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Pete's Got To Go
Here's a room to collate soc media accounts for The Aftertime. Feel free to point people who don't follow me to it.
twitter @reddite arrowvalleyman on google - Pete's Got To Go
Thanks, Pete. You're good people. - Big Joe Silenced from Android
Facebook.com/colleesue and @warmaiden on Google and Twitter - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
@ellbeecee most places, including https://www.facebook.com/ellbeec... - ellbeecee
Y'all can guess who I am on Twitter and Facebook. If you start seeing a lot of stuff about raptors, you've guessed wrong: that's the other Walt Crawford. - walt crawford
@hedgielib on Twitter. abigail.goben on FB - Hedgehog
@gchilton on Twitter - Galadriel C. from Android
@tbschaus on Twitter - Brent Schaus
@cpellegr on Twitter. I'm on Facebook but (hopefully) practically unfindable; I may have to rethink that decision. - Catherine Pellegrino
@corinnel on Twitter - Corinne L
@arc315 on Twitter, arc315 on FB & Tumblr (but that's mostly about improv), f---nobaddesign on tumblr (about bad product and other design), http://ofb.net/~andrew... - my largely abandoned blog. - Andrew C (✔)
@dupuisj on Twitter, john.dupuis on Facebook but not particularly active there. - John Dupuis
This is me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/k8south... My Twitter profile is here: @k8southern Goodreads is here: https://www.goodreads.com/user... - Katy S
@jenn2d2 on both Twitter and Tumblr; Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos...; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jenn2D2; I'm more than happy to exchange phone numbers with folks (I'm on WhatsApp, for those who use that.) - Jennifer Dittrich
gohomekiki on both Twitter and Tumblr - Kirsten
@libskrat on Twitter, no FB. - RepoRat
It's really weird but when I go to the room, I can't make a post. Perhaps Facebook has also restricted the creation/operation of new groups? - Spidra Webster
@newrambler on Twitter and http://facebook.com/newrambler. I'm on the latter more than the former. - laura x
spidra on Flickr, @may_gun on Twitter - Spidra Webster
sorry, I think that was me not setting it up right... - Pete's Got To Go
ok you shoud be able to create new posts now :) - Pete's Got To Go
@StarsAtNightTX on Twitter & https://www.facebook.com/kristin... on FB - Kristin
@oajoe - Joe
I have a Twitter list with 158 FFers on it: https://twitter.com/may_gun... Kol Tregaskes has a list with 424 FFers on it https://twitter.com/koltreg... - Spidra Webster
Facebook, Ello, Google+, tumblr (therunningdude), Twitter (@jwkeith80 and @bat_drunk) - Jed
i'm @joesilence on twitter. - Big Joe Silenced
@weelibrarian. weelibrarian on most other social things - weelibrarian
@jsholman on twitter. - Jen
@micahwittman on twitter - Micah
@cpikas most everywhere I only go to fb when absolutely necessary though - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Thanks, Pete. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
@marissagerding on twitter https://www.facebook.com/marissa... on facebook - Marissa
I'm marianne reddin aldrich on fb, marianne reddin aldrich on g+, marchinal on flickr, and (truly oldskool) maribou on livejournal. @maribou on twitter but i use it like, 4 times a year... I'm also Marianne on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user... - Marianne
@chaz2b pretty much ever where, https://www.facebook.com/charles... fb - chaz2b
I am either bigstarlet, treaclelilly or treaclestuff on any social media network you can name. - #cryptic
If everyone let's me know who I've missed I'll add them to my FF Twitter list. - Kol Tregaskes
*chains self to FriendFeed*
*passes out chains and plastic tubes* - maʀtha
*brings snacks and protest songs* - MoTO Boychick Devil
*starts a singalong* - Heleninstitches #teamff
perhaps someone could sunscreen my nose. thank you - maʀtha
did everyone remember to pee? - maʀtha
no but I have diapers (and extra wipes) - MoTO Boychick Devil
We had a student who chained himself to the library for, like, 20 minutes. A woman helped him smoke a cigarette. I hope you don't smoke, or that you brought someone along to help you. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
*passes out sharpie for writing your lawyer's name on your arms* - Rachel Walden
and the phone number for the bail fund - maʀtha
seriously, what am I going to do? I'm still posting on here like it will be around forever - maʀtha
Martha, I am in such denial about it that it's not funny. - ellbeecee
swimming in the river in Egypt ------> - Catherine Pellegrino
Starting to write the promised essay...and partly feeling like leaving it alone (esp. since Barbara F. did such a good job). But I'll do it. And keep FF as my home page until The Last Possible Day. - walt crawford
what's the wifi password here? I need the Internet if I'm going to be chained up like this. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Okay, have we all reviewed our civil disobedience training? In Iowa going limp is considered resisting arrest, so you'll want to decide how you want to proceed. - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
Technology. The near and far future of libraries http://www.hopesandfears.com/hopes... via @instapaper
Technology. The near and far future of libraries http://www.hopesandfears.com/hopes/future/technology/168465-future-of-libraries via @instapaper
I'm especially impressed by the collection of "experts" with their profound knowledge of the reality of libraries. Sorry to be cynical here, but... - walt crawford
walt crawford
Odd. John D's tweets (and post?) about the April C&I are (I believe) largely responsible for strong downloads--just under 1,600 so far, more than 800 in the first week. But all of the retweets about the OA Landscape blog series--and there have been a lot of them--don't seem to do much: under 600 views of the first series post so far...
...and under 200 of either topical post. The big post view, more than 1,500 so far this month? A four-year-old "signs of spring" post about photovoltaic milestones. I have not the slightest idea why. - walt crawford
Victor Ganata
Study links Disneyland measles outbreak to low vaccination rates - L.A. Times http://www.latimes.com/science... #CaptainObvious
…and not because of the undocumented like some racist assholes would have us believe. - Victor Ganata
"In order to establish herd immunity, between 96% and 99% of the population must be vaccinated, experts say." - Victor Ganata
Huh. Maybe it's because I don't watch TV "news," but I never heard that "undocumented" stuff around here--mostly rich idiots in Marin County and others listening to semi-stars and (some) chiropractors. - walt crawford
Yes down here near Disney we haven't had any blame on undocumented (thank goodness) it's all been pointed back to wealthy neighborhoods where it dies on the vine as money makes the rules here as much as anywhere. - Steve C, Team Marina
Walt and Steve, it's probably because you've had the good sense not to expand comments on Facebook posts. - Victor Ganata
Ugh ergh well, yes, that too. There are a lot of idiots (I was going to say "racist idiots" but there are lots more besides) on FB. - walt crawford
How do people react when they discover that you are a friendless loser with no life? - http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum...
