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Don't trust links. CLICK THIS LINK.
Well, but presumably your browser shows you the actual URL as your mouse hovers over the link, and if it's actually, not, it's probably legit. - Walt Crawford
That's the thing, Walt. The alert sits in an uncanny valley as it tries to message the competent internet denizen and the naive noob. - Micah
It's a test. That link should take you to a page that says "HEY, We said not to click links!" - Amit Patel
Amit, that's taking TDD too. far. - Micah from FFHound!
That's what they want you to think, Micah. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
laura x
I am supposed to be "crafting a summary" of my accomplishments over the past 3-4 years for work. So let's all do it! What awesome things have you done, big or small, revolutionary or just a little bit different?
We now have a schedule that you can look at and modify online. Before I researched and got that set up for us, the schedule existed on a single piece of paper that lived at the circ desk, unless someone else had it. - laura x
There are now formal procedures (including forms!) for what to do when you check in an item that is damaged or missing pieces. - laura x
For two years running, I've put on a small press and self-published authors fair for local writers. We had 5 authors the first year and 15 last year, and the event was attended by over 40 people both times (and filmed for PATV). - laura x
Wow, so, that actually takes me to the start of current job. So: built three classes from scratch, rebuilt one (that I inherited), learned to teach three others, revamped one in a major way and another gradually. Learned to advise students. Did four keynotes. Published some stuff: couple peer-reviewed articles, lots of trade-pub stuff. Got onto a journal's editorial board; rotated onto... more... - RepoRat
I'm going to say that completing my OA journal survey is at least mildly awesome. I sure never would have done it if I'd started out to do the whole thing... Otherwise, I'd go back 30 years to "causing most all the pseudo-MARC-compliant library automation systems to get their acts together" by writing MARC for Library Use, and at the time that was a big step. - Walt Crawford
Got together a process so our researchers can use our "data" repository for releases of the science code and software that they create. So they now can get a DOI and attribution and it's easier to for them to cite it. Finding a legal person on the same wavelength was the enabler. Sadly he has now moved but we got it done. - suelibrarian
I recently submitted my portfolio for professional registration revalidation, and it contained the last year of me being an information librarian, a year in my new job of me learning all the systems plus pushing open access and data management, and a year of me doing the above and also basically-running an LMS/discovery layer migration project and managing two staff. [They accepted my portfolio and gave me a pretty certificate.] - Deborah Fitchett
the past 3-4 years? Conatining myself and sitting quietly so as to not derail several (most of our current) initiatives (that I started planning to do 6-7 years ago, but got blocked from implementing) which were labeled high-priority (in two rounds of planning 5-6 years ago) and which are presently actively being worked on (by people other than me) and which are coming into fruition... more... - Aaron the Librarian
The last few years have been a bit odd, career-wise. First was my last year as dept head, during which I was sort of waiting for that to be over. Then was a year keeping the AUL job warm for the guy on sabbatical, which was a mad scramble to not break anything while he was away. Then one year back to my "old job" which sort of felt like I was keeping the job warm for the person that was... more... - John Dupuis
Lisa Hinchliffe
Rumor - EBSCO purchasing YBP. Yes? No? Maybe?
Haven't heard a thing. EBSCO's on a total acquisitions tear, though, so I see no reason to rule it out. - RepoRat
So EBSCO would be buying YBP from Baker & Taylor? I suppose anything's possible. - Walt Crawford
Huh, I wonder if that would make our ebrary title acquisition situation a little awkward. - Meg VMeg
Hmmmm.... - Hedgehog
I can see the business case for doing so - but I'm leery of the end-user experience results. It quill at least make billing even easier - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Wello wello well. Guess we'll see how this goes... - Meg VMeg
Although that "And in the darkness bind them" bit of the rhyme makes a tad more sense now. GET IT? *BIND* THEM??? - Meg VMeg
wonder what this means for discovery layers, if anything - weelibrarian
Huh. We just saw our YBP rep this week & he didn't say anything. Whut. - YvonneM
i guess you've seen the email by now. - Marie
Just got the email after I saw this. - Prairie & I Know It
lol @ Meg VMeg i tend to make unintentional puns during instruction sessions. No one else is ever as excited about it as I am. :-) Our rep just got the email btw. - YvonneM
Your rep got the email at the same time I did then. Classy. - lris
I got that email x3. - Joe
"I’m writing to confirm that ProQuest is continuing our longstanding relationship with YBP. You will not see any disruptions to the ProQuest experience users have counted on for many years." - Meg VMeg
Well NOW I'm awake. Thank you so much, false carbon monoxide alarm. #freakedout
Ugh. *hands over soothing mug of something warm* - Kirsten from Android
ow. feeling better at least? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Yes, I'm doing better. Not 100% yet but definitely improving. - lris from Android
Yikes. Glad it was a false alarm, but what a dreadful way to wake up. - Marianne
My landlord is going to have the furnace man come check things out. Whew. - lris
ugh. I need to figure out where to put mine. - Rachel Walden
I kind of figure that "anywhere" is better than "not plugged in." - Catherine Pellegrino
Although if it's not plugged in, then you don't get false alarms! #lauraxlogic - laura x
You have plugin CO alarms? (Having been woken up, but slowly, by the periodic "battery running down" beeps on ours last Friday.) - Walt Crawford
I've got two (one my mom gave me when I moved in, and another came with my furnace) and they're both plugin with a battery backup. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah, mine are plugged into a regular socket, too. They're kind of a pain because they're huge and if you knock it out of the socket it screams bloody murder. - lris
So TIL that there are such things as plug-in carbon monoxide alarms. - Walt Crawford
Mine is battery with screws for the wall, and we're renting. - Rachel Walden
Walt Crawford
Just read a Media Life headline "Here are the shows rich people like"--and find its definition of "rich people" (later "wealthy") fascinating, esp. living in the Bay Area: $100,000 *household* income.
