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Sarah G.
RT @eveross: Did we join SLA bc of unique opps to meet *different* pros? Then why do we align so much within units? #SLAleads
I joined SLA to meet unique people who are aligned with my subject interests (science/engineering) and also those near me geographically. I did not join to meet the amazing information professionals interested in banking/insurance/economics/social work/etc. - Joe
I must admit, the time I spoke at SLA, I was a little surprised by the extent to which it felt like a bunch of little separate conventions that happened to be held in the same place. But what Joe sez may make good sense (and I've never been a special librarian, of course). - Walt Crawford
I get the sense that's an artifact of a looooooooot of SLA members being solos or otherwise isolated. There's a really strong FIND PEOPLE LIKE ME pull. I don't mind it on the social level, but I can certainly see how it creates epic shedloads of possibly-unnecessary organizational overhead. - RepoRat
I did it to find people with similar interests but from different subjects. Some days I am SO OVER legal education world. - Sarah G.
Walt Crawford
I'm not a parent, but I sometimes wonder whether things get too protective (in many areas). Odd example, in a recent Magazine of F&SF: a short story where the about-the-author paragraph ends "Adults might want to vet this one before sharing it with younger readers." Not for violence--I never see that notice above stories with violence, torture, etc
AFAICT, it must be for one of two passages. The first: "It's about actual sex, real sex, between real people, not circus freaks playing to the camera. Sex is different from porn. Usually. If you're lucky." The second in the next comment. - Walt Crawford
"How was it?" Peebles asked... "Good. Great. Strange," Chris said. "Not like masturbation." (para) "Yeah, they're remarkably different." (para) "I kept worrying about her, what she was feeling, and she kept worrying about how she was doing, how I was feeling, I could tell. Toward the end, though, we sort of forgot to worry. We stopped thinking. I think." - Walt Crawford
"She said I was the best she'd had. I said the same thing to her, obviously. But it was sort of nerve-wracking." - Walt Crawford
So: is it the word "masturbation"? The idea of premarital sex? Certainly not lascivious details--you've just read all the details there are. I'm stumped. (The "nerve-wracking" is because this guy hasn't been able to relate to people, but is now taking empathy pills.) - Walt Crawford
Ah, but then I'm one of those who finds it remarkable that a PG13 movie can have as much bloody violence as anybody could possibly want--but only one F-word and precious little if any visible "nasty parts." Because violence is healthy but sex is nasty, apparently. - Walt Crawford
I want to know how old they think "younger readers" are. Those passages are pretty tame by YA standards. - Katy S
That's my feeling. I don't think either of the other two of the "big three" SF/F magazines would have included that warning. ("Big three" in scare quotes because none of them have really good circulation, unfortunately.) I'd swear there was nothing in the story that was even remotely offensive or Adult. - Walt Crawford
Seems like the writing wouldn't attract those too young to read it?<maybe would have better if I left the autocorrect - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Everyone on Greys Anatomy is having a worse day than I am. Some of them are even dead.
Season finale? When most deaths happen? (We watch GA on DVD a year back...which means we now own the first 10 seasons...and Shondaland sure does go for the bloody when it's time to make sure we stick around for the next season.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Got the CIL flyer yesterday and skimmed through it (despite 0% chance of going). Interesting: two names that always showed up multiple times and were on the planning board are now wholly absent; can't *imagine* why. And maybe a little fresh blood among the speakers.
I recognized very few names among the speakers - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
(You got in ahead of me, Rudibrarian)...On the other hand, I would have sworn that Rudibrarian works for University of Nevada, Reno, not Reno University (which I didn't even know exists and Bing can't seem to find). - Walt Crawford
oh dear. I will let Jane know I need an adjustment :) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Some familiar names (including a classmate from LIS school), but I haven't really seen anyone in Libraryland in years now. - Julian
very interesting that two persons are not listed - maʀtha
I think I know which two -- one for sure... - Julian
Not hard to figure out: one did a fauxpology for a stupid sexist joke a while back, the other's suing librarians. - Walt Crawford
Ah. Had forgotten about the former. - Julian
Sarah G.
RT @audrawilliams: This has nothing to do with news, but Miss Canada's costume at the Miss Universe pageant is blowing my tiny mind.
RT @audrawilliams: This has nothing to do with news, but Miss Canada's costume at the Miss Universe pageant is blowing my tiny mind.
A hockey game that is 20-14? I don't think so. - Joe
That really looks like "Beach Blanket Babylon Goes North." - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Two-parter on my massive OA research: 1. To end the coyness, it will appear as an issue of Library Technology Reports (from ALA TechSource) sometime this summer, which means I'll do 15,000-18,000 words of reasonably tight, coherent presentation on the results and what they mean.