The impending disappearance of this platform for the community that has formed here has made me acutely aware that I am everyone's weakest possible link. In my adult life, I have *never* had friends I could just call up and get together to do something, or even just talk. Can I call people here friends (in a true sense), or am I just some random guy who pops up on your screen every once in a great while, who you hope you rarely need to engage in any form of interaction? - Julian from Bookmarklet
I know that losing a place does not mean instantly losing connections. However, from experience, I know that I am barely memorable (due to sticking out so much that I am invisible, if not forgettable) and far less preferred to know when better, closer options are available. - Julian
If I didn't want to engage, I wouldn't. That's the beauty of the internet, for me at least, I get to pick and choose my interactions. I might not interact all that much, but when I do, I do it on purpose. - Heather
The link above was courtesy of a search for "friendless loser" on Google. Without this place, I might not even be at that high of a level today. - Julian
I have friends but I'm still a loser with no life. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Not true, Mandy. Take it back. - MoTO Boychick Devil
How many people have friends that, well, aren't? - Stephan Planken from iPhone
You realize that you linked to socialanxietysupport.com? Not everyonereallytrulythinksIamalosersupport.com :) Social anxiety is not generally a reflection of reality, it's due to a cognitive distortion. - Meg VMeg
If the definition of friends is someone you could/would just call up and get together, etc., then I was friendless as an adult, at least until I got married (age 32). And yes, at times I felt like a loser with no life. You're not. A good support group might help. What Meg sez. - walt crawford
Mary Carmen
So this just happened to me:
*grabs popcorn* - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
went shopping at Target. By the parking lot entrance was an older looking man, probably 45-50, with a gas can, holding a sign that said, "out of gas. Please help." After I parked my car I walked over to him and gave him $20. He was very gracious, explained that he was trying to get back to Fresno and thanked me profusely. As I turned back towards the entrance, this woman stopped her car... more... - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Also, "these people." Lady you're lucky you were stopped where you could block traffic, because I had some thoughts to share with you about your word choice. Are people born this ignorant? - Mary Carmen from iPhone
People like that - those people, in fact (!) - are made. Sad. And good for you. And yeah, karma. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Dunno if you've read one of Jon Carroll's annual Untied Way column, where he advocates a day of personal Untied Way charity: you go to an ATM, take out as many $20s as you can do with it being just a little uncomfortable, and whenever somebody asks for money, you give them a $20. Without worrying about what they're going to do with it. - walt crawford
[No, I did not misspell United in the previous comment: This is the Untied Way, not the United Way.] - walt crawford
Walt, I have not, but I love it. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I'd rather donate and be "wrong" than not donate and be "right". Intent is all. - Mo Kargas
I make it a point to always donate bus money when asked for it. Most of the time "bus money" is a social fiction but pride is as valuable as any coins. And it reminds me of the "5cent economy" at my sister's school where people would ask friends for five cents and you had to give it unless you really didn't have anything on you, because what kind of selfish tightfisted jerk can't spare a measley 5c? So, same thing, but scaled up to adult salaries and needs. - Deborah Fitchett
http://www.standunited.org/petitio... The FriendFeed team : Don Not Shut Down the FriendFeed! - ‌‌ ‌‌گرگان نت ‌‌‌ (✓)
t-ra needs this place
meanwhile, I also need some crucial advice. this dude I'm totally gaga over going on 2 years now came to my birthday party and danced with me, hung out the whole time, then helped me take the decorations down... point of the story is a lady friend mentioned the next day that he was obviously being more than friendly nice and I should follow up...
March 14 - Comments disabled - Share
so last night I sent an email thanking him for coming and for the help with stuff and included my number. this morning there was a reply message from 1 am that ended with 'I got your number give a shout anytime' and his number. now what? - t-ra needs this place
Call him back. - Joe
Oh jeez that's confusing! Give a shout? "I got your number but I want you to give me a shout"... I don't know what to do with that. Does he want you to make the move like he's not sure about your feelings for him? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
some background: when I met him about 2 yrs ago he had just moved here with his gf. they split at the end of last year but I don't know the details. and when I say this guy is perfect, I am not kidding. like I could not make it up how rad he is. - t-ra needs this place
Z, yes thankyou! exactly! that sounds to me like 'sure let's be in touch but don't get the wrong idea'. - t-ra needs this place
There's only one way to find out. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
how? seriously. Ima need step by step 'don't fuck this up' instructions. - t-ra needs this place
I hope the Ffellas are reading this & realizing just how challenging it can be for the Ffemmes in a situation like t-ra's. We like you, we think you might like us, but the response to our overture is lukewarm, as we see it. - Corinne L
Wait 2-3 days to see if he calls, then call? That's a really stupid thing for him to have emailed. - Meg VMeg
Call him. :-) - lris from Android
Also, I have no experience or authority in this area of life. But I say just call him. - lris from Android
I will agree with the suggestion provided by Iris. - Julian
Speaking as a guy: CALL HIM. Sometimes the response seems lukewarm cos we're too chickenshit to show how into a woman we really are. - Big Joe Silenced from iPod
Thank you Joe! T-ra, go for it. Ask him to coffee so there's no chance of drunken shenanigans making things more confusing to start with. - Corinne L
Gaby and Alison explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch... - Julian
Yeah, give him a call. Guys are usually not so good at reading subtle signals, or even blatant signals. - Joe
Call him :-) - Eric Logan from FFHound!
I just looked up 'anytime' and it means NOW or LATER. CHOOSE NOW. - Micah from FFHound!
"Hey, I just got your email and thought I'd take you up on your offer to call. Any interest in getting coffee later?" - lris from Android
"Hey, I just met you 2 years ago, and this is crazy, but you said anytime so call me maybe?" - Micah from iPhone
omg, I hate that kind of response! Here's the ball, I gace t to you! And you... walked it back?? gah! I got no advice other than life is short,t ake the chance, and we got your back! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Even though I'm the absolute worst at this, I'd say give him a call in the next couple of days. - Jennifer Dittrich
Call him! You miss 100% of the opportunities you don't take ... or something less motivational poster like. - Kristin from iPhone
Go for it. :) - Anne Bouey
Holy crap, ambiguous e-mail response! Well if it were me, I'd call him up and be like "So what's with the ambiguous e-mail, bruh?" because I'm at an age where I have run out of fucks to give. :) Do you have any bands you want to go see coming up? Or any fun outings you can think of? You can easily turn this into a chill opportunity by just calling him up and saying "Hey, X band is... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I'm with Big Joe Silence on this one. And Joe, for that matter. (That is: Not only "call him" but "some/most men are pretty awful at picking up signals." Speaking only for myself, to be sure.) - walt crawford
I feel like he didn't man up. Agree with Hookuh. If you've been in each other's lives for a couple years now, why waste anymore time? Just go do something and ask him if he wants to date or just be friends. It's not high school. - Gabrielle
thanks so much y'all. as always you help keep my head on straight. after some thought, lady friend advice, and a nap, I decided I'll text him tomorrow about a benefit show I'm going in the event he wants to join me. It's earlier in the evening and over by 10 so things shouldn't get too crazy. If it still isn't clear after that, Ima leave it alone. Ain't nobody got time to mess with a dude who don't know. - t-ra needs this place
Stephen Mack
Testing the waters of frenf.it, the Italian FriendFeed clone project, thanks to an invite from Xabaras. - http://www.frenf.it/earlyad...
