Trying #firefox developer edition. The dark window makes favicons / pinned tabs disappear, but I like the idea:
I got into the @Humin beta late, but my first experience has been good and now it's in the app store:
Dinner guest @ Smoke Bourbon BBQ
OH "who needs dessert when you've got oysters?" #solidparenting
Omg. You guys. I'm sitting next to a Canadian celebrity. He is on Canadian TV!!! #datlife
I have such averse reactions to social media discussions at dinner (he says on twitter at dinner)
The site I've been building with @dawsonwhitfield is on @producthunt check it out! /cc @wisewords
I've given @littlebits as gifts, but the new cloudBit just made my personal wishlist:
I love that @brightnest finds and tracks my appliance manuals #paperfree #happyhome
Sounds like my @Coin might be shipping soon. Join me at
Rule #35: “@cspin: @eaton @walkah got spreadsheet? want a Drupal site? boom!” #drupal
OH "how come mutual st. is one way?" #toronto
On Friday, my daughter had a shutout and scored a goal in the same game (played goal first half). Your move, Neuer. #BRAvsGER
OH: "I'm like the MacBook Air of people."
The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files, #1) -
Because a party needs a dashboard. No? #nerdhaus @
And now @todoist has all the features I wanted ...
Hey @Dries, congrats on the sports ball thing. #USAvBEL
RT @relativesanity: Reminder: Junior Dev: thinks they know everything Regular Dev: thinks they know nothing Senior Dev: hates computers - @philip_roberts
Got my Discover Shadow early download today (as a kickstarter backer): Wonder what I dream about?
The #vessyl seems too cool to be true. I just pre-ordered one to check it out:
RT @eaton: Kickstarter: A keyboard airbag triggered by a natural language parser "I'm no racist, but-" [POOMF] "Why do women hate chivalr-" [POOMF]
Webhooks from @Dropbox makes integration a whole lot more interesting for lots of cases:
RT @NHLBruins: Less than an hour to go on Twitter Thursday, so tweet (and retweet) #NHL15Bergeron as much as you can while it still counts twice!
Do you love @SlackHQ as much as I do? If not, these keyboard shortcuts might help:
Looks like @atomeditor is now open source: this makes the battle against #emacs more interesting (for me)
RT @elishamedeiros: #Toronto #Drupal Community, @DrupalCampTO is looking for volunteer support during #DCTO2014 this weekend! Sign up now
RT @NoPantsSociety: May 2 is International No Pants Day. It's pants-haters Christmas! Protest pants and party hard #Toronto #nopants
And people wonder why I don't leave the house if I don't have to...
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