2. If there are one or two of you--max. three--who would like to review the rough draft of "Idealism and Opportunism: The State of Open Access Journals," let me know. The draft should be ready late this week or very early next; I'd need comments and suggestions within two weeks of sending the PDF. Reward: I'll send you a signed copy of the LTR issue when it appears. - Walt Crawford
[The Library Loon is not eligible, as it's linked to at least once. But then, the Library Loon isn't on FriendFeed. The BAE, whoever that might be, probably is eligible.] - Walt Crawford
Oh, and if it's not clear: the draft will be fully formatted (in a style resembling LTR) and will be roughly 17,000 to 18,000 words, or about 42-44 pages. One rough-draft chapter left to go; right now it's at 16,600 words, and the final chapter should be brief. - Walt Crawford
I'd love to but timeline doesn't work for me. I'll look forward to seeing final version though! - Hedgehog
Hedgehog: if your library subscribes to LTR, you'll get it automatically; if not, it should be $45 (with the first chapter free online). Dunno *when* this summer it will appear... - Walt Crawford
If its useful for me to to review then I should be able to do on that timeframe. This week tight, next week mostly tight (but with some plane time Friday), week after starting to clear somewhat. - Cameron Neylon
Hi Cameron, I'm mostly looking for library people, but I'd be happy to send you a copy. Hi others: If it takes more than 2-3 hours to read through it and tell me if there's something glaring that I missed/overemphasized/screwed up, I've done it wrong. That's really what I'm looking for; it will go through proper editorial and copyediting passes in any case. - Walt Crawford
I should note that the only journal I mention by name is PLoS ONE, of necessity given a discussion of publication volume. (That is: there are four OA journals I tag as "megajournals," but one of them--PLoS ONE-- has fivetimes as many articles as the other three combined.) - Walt Crawford
Caveat: That's as of the penultimate chapter. The final chapter might have one list of journal names as an example of OA presence in one relatively small field, namely LIS. Or might not. - Walt Crawford
<bump> Anybody else? - Walt Crawford
can't - must dissertate - but I'm sure you'll find someone good! - Christina Pikas
Thanks. No pressure. I rarely even ask (being, you know, an arrogant SOB)--but I'm ahead of schedule this time, so thought it was worth a try. - Walt Crawford
I have a big presentation on the 29th, so as long as I can start after that I should be able to do a review. - John Dupuis
np - I'd love to see a copy in any case! - Cameron Neylon
John, Cameron, I'll email you both PDFs when the draft is complete--either Friday or Monday, most likely. I don't plan to touch it after that until February 9, and even comments by February 16 would be useful. Thanks! (Could you each send me your email address--in email to I can send the PDF?) - Walt Crawford
Walt, I am no open access fiend, or even very smarts about it, but I would like to know more -- and would, therefore, be happy to look at your piece for my own education AND to help you out. If you want library type feedback without OA expertise, I'm your girl. :-) [will gmail that to you too] - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Thanks all! John, Cameron and Stephanie have sent me emails, and I'll send them PDFs. Three seems about right. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Those of you who've been to ALA in San Francisco may or may not know that there's a huge LED video screen that's *supposed* to travel back and forth along one side of the outside with various images--it's a public art project. Except that, in the 16 years since it was installed, it's only worked for one month. So now the city's taking it down...
...and architecture newsletters and the like are suggesting that SF's full of philistines and isn't a proper city because they're failing to appreciate, I dunno, the value of a big black hunk of metal and plastic stuck to the side of a building. That's worked one month out of 16 years--but it's by a local starchitecture firm. - Walt Crawford
Delighted to say that John King, the "Places" columnist (like an architecture critic, but not really) for the San Francisco Chronicle, basically called bullshit on this response today, suggesting that architecture has to actually *work*, not just look good. (Need we mention FLW and the virtues of glass joins in places where it ever rains, and wholly non-reconfigurable spaces?) - Walt Crawford
Sarah G.
Seriously. Look how amazing these catalog records are: (Catalogs aren't just for libraries and museums, either.)
So, I'm curious. What makes these records amazing? - RepoRat
The language sure is user friendly and approachable. Also, I like the cite this in Wikipedia info at the bottom. - Stephen Francoeur
Mainly, it's readable by regular humans. e.g. Not a marc code but "it's dimensions are". Plus allows for contributions from public and has call to action for using the record elsewhere. (e.g. if using in wikipedia) Also, adding color metadata as hexcodes (which may be universal, but I only look at boring records.) - Sarah G.
