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.@micahvandegrift @waltcrawford @gehtsie Yes, @creativelibprac is a very small, but that's ~15 less articles/year going to T&F (most likely)
I believe (hope?) that the future for LIS journals is more like CLP than like an "LIS megajournal"--C&RL and ITAL don't publish hundreds of articles a year either, but add all 100+ gold OA LIS journals together and it starts being pretty viable. (Part of Part 2 of my essay: The Diseconomies of Scale.) - Walt Crawford
Like that title. - Joe
Thanks; I do plan to use it. This came to me as I was going through the third part of the study (the 3,338 DOAJ journals I'm looking at) and noting the many, many reasonably old journals with no APC but also fairly narrow niches and low publication volume. - Walt Crawford
Get Free Food Prep Help from Your Butcher by Simply Asking -
Get Free Food Prep Help from Your Butcher by Simply Asking
i do this - it's great! some of the butchers at Whole Foods know me by sight now. - holly #ravingfangirl
Same, for some stuff - I especially like that the fishmonger I go to will do a great job taking out pin bones, or any sort of cleaning. It is sometimes a bit extra, but totally worth it. - Jennifer Dittrich
One of the butcher's around here does an amazing job butterflying the turkey breast for me at Thanksgiving. It makes my life so much easier when doing that roulade. - Katy S
We don't have no damned fishmongers. *jealous* - Eric - It's My Thing
Having a regular butcher is very cool - WarLord
I pay a little more at our local butcher but the meat is top quality and the butchery skill is unmistakable. - Johnny from iPhone
I like having a place where I can reliably place custom orders. Also, my favorite one in the area makes its own bacon and it is awesome! They have fabulous brats, too. They almost all do deer processing and one of them will process other animals, too. If I had a cow or pig, I could take it to them. While this won't be happening, I love that it's an option. - Katy S
The closest thing we have to a *good* fishmonger (AFAIK) is the Mountain View Farmers' Market fish place, and we only get there once every 6-8 weeks... - Walt Crawford
"Ten things you should know about scholarly communication." Jeffrey Beall,
"Ten baseless things Jeffrey Beall's fevered imagination thinks we should 'know." - Stephen Francoeur
Thank you for warning me it was Beall and I could therefore ignore it. - RepoRat
Could you tell it was Beall otherwise? Especially if the name was not on the doc? :) - aaron
I know the URL already, so I was aware it was Beall before I even clicked. - Stephen Francoeur
But even if I didn't know that, if I were to just stumble on this document without knowing the author, items 7 and 8 sound like him: "Big-Brother style mandates" and the focus solely on OA journals as predatory. - Stephen Francoeur
Unfortunately, Beall seems to have a big and growing audience, and attempts to deflate his reputation have, as far as I can tell, been pretty much ignored. So that grotesquerie will receive a lot more credit than it should... - Walt Crawford
Turn it up to 11. People should know about the ravings of J.Be all. - Joe
How do I (or anyone else) do that? You can't say "there are no questionable journals" because, of course, there are...just not nearly as many as Beall claims. You can correct his false statements about gold OA (statements repeated in nearly every damn APC-charging OA publisher's website), but that just gets ignored. He gets away with calling my work "bilge" and attacking anybody who questions him... - Walt Crawford
...and, after all, he's an Academic Librarian and therefore trustworthy, where I'm a nobody with no institutional affiliation or credentials. (Yes, my extended report on OA realities will be coming out. No, I don't think it will do much good. I'm getting more than a little discouraged about doing *anything*.) - Walt Crawford
Saw it in [SCHOLCOMM] so far only 1 reply. Let me tweet it too. - aaron
we made a great one for ACRL, and Beall took full advantage of the CC licensing. *sigh* - jambina
I'd issue him a takedown notice. This CC-BY-NC-SA document is on a .com website. Hence, he is using something that is supposed to be non-commercial on a commercial website. - Joe
we decided not to. as for the .com - that's a big stretch, joe. i have a .com and do nothing commercial on it. - jambina
It was a thought. - Joe
If that PDF really was created on October 1, 2014, the question is at what point Beall's misstatements (all Gold OA involves author payments, there's an inherent conflict of interest--presumably unique to Gold OA--in authors paying publishers [ignoring all the charges in toll journals]) slide from ignorance to deliberate distortion of the facts. - Walt Crawford
On the other hand, I sure wouldn't want to push the idea that something being on a .com site makes it "commercial." That's an awfully wide assertion. - Walt Crawford