Testing the waters of frenf.it, the Italian FriendFeed clone project, thanks to an invite from Xabaras.
They're pretty far along, and they have an FF feed import feature (that I haven't tried yet). You should be able to sign up at http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - Stephen Mack
join us on our ark! - Pea Bukowski
Ok, I'm in. Usual user name. :) - ellbeecee
Same, Jenn2D2. - Jennifer Dittrich
Mmmm io dico che Zuc non sarà molto contento.. - Yeridiani
Lris - lris from Android
Looks very cool so far. I'm holding off on importing until I decide how I want to handle a personal backup. I may just import the one room I have and DM's, and then start relatively fresh. - Jennifer Dittrich
join us... - bezdomnyj82
I'm in as technodad. Holding off on importing for a bit, though. - Technodad
I like that they have a "Trash" feature -- deleted posts and comments are saved for you to restore until you empty the trash. Supported imports so far are Twitter and Tumblr. And they have an RSS feed for your feed! - Stephen Mack
Nice! *crosses fingers for a flickr import* - Jennifer Dittrich
The nicer features are: a) the like to comment and b) the dislike! - vale (acaso)
I love the comment like! - Jennifer Dittrich
don't forget the "bookmark" option without expressing liking or disliking - bezdomnyj82
I am there same username will start linking up soon :-) - Pete's Got To Go from FFHound(roid)!
Evaluate world peace? - Laura Norvig
it's the balance between likes and dislikes :D - Pea Bukowski
Hope they add an RSS import of any sort. Lots of stuff can come in that way. - Joe
Meta. Meta World Peace? - Joe
mu username has changed from lauran to lnorvig: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - Laura Norvig
I'm trying to like your comments... :'D - vale (acaso)
I hope it gets a security certificate soon... - Julian
Oh... I am julian2 there as well. - Julian
I'm in, usual name, haven't yet really used it. Hard for an Anglophile to understand the T&C. - walt crawford
I'm in. bentleywg, like here. I'll look into it later, but I'm in. - bentley
Hmm. Tried to look at it, and my account's been disabled. That was fast. I'll try again in a few days. - walt crawford
Walt, all accounts start as disabled until you confirm the e-mail they send. It took about 30 minutes for me to get my e-mail and enable my account when I signed up. - Stephen Mack
come to the frenf.it side, we have cookies - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It's being developed by one person as a side-project, and he's under some pressure given the Apr 9 deadline. It might be rough here and there, but please try and be patient :) - PI
Hmm, I didn't get any confirmation email, but I started off by trying to create via hookup to my Twitter account. - Andrew C (✔)
In as oajoe. - Joe
My email came instantly :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
I got mine pretty fast as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
(Also if someone is in touch with FF founders or maintainers, we'd love to understand if there's a better/more efficient way to transfer content over there) - PI
hi there. - aurora
keep in mind that frenf.it is a pet projcet of senape, and he does not have a lot of bandwidth (and disk space: this is why for example pics and videos are not stored locally) - .mau.
PI or .mau. feel free to give him my contact info james@jimminy.me, and I can help provide some advice (about the efficiency of transfer) and maybe offer some storage facilities.) Right now, I'm also pushed by the deadline, to extend the life of content while also reducing strain on FriendFeed's servers, and providing better archives, but only have 5-6 hours a day to give, except on the weekends. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Hi Jimminy, I am the author of one of the "export scripts" out there (https://github.com/claudio...) I have just a simple question (which is a recurring one, by the users of my script): Do you know the reason behind the API limit? Is it set to prevent the server stress or just because the data is not there anymore? Thank you! - Claudio Cicali
@Claudio: the data still exists. Jimminy wrote that deleting newer posts the older ones appear, and that there is a kind of resilience, so that you may *undelete* the newer posts. So, I think that it was just a hard-coded limit. - .mau.
@Jimminy - I'll try to contact senape, but I am not sure that he will answer promptly (he works in Brussels but his family is still in Italy, and a couple of hours ago he wrote that he was taking a plane to return home...) - .mau.
It's fine, I have a relaxed enough schedule, that I can respond at his leisure. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Looks like this has been around about 2 or more years. - Joe
^ data is definitely there: I can follow 'earlier' links on my feed page up to the very first post, but these early post are neither exportable nor even searchable any more. - 9000
Do I take this to mean you guys have dropped Ello? *ducking for cover* - Stephan Planken from iPhone
*admires the huge brains in this thread* - MoTO Boychick Devil
@9000: that would be phase 2 of import, according to Senape. Have a look at http://frenf.it/earlyad... and http://frenf.it/earlyad... - .mau.
Stephan, I'm optimistic about Ello in the long-term but I don't think it will ever be similar to here. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
me http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... ... what is ello? - Halil
@Claudio, it's possible, but you have to store the id's of the posts, while processing, then you delete the oldest 500-1000 posts (1 request for each deletion), fetch 10 more pages of 100 posts each (start=9x00-10000), repeat that process until you hit the end with a page less than 100 items, then you restore all the posts you marked deleted, (another request for every post deleted). - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
So I registered, MaryCarmen. How do I find you folks? - Mary Carmen
for y'all English speakers: on http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... we'll try to answer questions. Keep however in mind that frenf.it is closed source: I for one do not know its inner workings, even if I am using it since it started in 2012 - .mau.
Very glad you're joining! Feel free to ask your questions here or in the the official room in frenf.it http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... I do my best to reply to everybody, but for the faq i'll provide an english version of the faq soon (maybe tonight after midnight gmt+1) - senape. quello di frenfit
My FF import is going slow, and meanwhile neither my Tumblrs nor my Twitter accounts, which I've hooked up to frenf, have started importing anything. - Andrew C (✔)
@Walt, terms and conditions are pretty easy, they're written in complicated lawyer style. Pretty much, they say that you are the only responsible for what you write and post and comment. You are the only owner of whatever you write, and once you delete it is deleted forever, but a copy on the backup for legal reasons, and you cannot post hate or racist messages. Kinda. - senape. quello di frenfit
Thank you! Welcome abroad And please visit our country! - elrocco from Android
yay - zisho
Same there as here: zoblue http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... Thanks for the links, Stephen! <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Ehi, Old and New friends, I kinda started a thanking meme here ( http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... )for Senape, the developer, by taking a picture with your mustard (senap) - bezdomnyj82
senape: Not really too worried about the T&C--and yes, my confirming email link came and I seem to be in now. Bookmarked in my tiny "sn section"; I'll try it here and there. (Been to Italy, more than once, thanks.) - walt crawford
Be my guest! :) I wish you all will stay, I'm working very hard to improve its performance. After the final development of the friendfeed import, I'll re-activate the real time feature, so that comments and posts will be updated without refreshing the page. - senape. quello di frenfit
Halil: it is a relatively new social network. Several people here signed up (including myself) but it didn't seem to gain much traction. https://ello.co - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Ok - I signed up for the Italian version - still as Webgoddess, so I should be easy to find! - WebGoddess
( :o ) - Non sono Bob from Flucso
I'm in. Username: Okiboy14. Handle: DB, Lil' LB's Dad - DB, Lil LB's Dad from Android
Katy_S - so, that's me. - Katy S
ehy, ma ciao! - LilaLaMarea from Android
We're probably going to kill their servers but...http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... :) - That's So CAJ!
