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Walt Crawford
Neat thing on yesterday's hike (on a road because of heavy rain making most trails muddy, but the road has spectacular views and one-truck-per-three-hours traffic): A hummingbird flew up to me, sat in front of my face (maybe a foot away) for 2-3 seconds seeing whether I might be a flower, then flew away.
Also tiny amounts of snow on the foothills just south of Livermore...snow the way I like it, nearby but not actually in town. (Probably more on Mt. Diablo, but it was too cloud-shrouded to tell.) - Walt Crawford
When the name read backwards, you've had enough. - Walt Crawford
Ooo, I thought it was Cyrillic! - Zamms
Walt Crawford
Good news for my public library: They apparently found a new operator for the coffee shop at the library (the old one shut down a couple of months ago). Also a name I bet nobody's ever used before: The Daily Grind.
OK, so not real original, but it's a great space and was always actively used, but apparently not profitable enough under the old more-or-less-a-full-deli model. Maybe this time. Notably, it will open at 7 a.m. on weekdays, hours before the library does. - Walt Crawford
When is it bad form to use a gift card or other similar discount?
When it's for a different store. Otherwise, I got nothin' - Walt Crawford
On a date (pre-relationship)? Or in a situation where you are supposed to be "treating" someone else? - Meg VMeg
Let's go with somewhere in between. For example, I have a gift card for a restaurant. I would rather not use it on just myself. - Julian
I've shared those with friends, with part of the invitation being that we'd be spending the gift card :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Just say "I have a gift card for ___ . How'd you like to help me spend it?" - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Mary Carmen
In what can only be described as a bout of insanity, I completed today's 5 miles by walking 2mins, followed by jogging for 30 secs. The best thing I can say is that it went by quick and at least the running got easier as time passed. Otherwise, you running people would have been mortified by my form.
jogging for 30 seconds or 30 minutes? Cause if it's 30 minutes damn, that's kind of an intense start. - ellbeecee
(note that either is awesome :) ) - ellbeecee
No, seconds! JFC no way minutes. Let me edit that. - Mary Carmen
Intervals are a fantastic way to start out. Great job, MC! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
I can double-dog guarantee you that your running form is better than mine. And your persistence is inspiring. - Walt Crawford
Thanks, Tam! Walt, thank you, that was great to hear today. - Mary Carmen
Go you! - Jenica
Intervals is how I was trained to do the marathon (and how I trained myself to be ready for the training). - Betsy
Son of Groucho
Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That's Almost Too Real | Adweek -
"Well, this is hilarious on a few different levels. Stock video provider Dissolve has taken the text of Kendra Eash's brilliant advertising takedown, "This Is a Generic Brand Video," originally published by McSweeney's, and set it to actual stock video clips. The company explains: "The minute we saw Kendra Eash's brilliant 'This Is a Generic Brand Video' on McSweeney's, we knew it was our moral imperative to make that generic brand video so. No surprise, we had all the footage." The results, narrated by Dallas McClain, are outstanding. You've seen all of this footage in ads from major brands. It's everywhere. And it's great that a stock video house would so gleefully celebrate the soul-sucking manipulations for which its offerings are generally used. Watch below, and have a great self-hating rest of your afternoon." - Son of Groucho from Bookmarklet
I finally watched the video--and now I wanna buy me some GB stuff! Maybe even their stock! It will make me feel good. Right? (If there aren't already Generic Brand Granola Bars and Multivitamins on the market, there will be.) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Hmm. I objected to a term I considered demeaning, and was informed that the group that uses it considers it a standard and accepted term, therefore... well, therefore I'm not sure what. I won't push the issue, but it's interesting that the group using a term gets to decide whether it's demeaning or not.