We need to do a 'let me fix that for you' and distribute it. - Sarah from FreshFeed
Since I'm not a scholcomm subscriber, I didn't realize that Beall's document is his "improved version" of an earlier (ARL?) document. That makes it even worse: his idea of "improving" being basically to lie about OA in order to trash it as much as possible. - Walt Crawford
[Yes, on one hand, I know that I probably need to subscribe to scholcomm. On the other, AFAIK I don't currently have high blood pressure and, at my age, don't wish to encourage it...] - Walt Crawford
[Shudder:] Turns out I already have--and could log into--an ALA Mailing Lists account (I subscribe to two mail lists that have been dead for some time). So I subscribed to scholcomm. I suspect I'll live to regret it. - Walt Crawford
Right now, there is a lot of activity, but I bet that will die down, lots of re re re re res. - Joe
Micah Vandergrift said OA week should be a call to librarians to adopt an OA only pledge, something like that, and lots of discussion ensued. - Joe
I noticed, just looking at portions of October. Of course, being exposed to *more* of Joe Esposito and Rick Anderson ain't gonna make my day, but I guess I need to follow it. (Yes, SKitch is in my feed, as is [Anti-]Scholarly Open Access - Walt Crawford
And finally did what I should have done earlier: Looked up Micah Vandegrift after his comments that seem to suggest that librarians have ignored OA. He's young and energetic: that's good. While I think the idea of an LIS Megajournal is a really, really bad one, I don't want to discourage those who still have any OA energy left... - Walt Crawford
Oh, and he's a 2013 M&S, and I'm entirely out of the business of cutting those down or even saying anything bad about them. So I'll go back to lurking more. Well, and starting in on Part 2 of my big report (part 1 is done in draft stage; the issue will probably be out next week). - Walt Crawford
So I'm one of the original authors of the Schol Comm 10 things document (for the ACRL Schol Comm Roadshow). We've asked Beall to remove our names and to state that we do not endorse his version, and to link to the original. He's said he would comply.... - Sarah
Phew. I'm sorry that became necessary, but thank you for challenging him. - RepoRat
Sarah: Ditto on the thanks for the challenge; now I see it's ACRL, not ARL. (Yes, I do know the difference...) - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
So KA at Skitchen thinks it's worth reposting Joe Esposito's year-old essay basically saying "most [first-world] scientists can get all the articles they need, therefore there is no access problem." Amazing how defining a problem away can solve it.
OTOH, this does help remind us why it's so damn difficult to get scientists to do anything about OA. In practice, most [first-world, university-affiliated] scientists can get [almost] all of the articles they['re aware they] need. And, after all, it's only the scientists who count. - Walt Crawford
I do not think that Lark Burger is a $$$$ restaurant.
I dunno; just rounding up the larks for the burgers would seem difficult/expensive. - Walt Crawford
The Lark bird barter system is overrated. - Joe
Catherine Pellegrino
Adobe Is All Up in Your Reading Business, And Other Links | Smart Bitches, Trashy Books -
Pull quote: "That sound you hear right now is a million trillion librarians saying, I BEG YOUR PARDON?" [Also includes numerous awesome .gif and .jpg side-eyes, including "the Phylicia Rashad side eye, which, as you know, is the most powerful side eye in the known universe."] - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
Also loved Andromeda Yelton on this: "This is about the fact that we do not have the technical skills to verify whether our products are in line with the values we espouse, the policies we hold, or even the contracts we sign, and we do not delegate this verification to others who do." - Regular Amanda
Andromeda has written the best explanation and call to action I've seen yet. I'm grateful and am sharing with my faculty. - kaijsa
Has this train not left the station, the toothpaste been squeezed from the tube? As a profession, we have decided that we want to cede control over these kinds of things to vendors. We can beg and plead and stamp our feet, and some brave souls might even cancel some subscriptions, but when it comes right down to it, we will cave and we will not be able to promise our patrons privacy. - Steele Lawman
"As a profession, we have decided that we want to cede control over these kinds of things to vendors." - if this is true, can't we change our mind back? shouldn't we at least think about changing it? Minds aren't toothpaste, and trains return to stations all the time... - Marianne