So, I'm gonna draw a distinction here that I think is important. Nothing that's been said so far is actually about the information in the record; it's about how that information is PRESENTED. (E.g. "its dimensions are" is not in the record; it's boilerplate language generated by the website.) That a couple of librarians conflated those two phenomena is IMO a *searing* indictment of MARC/AACR2/RDA, which also conflates them. - RepoRat
Heh, RepoRat set you up. I'd only add that the record makes room for useful information like "Why Do We Have This?" and donor, designer's client and so on. - Steele Lawman
I feel the burn. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
I set MARC up, but yes. *g* I've actually had an idea in the back of my head for *ages* about "catalogers as information designers" and why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change). - RepoRat
And hell, I didn't know what y'all were gonna say. You could well have said stuff that was specific to the actual metadata capture (and in the case of colors, Sarah actually did -- and I agree that that trick is made of win). - RepoRat
Not sure what you have in mind by "why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change)." #allears - Stephen Francoeur
Right now library catalog UI is substantially mediated by catalogers changing what they record in MARC, as often as not in 5xx notes fields. That's a f***ing stupid way to do UI design -- which is not catalogers' fault! it's the only tool they have! -- and we need something vastly more flexible that doesn't require f***ing around with record structure and creating infinite wodges of... more... - RepoRat
omg. they (catalogers) want to pull our amazing software dev off of really cool stuff to make it so related people in records don't accidentally have a , in the wrong place when displayed to the public. UGH! - Christina Pikas
Oh come on you library pedants *g*, that is a record in an online catalog. Sure there are other things called records and there are different versions of that catalog, but if you think of a sears catalog where items are presented, and a library catalog where the information is presented, both of those things are catalogs and both of them work to present information appropriately for their audience. - lris
As one who was deeply involved in refining and maintaining MARC: I pretty much agree with RepoRat here, and *it didn't have to be that way.* Adding ISBD punctuation (arggh) to actual entered text, failing to subfield first & last names, and a couple of other things *could have been fixed.* It should have been easy to produce that presentation from a MARC record. - Walt Crawford
(No, I don't think this is an indictment of Henriette Avram or the MARC team. Given the time, what they did was amazing. That it mixed things up...well, "given the time." I still believe it could have been fixed in a backwards-compatible way that made forward-looking MARC records display-independent and much more useful. I could be wrong, of course.) - Walt Crawford
The Wikipedia citation thing is brilliant, I'm going to see if I now have sufficient DSpace skills to add that to our institutional repository. The colours thing, the shame is that it's the colours of the photo not of the object, so it's largely the colours of the background. Which is useful for some contexts, not others. - Deborah Fitchett
Seb Chan was at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney who did amazing things with their catalogue including using World cat APIs. He is now at Cooper Hewitt. - suelibrarian from iPhone
Seb Chan IS THE BUSINESS. I got to hear him speak a couple years back at a DH thing, and holy wow, that dude is amazing. Anybody who gets a chance to hear him speak, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT. You will not be disappointed. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
I sometimes wonder whether folks realize *what* they're being interviewed for...or just don't care. As in, Fortune--read by hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom aren't "whatever will make the most money I'll buy, regardless of what it is" investors--hosted a group of investment fund managers to offer 2015 insights. And...
...Rajiv Jain (Vontobel Asset Management) had this to say on where he's putting money right now: "We love tobacco. We have a lot of tobacco because the companies have tremendous pricing power..." Yeah, addiction will do that for you. - Walt Crawford
(I might expect that in Forbes or some hot investment newsletter, maybe even at WSJ. Not so much at Fortune. Of course, it was Jain's opinion, not Fortune's.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Separately, for anyone who's interested: I *will* be releasing anonymized versions of the DOAJ and Beall spreadsheets with the results of my work--lacking publisher and journal names and most notes, but with all the data. Prob. in CSV form with an HTML data "manual." Probably in mid-February.
Good for you! - Meg VMeg
Where do you plan to post the data? Figshare? Stuart Lawson has some interesting data there too: - John Dupuis
I was actually just planning to put the files up on my personal website, but I'll look at figshare. (Never been there; assuming no fees & not too difficult...) OK; I've looked at figshare, and might use that. - Walt Crawford
Oh, and I should say: with the explicit permission of ALA TechSource--that is, to make it available before the Library Technology Reports issue appears. Shouldn't hurt readership at all, since it's raw data. - Walt Crawford
figshare is free, dead simple to upload to, dead simple to download from, and increasingly popular. Perfect for your purposes here I think. - Deborah Fitchett
I may do that. OTOH, I have to admit that the forced CC0 bugs me a little bit, as it seems to invite use-without-attribution (I'd prefer CC BY; yes, most of the spreadsheets are just uncopyrightable facts, but still...) Still, that may be the way I go. - Walt Crawford
I think, besides the 'uncopyrightable facts' thing, re which I'm not a lawyer, the rationale behind CC0 for data is (at least mine is when I use it) that if referring to it in a scholarly context one ought to cite it anyway as a matter of best practice; but that CC0 lets people remix multiple datasets in contexts where citing every single dataset involved would get unwieldy. I do grok other issues around it though. - Deborah Fitchett
I sort of understand that...and, as I say, there's a good chance I'll use figshare. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Let's try this again: Just got an email invitation to review a book, and the book looked interesting. But then...well, here's my (redacted) response:
I looked at the first book's site...but then I decided to read one or two book reviews at [journal], to get a sense of whether I could provide an appropriate review. Imagine my surprise in finding that [journal] is not an open-access journal--that I needed to provide membership or subscription information in order to read a book review. That makes my decision easy: At this point, I do not write reviews for non-open-access journals. - Walt Crawford
[That wasn't all one paragraph, but it's not worth the time to get FF to recognize that...] Anyway: too bad I won't get the free book, but principles have to enter in at some point. "If I can't read it, I won't review for it"--seems pretty straightforward in 2015. - Walt Crawford
Come to think of it, it's the first time in a couple of years that anybody's *asked* me to review a book. Which probably says something... - Walt Crawford
Josh and I were just chasing a giant cockroach around the kitchen. We lost it momentarily and Josh went to get a torch so we could look in nooks and crannies.
