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A writer of online stories of SF, Magic and Adventure. Say it with me SteamPunk Dwarves oh yeah 40 yrs with Crohns. Got #Crohns issues lets talk
It's official: The religious right is calling it quits via @TheWeek
And now First Things, the intellectually formidable monthly magazine that played a decisively important role in formulating the interdenominational and interreligious ideology that once galvanized the religious right, has decided to pick up its marbles and go home. - WarLord
Maybe I'm overstating the significance of a brief article published on the First Things website earlier this week, but I don't think so. Authored by editor R.R. Reno, "A Time to Rend" appears to put the magazine's moral and intellectual weight (which remains considerable on the religious right) behind a movement that calls on churches to cease administering civil marriages. - WarLord
Photos: Al Bello/Getty Images. #WOW. #Igotnothing
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Pope Francis: 'Ideological Christians' Are a 'Serious Illness' | Alternet
Francis said that ideologies are “rigid.” “When a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought,” Francis said, according to Radio Vatican. - WarLord
These cold get you killed - Airsoft hyper-realistic BB guns The orange cap is the clue
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Video from Deadspin or You're having a much better day than these two guys no matter how shifty your day is: The Moment Chicago Radio Hosts Found Out On The Air That They Were Fired
KO still OWNS Bill'O -- Bill O’Reilly Is World’s Worst Person In Sports: via @YouTube
Republicans Can’t Stop Obama: Boehner Told He Can’t Defund Immigration Executive Orders via @politicususa
The Hill reported, “This agency is entirely self-funded through the fees it collects on various immigration applications,” the committee said in a statement. “Congress does not appropriate funds for any of its operations, including the issuance of immigration status or work permits, with the exception of the ‘E-Verify’ program. Therefore, the appropriations process cannot be used to ‘defund’ the agency.” - WarLord
First grader left hungry by lunch lady over account balance: ”Guess what, you can’t have a lunch’
From Comments: If his mother was pregnant with him, they'd make sure he was fed. They'd make sure she was tied to the bed and forcibly fed until he was born. After that, they don't care - WarLord
From Comments: ...after reading this news story, conservatives across the US were embarrassed by ejaculating in their pants at the thought of an American kid going hungry. Now they can hardly wait for a chance to deny him healthcare, shut down his public school, throw his family out on the street, and, when he's older, figure out a way to deny him the right to vote. Fun times...for soulless, heartless, dogmatic, reactionary, regressive, conservative assholes... - WarLord
Harman Tower To be demo'ed = Las Vegas Mega-Flop: Why This $400 Million Hotel Is Being Torn Down: via @themotleyfool
Right now in Minnesota it's 32 above zero (or 0 C) on the way to 40 on Saturday... #wtf
The Concourse: Nickelback Are Not The Problem Comment snark #FTW
Women Hate Watching Sports, Says Men's Health Magazine The longest coolest snarkiest comment string in the history of the internet #ftw #LMAO. Plus fun with worst stock photos EVAH!
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VIDEO- Minnesota Food Taste Test: via @YouTube. They asked 8 people from the West Coast to try some Minnesota foods the results are laugh out loud funny esp if you're FROM Minnesota
Plus of course watching people confront Lutefisk - WarLord
Will Uber's Latest Scandal Finally Make People Worry About Big Data?
"... But the data privacy implications of an Uber employee accessing a journalist's ride data without her permission may loom larger over the company in the long term than Micheal's poorly thought-out dinner banter. It's data about users' locations, after all, that enables the company's service. But not all Uber customers may have thought through the implications of the highly personal data cache they have turned over to the company. Uber, however, is intimately aware — in one 2012 blog post, the company boasted about being able to determine when likely overnight encounters occurred just by the timing and location of trips. ..." - WarLord
"... According to BuzzFeed, when reporter Johana Bhuiyan arrived at Uber's New York headquarters for an interview earlier this month, local general manager Josh Mohrer was waiting outside for her — and gestured to his iPhone, telling Bhuiyan he was tracking her arrival. In an earlier e-mail exchange with the reporter, Mohrer e-mailed her logs of some of her own Uber trips. The reporter had not given him permission to access her travel data, BuzzFeed says. ..." - WarLord
#grapegate Day 2 of debate we discover Grape Devonshire
Cardinal's demotion helps Pope Francis quell 'conservative backlash' -- for now |
"... Burke, who was prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura -- the highest court in the Vatican and a position of considerable power -- when he spoke out, was shifted to the largely ceremonial role of patron to the sovereign military order of Malta. Burke, whose demotion is without precedent in recent Church history, has since denied that he is attacking Francis, yet many remain unconvinced. ..." - WarLord
Pro-tip to the College of Cardinals - Next time you are looking form a pliable puppet as Pope don't pick a Jesuit #justsayin - WarLord
And of course Karl Rove is shitting bricks at Church's leftward focus - WarLord
Winter Rider on St Paul's Summit Avenue
Utah may deprive NSA facility of all its water: “This is a bill about civil rights” via @Salon
Welcome to water politics in the age of Climate Change when water becomes a hammer - WarLord
President Obama announces order to allow unlimited immigration from Sweden. House Republicans pass law allowing him 3rd term #hypocrites
Tom Coburn’s lunacy and the real meaning of the immigration fight via @Salon
THIS: "...Put differently, an honest estimation of the anti-reform bloc’s views here would spend a lot more time looking to Pat Buchanan, author of “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” and many other anti-immigration tracts, than James Madison. And it would devote more energy to teasing out the links between Mitt Romney, who blamed his 2012 loss on Obama’s willingness to dole out “gifts,” and Michele Bachmann, who described the president’s executive orders as an attempt to make “illiterate” immigrants the “new voters” for the Democrats in 2016. That’s where you have to look to understand immigration politics; forget about checks and balances and start listening to conservatives when they say they’re fighting to “take our country back.” ..." - WarLord
Keith Olbermann giddily picks apart Bill O’Reilly’s claims of being a super jock
Pope to raffle gifts given to him to raise money for the poor via @YahooNews
"... hat owned by the pope? Now is your chance. Pope Francis is raffling off the Homero Ortega brand hat, a new four-wheel-drive Fiat Panda, bicycles, an espresso coffee machine, watches and other objects he has received as gifts in order to raise money for the poor. A poster recently went up around the Vatican announcing the raffle of 13 objects as well as more than 30 unspecified "consolation prizes". ..." - WarLord
Because let's face it you go where it's comfortable and right now Republican party is really really comfortable place for racists....