Sure, we should think about changing it. But I believe we never will. We have too much invested in the current system already, and privacy is just kind of a little detail that is easy to let slide. - Steele Lawman
I'm happy to continue the privacy fight... but really, the only problem here is that the data was sent in clear text. Or is the ability to sync your reading across devices not desirable enough and we should do away with the tool that enables this functionality? Kindle does the same thing - only with your kindle login (and probably not in clear text). - Aaron the Librarian
Will this still be a problem once Adobe figures out how to hash the JSON object used to transfer teh data? - Aaron the Librarian
I think it will... but I've always been way over on the skinny end of the bell curve when it comes to privacy. - RepoRat
HTTP:// - DJF from Android
I'm sort of amazed that 4chan hasn't placed some perfectly obnoxious line from the Marquis de Sade or Adolf Hitler or someone as the most highlighted passage on Kindles. Maybe they did and Amazon nixed it. - Steele Lawman
Aaron, from what i can tell the three big things are "clear text? wtf?" plus "they're roaming my devices to gather info from ALL of my epubls which I never agreed to and it's creepy" plus "WHAT IS THIS AWFUL THING NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT DRM OH NO NO NO" which, well, that last one is kind of like those scientists being all "I GOT A TAKEDOWN FROM ELSEVIER FOR MY ARTICLE CAN THEY DO THAT?"... more... - barbara fister
The developers of the Bluefire reader comment: Interestingly, they support syncing your reading location between devices, but their servers only synchronize a secure token that they can't read. Much like the way that Firefox sync works. - DJF
yeah, Griffey suggested hashing userid + bookid, and I don't see why that wouldn't work: - RepoRat
Aaron: I'd disagree that clear text is the only problem. If the patron's identity is attached to the reading records and those records are non-transitory and subject to subpoena or fishing expeditions, then *poof* reader privacy, a bedrock value for *public* libraries at least, goes out the window. And I'd guess all three "ifs" are true. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
One discussion during the hike today had to do with tips and minimum wage. I asserted that California does *not* allow paying servers less than minimum wage, even if they receive tips, and that this was fairly unusual. Just checked: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Nevada all require payment of full state minimum wage...
(and for California, Oregon and Washington that wage is at least $9/hour, a little higher in OR and WA). Montana and Minnesota have or will have *something* similar, but both allow smaller businesses to pay less. Just an interesting factoid... - Walt Crawford
Nevada I assume it's because it's a got incredibly strong service industry unions. Don't know about the rest. - laura x
It's one of the reasons I was so surprised that it wasn't that way everywhere else - the only places I've waitressed were in WA. While there is a strong union presence, it's also just a fairly liberal place. - Jennifer Dittrich
Minnesota does not have "tip credit" does not allow sub-minimum wage for tipped workers. Hotly debated and may change in future - Gov sons own hugely successful restaurant in Minneapolis and are lobbying him to cut mandated wages for tipped workers... FEDERAL minimum wage does allow tip credit deduction - WarLord
I'd say OR and WA for the reasons Jennifer does, and CA is liberal in many ways--and the unions aren't invisible here. The fact that all three have $9 or higher minimum wage says *something*... Yes, the Federal minimum wage, awful as it is anyway, can be as low as $2.30/hour with tip deduction! (I checked a Fed site for these facts) - Walt Crawford
Oops. Make the Fed number $2.13/hour. Here's the site: - Walt Crawford
Fortunately, the Feds don't say "and states can't treat workers any less shabbily than we do." - Walt Crawford
Sarah G.
ALERT ALERT my dad has discovered emojii in email. this is the greatest day of my life.
Old-man confusion (I'm the old man in this case, not your dad): Is "emojii" just the hip modern version of "emoticons" or is it something different? (Wikipedia seems to say it's different...) Not that it matters; I can as easily not use emojii as I don't use emoticons. - Walt Crawford
Emoticons : emoji :: ASCII text : tiny images. - RepoRat
Emoji is now in unicode. If you want to be cool & hip and stay ahead of your dad, try kaomoji ◕‿◕ - Amit Patel
Now picturing Smiley and Miss 8 emails in the future. - sglassme
Walt Crawford
Reading some tweets that seemed to be about inadequacies in California's environmental work...then finally realized "oh, wait, CA means Canada in this case, not California." (Which then calls for a followup with the odd and maybe unfortunate fact in a recent PG&E ad:...
