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"Come on in, people, we got room! Hello, sweetie!" I've found San Francisco's most pleasant bus driver. And she's announcing all the stops.
Saw Marissa and Filo, still gainfully employed.
The CEO is in the building, and I was told to be on my best behaviour. 😔
Had coffee with a @fox, and saw a @chrislloyd again.
S’not even midday and I’ve already run into two Aussies (@chrislloyd, @atatnan). Good job, Saturday.
Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen season 4 of GoT, but do if you have:
Came home, saw Zuckerberg’s sister and Kara Swisher on the TV, set the apartment on fire, and everyone in the building died.
Great post by @ellenchisa on how to constructively tell product managers they're doing a shitty job:
"Have a good weekend," said the security guard. "Hannngghhhh," I said, forgetting how brain to words.
Met a new co-worker today. “I’ve heard all about you! Oh, only good things! Except when people leave their computers unlocked.”
"50 Grades of Shae," a novel by Tyrion Lannister.
Her: "Nobody push notifications Baby in the corner!"
That bus ride was so packed I think I got a whole bunch of people pregnant.
Walked past a dude wearing a “SMOKE METH AND HAIL SATAN” t-shirt, hello SOMA, hi.
"Please hold on," said the bus voiceover. "I'm trying to, bitch," said the lady talking to herself.
The awkward thing where you remove a neighbour’s finished load from the machine, they appear, and you both know you’ve touched their undies.
If I played Hearthstone at work during lunch, does Yahoo then own my warlock deck?
If I played Heartstone at work during lunch, does Yahoo then own my warlock deck?
“Sweet chair!”, said the neighbour with the surfboard as I heaved the giant box into the apartment building to unblock the entrance.
Obama drove past the office, and the horse mask whinnied softly in my drawer.
I do not understand the Swarm/Foursquare splitting up thingie.
Arachnid Wing of Naxx? Christ, that takes me back.
Not much more upsetting than a dog with a randomly hurt paw.
My whiny tweet made it into this article about the ramen festival: (thanks, @NoMintAllowed).
According to her, my brain works like this: "A + B = Cucumber."
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