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Walt Crawford

Walt Crawford

Mostly retired library person/researcher/writer/speaker. All original FF contributions CC0 (public domain).
Quick poll: Brush first or floss first? (If you don't do both, don't bother answering.)
Brush first, then floss. Never occurred to me to do it any other way. Likely indoctrinated in that order by my Mom, because I don't remember getting specific instructions from a dentist? - WebGoddess
Floss then brush. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Brush, then floss. - bentley
Brush then floss - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
I was always taught to brush then floss, but that doesn't make as much sense to me, so I mostly do it the other way. - Christina Pikas
Thanks (and more welcome!) This recently became a topic of discussion at home, and a little Binging finds, well, complete lack of agreement. - Walt Crawford
Brush first. Though sometimes I brush again afterwards. - laura x
Apparently I'm just weird! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
floss, then brush. I figure flossing gets stuff out, brushing takes it away. then I use a rinse. - ellbeecee
Brush, floss, rinse - that's the way my dentist always recommended. - Jennifer Dittrich
depends on what I'm doing. if I'm being lazy & watching tv (which is mostly), flossing first. but sometimes I brush before bed & then floss while reading. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
btw, spouse had a Very Strong Reaction to his question: FLOSS FIRST! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Floss then brush. - Katy S
Floss then brush. The other way around is like mopping the floor then walking across it in muddy boots. - Spidra Webster
Thanks all. I've done it one way for decades, and my wife's convincing me I've always been wrong. But it's hard to change a habit. (She says: floss first, then brush. I'm doing that...with difficulty.) - Walt Crawford
I floss then brush. My sister does the opposite because her friend's dad is a dentist, and that's what he told her. - Meg VMeg
F**CK! An apparently legit Flash update came up (and Flash obviously needs updating)...and now some G*#)(^ site "Vosran" has forced itself as the home page on both FF and IE, forced itself as the default search provider on both, forced an ad sidear and has three ad windows at the bottom that I can't close. Any help, anyone?
Any attempt to deal with one of the idiot windows just brings up a new blank tab. Oh, that's Vostran, not Vosran. - Walt Crawford
I've finally managed to close the windows and restore my search engine, but damn... - Walt Crawford
I got a redirect to a Flash update. When I closed the tab without clicking anything else, it downloaded a .exe - bentley
Malwarebytes or similar (spybot search and destroy) should clear your little infection right up, Walt. Flash fakes are a HUGE problem and very easy to mistakenly install. - WebGoddess
Here's a step-by-step guide using some other virus removal tool. I'm not familiar with it, but I bet Malwarebytes (which I know is reputable) would work just fine in it's place. - WebGoddess
Thanks; if the ads (now with video!) will give me any bandwidth, I'll try to do that (at least Chrome--which I'm on now--seems to have resisted it a little. But only a little.) - Walt Crawford
Now I can't even load the page you suggest (and all three browsers seem infected). Running MS Safety Scanner--I run Security Essentials full-time--with, so far, no results. I deleted every file I could find with that name in it, and seem to have my home page back--but still the ads and sidebar. Sigh. Maybe it's time for a new PC. - Walt Crawford
Malwarebytes worked for me but the problem seems to recur anyway. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
After going through the whole process (except actually resetting Firefox), it seems (cross fingers) to have worked--at least in Firefox, I don't see the ad windows. (The first time I started it after running Malwarebytes, the windows started to emerge--and Malwarebytes alerted me to three questionable addresses, each of which I excluded. The ad windows then disappeared, and haven't returned--but there still may be some mystery stuff lurking.) Anyway: THANK YOU for the suggestion. - Walt Crawford
An afternoon completely wasted, but I think I'm back in business. - Walt Crawford
We got exactly that on a bunch of our public computers awhile back. Fun times. - laura x from iPhone