To wit, more than half of all rooftop solar/photovoltaic installations in the U.S. are within PG&E's service area, mostly northern & central California. I believe that, but it's still sad. (I think the state added 2.5gW of photovoltaic capacity last year, if I remember correctly.) - Walt Crawford
Oops. Just checked. California *has* about 2.5gW (or is it GW? gigawatts in either case) photovoltaic at this point; it's been growing rapidly, but it certainly wasn't all added last year. - Walt Crawford
Amit Patel
I would "like" it but, as is typical with Google Trends, the total lack of a vertical scale means that we don't know whether "interest" dropped from "so little as to be not worth mentioning" to "even less" or something more interesting. - Walt Crawford
100 = its peak search value. 29 is 29% of peak. - Louis Gray
Louis: Well, sure, I can interpret from the graph that the current value is around one-third of the peak--but the peak doesn't *mean* anything, even if you label it "100." (Heck, you could just as easily label it 1,000,000: it would be precisely as meaningful.) - Walt Crawford
See, to me the concept that "interest has dropped 70% from its peak four weeks ago" is a meaningful stat in and of itself. I understand both sides (people wanting to know how many total searches there were, and Google not wanting to share that proprietary information) but I think all Amit was trying to get across with his post is that there is data to back the impression some of us have discussed here that interest is waning. - Stephen Mack
But if at the peak, interest was infinitesimal, what does it really mean that it dropped 70%? It doesn't seem like it would be statistically meaningful if that were the case. - Victor Ganata
Thank you, Victor. That's what I'm trying to say. It's like sales of ebooks going up 200% from one year to another when sales were $100 in the first year (a mythical example)--just having the numbers (Exploding sales! Up 200%!) doesn't mean very much, statistically or otherwise. - Walt Crawford
I understood that point when Walt first stated it. But Google is intentionally not populating the scale, presumably to keep the data proprietary. In this case, we know there was a flurry of interest in Ello, and we know it dropped. The scale doesn't need to be filled in for Amit's post to prove a point and to be interesting. - Stephen Mack
Oh, I agree it may be of interest, but I'm not certain it's meaningful. Without the absolute numbers, I really think it's impossible to interpret. #MoreStudyNeeded - Victor Ganata
If I knew it was 50 searches per minute, what would I conclude differently? What does 50 mean? - Amit Patel
You're right, even the absolute number isn't much context. Ideally, it would be in comparison with other dominant trends. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Looks like I got the URL wrong for being able to compare with other words and phrases. Try - Amit Patel
The comparative trends graph is at least somewhat meaningful; thanks, Stephen. - Walt Crawford
Amit deserves the thanks! - Stephen Mack
Thanks Amit, then. - Walt Crawford
LOL. Ello: even less popular than Ebola. #justkidding - Victor Ganata
RT @pewinternet: Here's an overview of three years of research into Americans’ relationships with public libraries in the digital age
RT @pewinternet: Here's an overview of three years of research into Americans’ relationships with public libraries in the digital age
An interesting summary. (I'm fascinated by one "fact" that I'd probably seen before, based on what the slides do show: 43% of e-reader owners don't read ebooks on them. That's a LOT of underweight doorstops or people who own ereaders entirely to read newspapers and the like...) - Walt Crawford
Still trying to figure out how 💁 means "information desk person."
eesh. gendered and race-bound assumptions much? - RepoRat
Apple's interpretation. It would certainly not be mine. - Julian
For once, I think Microsoft wins: - Julian
yep, I agree. - RepoRat
It looks like somebody tried to generalize the AIGA "ticket sales" person - DJF from Android
the android person is the worst - 1960s era "stewardess" - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
^^^ yup - Julian
MS did a good job here. The Apple one...sigh. - Walt Crawford
That character displayed differently depending on the browser and operating system. No wonder I was confused. - Joe
Ah. What I see on Firefox/Windows 7 is the iconic one that makes no assumptions. - Walt Crawford
Yeah, Firefox/Windows 7 was no assumptions. Firefox/Mac 9.something is the white brunette lady. - Meg VMeg
There is too such a thing as a free lunch. As long as someone else pays for it.
Yep. Even if that someone is "you at a distance." My lunch yesterday was free, because I'd purchased six sandwiches--all better and cheaper than I could have gotten elsewhere--at the same supermarket previously. A legitimately free lunch: I would have bought the other sandwiches anyway. - Walt Crawford
Say 'onboarding' one. more. time.
Mom! Micah's not onboard with the buzzwords! - Andrew C (✔)
When we finish onboarding the plane we can takeoff shortly. - Steve C Team Marina
Wrong, Steve: you can offtake shortly - Walt Crawford
I had to go to onboarding training last month. The second session was particularly painful. - ellbeecee
If I say "onboarding" again, are you going to turn into a change agent? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
We're pivoting away from onboarding. It's now called reghacking. - Mark Trapp
"As thought leaders, we think that that our clients should onboard automagically..." - Brent Schaus
I'm getting a lot of push back from Micah in respect to onboarding. Definitely not a thought leader. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
You're not creating the optimal cross-functional, multi-platform synergy to facilitate a smooth onboarding paradigm. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
I swear to the old gods and the new that i read a post by the anonymous lj blogger that called out Murphy by name and now I can't find it. Anyone else remember that? Or am I just misremembering?