You will get a mail with a confirmation link :) - Pete's Got To Go
hey-o, i'm over there as orgmonkey! - Marie
Useful list of recent subscribers http://frenfit-users.appspot.com/recenti - Invernomuto from Flucso
Thanks for the links, Invernomuto. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I'm on as warmaiden! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm Jed on there! - Jed
Amazing to see so many FF folks sign up over there. And the warm welcome we're receiving on frenf.it is wonderful. - Stephen Mack
ok Lets see what this thing can do.. http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - Me
you're welcome ! - Mäckley [ein troll!]
Heh, they have FALOB: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... (you guys remember FALOB?) - Stephen Mack
FALOB is user #1000 on frenf.it. This should mean something, but I don't know what - .mau.
ahahah lol mau :D - strega ❄
I do hope to have FALOB to like us all again *___* - Haukr
Yes, I remember FALOB. Man, it's like a time machine. - Spidra Webster
" it's like a time machine"... no, it was a like machine :P - Cernobil
no falob, no party! :) - aurora from FFHound(roid)!
Well, if Falob is there....! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
how do i upload a profile pic? :-/ didn't work when i added a link from web, can't seem to upload an image from my pc either, no option. - Halil
the profile pic works from the avatar url, just give it some time :) - Haukr
Joining too! I wanna be with the cool kids!! - Paulette from iPhone
http://ff.im/1kTW38 if you need help, this is your thread in english ;) - fewdayslate
http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... Here I am, testing the import function right now - لرد فرهاد
Thanks guys for this great project, but as the deadline approaches we're in desperate need of a full backup script / function that can bypass 10100 API limit. if anyone can help, Claudio's script is a fantastic baseline to start. - لرد فرهاد
Non ci pou trasferire della friendfeed, ancora? Quando pensi che possiamo transferire tutti? Grazie! - نومیا
The problem is that the approach suggested by jimminy is quite dangerous: DOWNLOAD XXX posts, DELETE XXX posts, DOWNLOAD XXX + 1 ... and then at the end re-post everything. Doing this with an automated script would generate too many corner cases (what it the delete fails? What if the download fails but NOT the delete? What if SOME download/delete fails? What if the re-post is not succesfull?) etc... - Claudio Cicali
mille Grazie ragazzi... Noi, ragazzi da Iran, tutti aspettiamo per boun risultati. Molto strano, ma perche voglono fermare Friendfeed. vi Aspettiamo! - نومیا
I'm webgoddess in Italian, too. Look at me being all multinational. - WebGoddess from Android
Claudio we will lost our whole data in less than a month, the risk is completely acceptable, it's a little bit dramatic to say but having a chance is better than not doing anything to save our data at all - لرد فرهاد
Boun Lavoro! - نومیا
Is there anyone willing to donate an almost empty account to the cause? FF doesn't allow to create new accounts, and if I – or whoever else – wants to try this road, we need a "guinea pig" account to test the feasibility of the idea. I won't test it on mine :) The idea would be to "pump" thousand of posts on that account and the try to back them up... several times. - Claudio Cicali
Aspetta! forse ce'! - نومیا
Forza Italia ^_^ - گیلداد
claudio? Voi conto vuoto o no? - نومیا
Claudio I will broadcast your request and will let you know - لرد فرهاد
Claudio, I have a mostly unused 'testing' FF account I can hand over to you. Subscribe to me and I'll DM the details. - Micah from FFHound!
Claudio, found you another test subject ;) please add my friend for the DM detals https://friendfeed.com/saeedgr... - لرد فرهاد
www.frenf.it/earlyadopters/ferihelper - Feri Helper
Thanks guys :) - Claudio Cicali
Claudio: DonationCoder has an account with just 19 subscribers, most of which I think are inactive. It has about 1000 existing posts, but we will not mind allowing you to use it to test with. In fact, we'd be proud to, if it could help save everyone's data. - April Russo (FForever!)
April, great! I think I am going to need the "key" of that account to be able to post on its behalf. - Claudio Cicali
Guys, i love you. - Pea Bukowski
God bless u! - فوژان from Android
I think we killed the server...getting 404s and gateway failures. - Technodad
کسکشا شما که بلد نیستید ازین کارا کنید غلط میخورید گوز گوز میکنید :دی - ووووزلا
فارسی نداره؟ چرا پ؟ :دی - ووووزلا
عزیزم حالا که داری زحمت میکشی، این فونت تاهوما رو هم ردیف کن که ما نریم سراغ انگولک کردنش، تاهوما بیییییییییییییترین فوت هست واسه فارسی :دی - ووووزلا
The back up does not work for me and also the settings doesnt work although i have only tried it on ipad it might be the reason - || بهاره ||
Bouna sera! Come va!? Speriamo che funziona finalmenete O no?! - نومیا
میلان سرور یووه و اینتر هست :دی - ووووزلا
فقط بگید اگر میلانی نیستید نیام اونجا :دی - ووووزلا
من یک سوال هم داشتم، پخش زنده هم دارید؟ :دی - ووووزلا
اینو قرار بود یکی دیگه بپرسه ولی گفتم خودم بپرسم :دی - ووووزلا
عزیزم قربون اون پیشونی بلندت برم، تو فقط برای دل خودت کار میکنی، پس ما چی که زبون فارسی میخوایم؟ :دی - ووووزلا
++++++++ Like - Mir ∂r∂sh
I'm in - heleninstitches :-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
I never got the email to enable my account. :( - Paulette from iPhone
I'm still not a cool kid!! Wahhhh! - Paulette from iPhone
Thanks Mr Stephen Mack ... - مـــمـد ☮
http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... thank you senape. quello di frenfit for making, & mr mack for finding - chaz2b
Hello! If anybody still waits the confirmation mail, i will enable him/her by hand. I'm going to open a new thread - senape. quello di frenfit
Awesome. Too bad I fatfingered my account name. :( - Kevin Johnson from Android
Just another Bubba
Any Gilmore Girls fans? I'm not sure if I'll be ridiculed, but I've been kinda binge-watching.
Such a great show. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
One of my favorite shows of all time. - Todd Hoff
I started watching it this winter - I couldn't watch too much at once. The dialog is crazy fast. - Jen
I watched it last summer - I'd caught an episode here and there before that, but never very much - ellbeecee
Heather got me into it through the daily airings @ 11am on ABC Family. We started at about season 4.5 and went to the end, then caught up to where we started once they restarted from the beginning. Great show! - Chris Topher
Good. I was afraid I was the only guy to watch. So many people have told me they talk too fast but I didn't think so. - Just another Bubba
I know a lot of my Twitter friends were really excited when it was added to Netflix. I haven't watched it, so I don't know if I'd enjoy it or not. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Definitely a fan. Wish I had the DVDs so I could binge. - Spidra Webster
We don't binge--ever--but we own the whole series and will return to it one of these days/years. We don't buy series unless we (a) really like them and (b) are certain we'd want to re-watch them in the future. - walt crawford
Gilmore Girls isn't a show, it's a lifestyle. <3 - Heather
I'm a fan :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Tam keeps telling me to watch it, but I'm not sure I can cope with that much Lauren Graham ;-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
I can cope with that much Lauren Graham. Oh, yes. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
I love the show! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
laura x
It's not that I thought FriendFeed would last forever. It's just that I thought we'd have migrated to some other backwater of the Internet before it died.