This is intense, but worth it, apparently (scroll down): - Meg VMeg
Hmmm. - Joe
Followup: I already use Microsoft Security Essentials as my primary antivirus, but will leave Malwarebytes running (they seem to coexist well)--and Hitman Pro for the 30-day free trial. Maybe. As far as I can tell, the real point of the idiot ads is that two of them are telling you you need to scan your computer right now to fix problems (which I did *not* do)--and if you do that, I'm sure you get hit with really nasty stuff. - Walt Crawford
Otherwise, what's the point? The video ads make the browser essentially useless and nobody's going to go buy stuff because it's been forced into their faces. Are they? (Odd thoughts as I sit here hoping today's Storm of the Decade doesn't cost us power. We're undergrounded, so maybe good.) - Walt Crawford
Yup - if you were to download their "helpful" scanners, they would own your computer. Glad to hear that you got it pretty well under control, though! - WebGoddess
I always recommend using a bootable anti-virus program to ensure you've cleaned out the problem. There are plenty and many of them are free. This makes sure the virus isn't resident in memory controlling your OS when it cleans your system. Here's an example: - Eric - Let Me Know
Side-effect of fixes: Malwarebytes is more aggressive/cautious about web pages than either FF itself or Security Essentials. Just had two Ivy Publisher pages flagged/excluded as malicious. Perhaps not ideal for even a predatory OA publisher to have malicious pages. - Walt Crawford
Oddities of no-winter California: Trying to guess how today's Big Storm will play out here. Supposedly an arctic storm...but it was 64F at 6:30 a.m., 14 degrees warmer than yesterday (and about 24 degrees warmer than, say, last Sunday). Big gusty winds already. Main danger most places is trees falling because ground already saturated from last week
And, for us, I think the always-present "will we keep power?"--PG&E says they're as ready as they can be and have been trimming trees back from power lines like crazy. The problem with warm is that it might mean less snow, and while most of us don't want a lot more rain, we do want a LOT of snow. In the mountains. To stay snow until April. - Walt Crawford
Of course, by Midwest/Northeast/Plains standards, none of this is anything--but it's what passes for excitement hereabouts. (If predictions pan out, the storm will yield about 3.5" rain lower altitudes, 8" higher, 3' snow in Sierras. But the topography around here is so strange that an area-wide forecast is meaningless.) - Walt Crawford
I *love* this as the very first sentence on the homepage of a journal: "JISIB is a peer review no-fee Open Access Journal. "--there it is. Peer review, no (author-side) fees, OA, in ten words or fewer.
Just encountered a Facebook "service" I hadn't run into before. Commenting on someone else's post (about updating WordPress) and noted that if your blog is on, you shouldn't need to worry about it...and when the comment appeared, was a hotlink and an ad/promo for WP was below it. Isn't that helpful...
Can anyone give me a sound reason why I should *not* try switching to IE as my browser? The constant stream of Flashcrashes and script-stoppages on Firefox is wearing me down, and Chrome's unwillingness to let me avoid Sans Everywhere is a turnoff...
["Sound reason" does not include "three years ago it was slow," for example.] - Walt Crawford
Nothing's permanent. Why not try it and see? I have such a bias against it but I've always been forced to use an older version. - Christina Pikas
I have it set up (with bookmarks imported & rearranged), but now realize that there are FF customizations I'd miss. One of these days, when I have nothing better to do... Anyway, thanks for the response. - Walt Crawford
Followup: And...when I switched back to FF again, there was an update that *seems* to have solved the Flash/crash problem, or at least I haven't had any in three days. - Walt Crawford
Nice! I'll look for it. - Meg VMeg
Sigh. That was a nice three days. Flashcrash is back. I dunno why I need Flash for FF anyway, but... - Walt Crawford
Interesting sequence: Yesterday, the paper (SF Chronicle) arrived on our Kindle...dated December 14. Nothing else wrong (except one doubled story, and we're used to that). Today, email from Kindle apologizing for the error, saying it's being corrected and telling us how we can delete the Bad 12/14 Issue and replace it with the Good 12/7 issue.