While he was out of the room it came out of its hiding place and I squashed it with an egg flip. - Melly
Josh returned with the torch, shone it on the dead cockroach, and announced "There it is!" - Melly
"It's playing dead". - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
Be careful, torches can burn down the whole house. - Stephan from iPhone
I am now picturing you and Josh in a giant cave like kitchen, with a flaming, flickering torch, and a cockroach the size of Noah. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm still picturing you running through a cave kitchen and chasing a cockroach the size of noah - Sir Shuping is just sir
It wasn't quite that large... Definitely bigger than one of his ears, though! - Melly from iPhone
Nah, Melly, that particular difference between American and Brit/Aus English is just too much fun to give up on. I knew what you were saying immediately, but *loved* the image of Josh holding this huge flaming torch while you're seeking out a cockroach. - Walt Crawford
"torch", "egg flip" <3 - Marie
This gets put in the "what could go wrong?" category. You now have the basis for the next CBS comedy. - Eric - ill subliminal
The Big Roach Theory - Big Joe Silence
Well, there's a medium-sized black spider making what looks suspiciously like an egg sac on the outside of the kitchen window frame. We're going to have to sort that out sooner rather than later. Can't reach it from the outside without a ladder though. Whatever could go wrong? :oD - Melly
Yay--Sandy and Kevin are in a pissing contest over copyright stuff in a discussion list. I am guessing another 10 messages will be generated from this. I put my money on Kevin winning the fight.
Nah. Winning the fight would assume that Sandy would admit defeat and that will never. ever. happen. (I could be wrong, but I doubt it.) - Walt Crawford
Most days I wish I wasn't on the list. Today is not one of those days. Espo chimed in too, did you see? - Marie
Is there a link to the archives where the rest of us can follow this? - John Dupuis
see Marie's LSW thread - RepoRat
Thanks! Of course, it doesn't take our friend Sandy very long to mention his former career as publisher at a UP. There should be some sort of bingo/drinking game for Sandy Thatcher comments. - John Dupuis
And, uh, Sue the Internet! - John Dupuis
Speaking of Sandy's former career, I see that Kevin made a point of Sandy's formerly being on the CCC board. Not that that's a *bad* thing, mind... - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Fun time: Called Kindle support (or, rather, they called me--that's how Amazon does it) because I wanted to know what we do when our Fire HD 8.9's battery stops charging altogether (it's losing charge somewhat faster than it used to, even after we deleted the battery-sucking Washington Post, and it's 25 months old, so not under warranty).
but, of course, what "Judy" (probably in India, based on accent) did was go through half an hour of checking and changing settings... and, eventually said all they could do was offer a discount on a new Kindle, since the battery's not user-replaceable and they don't repair Kindles. My wife *hates* throwaway devices with a passion; this may be a problem. - Walt Crawford
And, sigh, the usual "turn off wifi" advice doesn't really work well since our primary use is reading the San Francisco Chronicle; without wifi on overnight, the new issue won't be there. - Walt Crawford
Just a grump...unless someone has useful advice. "Get an iDevice" does not count as useful advice. - Walt Crawford
Try charging it on a different electric plug. My iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) now will only charge when I connect it through a computer, not through a wall charger. My non-engineering theory is that too much power is going through the wall charger and charging through the computer is gentler. My husband thinks that's a bunch of %$#^& but it's working for me. - Jacquelin Siegel
We use the Kindle-specific charger, so I doubt that's it, but thanks for the suggestion. In any case, the *decline* in charge time indicates an eventual problem. I've now turned off WiFi (and will load the Chron each morning); we'll see if that helps enough. - Walt Crawford
Do you have enough evidence yet to conclude it's a throw away device? Seems equally likely at this point that you have an anomaly device that they're willing to replace. - lris from Android
Tablets in general don't have much that can be repaired. My iDevices and android device don't have replaceable batteries either as far as I know. - lris from Android
Iris: No, they said explicitly: won't replace, but will offer a discount (didn't say how much). And yes, I'm aware that this is common... Looks like the changes I've made may keep it going for a year or two more, then I have to convince my wife that throwaway is reasonable--a tough sell. (I thought Apple would replace an iDevice battery for a hefty fee. Am I wrong?) - Walt Crawford
in related news, what is UP with the WaPo being such a hog? It's 1.3 GB!! on a 10 GB ipad, and when we deleted content & downloaded new content … it went to 1.9 GB!! *deleted* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
They keep installing the WaPo on my kindle automatically and I just keep taking it off. Ugh. - ellbeecee
*Very* related news, I suspect. The WaPo digital version appears to be very slick and visual. Which may also mean very large. - Walt Crawford
Maybe this is one of the reasons the thing doesn't cost as much as other tablets to begin with, then. - lris
i've not had trouble with mine, although i did have to replace the charging cable...mostly because my cats decided it was a good thing to chew on - Sir Shuping is just sir
ellbee: I think if you delete the *app* for WaPo, the daily will just show up on your Newsstand, not actually get downloaded. First day's experience with wifi off except to download: both of us read the paper (probably 1.5-2 hours total) and the battery's at 80%. So this is reasonably promising. (And it took, oh, 90 seconds to turn on wifi, get the network, go to the newsstand and get today's paper, and complete the download. Sunday will probably take a little longer.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Bizarro message of the day, from LinkedIn: "Steve Dalton congratulated you on your work anniversary! "Walt, Linked-In tells me that you have now been self-employed for 31 years. Wow! I hope you like your boss. Congratulations! Steve"
Um. I've been semi-retired for not quite five years, "self-employed" never unless you count writing income. I suppose I should visit my LinkedIn profile and see what triggered this, but...why bother? (Something that happened on January 16, 1984? Seems unlikely...) - Walt Crawford
Andrew C (✔)
Pretty amazing to write a song called "This Land Is Your Land" about a colonized country...