Yeah. - Kristin
Yup. I kinda feel homeless. - Mary Carmen
It's hard to find a similar combination of features & community. - John (bird whisperer)
I kept hoping. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Have to cobble together 2 or 3 services to equal on Friendfeed. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I think it's not only finding features & community but "backwater." Need I mention what happens when you get 10,000+ library folks joining a social network aggregation? (It's five letters beginning with a misleading trio, for those of you not already burned...) - walt crawford
I think we can create the LSW somewhere else, but I will miss the other half with the interaction with normal people not calling themselves librarians. And they even put up with us, the librarian mafia. I am not sure that will happen elsewhere. - Joe
An excellent point, Joe. - walt crawford
I've often wondered - and have grown to believe - that the fact that this place is so highly populated and influenced by The Librarian Mafia, is what keeps it so "civil." You folks are trained (or so I'm given to believe) in rigorous in inquiry and reasoned discourse. Wherever the librarians go is where I want to be. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Yes. I came for the librarians, I stayed for the Friendfeeders. - bentley
It was always fun to watch the librarians venture out into the FF sea; I always hoped they stay. - Anne Bouey
I'm very glad I stayed. - bentley
I came for the FFeeders and stayed for the librarians. The Librarian Mafia better find a way to let us novitiates and wannabes know where they go next! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
walt crawford
The Open Access Landscape: 3. Anthropology - http://walt.lishost.org/2015...
It wasn't actually up "two hours ago"--it was scheduled for 8:05 a.m., and it turns out Wordpress doesn't deal with Daylight Savings Time; I just changed the time setting to UTS-7 instead of UTS-8, and forced the publication. Anyway: it's up now. (#s 4 and 5 are already queued...one Friday at a time. And I'll see, tomorrow I guess, if that frequently-retweeted DOAJ blurb for the *first* post yields big hit numbers.) - walt crawford
walt crawford
A little geekier than expected: Shari's Cafe & Pies (mostly west coast) sent out a $1 offer for a slice of pie to its club members, only good on 3/14/15, and yes, there was a pi in the crust of the pie-slice illustrated. NO geekier than expected: the Computer History Museum's having a special Pi Day celebration..and those in line by 9:26 a.m....
...will get free admission and, I think, a free slice of (pizza) pie. (CHM opens at 10 a.m.) - walt crawford
Oops. Wrong on the free slice of pie, but it will be available for sale. Meanwhile, the Exploratorium's doing a whole day of special pi-related stuff, but this Saturday's a free day anyway. (True admission: I won't take advantage of any of this...) - walt crawford
walt crawford
Last night, watching Stargate: Atlantis, Season 3, "Irresistible," we commented that we knew the guy with the pheromones and had seen him before. Turned out to be Richard Kind. Linda was convinced he was the father in The Wonder Years, but we'd also seen him in something more recent...
Checked this morning: Richard Kind's big series was Spin City (which we watched). So then checked Wonder Years. That was Dan Lauria and...well, the two do look a *little* like one another. Cosmic import: None. - walt crawford
("The guy with the pheromones"--avoiding spoilers, let's just say it was One Of Those Episodes, very much a break from the usual Serious Intensity.) - walt crawford
I always think of Richard Kind as the guy from Mad About You, Jamie's gynecologist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Stephen Mack
One of many shows he was on (and more episodes than most), but 37 episodes compared to 145 on Spin City...so, yeah, he was both. - walt crawford
Yeah, I just never watched Spin City :) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
We're even. We never watched Mad About You. - walt crawford
Stalemate! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Never watched Spin City, but have very fond memories of Mad About You. - John Dupuis
Pete's Got To Go
A lot of "FF is dead" seems to come from some teleological approach- that somewhere there is *the* social whatever site, and it isn't ever going to be the latest one; and that we should all want this Singularity, regardless of whether what we have suffices.
I think you have a point, Pete. - Jim #teamFFrank
Just the one, but I show it from many angles ;) - Pete's Got To Go
Dorothea: "subcultures are stubborn" - do you mean the negative connotations? - Bill Anderson from twhirl
Pete: The One Great Whatever is such a strong force, particularly for would-be gurus. Not just with social networks, to be sure. - walt crawford
I'm increasingly convinced that we'll (at least some of us) find the "dead" networks to be the most useful in the long run, precisely because they're not overpopulated. [Maybe one reason lists still work for so many people--because they're so Not Shiny they practically show rust?] - walt crawford
I would agree that we tend to cluster around what works for us. Plurk has a large contingent of knitters on it (ask me how I know) - Hedgehog
They can have my FF when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. Or when I find something better. Which I haven't. So, there you have it. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
No social network is dead until everyone leaves or the host kills it. No social network is truly alive until you have connections on it, no matter how many bajillion people are using it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Seems apropos - Pete's Got To Go
Rachel Walden
Ooh, is #askmeanything a thing we're doing before ff shuts down? Ask away.
How often are you asked for medical advice? - Pete's Got To Go
What's the most disturbing thing you've seen in a medical textbook? - Pete's Got To Go
Do you think you'll not own a car again at some point in the future? - laura x
How's the new job? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Are you still in Nashville? (I don't remember if you've said or not) - ellbeecee
Pete-Somewhat frequently asked for medical advice. The worst is when it's for family members with poor prognoses. - Rachel Walden
Pete-Dermatology atlases are kind of the worst. Eyeball problems bother me. Anything full-color, bloody, and bulging is an issue. - Rachel Walden
Laura-Could definitely see myself going car-free again in the future, especially if I moved to a city with great public transportation. I just couldn't make it here with once-per-hour shuttle buses just in town. - Rachel Walden
Christina and ellbeecee - The new job is amazeballs. :) So no, I'm not in Nashville - I'm in Johnson City, TN which is right by the mountains, an hour from Asheville, NC, and an hour from my parents/where I grew up. Just a few minutes up the road from Jonesborough, TN, where there is a great annual storytelling festival. - Rachel Walden
Pete-I will say that the worst things I've ever seen weren't in medical textbooks, but on rounds and case conference for trauma and emergency medicine. - Rachel Walden
The new job is a step up, management-wise, iirc. Are you happy you took that kind of opportunity? Can you see yourself seeking a directorship at some point? - John Dupuis
Rachel: I love your second response to Pete. When I'm checking OA journals for article counts, there are a bunch of medical journals that show an image with each article/case report listing in the ToCs...and I think I have nightmares some nights thanks to those. - walt crawford
John - Yes - the new position is a directorship, and I'm very happy with it. I am Associate Dean of Learning Resources for the college of medicine; LR includes 3 areas - 1) the medical library; 2) biomedical communications, which is a graphic design and digital print shop housed in the library building; 3) a one-person IT dept. I love it so much, and I am happy every take that I took the leap to come here. - Rachel Walden
Walt - I bet! Horrifying images are one peril of medical librarianship. Self-diagnosis and just knowing too much about medicine/healthcare are the others. :) - Rachel Walden
holly #ravingfangirl
Thing that makes this Virgo crazy #245: I cannot get this necklace to line up with the neckline of this sweater.
