walt crawford
Question: why retire a print on demand title? I'm curious...even if it didn't sell as you'd hoped, why not allow it to stay as a choice? - Jason Griffey
Jason: I take it you haven't been paying attention to anything I've been writing. It was a deliberate "Freemium" attempt, a limited edition, limited in time as well as numbers. Leaving it available would break the promise I made when I prepared the limited edition. - walt crawford
Walt, that's just completely unfair and reads as pretty aggressively mean. But at least you answered the question. I didn't see any of that in the post in question above, and I didn't go spelunking for past posts. But that's a radically unfair way to read my question. - Jason Griffey
Completely unfair? Maybe. The termination of the book is the end of a long process, one that's been documented in quite a few posts and in C&I. You clearly didn't pay attention to any of that process, or you wouldn't be asking the question. If I'm being mean, it's in saying you haven't been paying attention to *anything* I've been writing, as opposed to anything related to this project. - walt crawford