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A writer of online stories of SF, Magic and Adventure. Say it with me SteamPunk Dwarves oh yeah 40 yrs with Crohns. Got #Crohns issues lets talk
This posted in the Gym at Courage Kenny Rehab is becoming my mantra
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From twitter Candice Jutz @LIBsouthernGRL LMAO RIGHT!! #KnowB4uVote #UniteBlue #VoteBlueNov4th #NoGOP2014 #GOPmustGO #StopTheGOP
LOL - Mahdi
This is PERFECT “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off” by @ChrisWarcraft Chris Kluwe speaks truth to idiots #ftw
Like this: "... (#Gamergate, for those unaware, is what happened a bit over a month ago, where an angry neckbeard posted demonstrably false allegations about his ex-girlfriend, claiming she slept with video game site reviewers for better scores for her games (again, demonstrably false), and then a whole bunch of other angry neckbeards on the Internet went full Denis Dyack and spitfrothed themselves into national attention by making an array of threats on numerous female game developers, including ones about their death, tried to hide behind a shield of “it’s about journalistic ethics because they said gamers are dead,” and generally proved why the Internet needs to be burned to the ground and the ashes salted. If you’re curious about the details, here’s a good background link.) ..." - WarLord
Or this "... You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills who think an article claiming “Gamers are dead” is something bad? Fuck me sideways with a sandblaster. It’s like all you can do is look at this collection of words, scratch yourself uneasily, and then run off to look for grubs. Your reaction (and I am not making this up,... more... - WarLord
This is the best thing I've ever read. AMAZING! - Heather
THIS 1000x. "In fact, #Gamergaters, if your concern really was ethics, the very first thing you would be saying about this whole mess is, “Holy shit, get these fucking misogynistic creeps away from us. Let’s find a different hashtag to assemble under RIGHT FUCKING NOW.” You’d be doing everything in your power to make sure the legitimate cause you’re concerned about wasn’t hijacked or used as a shield by those with no other agenda than to make women and minorities afraid, simply because they can." - rönin
You need to stop whatever you are doing and go follow Drunk J. Crew on Tumble Because it's hilarious
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Deadspin The D-List Right-Wingers Who've Turned Gamergate Into Their Loser Army
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"... These people have nothing in common except their prior irrelevance, obscurity, and a dogged hatred of anything resembling progressive values. But to even call the clown kings of Gamergate "conservatives" is to give them more credit than they're due; this isn't political, it's personal and deeply cynical. Atop a blob of angry, naive, and alienated youths is this handful of self-promoters who recognize an opportunity to self-promote. The kids of Gamergate think they've found heroes and allies, a group of adults who will finally include and respect them. But they're being made fools of all over again. ..." - WarLord
You call it kids, incredible innovation or a long playing Google #Glass product placement -- FKA twigs #throughglass: via @YouTube
Good Morning Early day today, another Monday, another Mg infusion. Then Qi Gong tonight #busyday
If only the rioting youth of #keenestatecollege had fathers or jobs they would give up their beer bongs and throw down their pumpkins
Katie Nolan Tries To Chug Six Beers Better Than Madison Bumgarner
#whiteonpumpkincrime is my new most favorite #hashtag EVAH!! 2 thumbs way up #keenepumpkinfest
1am time for my slumber Good Night soft dreams
Ruth Bader Ginsburg puts her finger on the goal of Texas' voter ID law: racism
"Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970," she wrote. She cited "the state's long history of official discrimination in voting, the statewide existence of racially polarized voting, the incidence of overtly racial political campaigns, the disproportionate lack of minority voting officials, and the failure of elected officials to respond to the concerns of minority voters." - WarLord
Amazon’s Wal-Mart problem: Why low wages, working conditions and disdain for culture will hurt us all via @Salon
Foer rightly notes that “in effect, we’ve been thrust back 100 years to a time when the law was not up to the task of protecting the threats to democracy posed by monopoly,” - WarLord
In the future robots with abiologic sentience will be the coders, the only coders... Talking about "coders" will become like discussing the flagman who walked ahead of early automobiles to warn the horses.....