Which raises the musical question: Why, exactly, would we want to do that? Because we thought we'd entered a time machine? - Walt Crawford
Data point: As of Sunday at 5 a.m. (the stats run once a day), the January C&I had maybe 500-550 downloads, not bad for the first week. Then OATP posted a pointer to it on Google+. As of today at 5 a.m.: 760+ downloads. Pretty impressive for a minimal mention on Sunday.
Odd weather for this weekend's Holidays in the Vineyards (an oddly low-key set of 30 or 40 separate slightly special events): After a few days of welcome storms, we get sunshine and 67F--with more sunshine promised for tomorrow. Then back to the much-needed storms (if we get 40 or 50, mostly snow in the mountains, it might help).
My wife remembered that last year's Holidays in the Vineyards, at the same time, was high 30s or low 40s. The only bad thing about the clement weather: apparently the storms are too warm to cause enough sticking snow where we need it most. (In the Sierra Nevadas, that is.) - Walt Crawford
Sunday followup: overcast. Also much less crowded (some kind of game between a mediocre Bay Area team and a really bad Bay Area team?). And encountered a really nice, balanced Livermore Valley 14.6% alcohol, but no trace of heat. Occasio, but with 100 cases made, I don't think it leaves the valley. - Walt Crawford
[Occasio is the winery, not my leaving an "n" off a word. Also $28, but once in a while we'll splurge. The other best wine of the day, Nottingham's Supremacy red wife liked it, but at $65 it was a little splurgier than we get.] - Walt Crawford
It's been a while since I noted the Bing image of the day, but today's--the Suwanee River delta, but in an unusual color combo--is worth seeing.
Cites & Insights 15:1 (January 2015) is now available, including the "third half" of the Journals and "Journals" investigation. More info:
Or, of course, you can go directly to (print-oriented version, 28 pages) or (online-oriented version, 57 pages). - Walt Crawford
A little FriendFeed-specific sidebar: I actually uploaded the issues yesterday morning (12/1) but held off on any publicity other than the C&I home page. Over the first day, 6 copies of the print-oriented and 5 of the two-column were downloaded. - Walt Crawford
I was going to bump my request for help finding Chrome's "don't let sites override my preferred typefaces" option--if there is one--but now I can't even find it in My discussions. Maybe I never asked the question?
I remember seeing it, FWIW. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
I am bumping that which might not exist. It's like doing the nasty with a ghost. - Steve C, Team Marina
Apparently the bumps restored it. Maybe I have myself hidden? Sigh; the answer seems to be "no such option without a lot of work." Maybe I'll try this IE thingy I've heard of: I *know* that has the setting. - Walt Crawford
I do despair of some folks' literacy when I see all these posts complaining that adopting a license saying "do anything you want as long as you provide credit" allows other people and companies to make money off your work. So now we need a CC-BY-BG license: bad guys (Big Corporations) don't get to make money off your stuff, but other companies do?
Or, I suppose, only people, not companies. Admittedly, the implications of NC (noncommercial) have always been/will always be iffy, but BY itself should be pretty clear. I guess not. - Walt Crawford
And here's where an attempt to engage on Twitter is, I think, failing/making me seem harsher than I wish. To me, "commercial use allowed" (how Flickr abbreviates CC-BY and how CC uses yes/no for license choice) would seem to say SO CLEARLY that commercial use is allowed that I'm hard-put to buy "but not COMMERCIAL use" as a complaint. Although, as I say there, maybe CC should think about a CC BY-NP option ("use allowed by individuals and nonprofit organizations, but not for-profit corporations"). - Walt Crawford
Yeah, I'm with you. I have always used BY-NC-SA. But I don't find non-commercial to be a particularly confusing notion. - laura x
The confusing part of NC is all the edge cases--e.g., I use your image in a talk for which I'm being paid or for which my costs are being covered, or I use your text in C&I, which has received donations at times, or... (and, of course, if it's SA, I can't quote freely because C&I is *not* SA.) Still, BY-NC is what I use when I'm not using BY. - Walt Crawford
Techie hivemind request: I'm considering giving up on Firefox (the 10x-a-day-or-more Flashcrashes getting old) and moving to Chrome...but I really detest seeing Arial/Helvetica/similarly drab sans serif on damn near every page. I can't find Chrome's equivalent to Firefox's "don't let websites override my typeface" option. Is there one somewhere?
