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Walt Crawford

Walt Crawford

Mostly retired library person/researcher/writer/speaker. All original FF contributions CC0 (public domain).
Failing to connect the pieces: Somebody commenting on the new Cosmos and how they were happy that it was also on FX, since they don't like to deal with Fox (of Fox News infamy). Gee, I wonder who owns FX? (Yes, I'm surprised that Fox is running a heavily pro-science series. Too many ads, otherwise very good.)
I always have to remind myself that Fox broadcast and Fox News Channel are managed very separately. Look at all the crap the Simpsons give Fox News. - Eric - For You Wack MCs!
I don't watch The Simpsons, but that makes sense--and fortunately, 'cuz otherwise we might feel the need to boycott not only Fox but 20th Century Fox movies. Not ready to give up Bones or a bunch of good movies. (Or Almost Human, if it gets renewed.) - Walt Crawford
Reading in today's paper about the new Stanford CS+X major, computer science plus (English or another humanities dept.). Geez, I wish Berkeley had had that in 1962... it would have been perfect.
Great suggestion my wife made last night: A mini-rebellion against Daylight Savings Time. We'll change the clocks some time mid-afternoon. Terrible to lose an hour's sleep; not so terrible to lose an hour of Sunday afternoon.
We tend to do it on Saturday evening, but we still stayed up last night. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think I like your way better. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
It worked: We both got a normal night's sleep. At 3 p.m. I'll go around and change the clocks to 4. - Walt Crawford
Apparently Business Insider thinks the Spritz one-word-at-a-time software is great because you could read a whole novel in less than two hours. If your goal in reading novels is to take the least possible time, there's a more effective way: Don't read them.
I mean, with any modern DVD/Blu-ray player, you can get through a movie in half the time by using the single-press fast-forward, which keeps music & speech at normal pitch but goes through everything double-speed. But unless the movie's awfully boring, why would anybody do that? (Most pro-Spritz pieces I've seen say it's for nonfiction: that you should, you know, ENJOY fiction.) - Walt Crawford
One problem with being older than some is that I grew up before Roald Dahl was a thing, so never read James and the Giant Peach (or any of his books) as a kid. Made up for that yesterday. (We'd seen the movie years ago.) The best part of a pretty good Friday.
Since I'm a Randy Newman fan, you won't be surprised that "My Name is James" kept running through my head as I was reading it--alternating between the movie version and the version with Newman's vocals. (Must admit I prefer Newman's vocals to the kid's.) - Walt Crawford
And now I have "Good News" (the upbeat song from the same movie) as an earworm. Could be lots worse, although my wife isn't fond of that particular song... ah well, time for farmers' market & Safeway. Back in a few hours. - Walt Crawford
Seems to me somebody was grumbling about Raley's/Nob Hill and said it was the dominant supermarket chain in the Bay Area (I may be misremembering). That bothered me at the time. From the news reports of the merger about to happen, it's pretty clear that Safeway is the biggest supermarket chain in the Bay Area and California in general.
(It's the second largest in the nation.) Merging with Albertson's: unclear how that will change things, if at all. Full admission: Safeway's our primary supermarket, Lucky secondary. (Well, farmers' markets primary for produce...) - Walt Crawford
Reminded myself why I don't go to YouTube too often: Because I was thinking we needed a song like "We Don't Need Another Journal" for a project I'm toying with, went to remind myself how the original went. (The official Tina Turner video's there.) After hearing it, don't think I'll suggest this to Pete...
But that led to We Are the World (the first suggestion on the right), which I hadn't heard in many years and had never seen. Funny how my first thought at the end was "Harry Belafonte doesn't get a line?" Went to Wikipedia (a REMARKABLY good article)... - Walt Crawford
And found that the whole thing was partly Belafonte's idea, so maybe he was fine with being relegated to the chorus. And that Marcus Greil was just as much of an asshat about the song as I'd expect him to be. It's the Duty of Serious Rock Critics, I think. - Walt Crawford
Any nonsense there is excused because it's Wed. p.m., and after The Hike I'm always a little off, especially a hike where the 900' vertical is seeming all at the very start. (Only 5.2 miles, not a big deal, but I'm old and tire easily.) - Walt Crawford
Or Greil Marcus, as the case may be: I always thought Marcus was his first name. Oh good Gaia, he's three months older than I am and we were almost certainly both at Berkeley at the same time. - Walt Crawford
Well, it is a terrible song, though affecting in specific ways. - laura x from iPhone
Two letters in today's SanFranChronicle, one upset because TV reporters say "you guys" regarding mixed groups--in this case, a female reporter saying "back to you guys" to turn it back to two female anchors. Another upset because an event is the "woman's two-man bobsled." The interesting part: both letters are from men.
