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Interesting storyline at The Masters. Wily experienced Bubba Watson vs 20 year old wunderkind Spieth #golf
And Bubba wins it and in second place a star is born - WarLord
I love Bubba and was rooting for him the whole tournament but I really was enjoying Spieth and Blixt. I hope they both give us some great stuff this season, Spieth especially. I felt bad for the guy because he wanted this win so badly he could taste it. But he looked great out there and I'm pretty sure that green jacket will be his soon enough. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
Matt Pankratz
I blame Roger Miller for the Tea Party. #gubament
Yeah "chug a Lug" should be their theme song - WarLord
Eric Logan
People must hear both sides of the climate story | Herald Sun -
THE media’s response to the latest instalment of the UN Climate Panel report will inevitably dwell on the negative effects of global warming — how it will reduce agricultural yields, increase heatwaves and drown communities. Those stories will be correct, if only in a limited sense of that word. So while reading them, it is worth stepping back and realising that they provide just a partial version of the global warming story. Yes, global warming is real, it is partly man-made and it’s a long-term problem we must address. But describing it in one-sided, vaguely apocalyptic terms won’t help us find solutions. For example, a previous edition of the UN Climate Panel summary told us rising sea levels, which are indeed happening, would deliver “potential damages to infrastructure in coastal areas …” projected to cost “tens of billions of dollars for individual countries, for example Egypt, Poland, and Vietnam”. Yet while laying out the possibility, they neglect to tell us that these losses... more... - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
From the author: "But eventually global warming will turn negative and that is why we still must act to fix it. The best solution is to ramp up funding for research and development of effective green technology." - Sean McBride
I hope to actually download and browse a copy of this report. - Brian Johns
Hardly anyone debates that Sean the shrillness of the warnings and the proposed solutions are the crux of the problem. I also intend to read it. Lomborg has been skewered for being sane. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
I'm not convinced that we aren't facing an apocalyptic situation with regard to global warming and climate change. Better safe than sorry on issues of this strategic magnitude, in my opinion. Be aggressive about addressing the problem, while continuing to evaluate all new relevant data as it comes in. No one can predict climate change with absolute certainty -- just best guesses. - Sean McBride
That's called The Precautionary Principle, which Adam Curtis took on hilariously in Pt 3 of The Power of Nightmares. Science be damned, since the problem is defined before the definition of the full dataset is available for experiment. Which, of course, is why people are willing to alter their future based on models when the observed data shows the models are missing something, like how the oceans work, radiation physics, cloud formation, and the effect of aerosols...for starters. - MRW_8
It must be difficult to hold views on global warming and climate change that are at variance with those of the overwhelming majority of legitimate scientists in the field. - Sean McBride
There aren't two sides any more, climate change has 2 sides in the same way evolution and creation have two sides. Only one of course is credible - WarLord
"t must be difficult to hold views on global warming and climate change that are at variance with those of the overwhelming majority of legitimate scientists in the field." You haven't read the "legitimate scientists in the field." I have, until my eyeballs fell out. See my reference to the revolution about to happen in the American Physical Society (APS) in the "Debunking every IPCC... more... - MRW_8
As I pointed out to Eric recently, I get my climate science from the following publications: 1. American Scientist 2. Discover 3. National Geographic 4. Nature 5. New Scientist 6. Science 7. Science Daily 8. Scientific American 9. Technology Review 10. Wired - Sean McBride
Those publications are compromised. You have to read the actual papers. A tedious, dreary activity. - MRW_8
I track trends on this topic with: [Prismatic; Global Warming]. - Sean McBride
So what? Read the papers. Problem is most of them re paywalled. But I buy them, like an asshole. :-( - MRW_8
I don't buy the claim that all those publications are "compromised" and are telling deliberate lies about global warming and climate science. That takes one deep into the realm of crackpot conspiracy theorizing. - Sean McBride
Of course you don't because you have nothing to compare it to. You don't read the source. - MRW_8
Then read this: It will take you 90-120 minutes. - MRW_8
Why would the editors of and authors at Nature, Science, National Geographic, etc. spin fairy tales about this subject? That doesn't pass a basic reality check. - Sean McBride
When I see 25% of the climate science community reverse its former views on global warming, I will start to pay attention -- but not until then. That's my threshold. - Sean McBride
Then you don't know what's been happening lately. The papers that have been presented for publication have been so fully compromised that Nature, and I believe, Science, now requiree the papers pass a statistics test by real statisticians before publication because the models/experiments have been so badly compromised that they cannot stand up to scrutiny. - MRW_8