If the term is referring to the group itself then... well, yes? Who else should get to decide? - Deborah Fitchett
What's the term? - Andy
"paraprofessional" - Deborah: No, it's librarians referring to non-MLS-holders who work in libraries. Not a big deal, but a long-time irritant. Esp. since the blogger in question assured me that, oh, *I* was a librarian. Which I'm not. - Walt Crawford
Actually, Deborah, I can think of one good-size group in the U.S., at least, that cheerfully uses a term among/for themselves and will *correctly* be really pissed at anyone outside the group using it for them. I suspect there are others. - Walt Crawford
(I like the blogger who did this, and I don't want to make a big deal of it, but the Para Word has bugged me for a few, oh, decades. Even when, or especially when, the speaker makes Exceptions for a few of us Special Cases.) - Walt Crawford
Oh, right. Yes, I think the "No, they can't take offense at my word for them because it's the proper word" approach is a tad one-eyed. [As is (as you say) the "They're reclaiming for themselves this incredibly painful word and therefore it's totally okay for me to use it too" approach.] And the "But it's okay, *you're* not a mere X" line just makes it very clear it's all about perceived superiority. - Deborah Fitchett
did you suggest an alternative word? (for example, we say "staff" instead here, since that's their official designation from the university too) - ~Courtney F
I wondered about this too. Our staff once embraced the para word; they didn't find it demeaning, but now we tend to say "staff" which may or may not be inclusive of the library faculty, depending on the context. Jacob was arguing that the term "librarian' is appropriate for people who work in libraries regardless of whether or not they hold a master's degree, which he feels isn't... more... - barbara fister
In the patron (or 'user' if you must) view, anyone who works in a library is a librarian - even the student workers. The phrase "the user isn't broken" should apply here - awd
I didn't suggest an alternative, but "staff" would have been great. Aaron: I'm a "patron" person, but at least "user" is better than...ugh..."customer." I understand Jacob's argument; I was objecting to the term, not the post. Although, actually, I disagree, since that makes the degree (which my wife has and I was too lazy/scared to get) even less worthwhile. - Walt Crawford
Staff can definitely be confusing when you have faculty employees. Sometimes an "all-staff" meeting means all of us, and sometimes I show up and am told that faculty are not included. #academiclibraryproblems. We say staff here, and sometimes are more specific when referring to a library specialist or a library assistant. I like "library workers," personally, or even "library professionals." - kaijsa
"Library workers" is fine. I consider myself a library professional, so can't object to that. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Reading this, I'm afraid my primary reaction was "if only Eisen would claim that his dismissal of libraries as pointless was actually an early April Fool's prank gone bad." No such luck.
If you're wondering about what Eisen said to piss me off...well, it's in the May 2014 Cites & Insights, but I'm not announcing that issue today for what should be obvious reasons (altho' those clever with URL formation could possibly find it). Here's the article in question: - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
We gave up on HIMYM at the start of the 2012-13 season; it just got to be too...well, anyway. We'll probably catch those two seasons on DVD at some point. Meanwhile, watched "Liberal Arts" last Saturday, which is very much a Josh Radnor project.
Which is to say: He wrote it, he directed it, he stars in it, he's one of the producers. And, you know, it's pretty good. We enjoyed it quite a bit. - Walt Crawford
Mr. Gunn
Fahey: The impetus behind facilitating collaboration is to make all universities one powerful collective. [Wow]
That's almost as bad an idea as making all public libraries into One Big Library. - Walt Crawford
But on the plus side, there's no chance of it ever happening. - Deborah Fitchett
Stephen Francoeur
Working in bk publishing industry taught me that a table of contents is labeled just "Contents." Why do my ebooks use "Table of Contents?"
One guess: some (most, I think) of the automatic designs for inserting contents into Word documents based on heading styles use the label "Table of Contents" and I'd bet other programs do the same. - Walt Crawford
Maybe it's just a Kindle thing. I had noticed this just today while reading an Amazon ebook. But just now I looked at the ebooks I've bought via Google and there just "Contents" is used within individual ebooks. - Stephen Francoeur
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Last month I paid off my "big" credit card. Today I paid off my Amazon card, and thanks to the Kindle credits, I won't be paying for this month's books, so I AM DEBT-FREE AT LAST!!
