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A writer of online stories of SF, Magic and Adventure. Say it with me SteamPunk Dwarves oh yeah 40 yrs with Crohns. Got #Crohns issues lets talk
Stephen Colbert gives #Gamergate the smack down it so desperately needed via @Salon
“Gamergate involves some male gamers harassing women who are speaking out about the portrayal of women in video games. Presumably, after the initial shock that women were speaking to them at all.” - WarLord
It's 36 out there now, Our perfect little Fall seems at an end. A hard frost forecast for the weekend and winter is so much closer
A perfect little story in pictures from Drunk J Crew
Gamergate’s fickle hero: The dark opportunism of Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos via @Salon
In other words, he seemed to be saying: Yes, I once thought gamers were losers. But now I hate feminists more. And so with each breathless column Yiannopoulos wrote, gamergaters cheered on his missiles against the feminist bullies supposedly taking over gaming. When confronted with his past, by me and by progressive journalists Matt Binder and Jesse Singal, gamergaters were quick to forgive him - WarLord
Qi Gong tonight after my infusion. Starting to figure this out #maybe #choreography
In Search of Uber’s Unicorn 483 426 79 The ride-sharing service says its median driver makes close to six figures. But the math just doesn’t add up.
Uber says its drivers make great money. But the math doesn’t add up: via @slate - WarLord
Of all of Uber’s numbers, one is particularly important: $90,766. In a late-May post on its blog, Uber cited $90,766 as the median annual income of a driver for UberX in New York City. “UberX driver partners are small business entrepreneurs demonstrating across the country that being a driver is sustainable and profitable,” the company wrote. “In contrast, the nation’s taxi drivers are... more... - WarLord
It’s great for Uber that he believes that, but it’s also odd that these $90,766 drivers are so hard to come by. After all, that’s the median according to Uber’s data, which means that by definition half of its thousands of drivers in New York City should be earning that much or more. And I was desperate to speak with one of these drivers. I wanted to see the true Uber dream. So I asked Kasselman to find me just one. Find me Uber’s unicorn. Last I heard, they’re still looking - WarLord
Looks like "sharing economy" (pat pending ) is a lie #shocked - WarLord
#FFSaturday rode the brand new Green Line from end to end today for War Ladies Birthday. Rode light rail from Union Depot to Target Field then backtracked to Minneapolis Warehouse District to dine at Sneaky Petes then home. The route along University Avenue WAS the main link between the Twin Cities and
WAS pre suburban mall tone commercial main street for two cities. The promise of light rail is that it will be revival along the route - number of for sale and for lease sign indicate somebody is planning to cash in - WarLord
All in all n interesting ride down memory lane into future - WarLord
Pictures soon as I download - WarLord
I have 3,791 pictures on Flickr - not all of them are of my Bloody Mary Cocktails #nomorethanhalf
3000 Students over 18 years -- Fuck Me Running -- more than 3000 "student" athletes at UNC faked it all... #wowjustwow #HeyNCAApaythekids
Silicon Valley will destroy your job: Amazon, Facebook and our sick new economy via @Salon
The monopoly strategy is the tech industry’s deep, dark secret. And the amount of time, money and anguish it extracts from everyone else is ours. - WarLord
Now a new generation of would-be monopolies is on the move. The most aggressive of them is the martially named “Uber,” which recently distinguished itself by earning an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Uber is following the path laid down by its forebears: First, identify a core market. Second, establish a monopoly position. Then capitalize on that position, either by squeezing customers and/or vendors or by using it to expand into additional markets. - WarLord
Still, Silicon Valley represents a set of values that is amoral by commonly held standards. It’s rapidly taking control of the distribution systems for music, literature and arts. And it’s increasingly manipulating our access to information, even as it absorbs an ever-increasing share of our economy. - WarLord
Scoff at the word “monopoly” if you like. But if these developments don’t concern you, you’re not paying attention. - WarLord
Porn star Lisa Ann on her relationship with Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent: “YOLO” via @Salon
Republican Governors Just Might Save the Democratic Senate via @intelligencer
North Carolina and Kansas are the two states where Democrats seem to be dramatically over-performing the fundamentals. (They have a chance to pull a surprise win in Georgia, but that would be attributable to the state’s rapid growth of Democratic voters.) North Carolina and Kansas have in common Republican governors who have enacted sweeping, controversial agendas that have turned their party’s Senate candidates into quasi-incumbents - WarLord