It's not recent either. Maybe the last couple of years. - Andy from Android
Called him out as a fraud of a "thought leader" or what? - Steele Lawman
Something like that. I remember it being vicious. - Andy from Android
LJ did a massive CMS migration, and I think not all their archives are back yet. - RepoRat
Hmm. This is driving me nuts. - Andy
This one isn't by anonymous, but it's definitely anti JM: - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
I remember that one. I've been combing through the Internet Wayback machine, trying to figure out if I can pick it out by name. - Andy
Did you try looking by the key word "digits" - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
That Krajewski post (which I'd never seen) is something. As are the comments, two in particular. Thanks for pointing it out, Jaclyn. - Walt Crawford
do you remember the focus of the post? - maʀtha
I think it was his lack of substance. - Andy from Android
Here's this about keynotes at the Handheld Librarian (snerk) of which, JM is one : - copystar
That Handheld post is interesting. The final quoted passage sounds awfully like a certain three-initialed public librarian, a monarch of sorts, although I could be wrong. - Walt Crawford
I usually pay AL no attention, but "sub-normal masturbatory low-jinks" is a term I might have to adopt as my own. - kaijsa
OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS AHHHHHHH. My offer on that house was accepted. *faints*
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! - Catherine Pellegrino
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! wooooooooooooo! - maʀtha
Good for you - Eric - It's My Thing
Congrats. - Walt Crawford
Wooohoooo! - Kirsten
hilariously, the next step appears to be to go to my realtor's office and sign many of the same documents again - lris
buy a foreclosure, kill a forest - lris
*begins planning house warming* - MoTO: Team Marina
Hooray!!!! - Galadriel C.
Can I borrow your lawn mower? - Glen Campbell
Too soon? - Glen Campbell
Uhm Glen? Get in line. - MoTO: Team Marina
Sure thing. One of you buy me a lawnmower and then I'll be glad to lend one out. :) - lris
Party at Iris' house! Congrats Iris. you deserve an awesome place to live. And Iris.,, it is buy ANYHOUSE kill a forest. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Congrats! - Jen
Congratulations! If only you could use your thumbprint to sign documents. It's be so less tiresome. - Arlan K.
A couple of minutes ago I thought I should check FF to see if Iris has heard about her house. And here it is! So happy for you. Congratulations. - Mama Lawson
You will soon develop an intimate knowledge of the workings of entropy. Congratulations! - maʀtha
Oh, believe me, I already have an intimate knowledge of the workings of entropy. This will simply give that force a larger playpen. - lris
At what point do I wake up and realize that this whole thing is a dream? - lris
Ok, signing EXACTLY the same papers as I signed last week was an exercise in hilarity. - lris
yayayayayayayyayyayaya!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Congrats! - Katy S
Steve's Mr. 12 and Mr. 9 were here last night. I asked Mr. 9 if he'd seen pictures of your house and he hadn't, so we looked at them together. He thinks it's a beautiful house, and he wishes he could see it in person. He obviously still has a thing for you, and he's adorable about it. - Mama Lawson
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 - lris
I hope that some day he can come visit. That would be tons of fun. - lris
holly #ravingfangirl
3 days til day 1 of the @theryanadams doubleshot. bonus @butchwalker in Seattle on day 2 so you know i am totally
3 days til day 1 of the @theryanadams doubleshot. bonus @butchwalker in Seattle on day 2 so you know i am totally
Horrifying. What did you do to Kermy? - Marie
IT WASN'T ME, I SWEAR. - holly #ravingfangirl
That' FF is not kind to animated GIFs. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson animated GIFs still import well into FF. - Micah
Why don't they fix FF? All this money I've been spending. Wait, nevermind. - Joe
Snoopy has been dancing strong for 4 years. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Butch Walker killed Kermit! - Steve C Team Marina
If FF doesn't allow animated GIFs to animate within FF, I might almost be willing to pay to not have stuff moving on the screen... - Walt Crawford
Andrew C (✔)
There should be more Yelp reviews for churches' communion bread and juice.
Besides not liking the styrofoam wafers for taste and texture reasons, I don't like that they're not part of a larger piece of bread that's broken / portioned out right before serving. - Andrew C (✔)
Interesting. One of the churches I attended, church attendants baked the communion sheets before service. They were like giant roti. Then during communion the reverend would have the sheets in the basket and break it off for people. - Anika
The church I grew up in serves a kind of very hard, cracker-like flatbread that's just broken by pressing on it. Then at one point our English language service pastor got experimental -- we're an evangelical church, so not very liturgical -- but he would have pretty fancy (for our denomination) robes, and we'd do communion all sorts of different ways each month. - Andrew C (✔)
I think at one point we had a sourdough that was torn into pieces by the congregation one at a time. - Andrew C (✔)
My old church had those little round "styrofoam" wafers, but we managed to dissolve them with the wine, which was sweet port wine served in teensy glasses. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
My church had the traditional yucky Styrofoam wafers. Which of course the first time I ever tasted one was during my First Communion. And when the priest placed the wafer on my tongue, I refused to put my tongue back in my mouth because it tasted so awful. My godparents and the priest watched in horror as I basically re-enacted the beluga caviar scene from Big right there at the altar. - Hookuh Tinypants
In fairness, they should've realized church wasn't my gig when I kept referring to the Apostle's Creed as Apollo's Creed and telling the other kids that it was actually Pontius PILOT and he flew bible planes for Jesus. - Hookuh Tinypants
Heck, m9m, at least your church *had* wine. I grew up Methodist. Grape juice is just not the same. - Walt Crawford
Yep. got a taste for Ruby Port at age 13. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Shannon - GlassMistress
I do not own the Graceland CD ... should I?