That's awesome - Shevonne
At least until the next big expense. I did the "snowball" thing. I paid off my car just when I retired, and used the erstwhile car payment to pay down my credit card. I'm lucky that I already own my house and now my car. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Congratulations!!! Whatta a huge thing to accomplish. - Lnorigb
It wasn't easy. I started by not using the oddball store and gas cards I had. Paid them off in turn and was left with one card with the biggest credit limit, which really piled up what with a new furnace among other things. Got an Amazon card for online expenses. Now I just have monthly expenses on the online card, plus All Those Books. Still have the "big" card but I hope to be able to pay back anything I use that for in the future. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
you are an inspiration! kudos! - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
thats great.. being debt free" - Peter Dawson
m9m: I assume the One Big Card pays 1% (or 1.5%) cash back? If not, get one that this point you should have a great credit rating. Yes, being wholly debt free is wonderful. - Walt Crawford
WOO HOO! - Soup in a TARDIS
Student claims college instructor spent months teaching class the 'wrong' course | Houston -
Student claims college instructor spent months teaching class the 'wrong' course | Houston
"For college students, a straight-A average is a crucial building block on the road to success, but imagine having that average jeopardized because of a teacher’s mistake. That’s what Lauren Firmin claims happened in her Fall 2013 semester at Lonestar College- University Park in northwest Harris County. The class she had enrolled in and thought she was taking was an ‘Intro to Chemistry’ course, a study of the basics of the science. Yet this student with a 4.0 grade average found herself unexpectedly struggling with the material. “I was getting 40’s on every test,” said Firmin. “I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try.” Then, shortly before the class’ final exam, Firmin claims teacher Thao Shirley Nguyen admitted something. “She told her mistake in class to all of the students,” Firmin told the KHOU 11 News I-Team. And the mistake: “She was teaching general chemistry, another course, all semester.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Uh-oh. - Anne Bouey
And in all that time not one student asked for clarification, asked a tutor, went to the dept head, checked the syllabus, researched the textbook..... - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Sounds about right for people taught to do as their told without any critical thinking skills. - Anika
And that's what happens when we teach to the standardized tests, folks. Rote memory is all we care about. Can't be having generations of youths with critical thinking or analytical skills, now can we? - Hookuh Tinypants
I mean, honestly, I sympathize and all. The teacher made a huge mistake. But there were how many kids in that class? And not one single student took it upon themselves to question the situation? I mean, there's a huge difference between Intro to Chem and General Chem. HUGE. The fact that the class assumed that they already knew things should have been the big tip-off. Also, didn't... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
(Also? The instant that student realized she couldn't get above a 40 on the tests, why didn't she either drop with a W or switch to credit-no credit grading? I notice that the school does indeed offer that option. What, did someone else have to think of that for her too?) - Hookuh Tinypants
My second semester of Chem was tough, but after every test we went over it briefly. One test was particularly hard and no one did well, so the teacher went question-by-question to see where the problems were. Having 4 questions no one could answer was pretty obvious. I'm blown away that the teacher didn't notice how poorly everyone was doing and that none of the students got together to try and figure out their issues. - Heather, 30k Camper
That entire class, professor included, is a study in Darwinism for sure. - Hookuh Tinypants
We had a lecturer in my 1st year at uni that was truly dreadful, so much so that we all banded together and lodged a complaint, a meeting with the disgruntled students was arranged, which I also attended and we made our concerns clear. He was eventually replaced, but what's tragic about our story is that the end result was exactly what he wanted, he didn't want to teach and so sabotaged... more... - Halil
My son is a math major at UTSA, and he has a similar problem this semester. He's taking two different statistics classes (upon the recommendation of his advisor) that are teaching identical content. Basically, the same stuff in both courses, with different textbooks, for two course credits. - Glen Campbell
Also, I rolled my eyes a little at this: "For college students, a straight-A average is a crucial building block on the road to success". It really depends on your field. Yes, grades are important, but for some grad programs, work experience is a bigger factor than whether you got A's in all your classes. - Jessie
M9M, Hookuh: That was my immediate reaction before getting to your comments. "Really? You're getting straight A's in everything, suddenly you're flunking exams...and you don't bother to find out why?" - Walt Crawford
Also, re that straight-A claim: Damn, I'm glad I've been away from college for 45+ years. Straight A's at Berkeley in the 60s usually meant you were a superbeing or a jock. - Walt Crawford
what I thought when I saw this was how the hell did the professor not question the fact that so many students were failing the class? also i get that she's new, did no one explain to her the difference between intro and gen chem? and what everyone else has already said about the students...i mean geeze, i would have been asking questions on why i was flunking and not just... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
LB: Ratchet Bear
I'm "Who shot JR?" old.