Believe me, I have no problem questioning official stories -- I have never believed the official story on 9/11. - Sean McBride
I check out global warming news on Prismatic once a day -- so far I have noticed no major trend among most climate change scientists to reverse their views on the issue. - Sean McBride
Over 100 papers CLAIMED TO BE PEER-REVIEWED were retracted from those publications over the last three months because they were created by a computer program. Don't tell me you haven't heard about this. You probably haven't. This is what happens when our news is compromised as well. - MRW_8
Give me a link for your last comment and I will check it out. - Sean McBride
I am late to get out the door right now otherwise I would inundate you with the links to this scandal. I will do it later. - MRW_8
Ok -- whenever you have time. Give me your best link I will look at it carefully. - Sean McBride
I will definitely give you those links later. Read the APS transcript. Yeah, it's 593 pages but its a fucking court transcript. It has 2 inch borders and it's triple spaced. You can do one page per second. So in 593 seconds, you can get through it. For the APS to want to review their 2007 Climate Change statement is huge. AND. They are doing it with court transcribers and a completely 100% open, transparent process. - MRW_8
I'll skim the APS transcript. I am not locked into a position on this or any other issue -- I am always willing to change my mind -- but I require solid information. - Sean McBride
It's actually really interesting because these guys aren't being nice to each other. And, jeezuss, look at their credentials. These aren't bloggers with an "interest in climate change." These are serious scientists with credentials up the ying-yang who understand radiative physics and math and atmospheric physics and geological time saying to each other 'what the hell is going on'. - MRW_8
Skim is good. - MRW_8
getting the evil eye here, Sean. gotta run - MRW_8
Later. This is just a friendly debate between us, by the way -- we agree on many other issues -- and I take your opinions seriously on this issue -- I know you do your homework. - Sean McBride
What the global warming topic looks like on Google News right now: [Google News; global warming] - Sean McBride
And on Twitter: [Twitter; global warming] - Sean McBride
So what. Remember Giordano Bruno. Murdered. Slaughtered in Feb 1600 AD because he said the earth revolved around the run. Galileo THEN said, OK, I'll take house arrest and keep my mouth shut. Whoops. I'm about to get slaughtered here if I don't leave. Yikes. - MRW_8
You better get a move on. :) I respect the contrarian spirit and contrarian opinions -- I have been a Bruno fan since my teens -- but contrarian views have to accord with reality. Not all contrarian views are true simply because they are contrarian. - Sean McBride
OK Sean. This guy after refusing to sign the document==> Prof Tol, the lead co-ordinating author of the report’s chapter on economics, was involved in drafting the summary for policymakers. From the current SPM wrote this today. - Eric Logan
They probably haven't had time to label him a climate mis-informer yet. Give it a few days. - Eric Logan
Eric -- how soon do you think Tol will move Scientific American, National Geographic and other leading scientific publications to his point of view? That is the datapoint I am looking for -- a shift in consensus among the world's leading scientific authorities. If that happens, it will register instantly on Prismatic, Google News, Twitter, etc. and I will see it. - Sean McBride
It's not a relevant question. All of the leading publications thought Bruno was a heretic too. Who is right is the pertinent question. You don't even have consensus among the editors and lead authors and that's all I hear anymore. - Eric Logan
Eric -- do you understand the syntax of these four Google searches and how to interpret the search results? 1. 2. 3. 4. - Sean McBride
Sean I am not going to keep rehashing the same argument. The scientists are in vehement disagreement on many of these issues. I am completely aware that that fact is being green washed and how.. - Eric Logan
To dig into the syntax see: [Unofficial Google Advanced Search] Google is a powerful data mining (and knowledge) tool. - Sean McBride
From Scientific American (January 14, 2014): [About that consensus on global warming: 9136 agree, 1 disagrees.] - Sean McBride
"I just want to highlight this illuminating infographic by James Powell in which, based on more than 2000 peer-reviewed publications, he counts the number of authors from November, 2012 to December, 2013 who explicitly deny global warming (that is, who propose a fundamentally different reason for temperature rise than anthropogenic CO2). The number is exactly one. In addition Powell also has helpful links to the abstracts and main text bodies of the relevant papers." - Sean McBride
[Voodoo Economists, Part 3.5: Richard Tol says wildly optimistic MIT/NBER study, beloved of deniers, is “way too pessimistic”] See the bullet points which take apart Toll. - Sean McBride
Just one LOL ? Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate. Cosmoclimatology: a new theory emerges. Implications of the Secondary Role of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Forcing in Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future - Eric Logan
How have those papers affected the overwhelming consensus view at leading scientific publications? - Sean McBride
Are those Google searches a mystery to you? :) Google is an amazing surgical tool if you know how to use it. - Sean McBride
Show me the search that explains the real mystery. - Eric Logan
Where is the link for the source of this graphic? - Sean McBride