Sure! - Julian
I like most of it. Doesn't necessarily mean you will. - Walt Crawford
You mean Paul Simon - Graceland? - Steve C Team Marina
Most definitely. - Hookuh Tinypants
*thumbs up* - MoTO: Team Marina
My fish deposit should be getting there now. Use it to get Graceland. One of best complete albums of all time. - Steve C Team Marina
Graceland is one of the (if not THE) best albums of the 1980's. Get it. - Glen Campbell
Is Rdio free in the U.S.? Here's a fantastic track where Paul Simon talks about the evolution of the Graceland album: - Ken Morley
I grew up on S & G, adore Negotiations and Love Songs (which has a few of Graceland's songs) but somehow missed Graceland. I'm in the mood for some new old music :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
I was temping at an office when Graceland came out and that CD was on continuous play in our back office. - bentley
Yes. :) - Anne Bouey
Sarah G.
There's a time and a place to play your guitar for people. The departure lounge of an airport is not one of them.
I'm leeeeeeaving on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again! - bentley
Big ol' jet airliner don't carry me too far away - Steve C Team Marina
Cowboy, take me away / Fly as high as you can into that wild blue - RepoRat
You can't hop a jet plane/Like you can a freight train. - Walt Crawford
I tried to like the Colbert Report. I tried multiple times. I cannot.
I can only take him in small doses, mostly in clips that get attention. Otherwise, nope. - Sir Shuping is just sir
likewise. it's just a bit too much. I still use the bit he did about Wiley v. Kirtsaeng though. - RepoRat
Yeah, I only watch at other people's houses. - Meg VMeg
I have only seldom watched the whole episode, but I enjoy clips online. - Steele Lawman
Maybe clips are the way to go - lris
I like the backstage video of him talking to John Kerry: "You know what we do here, right? My character is an idiot." - Steele Lawman
^^^ Oh, link please? I would LOVE to see that. - Catherine Pellegrino
I have friends who much prefer The Daily Show, but I love me some Colbert. - Eric - It's My Thing
Since I have Limited Basic Cable (otherwise known as "broadcast channels, shopping channels and Discovery") it's not much of an issue, but, yeah, I find Colbert's schtick tiresome. Watching an ironic idiot is wearisome. - Walt Crawford
There are lots of ways to run across the show without cable. :) I don't have broadcast or cable. - lris
True, but it's also fairly easy to stop a clip when Colbert starts being Colbert. (Also: I tend not to click on Youtube links about 90% of the time. Maybe because my notebook's normally silent; I have to get headphones...) - Walt Crawford
I don't think I can explain it but I really like him and the show. If it works, it works (YMMV, and that's fine). - Stephen Francoeur
My favorite were the Hobbit guest shows and when he sings Xmas music. The other stuff can get tiresome. - Elizabeth Brown
Stephen: Just because I find Colbert offputting--even knowing that's deliberate--doesn't mean you shouldn't like him. It would be an awfully dull world if we all liked the same things. - Walt Crawford
I haven't watched it regularly in years, so I don't know what it's like now, but sometimes he is so spot on with his commentary. Like the Onion, terrible things are easier to swallow when delivered with satire. We used to use his Wikiality segment in library instruction classes to emphasize that students need to verify the authority of the resources they use, even if they come from reputable sources. - Holly's favorite Anna
Stephen Francoeur
Ugh. Amanda Goodman at Darien PL writes about an ugly experience at ALA in 2011. "But he continues to be famous and I’m just a small fish in libraryland."
