Late Bloomer - Short Film - Sundance Film Festival -
Late Bloomer - Short Film - Sundance Film Festival
Meaningful Play: Getting Gamification Right -
Meaningful Play: Getting Gamification Right
Evil prevails when good people do nothing
RT @Highmoon: Oh man, my deepest condolences to @Jollybgood and his wife. May his daughter rest in peace.
SuckerPunch - a real peaks and valleys movie, the good parts were amazingly good, the bad parts were suck-tastic extreme. Very irregular.
Latest Podgecast actually had some decent content. Now I'm listening to Mac Break Weekly. Next will be Back to Work.
RT @scottsigler: THE ALL-PRO pre-order is two weeks from Friday. Working on second edit now, getting excited. Must stay focused.
Think you are a hard core Stephen Fry fan? Not as hard core as some.
Think you are a hard core Stephen Fry fan? Not as hard core as some.
Listening to @scottsigler 's The Starter. He kicked up his voice acting since The Rookie elevating his show from great to amazing. Good fun.
RT @GeorgeTakei: Spiderman on Bway's shutting down, hiring new director. Sometimes we killed the engines and jettisoned the core to survive, too.
RT @kennethhite: Still looking for more examples of the "enchanter in a cave" archetype. Like Merlin. Legend preferred to fiction. RT at will.
RT @thevowel: RT @cthulhuchick: On 3/1/1925 R'lyeh began to rise & haunt your dreams. 3/1/2011? Free Lovecraft eBook.
Officially my grant ends in three months, but I'll be staying on until I find a new job or as long as funding lasts. I love job hunting.
While I enjoy Leo Laporte Tom Merritt has stepped things up a notch over at Leo made the right choice when hiring him.
RT @DaveZinczenko: FREE IPAD: Follow me here--& retweet this to friends--for a chance to win an iPad in two weeks!
Where Geeks go to meet their tribe without the funk and awkwardness of conventions. @levarburton guesting on this weeks Big Bang Theory!
RT @C418: I'm serious. I want awesome questions for my "The Shaft" episode: also RT pretty please?
Home sick today (you don't want to know) and will be firing up the 360. If you are near one, look for me on live - friend me: walsfeo
RT @scottsigler: If it's wrong for people to do it to you, it's wrong for you to do it to other people. Apply at will to politics/racism/sexism.
I just wish I could resurrect my TIVO, then purchasing (and returning) the AppleTV would not have been necessary.
Also, the remote for the Apple TV screws with my macbook. My son took pleasure in bringing up menus last night when I was Minecrafting.
Got an interview request from It looks like spam and badness. What do you think?
Bought Apple TV a day early. Today Amazon announced Prime Members get free streaming of 5k movies. I should have bought Roku.
RT @feliciaday: #mysteryproject no more. My new web series is #Dragonage Redemption! Please spread the word!
Played Merchants & Marauders - My favorite pirate game at this time. Morea later.
Heading out to play Merchants & Marauders. I can't wait to see how it goes, and I'll report back tomorrow.
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