In McConnell’s case, the Republican is bedeviled by a popular Democratic governor who has thrown himself fully behind implementing Obamacare, with impressive results. In many of the other states, the general pro-Republican thrust of the election is running up against a localized backlash against Republican policies. If Obama were the only incumbent, Republicans would have locked up the... more... - WarLord
A Science-Fiction Classic Still Smolders via @newyorker
Within the cathedral of post-apocalyptic and dystopian literature, there ought to be a small sanctum reserved for books produced out of the author’s personal experience with cataclysmic events. Other works that fit into this niche include Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five,” which was inspired by the writer having witnessed the fire-bombing of Dresden, and “The Forever War,” Joe Haldeman’s 1974 novel, which drew directly on his tour of duty in Vietnam - WarLord
What In The Damn Hell, Paula Deen
SURFACE - Paula Deen.jpg
"...Above, via Eater, is a recent advertisement for Paula Deen's Lady & Sons restaurant. It features a black employee of Deen's restaurant, whose job, in our estimation, is to pretend to be a slave. This is her job because Paula Deen wants to sell food to people who will take pleasure from playacting the fantasy that slavery never was abolished. Yeah, Paula Deen is still racist as hell, you guys. ..." - WarLord
Just looking at the picture itself I think that's a bit of a stretch. I will now proceed to read the article and see if my opinion changes. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Doctor in New York Tests Positive for Ebola
From Comments: "... If you do not want to contract ebola, then: 1) Do not have sex with Dr. Spencer until such time as he is no longer contagious. 2) Do not ask Dr. Spencer to spit into your mouth or eyes. 3) Do not drink Dr. Spencer's blood or rub your open wounds on Dr. Spencer. 4) Do not lick sweat off of Dr. Spencer or drink his urine. 5) Do not ingest any of Dr. Spencer's vomit or feces. If you refrain from any of these things, you should be able to avoid contracting ebola from Dr. Spencer. Ebola has been studied extensively for several decades and its transmission vectors are well-known. Ebola is transmittable through direct bodily fluids only and only when the viral load is high enough. At that level, the patient displays symptoms of infection. If the patient is asymptomatic, then the viral load is insufficient to be generally transmissible. Ebola is not airborne and cannot be contracted merely by breathing the same air as someone with Ebola, even if that person is symptomatic.... more... - WarLord
#Gamergate is really about terrorism: Why Bill Maher should be vilifying the gaming community, too via @Salon
"...Imagine for a second, though, if the speaker had been a visiting scholar who was a prominent defender of Israel. Before their scheduled talk, an anonymous email is sent by someone identifying themselves as a Muslim threatening to indiscriminately kill all Jews and supporters of Israel at the event with a cache of guns and pipe bombs in the name of Jihad. Would the school and the Utah state government be as insistent on citizens’ inalienable gun rights in this situation? Perhaps. But given the fact that the U.S. has already launched numerous constitutionally dubious programs as a response to Islamic terrorism – along with regularly curtailing the right of free speech at national political conventions out of a concern for security – there’s serious reason to doubt this. ..." - WarLord
“Gamergate is now irredeemably toxic”: The top 10 takeaways from Chris Kluwe’s Reddit AMA via @Salon
“Badly. In terms of branding, the hashtag is toxic now, and it’s starting to pick up steam in the mainstream media. Don’t be surprised to see John Stewart, John Oliver, or Colbert rip it apart in the next couple weeks.” - WarLord
#nanowrimo Pre-Nov 1 nano novel musing or it's only October 22 which story idea do I like better. The story I want to tell is modern day magic mixed with coming of age in suburbia. One idea is of course our young protagonist trained by modern day wizard. I have a "meets cute" so it starts nicely BUT of course the older wiser mentor
Can sorta kinda take over story from our young hero. Plus of course rules are boring - WarLord
Second idea, the protagonist finds a Grimoire and teaches himself to be wizard. This has advantages of more mistakes and hapless experiments as he works his "painful" way into competence. Plus maybe nice conflicts with wizards and any wizard ruling council as he blunders about. I kinda like "B" better BUT - WarLord
The Grimoire the wizard cook book is essential and how I get that book into his hands is driving me nuts. I'm thinking a book sale maybe a box of books for $10- $20 bucks but again how to make the Grimoire be ignored by all until Dylan finds it??? - WarLord