Let's not let Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries be the main voice of support on her post, please. - Stephen Francoeur
My comment is in moderation. Tellingly, after dithering for a long time, and even writing in the name, I ultimately took it out even though I already said there wasn't any inappropriate conduct directed specifically at me. - lris
mine is also in moderation; Iris' has been published. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mine's in moderation as well. - Catherine Pellegrino
And a longer comment on my blog: - lris
Same here. (Also in moderation.) It's sad that nobody feels they can name names, although given #teamharpy it's not all that surprising. (Sigh: the "ignorant slut" case seems to show that a pseudo-apology followed by laying low for, what, two months means you can go right back to being a Hot Conference Speaker, although admittedly only on two programs at IL.) - Walt Crawford
It's not "sad" that nobody feels they can name names. It is precisely the objective of the strategy being currently employed by those in positions of power and privilege. - Catherine Pellegrino
^^yes - lris
Catherine: That's true. "Shameful" is a better word than "sad," but the shame is certainly not on those who feel they can't name names. - Walt Crawford
Interesting that the Annoyed One makes a pretty direct connection between the Murphy case and SA (penultimate paragraph): - Walt Crawford
Interesting how? Seems obvious to me. - lris
Interesting in that the Annoyed One did it... the connection's obvious enough to people paying attention. But are they? (Going to IL? Which clearly doesn't regard SA as damaged goods? You're probably not, but...) - Walt Crawford
I guess what I'm saying is that if "pseudo-apology, not suing, and laying low for a little while" is all it takes to be effectively cleansed of the problem, then there's nothing at all to discourage offenders from continuing to offend. - Walt Crawford
"It’s all vague, except that it has to do with the library future somehow, so perhaps he’s a seer" - kendrak
John Dupuis
Don't know who tweets for the SKitch, but they seem particularly thick in this exchange:
Thick in a kind of nasty passive-aggressive way too, so perhaps I could hazard a guess. - John Dupuis
Ugh. They keep going "gotcha" when there's no gotcha. Bravo to the impact story rep for bein cool and clear - Christina Pikas from iPhone
The Skitch just kant understand. - Joe
I KAn't imagine who may be doing the thick tweeting; apparently someone who's never heard of companies making big bucks by massaging public-domain/government or freely-available information (just as one example). - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
For those of you who don't already check NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day daily, you gotta see today's: A full rainbow--the full circle--with most of a double around it:
Wow! - Marie
That's AMAZING! - Iain Baker
In case it wasn't obvious, I'm also suggesting adding that site to your daily review list--the pictures are always informative and frequently spectacular. Even if they can cause an ongoing time sink like my wife's fascination with the live camera feeds from ISS... - Walt Crawford
But... where's the end? Where's the pot o' gold? - bentley
Where it's always been, I'm afraid. - Walt Crawford
Megan loves summer
Seeking advice for a prof: how does one go about establishing an academic journal?
He is in the very early stages of considerations about starting a new journal in the Social Sciences. At this point, I'm trying to come up with key questions that he will need to think about, e.g., OA or not (or if not, approaching a publisher), hosting, editorial board and process, issn/dois, etc etc. One faculty in our uni has some OA journals, but the uni press doesn't do journals and the library isn't in a position right now to be involved. I've gathered some resources to give him, but does anyone else have advice to pile on? - Megan loves summer
Here are some of the things I will point out to him: From Oasis:; Developing open access journals : a practical guide / David Solomon (Chandos); some publishers' requirements for new journal proposals - Megan loves summer
I know I'm biased, but I would argue that any new journal that isn't OA is going to have a harder time finding an audience. If they anticipate UK authors to contribute, OA would be advantageous. Also, I am biased. - barbara fister
What Barbara says, and I don't admit to being biased. - Walt Crawford
Also biased but I've heard stories of previously paywalled journals moving to OA and suddenly for some reason getting huge amounts more readership and citations. - Deborah Fitchett
Oh yeah, definitely, I will do my best to steer them towards OA. But I'm looking for resources that will take them through the whole thought process--like a checklist of things to consider (Eg How will we reach our audience? Hosting? Review process? Copyright statements? etc etc.) - Megan loves summer
This looks like it's in the ballpark: The Handbook of Journal Publishing (2013): - Heather
Excellent, thanks, Heather!! EDIT: It's perfect in fact--there's a chapter on starting a new journal. Cheers! - Megan loves summer
Martin Eve has written quite a bit about the nitty gritty of setting up an OJS platform, what's involved what takes the work etc... but I can't find the actual posts at the moment. Martin is also biased :-) - Cameron Neylon
Doing a search for "ojs" on his website finds them (among other things) - the first one's at - Deborah Fitchett
Thank ye! - Megan loves summer
[tag] Open access in South Africa: A case study and reflections | South African Journal of Science
This may be my own ignorance, but when I click on the XML version, should I really get One Humongous Paragraph containing the whole article? Isn't XML supposed to be parsable as HTML, or am I just ignorant? (Or is it just really crappy XML?) - Walt Crawford
Hmm. Just looked at the page source. Lots and lots of markup, but either it's done badly or it's all stuff a browser doesn't recognize. Oh well; the PDF was fine. - Walt Crawford
bump: Is it, in fact, appropriate/legit for XML to display in a browser as, well, wholly unmarked up text? - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Irrelevant since I'm an old straight white guy who tries his best to treat women as people (and has seen possible sexual harassment at conferences), but re #teamharpy: Did sign (eventually), did donate (earlier), do support (from the start). And have no intention ever, EVER, of rejoining ALATT. Feh.