The best part is that the guy who wrote it gets called a Communist. - Victor Ganata
As if there is such a thing as non-colonized country. - קמחא טחינא
Some are more obviously colonized than others. - Victor Ganata
Sounds like Turks, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese etc etc are "non-obvious colonizers". Interesting. - קמחא טחינא
Maybe it's only bad when Europeans colonize some territories, and it's perfectly normal for others, though. - קמחא טחינא
Well, as far as I know, no other country has a song entitled "This Land is Your Land" written about it. Given this country's well-known genocidal and often virulently anti-immigrant history, it does seem a bit ironic. - Victor Ganata
People on this planet used to kill some other people, and dislike immigrants, yes. - קמחא טחינא
Kinda everywhere - Ivan Crema from Flucso
Which in itself is ironic because except for the Native Americans who were slaughtered in the name of colonization, this country is comprised entirely of immigrants and their descendants. - Victor Ganata
The Native Americans weren't immigrants who slaughtered others? Hmm. - קמחא טחינא
Someone had to be first. - Victor Ganata
And he was slaughtered, of course. - קמחא טחינא
Don't get me wrong, I don't think slaughtering is necessarily the problem. It's slaughtering in the name of civilizing and liberating the people you are slaughtering that is a bit ironic. - Victor Ganata
The English pushed the Irish to the New World where the Irish pushed the Indians to some mountains and wastelands; and the others pushed and were pushed too. Nothing special. - קמחא טחינא
Sure, it's the same old story. This is why the belief in American Exceptionalism is also ironic. - Victor Ganata
Bering Sea dry land bridge... #justsayin. - WarLord
There's colonization and then there's colonialism. ;) - Victor Ganata
Moving vs moving in. - Pete
Oddly, Victor, you seem to be proclaiming American Exceptionalism--that American colonialism is somehow exceptionally brutal and awful compared to all the rest. Hard case to make. - Walt Crawford
No, I'm saying that the things that we claim to be exceptional in—welcoming immigrants, furthering the cause of liberty and human rights, being a beacon of Western Civilization, etc.—are kind of ironic given our history (and our current events). - Victor Ganata
Well, to be fair, birthright citizenship is a pretty rare thing in the world. - Andrew C (✔)
Anyway, Guthrie does get criticized for sympathizing with the undocumented and for championing welfare recipients. - Victor Ganata
They do sing "This Land" at Indian Casinos I frequent... #gettingeven - WarLord
Interesting read about "birthright" citizenship and efforts to end it Tea Party’s Constitution fraud: Why the movement’s “devotion” is a situational sham via @Salon - WarLord
Meg VMeg
I think I am going to be making use of this. - Zamms
Not my thing, but I understand the temptation all too well. - RepoRat
I. LOVE. THIS. - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this, too. - Christina Pikas
I get a 403/Forbidden error, but if it's what I suspect, I'm with RR. - Walt Crawford
I think they weren't prepared for all this traffic. I think you slashdotted it. - Steele Lawman from Android
"The craft herpes will go everywhere." Love. - laura x
Got through. Man, that is one nasty site. (There's nobody I dislike enough to do that to, but at, what, $8.16 at today's exchange rate, I can see the temptation.) - Walt Crawford
Make sure you read the FAQs. - Jason P
What Jason sez. - Walt Crawford
heh - RepoRat
I want to like this again for Catherine's link. - bentley
Yes. Oh man. That just drastically improved my day. - laura x from iPhone
Did you see that 24 hours later the guy who started this is already sick to death of glitter and begging people to stop placing orders? - Steele Lawman from Android
Andrew C (✔)
Every single time I see a Californian write about how great a Chipotle burrito is, I get a little sadder for 'em.