I'm "Watergate is interrupting my afternoon cartoons" old - A Gunny named Slickback
I'm "too old to have a convenient catch phrase, a few months after VJ day" old--maybe "What's an A-bomb?"? - Walt Crawford
I'm practice getting under the desk in case of nuclear bomb attack old. I'm also rotary dial phone old. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I'm transistor radio, WLS-AM rock'in it old. - Jen
I'm "waiting for Star Wars action figures to be released" old. - Steele Lawman
I'm "Iran-Contra hearings are messing with my cartoons" old. - Jed from iPhone
I'm "See the USA in your Chevrolet" old. - Greg GuitarBuster
i'm "It was 20 years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play" old. - Big Joe Silence
I'm "Welcome to Fantasy Island" old. - Marie
I'm "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster" old. - Steven Perez
Walt and I are too old to be Boomers old. I am VJ Day old. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm "Why does Reagan always schedule his stupid speeches when Cosby Show is supposed to be on?" old. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I believe I am a candle in the wind old. - Mike Nencetti
I'm "Warsaw Pact" old, though I don't feel a day older than the Cuban missile crisis. - Ken Morley
I'm "The Young Doctors" old. - Melly
I'm "Gemini and Apollo launches" old. :) - LoisMarketing
I'm "48 HRS" old. - Julian
I'm "Well... Gee Wally...?" old. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I'm "Can I have one with butter please?" old - Melly
i'm "wish you were here" old - chaz2b
Meg VMeg
Irrationally biased against resumes involving color.
I see nothing irrational in this. - ellbeecee
What ellbee sez. - Walt Crawford
what type of colors are we talking about? the favorite one I saw used a yellow font on white paper. with some pink thrown in for good measure - Sir Shuping is just sir
Any color whatsoever (though I'm fine if email addresses and URLs are incidentally blue). Like, even if the effect is aesthetically pleasing and the information is well laid out, I just hate it on some kind of principle. - Meg VMeg
I prefer resumes with some design sense. *shrug* Possibly an allergic reaction to CVs, which ugh, so ugly and hard to scan. - RepoRat
I am irrational biased against resumes involving the movie Colors. I can check IMDB to check if you're in it. - Zamms
I like small color accents, but I hate when they use text boxes in Word, and then don't convert to PDF, so you see boxes of dashed lines all over the whole thing when looking at it electronically. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
What about, say, a résumé that appears on a website that already has a theme involving color? Should it appear on an unthemed page? - Mark Trapp
I'm okay with tasteful use of color in HTML/web-based resumes. It's only the PDFs and Word docs where it bothers me. Clearly I am insane. - Meg VMeg
Mark, that I'd expect it to be themed as the site, but give me a link to a pdf too because I still need to be able to print it off and mark it up (well, if you're an actual applicant. And in that case I'd have expected you to attach your resume/cv to an email and make my life easier) - ellbeecee
ellbeecee: oh sure, definitely on the PDF alternative. Meg: nah, I totally agree, though maybe for different reasons. My feeling is that Word docs and PDFs have an implied "this may be printed" contract associated with them that web/HTML does not, and I don't want to go all wasting my precious color ink on some superfluous coloring. I guess I could always just check "B&W" when printing, but that's an extra step that's not needed! I dunno, maybe we're both insane. - Mark Trapp
Walt Crawford
Tiny personal technology triumph today. Forced to switch to VDSL last week (I posted about that earlier), and the shipped equipment is a modem/wifi combo. Since we already have a reasonably secure wifi net set up with our owned router, didn't want the combo to be working as a router. AT&T guy said "just don't connect to it."
But, after three or four days using it, suddenly saw fifth light on: "Wireless." Checked, and there was suddenly a new wifi net with the name provided by AT&T (with a ten-digit password). No obvious way in setup instructions to turn off the wifi. - Walt Crawford
But, navigating the menus of AT&T's Uverse site, finally got to specific instructions to connect to the modem/router; easy process to turn off the wireless portion. Shazam: the light went out. (Not paranoid, but just as soon avoid *any* chance of outsiders using our data allocation.) - Walt Crawford
(I read that as modem/wife combo) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Oh, I guarantee that the modem/wife combo was a primary reason we were upset when AT&T switched the ADSL to VDSL 12 hours early...if I had gone on my usual hike, my wife would have been *damned* upset about losing a half-day of access! - Walt Crawford
I'm going through the forced migration from DSL to Uverse now. Not a happy customer. - Greg GuitarBuster
Have to admit: the "Uverse" has been working more reliably than DSL was, although since the speed cap--and the fastest available--is still around 2.5mbps, I'm not sure it has much relationship to real U-verse, like my brother has across town. I wonder whether our neighborhood's underground utilities have something to do with it, or objections to the big ugly U-verse distribution boxes...or there just isn't enough local interest? - Walt Crawford
[That is: we *can't* get U-verse TV, and we *can't* sign up for a true high-speed broadband package, e.g., 5 or 10 or 20mbps.] - Walt Crawford
John Dupuis
RT @mridley: Yes libraries have challenges & yes some are urgent. But we are also doing amazing things as @janeschmidt reminds us
Yep. I have to admit, every time I see some promo for that "Do libraries have five years to live?" conference or whatever it is, I have the urge to scream. Unfortunately, "Does phony catastrophism have five years to live?" is an equally absurd question. - Walt Crawford
Latest T&F news seems very interesting.