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From New York Times: The United States of Thanksgiving We’ve scoured the nation for recipes that evoke each of the 50 states (and D.C. and Puerto Rico). These are our picks for the feast. Dig in, then tell us yours.
The only problem of course the "Grape Salad" that is Minnesota's entry is unknown and so far unloved by any Minnesotan who has encountered it. - WarLord
Check out your state. Is it a hit or a miss - WarLord
The manicotti thing isn't something I've encountered in New Jersey. Then again, I don't have Italian heritage. - John (bird whisperer)
The Italians here in LA almost always have lasagna on their Thanksgiving tables. The one for CA reads like my friend's potluck Thanksgiving she's been throwing for over 20 years. I always eat before I go over to her place. - Anika
I'm tired of legalized marijuana come up in every conversation about the state. If you used before, you're using now. If you didn't, then you're not using now. I've never seen nor heard of this stoner abomination called Pecan Pie Bites With Gravy. Blech. - Eric - Regulate
Weird. Didn't even come up in WA's pick (which was actually not bad, though I would have gone with Chanterelles instead of Shitake.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Minnesota's angst has a hashtag #grapegate LOL - WarLord
Maryland is correct, but only for Baltimore. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Another "I Built That" moron who fails yet again to realize how Government nurtured and protected his precious business #teamakesidiots
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“I am lonely, will anyone speak to me”: Inside the saddest thread on the internet, ten years later via @Salon
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"... Whether or not the Internet is the dark source of all our loneliness is a fiercely debated topic. It’s like the chicken-or-egg conundrum, or the tree-falling-in-the-forest question. Does the Internet cause loneliness, or do lonely people choose the Internet? If one solitary nerd has a thousand online friends, is he still alone in real life? ..." - WarLord
John Hodgman is “baffled” Uber exec wasn’t fired, says he won’t use Uber via @Salon
"... In particular, his public axe-grinding against Sarah Lacy was beyond unprofessional, and simply gross. And, if reported fairly, this moment from the Buzzfeed account itself implies a specific—if veiled—threat that’s an eyelash away from blackmail. “Uber’s dirt-diggers, Michael said, could expose Lacy. They could, in particular, prove a particular and very specific claim about her personal life.” And his defense—that he didn’t mean the words coming out of his mouth—is beyond cowardly. ..." - WarLord
My take: Uber and The Sharing Economy (pat pending) is just another rapacious rich guy who has a scam to avoid minimum wage and of course wage and hour laws. Silicon Valley as a group is dismissive of workers and views exploitation as new (old) business model. So much for technology freeing workers #gildedage - WarLord
#Video #kittentherapy Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress: via @YouTube #cute #adorb
“Happy Valley”: What really went wrong at Penn State via @Salon
"... Here’s where the Penn State story stops being about football or sexual abuse or one renegade coach no one wanted to look at too closely and starts being about the cultural gulf in America – which is exactly the point of “Happy Valley” as I understand it. Ziegler began with the position that Paterno, Penn State’s longtime coach and an iconic figure in college football history, was unfairly punished, scapegoated and hounded to his death for crimes he did not commit and never quite understood. While I don’t think anything about this case can be boiled down quite so neatly, that’s not an inherently unreasonable point of view. But how Ziegler got from there to the ludicrous contention that Sandusky isn’t guilty either I’m not quite sure. ..." - WarLord
Uber and The Sharing Economy (pat pending) is just another rapacious rich guy who has a scam to avoid minimum wage and of course wage and hour laws. Silicon Valley as a group is dismissive of workers and views exploitation as new (old) business model. So much for technology freeing workers #gildedage
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