"Above average" or "reasonably affluent," maybe--but "rich" or "wealthy"? - Walt Crawford
Sounds rich to me. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I guess it depends on location. That's less than the *median* family income in San Mateo, Santa Clara or Marin County-and less than 2/3 of median household income in Menlo Park, where we lived for several years and which never seemed especially wealthy. It's just over median in Alameda County, which includes Oakland, rarely accused of being a bunch of rich folks. - Walt Crawford
[I would note that our family/household income is not that high, not even close, but then we're both pretty much retired. And we were always in the library business.] - Walt Crawford
Income is so widely spread that I think it's hard to draw those lines no matter where you are. I had a lifelong argument with my grandmother on whether we were upper middle class (my take) or middle middle (hers). I'm sure $100,000 isn't luxurious in the Bay Area, but it sure would seem that way if you were at the poverty line. - laura x
Laura: Absolutely right. And I'd say "rich" or "wealthy" should be WAY above upper middle class--at least twice the median household income for a given county, say. (I'd guess most people think of "wealthy" as "having twice [or X multiple] as much money as I do," no matter what that amount is.) - Walt Crawford
Hell, objectively, many people in Africa and India would regard people at the U.S. poverty line as being wealthy. - Walt Crawford
Actually, I think of "wealthy" largely as a synonym for "having access and privilege," which is only partly a function of having money and which is why I will always think of myself as upper middle class verging on wealthy, no matter whether I'm living paycheck to paycheck or have savings. - laura x
Different people have different definitions, and I think "wealthy" is trickier than "rich." - Walt Crawford
Sarah G.
RT @pcsweeney: Libraries are not a social welfare organization. They are an economic development agency.
That is a fantastic reformulation. - RepoRat
(I'd fix the agreement, though: Libraries are not social welfare organizations. They are economic development agencies. Otherwise, librarians look like they're in need of literacy organizations.) - Walt Crawford
LSW: Joe
Justin wonderin'. How did people hear about the LSW?
Josh's blog, I think. - Pete
Twitter - ellbeecee
It was whispered to me in an elevator at CIL in DC 2008. By Josh Neff. Also the picture from CIL2008 in Meredeth's article makes me miss a whole bunch of folks who I don't see enough anymore. Let me get this stuff out of my eye. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Iris and Martha, back when LSW was still in a meebo room - Sir Shuping is just sir
From Ruth at SLA - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm not sure. Probably Josh's blog, too. - bentley
I was in the Meebo room on the day it was born. Cigars were handed 'round; there was a brandy toast. It was a beautiful baby. *dabs at eyes* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I couldn't get on Meebo because I had the ancient computer then or something. :-( - bentley
I think from Rochelle's blog post about it, which also led me to getting onto Twitter in the first place. Almost 8 years there now. - Katie
blake had a tweet in his feed that led to a link to here, and to see what the link actually said, i had to sign up... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
From some pamphlets my doctor gave me when I asked about spells of dizziness. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Meebo... oh look, Rochelle Said It Better Than I Could. Summer of 2007, iirc - Aaron the Librarian
I don't believe you Stephen... - Joe
As you shouldn't, because actually I heard about it in a vision. I was in the Zs, dusting some of my favorite library science titles, when a flash of light blinded me and knocked me to the floor. A booming voice told me, "Go ye online to find ye brethren, like minded folk who, enticed by calls for slatterns and powders of mystery, make sport of all that is sacred." - Stephen Francoeur
I do remember the Meebo room from the summer if 2007...mainly because I'd pop in the evening from whichever hotel as I drove cross country from Youngstown to Tucson for the new job. Terre Haute, Joplin, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Tucson. It was gone by the time I moved back east in 2010. That was Van Horn, Tyler, Birmingham, Atlanta. (the things that stick in my head...) - ellbeecee
From laurax, I think. It's so hard to remember. - kaijsa
Actually, Stephen's recounting might mirror what happened for some of us - especially the description provided by the Great Cataloguer. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I don't remember specifically, but I do know that at a conference sometime before CiL 2009, there was a small crowd of people having entirely Too Much Fun, and I kinda-sorta recognized some of them from their blogs, and thought "that right there? That's the LSW." And then at CiL 2009 I was sitting on the floor in the hotel lobby with 'em. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Roundabout way. I was invited to a crime & mystery fiction FF group by Maxine Clarke (super-crimeficfan and Nature editor who sadly is gone now but did a lot of Nature's media stuff and was a good online friend). Then I browsed around and thought "wait, I think Iris mentioned this Library Society of the World thing..." AND THEN A VOICE SAID .... like Stephen, only not in the Zs. - barbara fister
I'm guessing one of the founders mentioned it to me *or* I picked up on it from an early blog post. I don't believe I was one of the really early folks, but probably among the first 200. - Walt Crawford
I remember your posts from your drive too, LBC! - laura x from iPhone
Meebo room. I'm going to with probably Rochelle dragged me in :) - Hedgehog
Meebo room, mentioned by Steve? - Megan loves summer
I came across LSW through Friendfeed. Wish I could remember exactly what/when/where the connection was made but...see para 8/9 in http://book-shaped-object.came... - Cameron Neylon
It's all Rochelle's fault circa 2008/2009. - Galadriel C.