Maybe it's a gateway burrito. Like white zinfandel is a gateway wine for some folks. - Corinne L
El Farolito!! - Gabrielle
I'm not sure you need a gateway burrito, though. - Andrew C (✔)
Many of us do not. However, I have relatives who refer to tortillas as "burrito shells." These folks may never progress past a Chipotle burrito. - Corinne L
Come to think of it, when Steamrollers (Vancouver burrito chain) opened up, they had diagrams showing customers how to unwrap a burrito. - Andrew C (✔)
At the fake Chipotle's in Beijing, the tray liners also had diagrams for burrito consumption. - Jessie
Oh, I don't mind Chipotle in far-flung regions. They're expanding to Vancouver and honestly, even with a couple of good Mexican family restaurants there, a chain that's actually trying and has more meat options than ground beef will probably be good for the area. I just question why there are Chipotles in SF and LA. - Andrew C (✔)
A Chipotle just opened up in my town. There is a very specific type of clientele that seems to be flocking to it. The kind that think Panda Express tastes amazing. - Hookuh Tinypants
our university students voted Chipotle the best Mexican food in LA. They also voted Panda Express as best Asian. The future is doomed. - Marie
We have a Panda Express and a Chipotle right next to each other down the street from us. I will admit to partaking, even though I know what real versions are. It's just good versions of the real stuff are a drive. - Eric - ill subliminal
I was bemused when a chipotle opened in Santa Cruz, but it's no different than Taco Bell existing, I suppose. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
The Chipotle by us (also right by a Panda Express, imagine that) is constantly busy. My mom & I tried it when they first opened and it was okay but while we were eating we kept talking about all the taquerias and trucks in the neighborhood that are better. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
When my parents came to SF from Chicago in 1966, my mom had never even seen a taco. Even from Taco Bell, Mexican food was an exotic treat for her :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Aww... I like Chipotle. Although I usually just get the plate and not a burrito. But if Chipotle is to Mexican as Panda Express is to Chinese that really gives me pause cause Panda Express is just downright horrible. - rönin
I don't think it's horrible. It's boring. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Taco Bell is Panda Express IMO. Chipotle is... well, there's no American national chain of upscale fast casual Chinese food. - Andrew C (✔)
Pei Wei? P.F. Chang's? - Big Joe Silence
Dunno what Pei Wei is. PF Chang's is Chinese Cheesecake Factory. (Which, come to think of it, I don't think there's a Mexican variant on Cheesecake Factory.) - Andrew C (✔)
El Torito is the Cheesecake Factory of Mexican Food - Anika
^this. Chevy's and On the Border also qualify. - Corinne L
I stand corrected! I guess nature really does fill every available niche. - Andrew C (✔)
i've never been to Cheesecake Factory. probly part of why i'm not dead yet. - Big Joe Silence
Chevy's is more like the Ruby's of Mexican Food. - Anika
PF Chang's seems to be a salt factory, tossing bits of semi-Chinese food into the mix. Ate there once: overpriced, hostile to a single diner, and SO DAMN SALTY (as verified later in nutrition labeling) that one entree was four days' sodium. - Walt Crawford
I've also visited PF Chang's once. Once. I had to shake my head when we ordered 3 dishes and they all tasted pretty much the same. - rönin
Yup. - Big Joe Silence from Android
My friend who grew up in the Bay Area but now lives in So Cal gave me an explanation for why he eats at Chipotle that actually makes a lot of sense to me: he hasn't been able to find good dry burritos here in L.A. that doesn't come from late night taco trucks and he's not a big fan of wet burritos. - Victor Ganata
I eat at Chipotle because I know what I'm getting when it comes to ingredients (yes, there was the recent carnitas debacle, but I don't eat carnitas). I'm very sensitive to certain additives, so while I love authentic taqueria food, it's pretty much guaranteed to give me a bad reaction. - Corinne L
Corinne, that's fair. And Victor: so he should get them at the taco trucks... right? - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Andrew, yeah, but what are you supposed to do when you want a burrito between 2 am and 8 pm when the taco trucks aren't around? - Victor Ganata
Tacos Mexico! - Anika
They have decent midday trucks IME. In some areas, I guess. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I have similar feelings about Starbucks and coffee. - Holly's favorite Anna
Starbucks is tricky: Peet's (the original in this category) was a pioneer in making non-swill coffee readily available in more cities ("swill" from a famous SFChronicle headline), but these days many places have indie coffeehouses that understand good arabica beans and don't roast them to death. - Walt Crawford
I almost hate to mention the chain that made fresh, decent coffee readily available everywhere. Let's just say *they* deserve a break today on that particular issue. - Walt Crawford
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @omgwtfbible: AHAHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA RT @roqchams: "Chipotle is now Sharia-run"
RT @omgwtfbible: AHAHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA RT @roqchams: "Chipotle is now Sharia-run"
Oh good grief. - Hookuh Tinypants
I was especially impressed by the sophisticated conversation on that item. - Walt Crawford
How to piss off your customers: In QLD we don't have daylight savings. The rest of Oz has been in DLS for 4 months. Overnight, the time server for the Optus phone network reset/broke and put all QLD phones 1 hour ahead when they time synced. Hundreds of thousands of customers in QLD were woken 1 hour early today.
People have turned up to places 1 hour early to find them shut. A lady turned up for surgery 1 hour early. Mums woke up kids to get them to school holiday care. It's a PR shitfest - Johnny from iPhone
Does everyone now use their phone as an alarm clock? I....use an alarm clock. And a wall clock.And a watch... - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
*scoots over to sit next to m9m* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I used an alarm clock until I moved and couldn't find my alarm clock. That's when I started using the phone. - bentley
m9m: you're not alone--well, we don't have a wall clock, but definitely an alarm clock. And watches. - Walt Crawford
And I still wear a watch. - bentley