You're a good egg, Walt. - Meg VMeg
I guess I've been doing a good job of ignoring the alatt. - Joe
I was raised right. My mother and father both taught me that people were people. It stuck. (Clarification: the possible sexual harassment I've seen has been of the awkward compliment or the unwanted arm around the waist variety. When I've seen the "casually cornering the woman" variety, and knew the woman, I've casually intervened at least once. This is, you know, being human, and I'll buy "good egg.") - Walt Crawford
Joe: Unless you made the mistake of joining the group on FB, you would never normally encounter them. I made that mistake. Several trolling incidents later, I learned my lesson. - Walt Crawford
Meg VMeg
Do you guys ever daydream that one day FriendFeed will get emancipated from Facebook, in, like, a "no hard feelings" kind of a way, and then the whole world will realize how great it is, and they'll all sign up, and then we'll be, like, the rock star elders of FriendFeed, and everyone will love and worship us?
Everything up to "and then the whole world" sounded pretty good. - Steven Perez from Android
I wish FF would get minor feature updates, at least. New Twitter API (?), Vine and Instagram video integration, HTTPS for Youtube, a bookmarklet that can handle whatever weird thing Tumblr does for photo gallery pages. - Andrew C (✔)
Yes. All the time. Although only if it stays sort of the same, or I get some kind of old-skool privileges like free lifetime ad-free membership. - laura x
Nope, for two reasons. One, "ad-free" would not be in the story, not unless it was a fee operation (you know, The Well is still around...). Two, I don't think we could have the sometimes-frank, lively, open, effective, non-trollish discussions we do if there were 100 million people on FriendFeed. (Take, for example, some of the librarian groups on FB. Please.) - Walt Crawford
as long as I'm dreaming up features, I'd like to have newlines in comments (I realize this can be abused), newlines preserved from imported content like Twitter, and some amount of optional markup, or at least spoilers markup. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, new lines are preserved when posted - ffhound app displays then appropriately (well, android app, not sure about ios version anymore). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Meg, to be honest - yes. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Kind of like how Bill and Ted and the Wyld Stallyns band is so revered in the future. - Joe
I have daydreams of hiring Jimminy and setting up FF2 when/if FB ever gives up on this place. But there's no viable business model. The closest would be donations. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen, how much would it cost? - Meg VMeg
Bandwidth and hosting is likely costing FB at least $5k a month. A part-time sysadmin at least that as well. Any development costs would be double or triple that just for maintenance and minor features. If we can't raise $100k a year it's not worth even considering. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Huh. What if we sold ads that only showed up if people weren't logged in? And never fixed/added any of the stuff Andrew wants (sorry Andrew)? And got Blake to host it (sorry Blake) - Meg VMeg
I would pay for FF. - laura x from iPhone
I would pay for FF. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Yep, me too. I was thinking of how Metafilter is partly pay-what-you-will now, in addition to ads for non-members and for members who choose not to turn them off. - Meg VMeg
What if FB just relaunched FF with a new name and a graphical refresh? Like, "Hey", with a condensed Helvetica logo, all in black and white? #takethatEllo - Andrew C (✔)
Stephen, I dream of hiring Jimminy too. Maybe he could help add functionality to a Buddypress site? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
The guy developing hey just followed me on ello. Is hey a thing? - Joe
[tag] Open Access: What Does It Mean for ALCTS and LRTS? | Association for Library Collections & Technical...
Re the second (LRTS): It means ALCTS can either join the other progressive divisions (LLAMA, LITA, PLA, ACRL) and, in this case, drop the silly one-year embargo since the print journal's already gone, or it can be one of the regressive divisions (RUSA). - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Here's a story where I don't know what to think: deGruyter converting a group of European toll-access journals into OA "megajournals." Without knowing what APC deGruyter plans to charge, it's hard to interpret this:...
Here's the link, since it seems to have disappeared: - Walt Crawford
I would note that, in my checking of journals, deGruyter-distributed/published Gold OA journals seemed to be pretty good in terms of transparency and low (or no, if society-sponsored) APCs. But that's a spotty sampling. - Walt Crawford
Oh, that is interesting. Thanks, Walt! - RepoRat
They definitely seem to be going big into OA with this and the Versita purchase. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
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