^^ that. All my friends are here, even if I'm mostly silent. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
*takes a bow* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I was there at the beginning...? - Julian
I think it was probably Mark Lindner. Meebo was definitely involved. I was looking for a way to stay connected to libraries while I lived abroad. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Iris was my college librarian and showed me the light when I began applying to library schools. - Lily
Meebo room, but I forget how I found that. It was 2007, probably, and I was lonely at work. Sort of what stephen said, only in the basement with the shelf list catalog. We called it "the B level." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I found this on the earlier version of my blog: It seems that it was the science gang that got me on FF not the librarians. No idea how I ended up in LSW at this point, probably just by accident or following the trail from someone I already knew. - John Dupuis
I found it when the group was raising funds for Walt to attend ALA...and I'm not sure where I saw that, probably on LIS News? - John: Thread Killer
I think maybe Josh's blog? - maʀtha
Megan loves summer
Font nerds: Help! A prof has asked for my opinion on fonts...
...for conference papers that will be distributed in print and then archived online. He's seeking advice on the best (most attractive/readable?) font and size. Any thoughts? - Megan loves summer
James Grimmelmann has been doing a nice series on design in law reviews. See e.g. There might be something in though perhaps not, as most of my typography links are kind of theoretical. - RepoRat has some nice fonts that you can look at. But honestly with something that's a conference paper I would go with something in the Arial family in a size 10 or 11 font or another common font. You're going to want something that's readable and that computers are going to have access to. if it's a pdf the font will have to be embedded in the pdf so that any computer can have... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
NOT ARIAL. no no no no no no no. heavens no. - RepoRat
What RR sez, and for a text-heavy paper I'll say NO SANS TYPEFACE period (RR may disagree). If typefaces not embedded, Palatino's almost universally available and less boring than Times New Roman, and 11 points is usually a good size. But there are certainly others. If distributed in print, though, serif is demonstrably more readable for body text. - Walt Crawford
I wouldn't do a sans-serif, no, though I have a sneaking fondness for serif-lite "humanist" fonts in body copy. I like spiky fonts! - RepoRat
I also tend to like light-serif typefaces at time, but they really have to be embedded. Another pretty good choice (but don't know if Macs come with it): Constantia, highly legible both in print and online (a Microsoft commission, designed for legibility/readability). Also Cambria, but I don't like that quite as well. - Walt Crawford
OK, I skimmed over the "" piece. Simpler advice to make sure PDFs are univerally readable: Always use PDF/A. All typefaces will be embedded. - Walt Crawford
Arial is the devil. I don't know why I hate it so, but I do. - kaijsa
Of possible interest, but the sources I cited back in 2005 are likely not the most recent: - Galadriel C.
Huh (noting reference at end of article). That Crawford guy turns up in the damnedest places. - Walt Crawford
I. too, am not a fan of Arial. - Katy S
Ooh, thanks for the Grimmelmann link. I neglected to say that this is for a law publication, so that's perfect! - Megan loves summer
So the consensus seems to be NOT Arial, light serif that's not Times New Roman. Thanks. :-) - Megan loves summer
Looking at Grimmelmann's piece, I *love* Berkeley Oldstyle (I use it for Cites & Insights and some books; it's probably my personal favorite text face)...but you have to pay to license it. - Walt Crawford
hey, I like that constantia - maʀtha
okay, what do you mean by humanist fonts? - maʀtha
Fonts that don't believe in God, obviously. - DJF from Android
Home today to make up for working yesterday. Coffee, cat, and book time now while the snow falls. Cinnamon rolls a bit later. #winning
Sounds great. One question: are your cinnamon rolls frosting-heavy (like Cinnabons), frosting-light, or unfrosted (what Safeway here calls "morning buns," apparently)? Purely idle interest... - Walt Crawford
I made them and will put a little frosting on when they cool a bit. House smells goooood. (I can't buy bakery ones because I'm allergic to eggs.) - lris from Android
"A little frosting" sounds great. Hope you enjoy them. - Walt Crawford
Mmmm so gooood. - lris from Android
I'll be right over. - Catherine Pellegrino
out of curiosity, what do you use for egg replacer in this recipe? or do you have a link to the recipe? - RepoRat
I have two options: bake using this tried-and-true egg replacer (works on nearly everything, but not brownies), or buy the cheater kind that comes in the pop tubes that freak the cat out like nobody's business (there's nothing as real as an egg in those). This morning I went for the instant gratification cheater kind. - lris
thanks! I use ener-g in a lot of things also (not allergic; dealing with cardiovascular stuff). - RepoRat
Stuff's amazing. - lris
Just ate a cinnamon roll myself. Mmmm... - Corinne L
RT @misc: Remember Friendfeed's moment as a supposed Twitter-killer? Well the damn site is still online. It might outlast humanity, let alone Twitter.
Yay us - Mike Nencetti
Friendfeed is still online? - Joe
That's the rumor. - Micah from FFHound!
Who wants to use that thing? - Xabaras (G.O.)
Friendfeed has become a zombie social network - .mau.