Stylish asymmetry. - walt crawford
I have been known to take a thread and shorten a chain by one link to get it in line with a neckline. #alsoaVirgo - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
i love this necklace but it can make me crazy. it's bendable so i can usually get it to conform, but today every time one side got fixed the other got out of whack. #virgohell - holly #ravingfangirl
walt crawford
So, to finish this spurt of FF posting (about time, given 29 days left): I avoid memes like crazy, but sure, #askmeanything. I might even answer.
When you were in high school, what did you think you'd do with your life? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Until mid-senior year, I thought I'd go to Fresno State, major in math or some easy computer-related field, and become a computer programmer to Make Big Bucks. Then things changed (partly because advisors didn't want Honors students to go anywhere but universities), even though I wound up as a programmer/analyst--but in the library field. So much for the big bucks. - walt crawford
I seriously applaud the incredible work you've done on OA & related issues these past few years but I have to ask...what drives you to continue working on these types of things when many (most?) of us would take a much more relaxed approach to retirement? - John Dupuis
(Recognizing that your approach is likely far healthier in the long run, staying mentally and physically active is incredibly important.) - John Dupuis
John: Damned if I know. Things that interest me. Feeling I can make a difference. Not really wanting to turn into a slug (not that my wife would allow that! if I give up on C&I, OA, etc., I'll become active in the local Friends of the Library). - walt crawford
walt crawford
Wednesdaze: Today's hike rerouted because we got RAIN! (Not enough to do much good, but enough to muddy the trails at original site.) But the Windows updates my wife got yesterday weren't there yet, the perfect time to let them install. Got back from the hike, still not there, went to lunch, got back: There--16, one of them ginormous...
...then another 11. Decided to install Turbotax...and with all the downloads needed to fix Intuit's "oops, we really can't take Schedule C away, can we?" that took a long while. So: plans to get something done between 1 and 5ish--well, it's 3:20, and I've more or less given up. Maybe check another 50-60 OA journals for 2014 article counts (part of my 28-week blogging project). - walt crawford
And, of course, get myself in trouble on Web4Lib with The Great and Powerful Beall, as if my LTR issue this summer won't get me in trouble with him anyway... - walt crawford
AND: Wednesdaze just keeps getting better. Brain too fried to do much but check journals; queued up 10 BioMedCentral journals to check (VERY easy to get annual article counts, and I'm trying to whittle away at the 1,702 med. journals over the next 15-16 weeks). And...BMC is in maintenance mode. Come back later. Boo. Too late to watch an old movie before dinner. - walt crawford
walt crawford
I may regret this later, but... someone on Web4Lib was inquiring about a journal "publisher" and included a link. First response from somebody was "check Beall's list" (which the respondent, of course, didn't actually do...). I went to DOAJ.org, checked the first two "journal" titles, then responded...
"Better yet, ignore Beall's list (given his demonstrated antipathy toward OA in general) and look up the titles on DOAJ.org. I checked the first two, neither of which is there. That's good enough for me: this isn't a serious OA publisher." Sorry, but I'm no longer willing to let "rely on Beall" stand as a worthwhile response. - walt crawford
OOH OOH! Turns out the publisher is a "content partner" for Knovel, which is now owned by Elsevier, so of course it must be Good Stuff, even if it looks totally sketchy and doesn't bother to apply for DOAJ with its labeled-OA-journals. Because, as we all know, everything Elsevier does is first-rate and totally above-board. - walt crawford
"You should use social sites to increase traffic and make your site go viral." This must be soooo easy to do.
Well, sure, just hire one of the SEO Specialists and Social Gurus that send you email offering to clean up your act, for a fee. You may not go viral, but at least you can go broke. - walt crawford
Stephen Francoeur
Post your FF stats here: 333 subscriptions, 402 subscribers,17,435 comments, 4,952 likes
872 subscriptions, 841 subscribers, 61,176 comments, 56,914 likes. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
952 subscriptions, 1,058 subscribers,107,959 comments, 257,661 likes. I don't get out much. - LB needs a break.
32 subscriptions, 57 subscribers, 13,437 comments, 4,281 likes. - Zamms
218 subscriptions, 132 subscribers, 13,051 comments, 20,460 likes, - bentley
183 subscriptions, 240 subscribers, 6,741 comments, 535 likes - aaron
155 subscriptions, 172 subscribers, 4, 573 comments, 7681 likes (never could get my flickr or twitter accounts to work properly in here) - weelibrarian
525 subscriptions, 413 subscribers, 20,850 comments, 23,658 likes. - Joe
118 subscriptions, 83 subscribers, 27,225 comments, 10,511 likes. Dang I run my mouth too much. - RepoRat
544 subscriptions, 378 subscribers, 44,767 comments, 26,022 likes - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
225 subscriptions 396 subscribers 39,007 comments 2,461 likes [ETA: I am not a big liker, it would seem!] - laura x
198 subscriptions, 158 subscribers, 19550 comments, 7684 likes. - Hedgehog
130 subscriptions, 159 subscribers, 28,916 comments, 13,150 likes - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
582 subscriptions 921 subscribers 60,002 comments 20,931 likes - Mary Carmen
170 subscriptions 272 subscribers 22,800 comments 7,797 likes (doesn't include my first account, which I impulsively deleted after a year or two) - Meg VMeg
108 subscriptions 120 subscribers 35,725 comments 9,711 likes - jambina
150 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 1493 comments, 2123 likes - Heather Piwowar
392 subscriptions, 379 subscribers, 5,445 comments, 10,008 likes - John Dupuis
150 subscriptions, 621 subscribers, 11,250 comments and 6,190 likes. And...7years...to the day as it happens - Cameron Neylon
235 subscriptions 148 subscribers 4,324 comments 2,964 likes - Jed
182 subscriptions 156 subscribers 38,761 comments 31,911 likes - Pete's Got To Go
125 subscriptions, 272 subscribers, 7,901 comments, 4,947 likes - Christina Pikas from iPhone
257 subscriptions, 194 subscribers, 39,158 comments, 17,727 likes - ellbeecee
157 subscriptions, 183 subscribers, 5349 comments, 1626 likes (even more bah humbug than Laura !) - Kathryn is a free elf
110 subscriptions (guess I'm antisocial), 250 subscribers, 16,850 comments, 1,547 likes. - walt crawford
277 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 16,167 comments, 8,938 likes - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
34 subscriptions, 51 subscribers, 2,160 comments, 738 likes. (I just use FF for LSW, obv.) - kaijsa
569 subscriptions, 1,148 subscribers, 50,436 comments, 7,830 likes (I did a major cleanup awhile back, to usubscribe from a lot of "dead" people) - April Russo (FForever!)
