth. - iTad
See, that's funny, because I have this Facebook friend who has a Twitter follower who has a 3rd cousin who worked as MS who said Scoble was a 3rd gen AI bot. No lie... - FFing Enigma
Twitter search is disabled. I'm sure it is Bush's fault. - Dean Clark
everything you read on the internet is most certainly true, is it not? are you trying to inject a little sarcasm in your answer? - Scott Jarkoff
Tad: 5 tons of flax says Robert is really Hagbard Celine in disguise. - Chris Charabaruk
After getting laid off the first time I quickly started believing conspiracy theories. I blew off all the conspiracy things when I worked there, but it turned out everything we were imagining was true. If we could imagine it, it was probably, and turned out to be true. Since then, even out of the job I'm much more prone to believe, or try to at least understand things people claim to have heard or seen or believe. - Jesse Stay
I believe conspiracy theories are a conspiracy of conspirators! - Kevin Leroux
It's interesting that the Bush 43 administration and neoconservatives have been the foremost purveyors of false and demolished conspiracy theories over the last eight years. Just a few of the delusional assertions: 1. Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind 9/11 2. Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the 9/11 anthrax attacks. 3. Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were behind the 9/11 anthrax... more... - Sean McBride
@scobelizer so you and "Kindle Gate"??? I've now lost my faith in humanity - sofarsoShawn
Governments around the world spend many billions of dollars each year both to engineer and to uncover real conspiracies -- what line of work do you think that agencies like CIA, MI6, Mossad, ISI, FSB, etc. are in? Smart people take real conspiracies very seriously -- they have a powerful influence on human affairs. Many bogus conspiracy theories are the handiwork of government agencies... more... - Sean McBride
Apparently everything is true - Snopes was faking all their debunking. - cian
Sean: I like your take on things... aligns with my views... I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, but your FriendFeed will probably have to do for now. ;-) - Chris Heath
P2OG (Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group) was of course a mere literary invention. - Sean McBride
Chris -- one of the most interesting and challenging intellectual activities available to thinking human beings is separating out real conspiracies from conspiracy theories, and especially separating hard conspiratorial facts from deliberate conspiratorial disinformation. Conspiracy theories are often the conspiratorial artifacts of real conspiracies. :) That's a concept that's too... more... - Sean McBride
A few real conspiracies (among thousands explored by reputable, mainstream political analysts and historians): Bernard Madoff, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra, Jonathan Pollard, Watergate. Do you have any doubt that prosecutors are now developing various conspiracy theories about the Madoff operation? This is what they are paid to do; it's their job. But they try to nail down their theories with facts, and let the facts lead their theories. - Sean McBride
Sean: oh i'm with you 100% - Chris Heath
People who get this stuff are not easily bamboozled by official misinformation and disinformation. They keep their criticial and skeptical intelligence intact, which is a very far cry from blindly embracing any conspiracy theory that comes down the pike. Most conspiracy theories are disinformation. Many of the best mainstream historians conduct conspiracy research on a regular basis. Historical research is largely the enterprise of cutting through official lies. - Sean McBride
I wish people would care as much about things that really matter and affect the world. But hey, let's pretend there isn't a bailout we should be bitching about, a economic situation we should be more deeply investigating and a chance for change in our country that we should be rallying for. Caring about the wrong, irrelevant and sometimes silly things is exactly why we lived in a country that is presently a little fucked. - Patricia
And what forces produced the bailout and the current economic crisis? Is there a conspiratorial dimension to the bailout in particular? Certainly its operations have been shrouded in secrecy. Why? Inquiring minds want to know. Where is this money being allocated? Who benefits? Who are the key players controlling the bailout? What are their affiliations and interests? What does their social network look like? - Sean McBride
I now think you are part of the conspiracy to hind the conspiracy!!!! - John D Reasor
the Apollo never landed on the moon - sofarsoShawn
Certain elements of the military-industrial complex used the Iraq War as an opportunity for war profiteering. Conspiracy theory. :) And: certain elements of the military-industrial complex played a key role in engineering the Iraq War. And Dwight Eisenhower, who first raised alarms about the military-industrial complex, was a "conspiracy theorist." - Sean McBride
Wait, what are you hiding? Does that mean everything is not true? <head explodes> - mikepk
Everything I've stated in this thread is disinformation. :) (Actually, it could be.) - Sean McBride
Gautam Ghosh
having a nice buzz after three large pegs of vodka with mountain dew
Kol Tregaskes