Most literate and funny zombies I know... - Spidra Webster
Daje - GM from Android
Keep that "zombie" stuff going; lack of 100 million users is what keeps FF workable, I believe. "You don't want to go there: NOBODY goes there." Keep it up. - Walt Crawford
"are you still on Friendfeed? What for?" (cit) - viltrio
Walt Crawford
Neat Sunday. Livermore Heritage Guild had a "love Livermore" (or something) event, centered at what used to be Livermore's Carnegie Library (built 1911, the library until 1966) and is now the Heritage Guild and Art Guild. Included 90 minute walking tours of historic downtown buildings--done by a retired teacher who (a) really knew her stuff...
(b) had a Teacher's Voice, so the dozen of us on the tour had no problems hearing/understanding, (c) had a beautifully organized set of oversized picture blowups to provide historic views. Learned more than I would have expected. (Livermore's *first* public library dates to 1901, apparently one of the, if not the, oldest in California.) - Walt Crawford
I probably wouldn't have paid attention to this except that my wife, the actual librarian, has been cataloging the Heritage Guild's collection and is now printing out and applying call numbers... - Walt Crawford
A correction on Livermore's first public library: The library actually began in 1879--which for California, is pretty damn old--but wasn't fully tax supported until 1902, when legislative changes made that feasible. - Walt Crawford
Long tail example: The # of people who never figure out why Light Rail Transit gets abbreviated on twitter so often will never be 0%.
At a meeting at my new place of work, I finally had to ask what CYA meant in their context. ("Children and Young Adults. Why? What did you think it meant?") - bentley
^ Hee! Sounds like my confusion at why I kept seeing MF. Oh, microfilm! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
Why did I never think of MF! I work in the MF room. Hee! (And I thought "Adult Services" was funny. This is better.) - bentley
We have that, too. - Prairie & I Know It from Android
I once went to a local library programming showcase for work. Before I left the car, I noticed the wording on the flyer: "Adult Programming Showcase." :-) - bentley
This took a turn down library lane—and I'm always okay with that. 👍🏫 - Micah from FFHound!
Yeah, that was me. Sorry 'bout that. - bentley
Shows how much I use Twitter: I had to bing LRT to find out its meaning for the cool kids. - Walt Crawford
LSW: Origins [edited]
Once upon a time, when the stars attained certain positions in the sky, the Libraryfolk would gather. In their sensible shoes and plastic-framed glasses, they would ride the escalators up and down, down and up. They would zig and zag to avoid unscrupulous vendors in the exhibit hall. They would brave receptions to forage for sustenance and drinks. They would search in vain for passable coffee. In their sweaters and pashminas, they would shiver in underground caverns with poor wifi, listening to the drone of the Elders. And so it was, year after year, season after season, for such are the ways of our people. - maʀtha
Every now and again, there would be one among them who would say, quietly and firmly, "Enough". She would slip away to a hallway or a lobby corner, sit on the floor, plug in her portable electronic devices, and wait. - maʀtha
[please to continue the tale] - maʀtha
*nudge* - maʀtha
you set the bar pretty high here. It's going to be tough to match your prose. - DJF
well, I wasn't around in the earliest days, so my knowledge of those times is limited. I came in after the meebo room was well established, and the PB Wiki. Maybe someone could tell me a bit more about that time period and I could resume? - maʀtha
for example, which came first, lobbyconning, tweeting, or blogging? who were among the first lobbyconners? - maʀtha
Calling Steve 'n Iris. Steve 'n Iris to the white courtesy phone. - Joe
I knew all of this once, my brain is just crapping out on me :) - maʀtha
rats, so the tweeting was before the lobbyconning, my sequence is all wrong. that disrupts my entire narrative. hrm. stupid reality. - maʀtha
I still might be able to make this work. - maʀtha
But I am guessing that a lot of the LSWers knew each other from blogs before twitter came to the fore? I came to blogging too late to know the full history of the LSW. - Joe
I found out about LSW from a blog (Steve's or Josh's?) before I joined the Meebo room. It took me a long time to join twitter. - maʀtha
I found out about the LSW from Meredith in an American Libraries mag article. [Let me see if I can find the citation...Or maybe it was something she wrote about in her blog.] - Joe
I found out about LSW chat room from someone...I think CIL maybe? I do remember that the first two people I talked to in the meebo chat room were these people named grasshopper librarian (martha) and pegasus librarian (iris) who were both very, very nice to me. especially since I think I was stuck in an airport - Sir Shuping is just sir
April 27th, 2007, Josh tweeted about being fed up with ALA dues. Then he tweeted about starting the library society of the world. People were to tweet back their names and titles in this organization. It was a total joke for a while, with people adding names and bylaws to the wiki he started that day. I added the bylaw that we would always be one short of a quorum. I still stand by that bylaw. Another bylaw was that there would never be any dues. - lris
I consider myself a founding member, having joined on that day and added a bylaw to the wiki. I'm sure there are a lot of other founding members. - lris
Bingo, this is how I learned of the LSW. - Joe
Then came the meebo room. Then came the CIL presentation with Laura Harris, Steve Lawson, at least two other people, and a room full of meebo room users projected on the wall (including Jason Griffey and Walt Crawford and many many others). THEN came Friendfeed, which I joined reluctantly, feeling like it was a fad and not nearly as easy to use as Twitter... So judge my opinions of new things wisely in future. - lris
I believe that I was around at the start, but I no longer have any recollection of it. - laura x
I met you because you were there, so I believe you were there at the start as well. - lris
Anybody have a link to the Neff tweet? - Joe
I looked for that a few years back with no luck. - lris
I can fix the storyline! I'm going to eat, first, though, so hang tight. - maʀtha
I can't wait to read the Dragons and Windmills section. - John Dupuis
*bump* - bentley
The OP of this thread is dated Feb 18th *OF WHICH YEAR?!* c'monn FF just four more charaters in the date field... - Aaron the Librarian
i learned about it from ruth kneale who was arranging to a -meeting- drinking binge at an SLA :) - Christina Pikas
2013? - maʀtha from Android
LSW originates every day. No lie - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Rebump. We need to fill in some of the gaps that are at the LSW Origins page. - Joe
Martha gets the feeling exactly right. The facts are all well and good, but aren't we really all here because we were looking to escape the droning of the elders (and I mean elders in spirit, not age). - laura x from iPhone
(Thanks Laura for the parenthetical there. Not that I don't do my share of droning.) - Walt Crawford
I believe (but could be just misremembering) that I suggested the "of the World" bit because (again correct me) at the time I was the only non North American playing along..... - Kathryn is a free elf
That sounds right, Kathryn. - laura x from iPhone
This is how I learned about the LSW, in April of 2008. I joined soon there after. I worked with some others to set up the meetup in a Seattle dive bar during SLA that Christina mentioned. - Joe
Sept 2007 updated on LSW ... after first mentioning it 13 May 2007 , concluding with "The Library Society of the World is the best, most efficient, egalitarian and effective... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
"In the early morning of August 5, 2001, artist Richard Ankrom and a group of friends assembled on the 4th Street bridge over the 110 freeway in Los Angeles. They had gathered to commit a crime—one Ankrom had plotted for years."