113 subscriptions, 113 subscribers, 5,884 comments, 2,293 likes - βℜ∀ñÐi
114 subscriptions 159 subscribers 19,908 comments 17,274 likes and Friendfeed NOW FRIENDFEED FOREVER! . - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
260 subscriptions 268 subscribers 26,783 comments 14,508 likes - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
ALA Annual Conference 2009 Chicago on Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com/5607888
ALA Annual Conference 2009 Chicago on Vimeo
STEVE LAWSON IS FAMOUS - jambina from Bookmarklet
Wow, 3 minutes of Steve and LSW! (start at about minute 6:54 for the Steve/LSW part). - lris
rocking the Neff! i love it! - kendrak
D0r0th34: you'll have to wait your turn. When the term of one of the current groupies expires, you will be considered for the vacancy. - DJF
but if everybody's a groupie, then nobody's a ... wait, what were we talking about again? - DJF
I like the profile before the multi-committeed multi-badged guy. All those ribbons always make me think of military types with chests covered with ribbons. Though their hats are not the same, nor do they have beards, usually. - barbara fister
I gave up listening to the Foo Fighters on my iPod to watch this... I am SUCH a library geek. Congrats to Steve. - Joe
Steve: Great job. - walt crawford
I can't watch this now, but I bet it's worth watching again. - laura x
But, is it /still/ better than the Foo Fighters? - Joe
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Last night, I dreamed that there was a Walt action figure.
This now needs to become a reality. - Julian
This would work for creating a Walt Action figure, but does not include an option for creating a female action figure: http://www.vicale.com/maleond... - Galadriel C.
*bumping for Walt* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Which Walt did you have in mind? Certainly not this one... - walt crawford
Yes, sir. It was you. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone else looking up to customize a minifig? - bentley
This sounds like a perfect maker space project. 3D printer, anyone? - Andy
I'd chip in. - Meg VMeg
And this is why I love you all :) - Jen
Can it be like the Fonz with thumps up action? - Joe
I would buy one. And I almost never buy anything. - laura x from iPhone
Can we make a tiny Cites and Insights to go with the figurine? - Marie
Sigh. I apparently lost my (custom, 30th anniversary, pair) wedding ring today, so I'm currently not feeling very action-y. Depressed and upset and... but right now, I'm just not up for anything. - walt crawford
Crap, any idea where you lost it? - Meg VMeg
That's too bad, Walt. I once lost mine for 10 months (it was in the bottom of a deep kitchen drawer filled with tupperware). I also lost it for 15 minutes on the day after I got married as we were flying to our honeymoon (I found it under the cushion of my seat). - Stephen Francoeur
No idea. Retraced our walk, called the two places I'd been, looked *everywhere* in the house--and, because Tuesday's garbage/recycling day, we spent a couple of hours going through the garbage, green waste (I'm degrassing the front yard) and recycling: Finally had dinner at 8 p.m. instead of the usual 6 p.m. - walt crawford
Later this morning I'll go through the not-yet-recycled buckets of grass, etc. one more time, probably shovel & sift through a few cubic feet of soil, revisit two places, and call the police dept. to see if they have a lost & found. And try to get things back to normal. Very little likelihood of finding it. Still not up for action figure, I'm afraid... - walt crawford
My wife had been suggesting that I have a ball mounted on inside of ring (she has this) to help prevent it slipping off the finger; I found the ball really uncomfortable, so resisted. As usual, she was/is right. UPDATE: Wedding ring found. - walt crawford
Hooray! Now can we have the action figure? - Cameron Neylon
Walt, I have two balls on one of the rings I wear (it belonged to my great-grandmother and then my grandmother)--I've gotten used to them much more quickly than I thought I would. - laura x
Laura: Thanks for that. I'm definitely going to get it done (and it is two balls, not one). - walt crawford
yay wedding ring found!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Yay! - bentley
Yay! I've actually "lost" my wedding ring twice over the years and ended up finding it. The first time was on a business trip to the UK only about a year or two after we got married. I noticed it was gone while on the plane and spent the whole time sweating it out. Fortunately, it was sitting on the top of my clothes in my suitcase when I got home. It probably fell off while I was packing after my shower. - John Dupuis
Also, I vote for a Walt action figure, even if only a virtual one. - John Dupuis
I saw one of these machines at the Toys R Us in Times Square over the weekend: http://marvel.com/news... - Stephen Francoeur
walt crawford
Legit but perhaps ignorant question: My understanding is that the kinds of non-removable rechargeable batteries used in e-devices are good for 200-400 recharge cycles (and our Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is starting to have shorter recharge cycles). If that's still true...
...then, given that the Apple Watch (18 hours on a charge) effectively needs to be recharged every single day, does that mean that $349 to $17,000 (plus the mandatory iPhone 5 or above) is for about a year's use? What am I missing? - walt crawford
[I'll check back in an hour or two; off to sift through dirt and grass, then go recheck possible places where wedding ring might have disappeared to.] - walt crawford
wedding ring disappeared? oh noes! (spouse lost his years ago; he only paid $5 for it, anticipating its eventual loss) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Update: Wedding ring found (in the first bucket of dirt and grass). Crisis averted. Will go tomorrow to see about getting balls added to inside of ring (like wife has). - walt crawford
Oh I'm so glad you found it!!!! *HUGS* - Hedgehog
^^^ great news about the ring! - Marie
I thought it was 800-1000 recharge cycles to get the battery down to 80% of original capacity. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew: 800-1000 would be more like it, but that's not what I'm seeing (of course, that's still only 2.5-3 years, but...) Link for that? I looked at The Universal Reference Source, of course. - walt crawford
I read it somewhere on lifehack-type articles. This isn't where I read it, but it's close: https://gigaom.com/2013... - Andrew C (✔)
Thanks. If notebook batteries (usually replaceable) are the same chemistry as "smartstuff" batteries (usually not), that's promising. (I'm not likely to buy an Apple Watch, so it's a different sort of curiosity. My Timex works just fine.) - walt crawford
I've read the same advice (including life cycle stats) for smartphone batteries. I thought they were all Li-ion now. - Andrew C (✔)
Maybe I just got bad advice elsewhere. Anyway, thanks for the pointer. - walt crawford
Berger, M., and J. Cirasella. (2015). Beyond Beall’s List: Better understanding predatory publishers. College & Research Libraries News, 76(3):132-135. Retrieved March 9, 2015 from http://crln.acrl.org/content....