New blog post (they don't seem to show up automatically any more), "To go or not to go..."
I don't think I need to link to the original, but I found this statement VERY peculiar, and doubt that doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, etc. would agree: "the mark of a true professional is one who works toward the day he or she is obsolete."
It did come from an academic librarian and had to do with reference service...but still, what an odd thing to say! (Add computer programmers, artists, physicists...etc... to the list of professionals who would disagree with that.) - Walt Crawford
What the hell: here's the link. In any case, I don't buy it. - Walt Crawford
But you don't have to do anything to become professionally obsolete. Just don't learn anything new. Even amateurs can do that. - Betsy
Betsy: I like your reading, altho' I don't think that's what the author had in mind. (My wife the librarian/former academic library director had a pithy response to the statement, but I won't repeat it here...) - Walt Crawford
If you haven't already, you MUST read the first letter in today's Dear Abby--and, of course, her response. Sitting her with my chosen lifestyle of being male, right-handed and fair-skinned, all lifestyle choices, of course, I wonder why bigots object so much to being treated as bigots:
So can any kind person in an eastern time zone tell me when Davis & White appear in the ice dancing? (Even to the nearest hour...)
They haven't shown it yet, and NBC is pretty lousy about stating when they'll show it. I imagine they're putting it off to keep people watching other sports. Of course, it all was shown earlier live on NBCSN, but that's a premium cable channel I don't have. :/ - Katy S
Katy: You're on the East Coast? That would mean it's not until at least 9:30 p.m.? If so, that's VERY helpful--at least we wouldn't have to keep the TV on from 7-9:30. - Walt Crawford
I seem to remember that in past Olympics they actually gave you an approximate schedule for the evening. I suppose that doesn't force you to watch enough ads to make NBC happy, though... - Walt Crawford
I'm not watching but at 9:30 it appears to be skiing. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm in the Eastern time zone portion of Indiana (but not the East coast). They showed some skating earlier after first showing some snow boarding. Then they switched to skiing. Davis and White haven't skated yet, though. - Katy S
Thanks. Eastern time zone tells me what I need to know. Not that we don't want to see most of the ice dancing, but D&W are the big draw. So, thanks again! - Walt Crawford
I've taken to keeping the tv on, but muted, while I read and wait for the sports I want to see. - Katy S
Looks like it's going to be in the last hour. I have one hour of coverage left in the Central time zone and haven't seen them yet. - lris
Central and Eastern get the feed simultaneously, so I figure it will happen soon since the Men's Super G coverage is ending soon. - Katy S
Skating is next, after the commercial. It is currently 9:53 here. - Katy S
So, you're aiming for 20 minutes before the end of the broadcast. I'm now in the last commercial break before they skate (they're the last skaters in the lineup). - lris
Followup: We just turned on the TV at 7, managed to see the two or three dances from earlier groups (the two other U.S. teams, since NBC's coverage is Homer personified), basically ignored it from 8:30 to 9:30, but didn't try to watch Downton Abbey, so saw all of the remaining performances. (We'll pick up Downton on Tuesday; even our cheap cable will give us that on demand for a week or three.) So, thanks again. (Didn't read remaining emails; don't have PC on after dinner, normally.) - Walt Crawford
Huh. Seems odd to ask us a question we couldn't answer till after dinner, then. - lris
No, I got more than enough of an answer--I knew that we could ignore it until 9:30 or so if we chose. That was VERY helpful. (And I realized after I asked it that I couldn't expect a precise answer that early. "Fairly late in the evening" was mostly what I needed to know, and I got that.) - Walt Crawford
I promise I won't make a habit of linking to comics, but today's Bizarro is simply brilliant:
My "admiration" for NBC and Comcast, its owner, is plunging by leaps & bounds. Even though I'm a Comcast subscriber, won't let me watch anything but little 2-minute canned news items...because I don't pay them enough, apparently. (They give you a few minutes of "temporary pass," but then put you in a 5-hour full video...
...where attempting to find anything just results in more and more buffering and ads. My 4 minute pass yielded, I think, 5 seconds of actual video.) Seems like Comcast/Universal/NBC is exactly what we need to control the majority of cable TV! - Walt Crawford
For the lack of a meaningful blog post, here's one in which I reveal my utter ignorance of '90s country music--and damned if I still don't believe this '90s country song isn't really a '70s urban song. Whether or not he has soul, James Taylor has the best arrangers in the business.