This is a little slice of amazing. - Micah
I love this man. - Hookuh Tinypants
I had no idea. I was just glad there was finally a sign. The merge lanes were horrendous because of confusion and last minute lane changes. - Anika
An insta- folk hero perhaps only so cal peeps can fully appreciate. - Micah
So awesome. - Tamara J. B.
Oh, man. I remember watching this on TV (my office had news on all of the time, and August on the hill in DC needs all of the entertainment it can get.) - Jennifer Dittrich
He deserves an award for extreme baddassery. - April Russo
As someone else noted on Twitter: Caltrans' reaction to this is also remarkable. - Walt Crawford
Katy S
This Guy Created His Own Hilarious Book Sections At A Local Bookstore | Bored Panda -
This Guy Created His Own Hilarious Book Sections At A Local Bookstore | Bored Panda
This Guy Created His Own Hilarious Book Sections At A Local Bookstore | Bored Panda
I want someone to try this in a library. - Katy S from Bookmarklet
Actually, I bet you could use some of the less snarky ones for a display. - laura x
Laura's right; with some exceptions those would make great public library displays. The shirtless one's a natural. - Walt Crawford
We could. We'd just have to make sure upper-management is on board first. I really do love the one for Romance. - Katy S
I'd love to see a shoes themed display, or one called 50 Shades of Gray that features books with grey toned covers. - Corinne L
heeeee that 50 Shades idea is a winner! - RepoRat
I like how he's integrated support for local business. Smart. - Ken Morley
Walt Crawford
As a man, I sometimes have trouble understanding "mansplaining." Working on a C&I essay on OA/journal economics, on the "transparency" segment, got to Jenica Roger's 11/2013 SAGE post and to T Scott's comments. And I'm beginning to understand the term better, I think.
*smiles* ayup. - Jenica from iPhone
I mean, I always knew it was something that happened, but a couple of sites seem to regard *any* male comment as mansplaining, and I knew that was wrong. T Scott, though: boy, the term just sprang right into my mind. Even with his lengthy "apology." - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Y'all must have heard about that crazy hippie Marin mother with her measles parties, with Salon frothing at the mouth about the sheer idiocy? Except that nobody actually checked with her: it's all bullshit. Somebody offered the idea, she turned it down immediately, there have not been any known "measles parties."
Here's the SFGate link (although I'll admit the whole thing's still a little fishy--either the KQED reporter left out a key fact or the woman's dissembling. Still: no actual measles parties). - Walt Crawford
Anyone want to help me write the "History of the Future of the Library"? Pretend that you are in the year 2025. What changes did we see to academic libraries in the last 10 years? I will put in comments for some of my prognostication below.