I read your request but I have no answer. Just posting for the Bump. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
In basics, no - not from what I can see. Users can specify their own stylesheet, but that might be more fuss than you want to go to: They've got decent directions for how to accomplish that, but as the original poster says, that seems like an awful lot of bother for something so simple in other browsers. - Jennifer Dittrich
Guess I'm just a luddite at heart: I find it nearly impossible to engage in a Twitter discussion--it's just too damn disjointed (and for me, 140 characters is a long "uh, er"). I try, but I think I fail.
In case it didn't post: the paperback version of Cites & Insights 14 (2014) is now available--including as a special bonus, the "third half" of Journals and "Journals" (adding 1,200+ bio/medical DOAJ journals). More info:
Holding my fingers to avoid commenting on a G+ post by a professor that included this phrase: "folks prefer reading a paper book than Ebooks." Arggh... At the very least, "to an Ebook," but better yet "would rather read a paper book than an ebook." I guess I've been reading too many paper books...
Curiosity not quite satisfied: I was wondering--for no good reason--whether it was still illegal to have a bar/saloon in California without offering some kind of food. Apparently not, but now I'm wondering whether I'm right in believing it *used to be* illegal (resulting in some sad packaged sandwiches at some bars).
What I *did* find out: licenses--either beer & wine licenses or full liquor licenses--are different and probably cheaper if the establishment is a "bona fide eating establishment," which means a majority of its revenue comes from food rather than alcoholic beverages. - Walt Crawford
For many years in my town you could get into bars when you were 19, though in theory you had to be 21 to drink. That was changed a few years ago, but you can still get an exemption if you are an entertainment venue. - laura x from iPhone
You can have kids in a place that serves food. You can't have them in a pure bar. - Spidra Webster
When I first got to Wyoming, you could still get a mixed drink to go at the drive up window of the bar. Those were the days. - laura x from iPhone
Always fun to see history being rewritten: Just read an Atlantic piece in which James Fallows basically says that Jim Koch and his Sam Adams beer are responsible for America's craft beer movement. Based on the article, Anchor Steam (which Fritz Maytag brought back to life in 1971) doesn't exist at all, and Sierra Nevada...
... (1979, still five years earlier than Sam Adams) is just some little nobody barely worth mentioning. Of course, both of them suffer because (a) they're in California, not the East Coast and (b) they actually make their beer on premises, rather than contracting it out. And apparently their spokespeople aren't as charming as Jim Koch (the woman who cofounded the brewery is mentioned in the article. Once.) - Walt Crawford
Hell, I'd argue that at 2.5 million barrels, Sam Adams isn't a craft beer at all. (That's roughly three times the size of Sierra Nevada and more than ten times the size of Anchor Steam, which so far has remained a craft brewery.) </grump> (Since I don't drink beer anyway, this shouldn't bother me, except that it's typical of New York "if it didn't happen here or nearby, it didn't really happen" journalism. - Walt Crawford
When I was still a beer drinker, I had a Sam Adams once. As I remember, I thought "better than CoorsMillerBudCrap, not even in the same league as Sierra Nevada and not as good as Anchor Steam." But that was a long time ago. Before California had more than 800 microbreweries and craft breweries... - Walt Crawford
Long before Sam Adams when I worked at Hamm's Brewery in St Paul we'd do small runs of "craft beers" they didn't call them that they were just small lots of special recipe beers for specific markets and liquor wholesalers. And if you worked there you could buy a case on payday. Mickey's Malt forth win - WarLord
WarLord: Yep. In my mind, contract beers done to a special recipe aren't in the same league as breweries devoted to full-flavored beers. (Of course, I'm old enough to remember when Miller's High Life was a medium-bodied beer with some actual taste, before it was transformed into another BudCoorsLucky clone. I'm *old.*) - Walt Crawford
I know, I know, I shouldn't comment at Skitch, but I had to...and that's uncovered, among other things, David Wojick's claim that no-fee Gold OA journals aren't "part of the market," which is one way to dismiss them, I guess.