I wear a watch - but it pairs with my phone and so I think if my phone got screwy, my watch would too. I do have other clocks in the house, though - I'd like to think I'd notice the time difference before I left the house... - WebGoddess
It's currently overcast and rainy here and it's summer so the sun is up at 4am so judging the time is a little more tricky. - Johnny
I use my Fitbit. - Bruce Lewis
The alarm clock function is the main thing I do with my phone. But I don't have to worry about the time being reset from above. At daylight savings time, I can wait for hours, turn the phone off and on again, take the battery out and put it in again, and it still won't pick up the phone company's new time settings. Last time I gave up and just changed it manually. - Deborah Fitchett
Mark H
An Anti-Feminist Party Is Standing In The General Election -
An Anti-Feminist Party Is Standing In The General Election
Show all
"The party was founded by retired businessman Mike Buchanan, who told BuzzFeed News it’s his party’s ultimate aim to “make feminism a dirty word”. Buchanan used to work as a business consultant for the Conservative party, but quit in 2009 when David Cameron backed all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists. He has since dedicated his life to anti-feminism, writing three books, Feminism: The Ugly Truth, The Glass Ceiling Delusion, and David Cameron – The Heir to Harman?" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"“Feminism is a hatred, and it should be a badge of shame,” he said. “To call yourself a feminist should be no more acceptable than calling yourself a bigot or a sexist or a fascist. It is a deeply vile, corrupting ideology and the idea it’s a benign movement about gender equality is dangerous nonsense.” The party’s website is home to articles such as “13 Reasons Women Lie About Being Raped”, “10 Reasons False Rape Allegations Are Common”, and “Feminists – Enemies of Men, Women, and Children”." - Mark H
"In the general election, Buchanan is pessimistic about winning enough votes to retain any of the three £500 deposits he’s put down, but thinks it’s worth the expense in order to raise awareness of what he called “[just how much of a cockwomble I am]”." - Mark H
While not a formal part of their platform, I'm sure anti-feminism is an element in the politics of, oh, UKIP? all of the English Democrat-type BNP lite parties? - Pete
Oh Jesus. - Jenny H. from Android
Anti-feminism as a political stance? Maybe Monty Python is still active: This sounds like something from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Now, if only Great Britain had ever had a right-wing woman as a leader...oh, wait... - Walt Crawford
Eric - ill subliminal
Forget vinyl, producer Trevor Jackson is bringing back mini discs and reel-to-reel -
"The London-based director, producer and visual artist is set to release a new work that explores variations in the LP format. F O R M A T will be released as 12 tracks in 12 different formats—7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch vinyl, CD, mini CD, cassette, USB, mini disc, DAT, VHS, 8-track, and reel-to-reel—making it something of a physical timeline of the album.  Record label and pressing plant The Vinyl Factory, which boasts releases from the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Burial, will produce and distribute the album." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Libraries need to collect all 12 versions, and provide a way for patrons to listen to the music in each of the different formats, too. - Joe
Good luck with that--especially with DAT and 8-track. For libraries, doesn't this fall into the same category as that single-play/self-destructing album somebody put out? (Don't remember the name; that self-destructed as well.) - Walt Crawford
I just want a reason to dust off the reel to reel. - Eric - ill subliminal
Walt Crawford
Pleasant surprise (and truly a surprise) this morning, when verifying Marquis Who's Who changes in my bio (back from the days I was listed, since you stay in the online version): I'm back in Who's Who in America for 2014 (and in Who's Who in the West 2011-2014). Not sure why, after 10+ years absence, but I'm delighted.
Before someone asks: Yes, I do know which Who's Whos are legit, thus the "Marquis" in the message. I got the invitation for changes a while back, and added a couple of books--change invites seem to happen every year or two. - Walt Crawford
Jennifer Howard
Happy New Year, everybody! Curious about your thoughts on this: My editor saw a tweet about it and is of course curious. Given the poster, I'm cautious.
"Qualtiy of Publication" on their evaluation page. - Joe
Impostor, yeah. Somebody tell T-R; they'll probably send a whack-a-mole C&D on trademark grounds. - RepoRat
Sorry, Joe, why that particular link? - Jennifer Howard
Typo in a header near the bottom. :) - RepoRat
People just need to read this to figure out scamminess. - Joe
Wow, they have JIF numbers for about 80 whole journals, most from India as far as I can see. - Joe
I assume that most academics are not dumb and would not be fooled by this, but, I could be wrong in some cases. - Joe
I mean, there's nothing stopping anybody from taking the public formula for IF and starting a new IF site. They won't end up with the same numbers as T-R, though, because T-R juices its numbers to hell and back and doesn't explain how (to minimize gaming, they say, and this is probably partly true). Also, the greater the divergence between the sets of included journals, the more the IF numbers will differ. - RepoRat
I'm wondering how big a business scam this really is/could be and if Beall is right that everybody needs to be vetting journals' IFs. - Jennifer Howard
Ah, got it re typo. Thanks. - Jennifer Howard
Ugh. We couldn't verify if we wanted to, because T-R's algorithm is not fully public. I think replication has even been tried, lemme check my Pinboard. - RepoRat
It isn't really an algorithm. They work/argue with editors to determine which items are citable, and which are not. - Joe
yeah, I think I was thinking about this: tl;dr researchers ask T-R "can we see your dataset?" T-R sez "nope, sod off." - RepoRat
Based on what Joe said above, I suspect this site came about because T-R refused to calculate IFs for the journals on the new site. This could be because the new site's journals haven't been around long enough to qualify, or it could be because T-R said "talk to the hand," which is a thing that happens pretty often (I'm given to understand) to non-European/N.American/E.Asian journals. - RepoRat