Publishers will continue to merge and consolidate power. - Joe
OA has grown, but it is still only 20-30% of the available content. - Joe
Ebooks (and only available as an ebook) are pretty standard offers from scholarly publishers. Maybe 50% are ebook only makers. The other 50% still offer printed titles. - Joe
Tell me why I am wrong about some/all of these things... - Joe
The main way people access the internet is through tablets or smartphones. Some people still have laptops. It is hard to find a desktop computer. - Joe
Some publishers are backing off of bundled journal deals, allowing libraries to just subscribe to the titles that COUNTER usage data has shown to be the most cost effective. This allows them to survive--better than having a wholesale cancellation. - Joe
People will continue to collaborate with group writing using Google Docs like software. - Joe
This is how I imagine the librarian of the year 2025 - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Some societies survive by providing good virtual conferences and webinar like experiences. The associations that try to keep on getting people to attend meetings and conferences in person will see dwindling attendance. - Joe
Like that clip. Thanks Mr. The. - Joe
I am not sure about how AI might fit in. This has been so hyped over the last 30+ years. Maybe we will have some smarter search software that is beyond the google search of today. The browser knows the history of what I have been looking for, and it tells me that something new in TOPIC X has been published, and it pushes it my way. Sends me a text or an email. - Joe
The Great Cataloger Retirement Wave, occasioned by the transition away from MARC, is just about over, leaving behind a much more networked, less siloed, less vendor-controlled bibliographic infrastructure. Small branch libraries are nearly extinct on major-university campuses. OA to the journal literature (green and gold) approaches 75% in STEM due largely to government and other funder... more... - RepoRat
While email still exists, people prefer messaging others using text/DMs/twitter messages, etc. - Joe
I'm not an academic librarian (obviously). I'd like to think you're wrong about desktop computers and face-to-face conferences, and I'd like to think OA might grow to, oh, maybe even 35% (REAL OA, not hybrid fakes) by 2025, but I'm not confident of any of those doubts. Especially since I do my computing with a 6-year-old laptop... - Walt Crawford
OA may be 75% in stem, but what do you think of Soc Sci publishing? Funder mandates will probably not have nearly as strong an influence. - Joe
I was thinking of 20-30% gold OA journal content. Green OA will add in another 10-30%. I think there will be a better central indexer of green OA content that is not Google Scholar. Something will be able to crawl and index all of the green OA sources out there. - Joe
I am not sure how much institutional mandates will have inroads. - Joe
Actually, I would argue with the "50% ebook-only": PoD is so easy to set up that I can't imagine most scholarly publishers NOT offering paper copies as an option, even if only via Lulu or CreateSpace. Added capital outlay: $0 (if they use generic covers). - Walt Crawford
The last time the library purchased a DVD [or bluray or whatever new format] was 2022. It is now all streaming. - Joe
Good point on the PoD. I would guess that libraries will tell patrons that if they want a print book, they will have to pay for the printing charges of it. - Joe
I do worry about that scenario. - Joe
The big boss of the University Libraries phrased it as the "History of the Future of the Library". I would have called it something like the "Future Recent Past of the Library", but that doesn't quite flow. - Joe
To steal the subtitle from a favorite book when I was younger: "stories of a future past" - ellbeecee
And to go back to the OP: A lot more emphasis on Just In Time collections, which ties into the POD mentioned earlier. Spaces will be used much differently - many academic libraries will have moved even more of their physical collections to off-site storage in favor of more group and individual space. A lot more shared space with other academic/administrative groups on campus. - ellbeecee
We'll be so busy dealing with climate disasters that we'll have less time to fiddle with discovery layers and will have new respect for preserving the historic record. Oh, and traveling Shakespeare companies will fend off leaders of weird religious cults. Wait, that's Station Eleven. - barbara fister
The distinction between the library and the student union will have disappeared. - Larry Schwartz
It is getting closer and closer. - Joe
We will realize that we have enormous gaps in our periodicals collections due to massive amounts of content we leased and can no longer afford + massive deallocation of print collections - maʀtha
We will look back at the collapse of giant publishers and wonder why we ever sent them so much money when it was obvious that open access could work without them. (In my dreams.) - barbara fister
I trust someone will remember to archive this stream locally, just in case FF and IA both disappear...not that such a thing could ever happen, but damn, I'd love to look at this in 2025. - Walt Crawford
Variants of the arXiv/SCOAP3 business models and institutional PeerJ-style library support for authors have universally redirected library subscription funds from closed access models to open access models. Oddly (or perhaps not...), ElseSpringerGoogleSoftDeley is the largest provider of such services to the scholarly community. Pete Binfield is the newly named CEO of that corporate behemoth, btw. - John Dupuis
the city of norfolk just opened a new library recently, the Slover Library , mayhaps it may show where libraries are headed? - chaz2b
The Norfolk library might be great, but I hope that "vertical scrolling required on every page and no easy way to get to, y'know, key info" isn't the future of library websites. Big pictures are neat, but... - Walt Crawford
That is some new facility. I would guess that most people use this website as the main place for finding info about the library. - Joe
Yes, that site is MUCH better (if still too much motion-even-before-doing-anything for my taste, but that's me). - Walt Crawford
Things that make me grumpy about current web style: giant pictures that require scrolling to see anything important, teeny pale gray text on white background, About info hidden somewhere at the botttom in even tinier text. No contact info other than a form, newspapers with no indictation of their geographic origin </grump> - barbara fister
Yep. Also web-only stories interrupted every paragraph or so for more giant pictures (or ads). Also public libraries that name the city but not the state. (Altho' the surprising number of newspaper sites with *no* geographc indication is worse.) - Walt Crawford
Louis Gray
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You -
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You
Show all
"A little over two years ago, a small team within Google called Niantic Labs introduced Ingress, a game that adds a virtual reality layer on top of the entire world, which you can claim, defend or destroy for your cause - depending on which side you've chosen. And while I tested early versions of the game while it was developing at Google, and dabbled with it just after launch, I put it aside before jumping back in with both feet two months ago, when a pair of colleagues on my new team couldn't stop talking about it. And now I won't stop talking about it either. Simply put, in my view, it's the most well-designed, intelligently deployed concept I've ever seen for an immersive experience on mobile, which encourages you to get off your butt, explore the world around you, and find new people to help you achieve goals together. Every facet of the application, even while it seems mysterious, is designed to help you get out of house, to explore new crannies of your neighborhood (and beyond)... more... - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
I have to say I find it totally impenetrable. The UI confuses me no end, and I'm just completely flummoxed by it. - Stephen Mack
I'm paranoid enough as it is. - Meg VMeg
Maybe this is what happens when you don't waste time sleeping? - Walt Crawford
@Stephen come with me some time, and I can teach you! - Louis Gray
OK - I am ingressing. I'm not sure I'm doing it right. - Brian Johns
Is there an Ingress room on FriendFeed? - Brian Johns
I hope you picked the right team, Sparky. Smurf or frog? - Stephen Mack
I'm afraid to say. Like my first credit card, I chose the one with the free t-shirt and the attractive booth babe. - Brian Johns
No problem. Depending on which one you chose, you're eitherpart of the team or someone to shun. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Welcome to Ingress, Sparky! - Louis Gray
I'm with Meg. - Jenny H. from Android
Laura Norvig
RT @iamkidpresident: Library at the school we visited today had this by all computers. More people should follow the advice. 😊
RT @iamkidpresident: Library at the school we visited today had this by all computers. More people should follow the advice. 😊
What idiots! They forgot the FF logo. - Joe
Is that inspiring? Necessary? Kind? - Kristin
INK - Stephen Mack
In an era where THIN is in... - Walt Crawford
Or you ask yourself one question. Will it blend? - Micah from FFHound!