Hmm. My response to the *second* comment on my comment is awaiting moderation. My response to Wojick himself seems to have disappeared entirely. Not sure what that means, or whether I should care. I am impressed by the mentality that simply defines away a huge chunk of the scholarly article arena because The Greenbacks. - Walt Crawford
I see they approved my response to the second response to my comment, and have tried again to respond to Wojick, slightly less heatedly this time. (Reluctantly, to be sure: by Wojick's standard I'm not doing research at all because nobody's paying me for it.) - Walt Crawford
"Librarians, in other words, are in an unholy embrace with the publishers they despise." - John Dupuis
Well that's blithering nonsense. No question that they're part of the is definitely a price point - Cameron Neylon
If you go back there, you'll see that for Wojick it really is Entirely About the Greenbacks: he doesn't think Elsevier and friends are going to convert to "the subsidy model" therefore it's irrelevant. Once you understand that the discussion has nothing to do with access to scholarship, it becomes clearer. (Oh, and of course those 4,000-odd pipsqueak "subsidy journals" pose no threat whatsoever to Elseviley's future profits. Because.) - Walt Crawford I'll go back to avoiding skitch commenting and doing my bit to bring actual facts to the discussion of access to scholarly articles, which apparently is an entirely different discussion. (I'd guess skitch and Beall both getsmany times the readership of C&I, but I'd like to be wrong on that.) - Walt Crawford
Reading a couple of highly favorable profiles of Important People in Fast Company, I conclude that I f***king need to f***king include a lot more f***king language in my writing even if it's wholly f***king irrelevant, because, I dunno, it shows I'm Real?
Editing all the ums, ers, repetitions and other effluvia from direct quotations: What any good journalist does. Removing wholly irrelevant swearing used for no apparent purpose: Censorship? Diminishing the Honesty of the interview? (I should note that these profiles would never, ever use the ***s.) - Walt Crawford
Yeah, I know, time to stop procrastinating and get on with what I should be working on. Which, in this case, is the Third Half of the Journals and "Journals" essay... - Walt Crawford
Two more social networkers (that I for some reason follow) OUTRAGED!!! by more attention being paid to some "reality" star's buttocks than to landing a spacecraft on a comet. Here's the thing: The only reason I've heard about the former ***at all*** is because of all those OUTRAGED!!! people.
"I want to rant about THIS THING YOU MAY NEVER HAVE HEARD OF that's getting WAY too much attention" is, well, perhaps not an ideal solution to that thing getting way too much attention. - Walt Crawford
Unless, of course, that thing is in and of itself a serious problem. I don't regard A having a higher online-blather quotient than B as being a serious problem. - Walt Crawford
So so resisting the temptation to question somebody's dissing of a product owned at a specific time...that time being a year before the product (as branded) could have existed. Will continue to resist.
One spamment at Walt at Random, but "six guns hack" really nailed my problem: "Write more, thats alll I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talkijng about, whhy wzste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you culd be giving us something...
I pledge not to wzste my intelligence posting videos to my blog in the future, although I'll post just as many as in the past. - Walt Crawford
search engine curiosity: just searched for "uc football" since, even as one who doesn't follow athletics, I thought I should check once a year or so. The entire first page was devoted to UC football--the University of Cincinnati, that is. I'm sure Bing knows where I live, but I guess they know where I *should* live as well...