I like the idea of stumbling on a book. Dylan could be cleaning someone's attic/basement/garage and find it, the person doesn't know what it is so they let him keep it. Could be at a book sale, tucked away behind some other things, maybe planted there for him to find? Box lot at an auction that he sees something he wants and the book is at the bottom with a few others. The cover could be grimy and indistinct, which is why people ignore it. - Heather
^ that one's easy. It looks like an ordinary book to everyone except that kid. He has the "gift" so he can read it. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I thought about "ordinary book" thing... I like cleaning out the trash.... Dylan does good deed adventure ensues. I thought about box of books also containing enclosed book stand that concealed this book... I dunno taking out the trash maybe with a side of ordinary looking book - WarLord
Of course maybe I need to expand my "palette of colors" I mean kid discovers magic, adventures ensue - where have we read that before? If I go with "taking out the trash" literally anyone could discover the book. An adult, not necessarily an orphan or sullen loner etc etc That makes an accidental wizard a very different story - WarLord
How We Got Rolled by the Dishonest Fascists of Gamergate
This posted in the Gym at Courage Kenny Rehab is becoming my mantra
SURFACE - Courage.jpg
From twitter Candice Jutz @LIBsouthernGRL LMAO RIGHT!! #KnowB4uVote #UniteBlue #VoteBlueNov4th #NoGOP2014 #GOPmustGO #StopTheGOP
LOL - Mahdi
This is PERFECT “Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off” by @ChrisWarcraft Chris Kluwe speaks truth to idiots #ftw
Like this: "... (#Gamergate, for those unaware, is what happened a bit over a month ago, where an angry neckbeard posted demonstrably false allegations about his ex-girlfriend, claiming she slept with video game site reviewers for better scores for her games (again, demonstrably false), and then a whole bunch of other angry neckbeards on the Internet went full Denis Dyack and spitfrothed themselves into national attention by making an array of threats on numerous female game developers, including ones about their death, tried to hide behind a shield of “it’s about journalistic ethics because they said gamers are dead,” and generally proved why the Internet needs to be burned to the ground and the ashes salted. If you’re curious about the details, here’s a good background link.) ..." - WarLord
Or this "... You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills who think an article claiming “Gamers are dead” is something bad? Fuck me sideways with a sandblaster. It’s like all you can do is look at this collection of words, scratch yourself uneasily, and then run off to look for grubs. Your reaction (and I am not making this up,... more... - WarLord
This is the best thing I've ever read. AMAZING! - Heather
THIS 1000x. "In fact, #Gamergaters, if your concern really was ethics, the very first thing you would be saying about this whole mess is, “Holy shit, get these fucking misogynistic creeps away from us. Let’s find a different hashtag to assemble under RIGHT FUCKING NOW.” You’d be doing everything in your power to make sure the legitimate cause you’re concerned about wasn’t hijacked or used as a shield by those with no other agenda than to make women and minorities afraid, simply because they can." - rönin
You need to stop whatever you are doing and go follow Drunk J. Crew on Tumble Because it's hilarious
SURFACE - tumblr_ndhz5hsLdd1u1vp1qo1_1280.jpg
Deadspin The D-List Right-Wingers Who've Turned Gamergate Into Their Loser Army
SURFACE - gamer gate.png
"... These people have nothing in common except their prior irrelevance, obscurity, and a dogged hatred of anything resembling progressive values. But to even call the clown kings of Gamergate "conservatives" is to give them more credit than they're due; this isn't political, it's personal and deeply cynical. Atop a blob of angry, naive, and alienated youths is this handful of self-promoters who recognize an opportunity to self-promote. The kids of Gamergate think they've found heroes and allies, a group of adults who will finally include and respect them. But they're being made fools of all over again. ..." - WarLord
You call it kids, incredible innovation or a long playing Google #Glass product placement -- FKA twigs #throughglass: via @YouTube
Good Morning Early day today, another Monday, another Mg infusion. Then Qi Gong tonight #busyday
If only the rioting youth of #keenestatecollege had fathers or jobs they would give up their beer bongs and throw down their pumpkins
Katie Nolan Tries To Chug Six Beers Better Than Madison Bumgarner
#whiteonpumpkincrime is my new most favorite #hashtag EVAH!! 2 thumbs way up #keenepumpkinfest
1am time for my slumber Good Night soft dreams
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