Yay. Sooo useful. - Megan loves summer
Maybe a little too kind about Beall, but I'm getting used to that obeisance to obsession. - walt crawford
I agree with the too kind to Beall. It definitely contributes to him being a kind of "go to" librarian whenever some kind of "scandal" hits the press. - John Dupuis
Kind like foxes, I suspect. Too harsh and he gets to cry persecution. - RepoRat
I took a second quick look and they were harsher than I remembered on Beall. Pretty well matching my own opinion. I might have conflated in my memory with the treatment of the Bohannon sting, which was a bit too gentle. - John Dupuis
Fwd: Dear FriendFeed community, We wanted to let you know that FriendFeed will be shutting down soon. We've been maintaining the service since we joined Facebook five years ago, but the number of people using FriendFeed has been steadily declining and the community is now just a fraction of what it once was. Given this, we've decided that it's...
start winding things down. Beginning today, we will no longer accept new signups. You will be able to view your posts, messages, and photos until April 9th. On April 9th, we'll be shutting down FriendFeed and it will no longer be available. We want to thank you all for being such a terrific and enthusiastic community. We're proud of what we built so many years ago, and we recognize that it would have never been possible without your support. - The FriendFeed team - Benjamin Golub http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Hedgehog
... well, hell. - RepoRat
*cries* - John Dupuis
Oh no. :( :( :( - lris
NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. - laura x
What's the plan b? - John Dupuis
Well, until we find something nicer, I guess there's always the backup Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups... - lris
but … the Facebook, she is so much more public. *sobs again* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and much more difficult to follow, IMO - ~Courtney F
I KNOW. I hate this. - lris
This is very sad. :( - Laura
IRC is a synchronous possibility. Slack might work if we have someone already on it. - RepoRat
Plurk might work--at least does threaded convos, though I haven't used it in forever - Hedgehog
I don't like. - kaijsa
Ackackackackackackack - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫ from FFHound!
:( - Sarah
Well farglebargle (or the four-letter equivalent thereof). It had to happen sooner or later, I guess. - walt crawford
Wow! The end of an era. - Steven M. Cohen
This is so sad! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yeah, now where will the powers that be monitor the ramblings of all the trouble makers? - John Dupuis
For the LSW side of things, what about something like commons in a box? http://commonsinabox.org/ I don't have the skills to put it up, but if someone did, I'd be willing to put something toward hosting. - ellbeecee
WP-based, shouldn't be TOO heinous an install. Where's thelsw.org currently hosted and who has backend access to it? - RepoRat
Blake hosts it. I think Laurax is an admin. - lris
I was also thinking of the forums in thelsw.org. For the twitter people, maybe use a unique hashtag? - Joe
I think twitter is too big for this. We've been there, done that, and our smaller questions got lost in the shuffle and the larger discussions were too fragmented. - lris
a) NOOOoooo. b) I support moving to LSW.org solution though I have no technical idea what's involved. IRC also something I'd support but am not sure what all is involved as i haven't IRC'd in years (though i irk frequently). Going to miss this platform big-time though. Agree with Iris about Twitter not really doing it and I am a Facebook refusenik. - barbara fister
Oh, turns out, I'm an admin at theLSW.org. :) - lris
I had a feeling that was the case. It's so nice when my hunches turn out to be correct. :D - laura x
Re Commons in a Box, I'm friend with the developers here at CUNY. If we want to go that route, let me know. - Stephen Francoeur
I'm willing to take a crack at installing it. I might have to bug a CUNY dev for help, but I'm not a total server n00b either. - RepoRat
FWIW I logged into thelsw.org and wrote a post about pros/cons of setting up shop there. http://thelsw.org/2015... - Stephen Francoeur
Is laurax still the person to ask to be added to thelsw.org? - Sarah
Yes, I am, and feel free to do so--newrambler at gmail. I will add people whenever I can (harder from home due to toddler, so mostly during office hours). - laura x
eep! - Rachel Walden
Well damn. This place kept me relatively sane through my MLIS and the couple three years after that. - Heather
So sad! I'll follow us wherever we go though. Except Facebook - not there. I'll keep a hopeful eye at lsw.org. - Grumpator
Grumpator: you may not find the Little Spokane Watershed to be where you really want to go. (I just checked.) THELsw.org, on the other hand, is in fact Another LSW Space. - walt crawford
You can also ask me about being added to thelsw.org - lris
can't do IRC - it's been blocked at work for at least 15 years - Christina Pikas
does web-based IRC work, Christina, or are they smart enough to hose that too? - RepoRat
I now have this mental image of Christina trying to access IRC every year, on the exact same day, then muttering to herself and making yet another tick mark in the "IRC Nope (Annual)" column. - Meg VMeg
I don't actually know right now. Last I tried it was maybe ~2006 when I was supposed to give a talk to a bunch of Boston folks on blogging :) ... eta: I tried it then and asked and IT said it had been blocked for many years prior and ^lol - Christina Pikas
I'm all for setting up a forum/whatever the hell it is on lsw.org. - Laura Krier
Oh, I mean thelsw.org - Laura Krier
LSW: Joe
There is the LSW linkedIn account. The people there seem to be completely different. I am not sure if their Boolean circle of active members overlaps our circle or not. OO?
LinkedIn = ick for me. I can never stop all the notifications. - Stephen Francoeur
Yeah, no LinkedIn for me either. - lris
Oh shit, sorry for friending you on LinkedIn, btw. - Zamms
I deep-sixed LinkedIn a while back. - RepoRat
I am not a fan of LI either. Just mention it as an option for an existing community that calls itself LSW. Sends Zamms a bunch of endorsements for "Library" and "Management." - Joe
Ooo, don't forget "Austrian Cuisine" - Zamms
Estonian Cuisine. - Joe
That too. Working on it anyway. Also: Belorussian. - Zamms
While I was grateful to LinkedIn for absorbing RLG's office space as RLG shrank (sort of--and that's a true story), that was balanced by Just How Useful LinkedIn proved to be for an experienced but non-aggressively-extrovert sort to find another job. Still there, but don't know why. - walt crawford
Best of day/week/month. I am going to miss that. Does anything else have anything like that? I know that FB pushes highly rated post to the top, but the algorithm isn't as easy to see or guesstimate. Plus, I don't like FB.
Thanks to ff technology. - Joe
You know, I've never once tried that feature. Not liking FB...well, that I've tried. - walt crawford
walt crawford
Unimportant fallout, I guess: For the next couple of years, I'd bet, I'll be opening a tagged set of Diigo items and run into one that just won't be there--a Friendfeed thread I'd wanted to consider in doing an article. Which reminds me: Maybe I should write an appreciation of sorts, at least as part of a C&I piece...
LSW and FF have been central in recent years to my keeping on keeping on with "this stuff." The honest feedback, the informal and seemingly-safe environment, the fact that almost nobody treated me like a tired old hack: Dunno where I'm going to find that. Maybe in one of the new/old LSW havens. - walt crawford
I'm trying to remember the FF posts I've saved in various places for when I get to This or That next. So I don't forget & all. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
a C&I piece about FF would be nice, Walt. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm guessing the May issue will be out a couple of days before The Big Shutdown. I'm not great for that kind of article, but it sure feels right. I'll give it a try. - walt crawford
OK, assuming I get back to "normal" in a few days: how about a partly-crowdsourced FF/LSW essay? Send me (waltcrawford at gmail dot com) your thoughts on FF and/or LSW, or blog about it and send me a link, or add your comment to this thread. I'll probably start working on this around 3/17. (If you're wondering about "normal," it has to do with losing my wedding ring.) - walt crawford
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