And in terms of scams, IF itself is such a gigantic scam that these poor impostors are kind of small potatoes really. - RepoRat
I saw a blog post in the last year that showed how the real Thomson Reuters changed a number for citable articles for a specific year of a journal to be different from one year to the next. [can't find it at the moment.] - Joe
I note that the Beall post linked to includes a link to his new phony-impact-factor list, which I suspect includes every possible impact-factor offering with one exception. And, of course, TR can't *possibly* be questionable, same as Elsevier can't *possibly* be questionable, because--I dunno--Established Commercial Entity? - Walt Crawford
[I'm not suggesting that all the impact-factor wannabes on his list are *not* in fact questionable. Just that, per RR's comment just above, that the list is slightly incomplete.] - Walt Crawford
Ahhh, it was a post by Bjorn at (Number of items published in 2001 changed from 528 to just 300), and found via which also seems to have some good info. - Joe
Holly's favorite Anna
"I love tasteful auto-tune!" -@srbrtsn #tastefulautotune
Seems like an oxymoron to me--or do you mean "people who can't actually carry a tune but it's well-disguised" as opposed to stunt/obvious autotune? - Walt Crawford
He indicated it was about people who don't need it but use it as a part of the style they are aiming for. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
Yeah, I have no problem with that. (Rarely like the results, but sometimes.) - Walt Crawford
Victor Ganata
Wealthy L.A. Schools' Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan's - The Atlantic - 2014 Sep 16
And yet were I to believe internet comments, the resurgence of various maladies is all due to immigrants, rather than affluent Americans who are opting out of public health and responsibility. Bleh. - joey
It's those South Sudan immigrants, spreading their low vaccination rates. :-) - bentley
Around the time someone posted it on FB, I looked this up and I think wealthy SF area schools are about the same. Edit: - Andrew C (✔)
Is this supposed to change how I think about LA or how I think about Sudan? - Steele Lawman
It's supposed to reinforce how you feel about wealthy idiots, of which there seem to be quite a few. - Walt Crawford
But given this trend plus enough time, there'll be less! - Andrew C (✔)
stupid stupid stupid. #GladI'mNotInLA - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Walt Crawford
And the Beallster is now an authority on fringe science and why one bad journal incriminates all of a publisher's efforts (and yet he still hasn't told us to avoid Elsevier thanks to fake journals and journals devoted to the "science" of water memory). Too bad he wasn't around decades ago when some fringe scientists were proposing...
...the absurdity of plate tectonics; he could have helped shut down that unscientific nonsense. - Walt Crawford
Sarah G.
RT @freemoth: " we suggest that abandoning journals altogether, in favor of a library-based scholarly communication system" ...
Figured that quote had to be from Brembs. - Joe
Yeah, that's more-or-less predictable. - Walt Crawford
An extremely evil part of my soul wants an academic library that does not yet do any library-based publishing (or better yet, used to and got burned) to hire Brembs as Library Publishing Coordinator. I will go do penance now. - RepoRat
Hey, we're still looking for a UL....Hmmmm. - John Dupuis
Walt Crawford
Nice of Google Scholar to let me know I'm cited in this article--and the article might be interesting. But, of course, it would cost me to find out ($30):
I'll get it for you. We have access but it's not yet available either. Not sure why.As far as I can tell, there's no embargo on new issues for our subscription via Cambridge Journals. - Stephen Francoeur
I have access now, if you'd like it today - just let me know what address to send it to. - ellbeecee
Thanks. I'm at - Walt Crawford
Sent - from ellbeecee@gmail. Let me know if you don't get it fairly soon. - ellbeecee
Already arrived, already read. What was quoted was my ultraconcise definition of OA from my ALA book--as usual, nothing is cited that's not in The Formal Literature. Interesting piece, concerned entirely with green OA. One interesting factoid: 36% of the green OA articles are quite possibly violating publisher terms. - Walt Crawford
I am surprised that the 36% figure is not higher. - Joe
It's a relatively small sample* drawn entirely from high-profile journals in the field. *But big enough--in the hundreds--to draw reasonable conclusions. Seems to be a well-done paper. - Walt Crawford
Todd Hoff
So true...
Indeed ... - abifar
I still wear a regular watch U_U - van der Baarft
i still wear a regular (broken) watch - Biagio Romano from Flucso
I wear a regular watch, but then again, I am old. - Joe
Yep. - bentley
I haven't worn a watch on my wrist since I was 13 or so... I kept losing them because I'd take them off due to the strap irritating me. So eventually my mom got me a belt loop keychain to wear my watch on, kind of like a really cheap pocket watch, and that's what I did until smartphones. - Andrew C (✔)
I wear a regular watch. So do at least two of my grand-nieces--all of them analog. (I'm old, they're not.) - Walt Crawford
Pretty much why I'm not interested in smart watches. - rönin
The people I work with are so unfamiliar with cellular phones that when I went to my pocket when someone asked what time it was, a co-worker said, "Oh, he's got a pocket watch?" - Steele Lawman
Wristwatch free since '93! - Eivind
free site for all of you... <a href="">free spotify premium code generator</a> - spotify codes
What features would you need in a smart watch before you'd consider buying one? - Ken Morley
Several years ago, I met someone who didn't have a cellphone as a cell phone, but carried an old one around to use as a time piece. - bentley
Ken, I'd need it to have an enormous screen that takes up very little space on my wrist. So I guess I'm holding out for a holographic watch. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I've got the Moto 360, which is pretty nice. If you treat the watch as just a notification device, then it's perfect. rif you're expecting it to replace your phone, then you'll be very disappointed. - Jason Huebel from Flucso
If they did some cool biometric monitoring I might be interested. It would need to be more than skin temperature and heart rate though. Is it even possible to get accurate blood pressure readings with a watch? - Ken Morley
I see he stopped just short of the Electronic Citizen Happiness Band Act of 2038. - Technodad
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