I am Meritorious, Exemplary, Awesome, and Necessary. - Andrew C (✔)
Walt Crawford
Cute if unsurprising: the premium outlet mall Livermore worked hard to make possible (the largest outlet mall in the Bay Area) is being renamed the San Francisco Outlet Mall, in a nice "F*You" to local efforts. Well, hell, SF's only 40 miles away... (Yeah, I know, "San Francisco" 49ers also. But at least they *were* in SF.)
I suspect most Livermorons (or Livermorians for those who drive sanely) sincerely hope the city will find a way to undo any tax breaks or other special deals the outlet folks got. - Walt Crawford
laura x
Based on recent weeding in the fiction section, here is a list of things that were popular in fiction once but no longer are:
Nazis - laura x
Spies - laura x
38 year old women with marital crises - laura x
38 year old unmarried women with similar crises - laura x
Westerns - laura x
we couldn't weed the westerns based on how checked out they were. so we sort of dusted them and moved them around because we didn't want them to totally disappear from the system :( - Christina Pikas
Wonder whether that's true here (Westerns). I know Livermore PL has two or three ranges of them, after the Mystery ranges and Science Fiction ranges. We also still have a rodeo and some ranchers, so maybe they're still being read here. - Walt Crawford
I will keep Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour for probably another 20 years, because those still go out (or get asked for just often enough that I like to have them), but everything else is going and was even in rural Wyoming. - laura x from iPhone
OMG I just realised I'm going to be a 38 year old unmarried woman this year. Hopefully no crises. - Deborah Fitchett
Wait, was I supposed to have a crisis at 38? Dammit, yet another thing I did wrong. #LettingTheSisterhoodDown - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I think after 1984, crises happen to women of different ages. - laura x
Well, of course. Because after 1984, 40 was the new 30, so we get to have ours at 48. Right? - ellbeecee
Oh good. I've got a few years to plan ahead, then. - Catherine Pellegrino
Whew! I was afraid I had missed it! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
Also: Brazil. - laura x
the country or the movie? - RepoRat
Yes. Or rather, and then some. The Boys from Brazil, Brazil by John Updike, Brazil by Errol Lincoln Uys, and some other title with Brazil in it that I've forgotten. - laura x
Sarah G.
Thanks to a very kind donor, the Sarah Glassmeyer Museum of Legal Tech now has a UBIQ!!!!
Thanks to a very kind donor, the Sarah Glassmeyer Museum of Legal Tech now has a UBIQ!!!!
what is UBIQ?? and when era is this from? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Early 1980s. It's a dedicated terminal to search lexis-nexis. - Sarah G.
OK...that is kinda awesome! I like the bright vivid colors to...because it says "this is fun and easy to use!" - Sir Shuping is just sir
That is way too cool. Do I dare ask if it works? - Catherine Pellegrino
Now, does anybody still have a dedicated OCLC (or RLIN, for that matter) cataloging terminal, back from when they/we had dedicated networks? - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Briefly stepping outside my comfort zone: I wonder whether those who objected to "hate crimes" penalties--on the basis that all violent person-against-person crimes are hate crimes--were right? Yes, the tag is useful to enhance penalties for "minor" personal attacks (because the U.S. just doesn't have enough people in prison for extended periods)..
...but it strikes me that arguing over whether multiple first-degree murders are or are not hate crimes is odd. They're *always* hate crimes, even if they don't involve religious/ethnic/gender/etc. categories. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Before I go into editing mode (the text for the LTR; I've already made changes in many of the tables and figures), I really should credit the three folks who reviewed the draft and provided ****VERY***** helpful comments and suggestions, resulting in (I'd guess) larger changes to the ms. than they might have expected.
Just as examples: grade "B" because of $1,000+ APCs is now grade "A$" (I've been public about that one); four APC levels for a summary table are now based on actual quartiles of APC-carrying DOAJ journals; I'll find a way to avoid four bullet points beginning with spelled-out numbers...and more, both layout-related and content-related. - Walt Crawford
I believe it will be a significantly stronger/better publication as a result of their help. Thanks, Stephanie, John and Cameron. (Oh, and Cameron, sorry, but you won't get histograms, for a couple of reasons, one of them being lack of color printing. You will get an asterisk and footnote for each 2014 half-year article count column.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
I'm beginning to get a sense of how much effort it's worth spending to spell arΧiv that way rather than just arXiv, and "nobody notices or gives a damn about the difference" starts to look like a winner.