Is there some master index so we know which people's death it's OK to be mean-spirited about, and which it's not?
The charm of Friday news cycles: The lead story in today's SFChronicle is the first-day lines for this year's Pliny the Younger Triple IPA. (Available for two weeks or so, maybe, and maybe one barrel each at a few select pubs. Last year, Livermore's First Street Alehouse got one barrel--and had long lines to be able to buy one glass.)
I remember years ago when one local TV station, that ran a "news" program seven nights a week while most just ran them on weekdays, said "Because news doesn't stop on the weekend." Which is silly, because most news (other than sports & natural disasters) does *precisely* that. - Walt Crawford
Cat lovers (of whom we have a few) should enjoy today's Jon Carroll column:
Guessing, considering feline fascination with cribs and such, Mary may have had to move a cat aside when she put the baby Jesus in the manger. :p Also, third cow lol - Hedgehog from Android
"Is there an anticat cabal? " heh - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Almost missed today's Bing photo: Ice sculptures at Sapporo winter festival. Neat.
Gotta give Publishers Clearing House credit: Today's set of offered stuff (to validate my Retirement Plan B, the million dollars a year if SuperLotto doesn't hit) includes loads and loads of Seahawk schlock--they probably had two sets of pages/offerings all ready to go when the game ended.
The #1 item in today's list, which is blessedly light on Gaia-awful pseudo-religious tchotchkes (although not *that* religion!): the Bacon Bowl Maker (may not be exact name), which should have the slogan "'cuz that big old helping of mac'n'cheese just doesn't have enough fat and sodium without a quarter-pound of bacon wrapped around it!" It is, of course, an ASOT item: As Seen On TV. - Walt Crawford
You popped for the bacon bowl, right? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I assume you're kidding. I like bacon as a condiment just fine. There's no way I'd go for something like that. (Also: While most PCH subscription offers are good deals, most of their merchandise is way overpriced. Although if you really need an LED-lit pseudocandle with Jesus on a crucifix as one of its four pseudo-stained-class "religious" sides, I suppose no amount is too much. No, I am not kidding.) - Walt Crawford
Take bowl, put bacon around the bottom, bake. Bacon Bowl! - Eric - For You Wack MCs!
Seeing the latest Twitter dustup, I think John DeSantis is misunderstood. It must be his own private jet (after all, he did say "my plane"), in which case some unknown woman bringing a crying infant on board must be a little odd, if not an idiot. Of course, if it's *not* a private jet, then DeSantis is an asshat.
Reading report on Midwinter LITA Top Tech Trends, person talking about Codes of Conduct cited as saying they come out of tech. I guess it's where you look: I'd suggest they also come out of scifi/fantasy/comic cons. Probably both and more.
Might be referring in some part to Code4Lib's Code of Conduct - Hedgehog
Ah. Good point. Within the library field (where there are precious few fancons), tech probably was first to see (and NEED more than others) such codes. - Walt Crawford
Another striking Bingphoto (and interesting hotspots): Skiddaw Mountain and Derwentwater, Cumbria, England at dawn.
I think Jenica might applaud today's Dear Abby (really!): "Your pregnancy and subsequent motherhood will be 100 percent easier if you stop listening to people who relish putting negative thoughts in the heads of others."
[Not anything the past couple of days, but previous stuff...and it's good to see advice this clear and useful.] - Walt Crawford
Fun with headlines (and apparently the writer did have tongue firmly in cheek):
For those who don't read the link: "Beleaguered Microsoft posts record revenue for Q2 2014." - Walt Crawford
Just a quick note: I'm disappearing for a few hours, and in this case it's a GOOD THING. Back later today, probably. (Long-awaited data arrived, but in a form that requires some massaging before I'm satisfied it's usable. Then need to start using it...)
As one who had an informal math minor at Berkeley, I was reminded today that, while I'm decent at numbers and real-world "statistics," I don't know math at all, at all:
I started whimpering--mentally at least--about a quarter of the way through, and gave up halfway through. And feel, not "infinitely" but "slightly," dumber than I did this morning. - Walt Crawford
I hope this is just a temporary glitch: Diigo is giving me a 500 Internal Server Error on most attempts to retrieve tagged items. Not anxious to start over again elsewhere.
Followup: Diigo fixed the problem and responded within four hours. Not bad for a Sunday. Maybe I should price out the pro version... - Walt Crawford
Another interesting Bing photo-of-the-day: St. Louis River, Minnesota
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