interesting in a good way. " TFL gives users who have full access to one article the ability to read other Taylor & Francis articles referenced by it for free." :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"Good" as in "for a publisher with high prices determined to limit access, it's a start." Closer it will get, say, Walt Crawford to being able to read T&F articles: Well, you can't have everything. - Walt Crawford
well, yes to what Walt says. Baby steps. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Betty Write
!! RT @dreaontv: tear the edges of both sides of printer paper old
I am sitting here at my home computer desk, a huge L-shaped thing with a key slot at the far right side, with a shelf about a foot beneath that slot--where, of course, the box of perf printer paper went to feed through the slot to the printer. A Gemini-10. (I've had this desk for a long, long, LONG time.) - Walt Crawford
Jason Priem
"50% of papers are never read by anyone other than their authors, referees and journal editors.” h/t @wilbanks
Doesn't that make an assumption about the journal editors and referees--and, for that matter, some of the "authors" on multi-author papers? - Walt Crawford
Eric - Watch Me Now
Wu-Tang Clan releasing a single copy of an album you can only hear at museums -
Wu-Tang Clan releasing a single copy of an album you can only hear at museums
"In a release strategy that makes Beck’s recent distribution of sheet music look like a personalized mix-tape, the sole copy of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be encased inside an engraved silver-and-nickel box designed by British-Moroccan artist Yahya, then taken on a tour through museums, art galleries, and festivals. There—and only there—visitors will be able to listen to all 128 minutes of its 31 songs on headphones, and only after enduring a rigorous security check to eliminate the risk of any recording devices. Once the album has completed that tour, it will then be sold to a single buyer for a price estimated to be “in the millions.” Because Wu-Tang is for the children—the children on museum field trips, and the children of very rich people." - Eric - Watch Me Now from Bookmarklet
I do believe we now have a new Pretentiousness Champion. I don't know anything about the (music?) of Wu-Tang Clan, and that story doesn't encourage me to want to know more. - Walt Crawford
The thing that's weird and interesting to me with this idea - it puts it in the same category as a famous painting. It tours a bit, and if the public is lucky, lives in a museum open to them after that. If not, well, maybe there's a picture somewhere. - Jennifer Dittrich
The difference is that there *will* be reproductions of the painting--by the museum, if nobody else. The whole idea here appears to be (artificial) scarcity. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Lazyweb query: Anyone know of any Nigeria-based (or Africa-based other than Egypt) OA publishers that have *not* been labeled as predatory? (In relation to some semi-serious work I'm doing...)
[I'd like to satisfy myself that being Africa-based doesn't earn an automatic "probably skeevy" designation.] - Walt Crawford
Checking... - Joe - Systems Analyst
Don't spend a lot of time on it. It's idle speculation at this point. (500 publishers from now, if that ever happens, it may no longer be idle speculation.) - Walt Crawford African Journals Online is not in the Be-all list. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Thanks! Just knowing there's at least one is good. - Walt Crawford
Ah, well, turns out AJOL is a partnership and *some* of its journals are OA. So it's redeemed by the cleansing power of charging for content. - Walt Crawford
And, in fact, the first journal I clicked on is published by the publisher I'm looking at right now, and that publisher *is* on Beall's list--for reasons unknown, AFAICT. (The publisher has a number of essentially-dormant journals but also a number of healthy ones, is up front about its APCs, has editorial boards, has clean websites...) - Walt Crawford
Ok Open Access Experts: I need your help. #1: what are some quick reads to get me up-to-speed on the latest happenings in this area (I am familiar with some of the basics but need to take a deeper dive). #2: who are the good speakers on OA topics? Could be publishing, open data, repositories, anything related.