Ha! - Meg VMeg from Android
I just use an X instead of a chi I don't think it's worth it - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well, based on the total lack of any feedback at all about my post (and WordPress' insistence on substituting X for &Chi or the Unicode equivalent!), I'm beginning to wonder--it plays into my Library Tech. Reports, where if I spell it correctly I probably need to alert the publisher. (Altho' maybe not; I think they use Palatino Linotype, which appears to be a full Unicode typeface.) - Walt Crawford
I'll note that my first comment here actually does use a Chi in the first instance...for what it's worth. - Walt Crawford
"My post" refers to a Walt at Random post showing three instances of the term and asking for judgment as to which is which. No responses at all. I even used BIG TYPE to make it clearer: - Walt Crawford
It never occurred to me to use a chi. I don't know why, I guess it got flattened in my head because it's a URL. - Meg VMeg from Android
I can tell the difference between the characters in your blog post, but I can't on FF. I also can't tell which one is an X and which one is a chi, and I majored in Greek and my dad both taught Greek AND was into letterpress printing... so yeah. - laura x
I wonder whether there are other Unicode typefaces with larger differences; as far as I can tell, the only difference in Palatino is a slight difference of thickness in one of the two diagonal strokes. And it's slight: at 12pt. or less, it's pretty nearly invisible. - Walt Crawford
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @strubyet: thing abt this "parking dispute" story is that (1) doesn't preclude it being a hate crime (2) it's still a fucked up reason to kill people!
I was unaware that there were reasons to kill people that weren't fucked-up. - Walt Crawford
holly #ravingfangirl
some conversations are a bit lacking when a big chunk of the participants are blocked. ;)
And then he won the Powerball! - Kristin
I don't want to know, do I? *glad he's not blocked* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Carla, I really can't agree. - lris from Android
"Carla"? now you're toying with me... right? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Hey Fred, would you knock it off with the puns, ok? - Joe
the aristocrats! - Pete
I love you, Pete. - Zamms from iPhone
And then he said, "The gorilla." Inorite? - bentley
You people are weird - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
^^Reason #3,145 I love FF - Walt Crawford
John Dupuis
I don't know enough about ILL to understand all the implications, but this STM Consultation on Article Sharing seems like something ILL people should be involved in:
yeah...yeah this is ILL, except with some weird restrictions (no general public just seems stupid and and exclusive) and just being run by an organization (I think?) instead of the library. but all of the things they ask for, the stats, standards, and usage are what libraries already do. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Imagine Access Copyright or CCC in charge of ILL. That's what this is, for Europe. - RepoRat
They don't seem to have included any library organizations in their initial round of consultations. - John Dupuis
I'm not sure this would only apply to Europe. They do mention that they understand that research groups are international. - John Dupuis
WELL OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T do you think they're stupid? - RepoRat
LOL. Not hard to picture a bunch of publisher cronies huddled around a table in a smokey room divvying up the spoils. - John Dupuis
that's basically what STM Association is. - RepoRat
*snort* - John Dupuis
These are the same jerks behind - RepoRat
And this, ably responded to by ICOLC: - RepoRat
the long and short of it is: STM Association is not to be trusted. They are weasels. - RepoRat
I'd like to hear about how folks see this as ILL. Seems to me this is more like the historic file cabinet in the corner of a laboratory where photocopies of articles were kept? What am I missing? - Lisa Hinchliffe
The fees they're gonna charge for letting anybody have a peek inside that file cabinet. - RepoRat
I dunno, RR, seems like you're being awfully kind to STM. Or harsh about weasels. - Walt Crawford
Reminds me of this line from a Fish Called Wanda. "To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!" - Joe
Well, I may be a teensy bit biased. They never did pay me the honorarium they promised for the Social Journal talk back in '06. ALSO THEY ARE WEASELS. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
Gotta admit, I'm getting royally sick of "Because X BIG MORAL CRISIS therefore x little moral issue shouldn't even be mentioned" false equations. (Not here, but most definitely on FB and Twitter.) I should look up the particular logic error that is.
And yes, for this week at least I am thinking of a non-Fox TV "news" anchor who seems to have memory problems. (The scare quotes are because I think pretty much all TV "news" deserves scare quotes, *possibly* excluding PBS. Possibly.) - Walt Crawford
Don't know what rhetoricians would call it, but in internet-speak it's often a subset of concern trolling: pretending to be concerned about BIG MORAL CRISIS in order to stop people talking about little moral issue, when you never actually pay attention to BIG MORAL CRISIS in any other context let alone do anything about it. --Oh, or it could be a subset of derailing. - Deborah Fitchett
I think it is a subset of derailing, but I suspect the Big List O' Named Logic Errors has a specific name for it. Unfortunately, I don't have the BLONLE. (Wayne B-T probably does and could probably nail this one from heart.) - Walt Crawford
I have thought it would make an interesting legal defense tactic (and has doubtless been tried): "We stipulate that our client shot a man in Reno, and that his motive was just to watch him die--but given the hundreds being massacred in [name country here], is this really such a big deal?" Or, "Yes, he embezzled a million dollars, but compared to Bernie Madoff he's a saint, so don't punish him." - Walt Crawford
Could it be this? Fallacy of relative privation – dismissing an argument due to the existence of more important, but unrelated, problems in the world. - Joe
Joe: That sounds right. Never thought about Wikipedia as a place to find logical fallacies...thanks. (That last sentence could have more than one meaning.) - Walt Crawford
They have a nice list at I use it to try to figure out why various arguments fail when discussing OA. I'm sure other fallacies can be found scattered around the site. - Joe
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