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A writer of online stories of SF, Magic and Adventure. Say it with me SteamPunk Dwarves oh yeah 40 yrs with Crohns. Got #Crohns issues lets talk
Today was my first day with new immune suppressant: "Stelera" an injectable med. SOOOOO... Off to Gastro Doc to be trained in self administering that is, injecting myself. I gave myself first dose under watchful eye of Nurse Practitioner. You know what oddest part of self injection is? I mean besides holding needle thing poised over your belly......
You know what oddest part of self injection is? I mean besides holding needle thing poised over your belly... The oddest thing is how hard you have to push to actually penetrate the skin. OTOH it's barely possible I'm worlds biggest baby... - WarLord
#computerwoes or I'm so close... brand NEW install of Windows 8, download WordPerfect 7 and The printer driver loads BUT the text that prints is not letters but little "blocks" of ink... I am so frustrated right now ;((
The MIC and Wall Street run this country like a private country club with restricted membership (but I repeat myself) #Syria
According to CNN we are arming the "moderate" Syrian rebels.... #welcometohell #endlesswarisendless
what could possibly go wrong. - Kevin Johnson
According to CNN we are arming the "moderate" Syrian rebels.... #welcometohell #endlesswarisendless
Vote against the #waronwomen
SURFACE - equal pay #waronwomen.jpg
#swatting Calling SWAT cops on your video game rivals... What could possibly go wrong
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Yeah Urban Outfitters By all means make a sweatshirt with blood on it #wtf #kentstate
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Someday I will be fully Okay with what IBM has and is doing to my body.... #andsomedaypigswillfly #justsayin #spoonie
Judging by the flood of words surging across The Intertubz I may be the only Minnesotan who hasn't picked a side in Adrian Peterson "switching" indictment. I never found anything edifying or admirable about corporal punishment I received hence I was never much good dispensing rough justice As with much I experienced in my youth It's a practice b
As with much I experienced in my youth It is perhaps a practice better wreathed in nostalgia then actually used in actual discipline..... - WarLord
Writing See the stories Write them down #amwriting
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#worthreading With genetic testing, I gave my parents the gift of divorce via @voxdotcom
I stood in Powell's Bookstore realizing that "journals" were safe from the depredations of Amazon's E-book monopoly...
DeadSpin "The only thing unusual about Ray and Janay is that anybody noticed". #mustread #wowjustwow
Good Night Don't Think Twice, It's Alright soft dreams
Listening to Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman #nowplaying
Listening to Come Back Baby (feat. John Medeski) by Johnny Winter #nowplaying
Hey #NFL Listening to The Rape of the World by Tracy Chapman #nowplaying
Reno I did a dumb thing at TMA Conference. There was a table filled with "Cure Myositis" bracelets and I only took ONE! I gave it away on the plane flying home. I should have taken twelve... #givethemawaythatshowyoubuildawareness
RE: NFL remember in any organization there are written rules and them there are the "real" rules.... #culturerulesall
Sunday we had lunch at El Dorado Casino in Reno. I had Chicken Soup with big chunks of chicken. The menu also listed a "Vegetarian" version with "that same delicious chicken broth" but no chicken pieces.... #Idontthinkitworkslikethat #notclearontheconcept
It's like Texas BBQ, "and for the vegetarians, we have chicken" - Greg GuitarBuster
Home again! Great trip and the best Myositis conference ever. Tired tonight but my journal is crammed with notes More later after good nights sleep. My spoon account is sorely depleted #spoonie
#hangingout In the Metropolitan Lounge waiting for out train #Portland
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