The "Southern Belle" Is a Racist Fiction
"... Every perk and beautiful part of white plantation life was created through black slavery. If Belles were patient and gracious, it's because forced black labor enabled it. If the Southern life was pretty and sophisticated, it's because slavery afforded it. Everything pleasant about Belle-hood was a function of human suffering on a vast scale—it's conceptually impossible to separate the society bankrolled by slavery from the slavery itself. ..." - WarLord
Pro-Tip: Being chronically ill plus angry and scared is not NOT a recipe for good interpersonal relationships.... #seemssoobviouswhenyouthinkaboutit
So this new "Ebola Czar" has no power to actually you know tell a hospital how to treat a patient, protect nurses, or dispose of highly infected waste....So it's just more right wing magical thinking. Okay I got it #shutingthewholethingdown
New allegations against Jameis Winston distract from what's really important via @SInow
"... We are conflating the two, and this is a problem. All of the silly stuff Winston has done clouds the very serious allegation against him. We make jokes and wonder why he does one ridiculous thing after another -- with the nation watching and a multi-million-dollar NFL career at stake. And partly because the crab-leg jokes are safe to make, we talk more about the little mistakes he definitely made and less about the incredibly serious accusation that was never properly resolved ..." - WarLord
Slate’s defense of Amazon forgets just one thing: Workers via @Salon
The death of good wages and the middle class but hey cheap stuff shipped for free #wowwearestupidyo - WarLord
Ebola meets our "for profit" health care system in a state disdainful and suspicious of Government regulation -- what could possibly go wrong?
Early day today as I toddle off to infusion center for more Mg and lunch of course ;)
The reaction of conservative clerics to Pope Francis governance of Catholic Church is a fascinating parallel to the reaction of Tea Party to Obama governance. The Pope is presumed infallible when speaking of doctrine except in this case, not this pope and certainly not these issues
The idea of Papal infallibility is something from the First Vatican Council. Pretty much most Catholic people, including several previous popes, said that was a stretch. - Johnny
Perhaps but its bedrock "conservative" doctrine and US Bishops sure liked it when they denied communion to John Kerrey... In and of itself perhaps infallibility is debatable but to agree that Benedict was and current incumbent is not reeks of the same sort of "birtherism" as we see in America and by some of the same actors - WarLord
Infallibility is to dogma and only imposed a handful of times. Doctrine is different. ;) - Janet from FFHound!
A conservatist power system corrupted for the machinations of the day? That's pretty much par for the course ;) - Johnny
The American Bishops have been loyal foot soldiers in the Republican culture war. Pope Francis comes from a place where economic inequity matters This wild be even more unsettling then anything he does to welcome people back into the church who were previously very unwelcome - WarLord
Pope Francis' Machiavellian strategy to liberalize the Catholic Church via @TheWeek
"... I submit that there is only one way to make sense of the pope's actions, and it goes like this: Francis would like to liberalize church doctrine on marriage, the family, and homosexuality, but he knows that he lacks the support and institutional power to do it. So he's decided on a course of stealth reform that involves sowing seeds of future doctrinal change by undermining the enforcement of doctrine today. The hope would be that a generation or two from now, the gap between official doctrine and the behavior that's informally accepted in Catholic parishes across the world would grow so vast that a global grassroots movement in favor of liberalizing change would rise up at long last to sweep aside the old, musty, already-ignored rules. ..." - WarLord
Or it could be as simple, this pope is tired of his bishops acting as foot soldiers for Republican Party - WarLord
The reaction of conservative clerics to Pope Francis governance of Catholic Church is a fascinating parallel to the reaction of Tea Party to Obama governance. The Pope is presumed infallible when speaking of doctrine except in this case, not this pope and certainly not these issues.... - WarLord
#pro-tip for college of cardinals - Next time don't pick a Jesuit - WarLord
Cardinals 4, Giants 6 right now. - Joe
#inquiringminds Is Pope Francis to the College of Cardinals as Seen. Elizabeth Warren is to the US Senate?
So help me out here: Is #GamerGate a bunch of guys who can't get laid except in GTA? #nowondertheyarebitter #nosexmakesyoucranky
It's TEXAS isn't incompetence at science a given? #prayitaway
Nope, not everywhere, but incompetence in science doesn't stop at the border. - Greg GuitarBuster
I'm fascinated that God chose Texas as the site of his Ebola outbreak to punish us for our sins...
Hey Texas How's that whole low taxes, no services, small government working for you now? #EbolaDallas #Ebola
They reduced government staff numbers? Where is that extra money going? - Halil
I'm guessing any "extra" loose money is going to Rick "smart glasses" Perry's rich cronys - WarLord
It's TEXAS isn't incompetence at science a given? #prayitaway - WarLord
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