It could be worse, they could have wi-fi, but it'd be like it is in Australia and you have to pay for it. - Will Higgins™
Kol Tregaskes
"It's Piracy - a handy guide" - Kol Tregaskes
in Canada torrent files are legal ~ not a crime ~ though challenges are appearing - sofarsoShawn
Oh ok. Now I know it is totally legal. =P - Shevonne
torrent files should bever be illegal, it's what you're downloading without license that is - since bit torrent is a marvellous distribution mechanism for all sorts of things - WoW uses torrents to get it's patches out to the client for example. Plenty of legit uses, it's just everyone equates any traffic using a torrent is automatically copyright infringment. - alphaxion
I think that if you are not distributing it to others, then it's fine. However, not everyone agrees. - Shevonne
@alphaxion clarification ~ torrent files that are considered piracy by US authourties (ie movies, music, software) aren't considered so in Canada ~ I agree bittorrent mechanisms are widely used for legitimate distribution as well - sofarsoShawn
To what extent it is ok to copy (and use?) software/music/graphics/movie? What if somebody creates a nice picture with an illegal copy of Photoshop? Is it morally ok to use the creation for anything without attributing the creator? - Jemm
@Jemm Isn't the creator you? Photoshop was just a program you used to create it. I wonder if piracy has decreased since the increase of open source software. Anyone know? - Shevonne
@Shevonne, indeed it has, not sure the exact statistics, but for software definitely piracy has decreased with viable alternatives that are just as good. The one exception is gaming. - sofarsoShawn
@Shevonne: Yeah, but I think it is a bit hypocritical to cry for rights for own creations when the tool was copied, breaking somebody else's rights. - Jemm
@Jemm - True, and I see your point. However, you can't distinguish one Photoshop from another. I do think that if you are using these creations for profit or exposure, you should invest in a legal copy. However, if it's just for your pleasure (like a small personal homepage), then it's not the same. - Shevonne
Pirating is wrong. Do I watch/listen to pirated stuff. Yes. Why? A, I'm very poor. B, I'll actually pay for things I really want (I watched Max Payne on a knockoff nigel, would I pay for it? no chance) C, Content Delivery. I *might* be able to download a whole movie in perfect quality in less than an hour. So do I go to blockbuster or just download it. It's a no brainer. The second the super rich companies realise we want it now and give it to us piracy will dissipate. - Toby Graham
@Shevonne: I agree :) - Jemm
Don't under estimate the amount of people who legitimately paid for a copy but turn to the pirated version that isn't encumbered with DRM. Personally, I tend to view the downloads I do as demo's. If there's something I'm not sure I'll like will often turn to the pirated version as a means of determining if I will buy a copy. - alphaxion
I download movies, TV shows, games and software, and it's all legal. Licensing issues are behind the times - corporations spend TONS of money to make sure their software is all properly licensed. Maybe companies like Adobe and Microsoft should consider having different sets of rules/prices for consumer and commercial licenses. - Will Higgins™
I have a theory, so bare with me. I think Adobe might have leaked excellent cracked versions of their software to the masses to help promote their software as an industry standard. I learned to use Photoshop as a kid illegally but then when I arrived in the business the company bought a legit version and it cost £800+. Am I mad or is this plausible? - Toby Graham
Toby: That's what happens. Look at what Microsoft is doing to try and keep Linux off desktops at schools. They're trying to get it on OLPC's, and giving it away free to school boards who chose Linux. They're doing it for the exact reason you stated - get 'em while they're young! - Will Higgins™
Leo Laporte
Google Announces Layoffs (GOOG) -
J. Calicanus predicted this to be the true sign of an economic depression - Jim Adams
Didn't Calacanis say Google layoffs would be a sign of the bottom? - Technodad
@saket how can u like it man? Have some heart for those who are going to get the pink slips :P - Sampad Swain
Calacanis did say he thought this was the bottom. I for one hope he is right, both for my situation and for others who may not have jobs either. Though I have my doubts with more home loans going bust in the future along with credit card losses I can see this continuing for awhile. I hope he is right, but I fear he might not be. Again though, we'll have to see if these are just the first of many layoffs from Google. - Dean Clark
Eric Berlin
The 10 Users You’ll Meet on Twitter -
What is the Social Media Echo Chamber? -
Chetan Thaker
Boobs on Things That Don't Normally Have Boobs -
Igor Poltavskiy
Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds dual-screen laptop details and pics unearthed - Engadget -
Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds dual-screen laptop details and pics unearthed - Engadget
dual-screen hydra:) - Igor Poltavskiy from Bookmarklet
Whoa, numpad! ;) - Alex Kapranoff
@kkapp, нумпад-то давно на ноутах от 17 дюймов. Тошиба, кажется, первые выпустила, ещё в 2004м. - non-practicing vegetarian
geek's cheval:) - Igor Poltavskiy
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