Just checked: Google does the same damn thing, not showing Cal until down at least two screens (with Charleston coming earlier than Cal). - Walt Crawford
Cal has a football team? *ducks* - laura x from iPhone
Yes, and some day it may be populated with real students. Cal-calibre students. - Walt Crawford
Could be much worse--the University of Colorado. - Joe
In case it doesn't show up on its own, I just did a post (!) second-guessing Simba's figures on Gold OA revenues. Guess what? My observational figures are within 4% of Simba's expert figures.
Comments now enabled on that post (I'd forgotten that my default is now set to not allow comments). - Walt Crawford
Yesterday, picked up six bottles of Concannon Conservancy Crimson & Clover 2012, a red blend (Petite Sirah, Cabernet, Syrah, Zinfandel) that my wife likes, while it was still 37% off at Safeway. Carrying in the six-pack, I thought "damn, this is heavy."...
Concannon uses special bottles with the Concannon archway in glass for its Conservancy bottlings: they're definitely heavier. So I weighed some other wine and a bottle of the C&C: a difference of 12 oz. per bottle, which is 4.5 pounds for a six-pack: the difference between moderately heavy and really heavy. - Walt Crawford
If you're interested, here's the story of the wine (and the Conservancy series--we really appreciate all that protected land to our south): - Walt Crawford
(37%? Safeway has sales once or twice a year where all 750ml. wine is 30% off, plus the usual 10% for six or more. In this case, that means the C&C was $7.55 a bottle, which is a *great* price. This time, the sale was for a full month, ending 11/16.) - Walt Crawford
Given unlimited money & time, I might be tempted by Crystal Cruises' 2017 World Cruise: 94 days, from Miami to Miami via an intense port-heavy circumnavigation of South America (with a few days in the Antarctica region). More than 50 ports, including eight Crystal's never been to.
(OK, so in practice, even if our cats were healthy, I don't think either of us would want to be gone for three months, and in any case we wouldn't spring for the fare, but...) - Walt Crawford
The other ship in Crystal's small but mighty fleet is starting a "Grand Cruise" also in early January 2017: this one 99 days, starting in Melbourne and ending in Tokyo, with 46 ports (including stopping in Sydney three times because of the way the cruise is organized). - Walt Crawford
[In case you're wondering, minimum fares for a pair of repeat passengers start at $76,000 and $66,000 respectively once you add port fees--not including air or most shore excursions but including tips, drinks, $2000 onboard credit. There are no "bad cabins" on these ships, and Crystal doesn't nickel-and-dime. Still, out of our league.] - Walt Crawford
it would be really cool though. I'm sure you'd be tired of it after a while. - Christina Pikas
Actually, we probably wouldn't--we've been on a 16-day Crystal cruise (they used to be cheaper and less all-inclusive, we used to have two good incomes), and I don't think that would be a problem. They have a no-announcement policy (except one morning captain's talk), they don't do art auctions and all that, they have good libraries, they have lots of room...and I'd guess they'd never repeat a menu during those 94-99 days. - Walt Crawford
They've even added something my wife would love: later-in-the-day shore excursions specifically for cruisers who aren't morning people. There are lots of reasons why, with two ships that are aged by cruise industry standards, Crystal's consistently voted tops in Conde Nast Traveler readers' surveys. - Walt Crawford
Getting smarter? Just reached "International Journal of High Dilution Research" (from a Brazilian univ.) Thought for a few minutes. In other words, homeopathy under a more respectable name...or what happens when salami-slicing reaches a ridiculous point (and the research itself becomes highly diluted).
I'm only surprised this hasn't happened before--a wildly expensive elaborate public marriage proposal going wrong:
Maybe the girlfriend figured out that this schmo just spent two years' income on a proposal and decided he was a less-than-ideal prospective husband... - Walt Crawford
Yeah, I would be kinda pissed if Philosopher spent 2 years salary on something like that. - Hedgehog
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