What are you feeling a need to know more about? Good speakers: for libraryland, try Barbara Fister, Sarah Shreeves, Amy Buckland, Sarah Glassmeyer, Walt Crawford, Jill Cirasella, Maura Smale for starters. AVOID Rick Anderson and Jeffrey Beall at all costs. If you're looking for speakers with faculty cred, let me know; they exist too. - RepoRat
Yeah, sorry I knew I should be more specific, I got lassooed into an OA Week planning committee and we're looking for speakers that can speak to the greater academic population beyond libraryland. I thought of Amy and Jim DelRosso because I've had them speak before. Honestly for my own integrity i was hoping for a quick and dirty "state of OA" or "current events in OA" to bring me up to the latest happenings and hotbutton topics? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I haven't been following the debate closely so I need a better idea of where to be focusing in terms of topics that will engage faculty? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
For current events, or or maybe For topics that will engage faculty positively, believe it or not, OPEN TEXTBOOKS is where it's at. - RepoRat
(Or a good old-fashioned Elsevier-bashing session; Elsevier has been shooting itself in the foot with a tommygun lately. But, y'know, open textbooks are more happier-like.) - RepoRat
hah i was bandying about getting Elsevier as a vendor sponsor for joking at the meeting - LibrarianOnTheLoose
And some potential faculty-type speakers: Barbara Fister (who has faculty cred because of her IHE column), Bethany Nowviskie, Jen Guiliano, Melissa Terras, Peter Suber, Stuart Shieber (if you can land him), Jonathan Eisen (easier-going than his brother Marc), Mike Taylor (of SVPOW), John Hawks ( - RepoRat
As one who RR named (Thanks!), I'd say that for OA Week speaking to faculty, I'm *not* a good choice: No credibility. I certainly agree that Beall and Anderson should be avoided at all costs. The list just above sounds pretty good to me. - Walt Crawford
Yeah, I'm not so wild about Poynder's list, but again, maybe that's me. - Walt Crawford
lengthy and not always current, but - RepoRat
Oh Wow!! + <slight threadjack> I just moments ago met with my contact at the Grad School and they want to collaborate during OA week on offering a practical, new scholar/authors guide to grad students about OA. Any ideas for speakers along these lines would be great too</slight threadjack> - Galadriel C.
Galadriel - i do an outreach session in our myResearch courses specifically for grads/postdocs on their online presence as professionals and tie in OA, author rights, and professional web space. happy to share notes if ya want! - jambina
Galadriel: jambina, Sarah Shreeves, Gail McMillan, Marisa Ramirez all good with grad students. - RepoRat
Oh thank you so much Jambina and RR! Jambina I would be very interested in seeing your notes - galadriel dot chilton at UConn dot edu. - Galadriel C. from Android
no worries! all in a good cause. - RepoRat
Note that some of the affiliations for people listed at are out of date. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Walt Crawford
Reading a story in today's San Fran Chronicle about the Glasshole who filmed herself claiming "I'm not filming!" in a nightclub... she's also had restraining orders for phone-camming into a neighbor's window and restraining orders from her mother. She informs us she's a "super-nice person."
What most impressed me: Every single quoted person in the article was either an SEO person, a marketer or something similar. (Oh, and if you don't like Glass, you're a Luddite who will eventually use it, because.) - Walt Crawford
For those who've avoided it: Yes, the article uses Glasshole for Google Glass users who feel the need to be assholes about it. - Walt Crawford
Aha: Here's a link (with video I haven't yet viewed): - Walt Crawford
" She's like the guy in font of the tank at Tiananmen Square." Especially if that guy uses f**k as every fourth word and is actually the one driving the tank. (Watched the video. Not impressed.) - Walt Crawford
Louis Gray
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits. -
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits.
We've Gone Solar. The Data Already Shows Green Benefits.
"Long on our whimsical 'to do' list has been to consider going solar. We've always known it was good for the environment, to create our own energy and give it back to the power grid, but after months and months of getting notes from PG&E saying we were using well more than our unfair share of electricity, thanks to keeping three young kids warm and in clean clothes and dishes on a daily basis, I made an investment in solar - calling up Sunrun, and getting panels on our roof that will be making energy for at least the next twenty years." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
35 kWh/day? Where's all that electricity going? My own consumption last year was only 2.8 kWh/day (or 1000 kWh for the year). Granted, that's only a one-person household, but here in Germany a typical family household is estimated at 2000-3000 kWh. When I lived in the Bay Area for a while many years ago, I rarely had to turn on the air-conditioning. Why isn't solar more widespread in... more... - Nils Sandin
Still, the biggest drawback to solar panels on a house is in the event of fire. The high-voltage system is still energized, so any water used by the firemen could electrocute them, so there have been cases of the fire department letting it burn. :-( That could be a major hurdle in the US, where so many houses are made of wood instead of brick. - Nils Sandin
Nils, much of our use is from our washer and dryer, our fridge and freezer, and HVAC. That doesn't even touch TVs or other electronics. - Louis Gray
Nils: In fact, California is adding solar capacity rapidly--but those German figures are much lower than typical California figures, which are in turn much lower than typical U.S. figures. (Our two-person household, a much smaller house than Louis's, uses 11kWh/day averaged over a year. 95-98% of that comes from a small rooftop installation.) I don't believe most U.S. solar installations are "high-voltage," for that matter. - Walt Crawford
I want my solar panels in the desert instead of on my house. They'll be higher efficiency and be better maintained. :-/ - Amit Patel
oh no, I want mine on the house. I want solar to eliminate the need (or radically reduce it!) for distribution lines and electric companies! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The previous owner of our house had these installed and they do help a lot, but mostly during the late spring/summer months. Generation takes a nose-dive during the winter (especially this past winter) due to more bad weather. I think at best during the past few months our electric bill was halved. But I would think you guys in Cali get more benefit year round than we do here in the... more... - ronin
I don't believe SREC's are available here. But yes, we surely do a lot better than halving our electricity bill. For us: first year, we were positive. Second year, the $4.50/month meter fee paid for whatever we used. Third year, we paid $30 more. For the year. My brother (same town, a few miles away) consistently runs positive--but he has a bigger installation and uses time-of-day metering, which we don't. - Walt Crawford
7 reasons librarians should edit Wikipedia
8. Librarians don't have nearly enough frustration in their lives. Dealing with the Wikieditors will solve that problem. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
A concise example of why Fast Company has become my Wired replacement for technophilic silliness: March 2014, p. 30, "Spring Cleaning--with Tech!" (five apps), the description in full of "Happathon":
"Incentivize happiness with this app that suggests rewarding activities." Has YOUR happiness been incentivized lately? - Walt Crawford
I should note that my browser's spellcheck doesn't like "incentivize." That's OK: Neither do I. - Walt Crawford
You know, it's really not such a bad thing that the world is ending. - laura x
I deal with it by hearing Jimi Hendrix in my mind singing "Have you ever been incentivized?" - Walt Crawford
Metal tense! - Janet from FFHound!
Unleaded. - Michael W. May from Android
The past tense of rock is not Zepplin? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Working on that with my kids. I blame 'read'. - Anika
So do I, Anika. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Leeded. Of course. - Rebecca Hedreen
(My grandmother, who read three newspapers a day but didn't listen to radio (hearing problems) or watch TV (no interest, and hearing)), thought "lead" as in lead guitar was pronounced like lead the metal because they were used by heavy metal bands. No joke. She thought it was funny when she realized her mistake.) - Betsy
That's hella cute! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I was in my 20s when I realized "misled" was NOT the past tense of a verb, "misle", meaning to fool. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I still crack up at myself about that. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Love it! Now I'm going to start pronouncing it "misl'd" in my head. - Betsy
My mother told me she did the 'mizzled' thing when she was a kid. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
OH MY GOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
(in my head, it had a long i) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Sigh. Now I'm starting to pronounce it with a long I in my head. - Walt Crawford
my bad :-D - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Dan Cohen
Actual words from pilot: “We are delayed for 30 minutes, but we will still be on time because our arrival time assumes a 30 minute delay.”
flying American Airlines? - Big Joe Silence
Don't almost all flights now include some padding time? - Walt Crawford
There was a route I used to fly a lot. Scheduled for one hour, actually took one hour. Then it started to take a little bit longer and then suddenly it was scheduled for a half hour longer, so what had been "a little bit longer" was now "hey, we're getting there early." - Betsy
John Dupuis
RT @bfister: Anyone who cares about open access, or science, - read this post! Hybrid publishing is raking it in. @MLBrook
And has anybody ever been able to demonstrate any reduction in subscription prices due to hybrid articles, or is it just more money coming in? - Walt Crawford
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