If you don't know what that graph is then you need to start reading a lot more than just your Google search's. The graph was produced by John Christy and it shows the missing tropical hot spot. This is a discussion of the graph in question. - Eric Logan
I asked to see the link for the graphic to evaluate the credibility of the source and to peruse any discussion the post may have generated. - Sean McBride
The link I just gave you is a discussion of that graphic specifically. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Same old shtuff from the Heartland Institute network: 1. [Examining Dr. John Christy's Global Warming Skepticism] 2. [Climate Misinformer: John Christy] 3. [John Christy, Richard McNider and Roy Spencer trying to overturn mainstream science by rewriting history and... more... - Sean McBride
Christy's views have gained no traction among leading scientific publications. Let me know if they ever do and I will start to pay attention to him. - Sean McBride
[Global Warming Deniers and Legitimate Skeptical Scientists] - Sean McBride
You get funnier and less informed on this topic progressively, Sean. Christy was a member of the IPCC in 2007 which makes him a Nobel prize winner. How many illegitimate scientists used to be part of the IPCC ? - Eric Logan
McNider and Christy: Why Kerry Is Flat Wrong on Climate Change It was the scientific skeptics who bucked the 'consensus' and said the Earth was round. - Eric Logan
Eric -- Christy and his fellow deniers constitute a minuscule minority within the climate science community -- deal with it. - Sean McBride
[Sourcewatch: John R. Christy] - Sean McBride
Sourcewatch: "Spencer and Christy sat by for most of a decade allowing — indeed encouraging — the use of their data set as an icon for global warming skeptics. They committed serial errors in the data analysis, but insisted they were right and models and thermometers were wrong. They did little or nothing to root out possible sources of errors, and left it to others to clean up the mess, as has now been done." - Sean McBride
I am dealing with it. Free entertainment. I have been watching false crises for years now. I try to find ways to profit. Remember this one? - Eric Logan
[Should you believe anything John Christy says?] Devastating rebuttal to Christy -- I hope you are entertained by it. Also, I have picked up hints that both Spencer and Christy are Christian fundamentalists. We know that drill. - Sean McBride
Eric: how I am using Google search: I look for all the items posted at specific and reputable publications (like Scientific American) on global warming, limit the results for the past year or past month, sort them by relevance (importance), and tally up the number of pro and con articles regarding AGW. Quick and dirty data mining. Denialists like Spencer and Christy haven't moved the... more... - Sean McBride
The only venue that counts are the actual observations. If we where actually listening to the warmists we would have a carbon trading board in Chicago already. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
The venues that count are the publications in which the world's best scientific minds interpret the data from real-world observations -- and they are easy to track. - Sean McBride
Global Warming is Destroying April Fools Day. - Eric Logan
"Ten years ago I simply parroted what the IPCC told us. One day I started checking the facts and data – first I started with a sense of doubt, but then I became outraged when I discovered that much of what the IPCC and the media were telling us was sheer nonsense and was not even supported by any scientific facts and measurements. To this day I still feel shame that as a scientist I made presentations of their science without first checking it." - Klaus-Eckart Puls - Eric Logan
Eric -- whenever I check out your scientific sources, I find that they have been debunked by the overwhelming majority of scientific authorities on climate science. Not a single leading scientific publication on the planet gives them any credence. Many of these sources are religious fundamentalist cranks or they are being funded by carbon billionaires with short-term profit motives. Most of the promoters and defenders of these sources on the Internet are barely literate. - Sean McBride
Your continued appeal to authority/ consensus just makes you more laughable and it's one of the oldest canards in science. The old adage “there is strength in numbers” is not always true, especially when it comes to science. Science is not advanced through polls or consensus. Observation and experimental evidence is what matters. Thankfully, being in the minority does not necessarily... more... - Eric Logan
What exactly does ones religion have to do with this debate? Most scientists are atheists. Nir Shaviv is Jewish. I have no idea what religion the scientists are nor do I care. That's just another one of your personal biases. I doubt it's a valid observation, but I haven't researched it. The natural inclination of religion would seem to support man made climate catastrophe. There is that whole destroy those who are destroying the earth thing. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Eric: "Your continued appeal to authority/ consensus just makes you more laughable and it's one of the oldest canards in science." Actually, you are laughable. A tiny minority of scientists, many of them with questionable motives and agendas, have been unable to make any headway in persuading an overwhelming majority of reputable climate scientists to their denialist point of view. They are regularly trounced in scientific debates on global warming issues. So who is laughing? - Sean McBride
Do you appeal to scientific authority in rebutting the claims of creationists who believe that the universe is a few thousand years old or the claims of those who insist that smoking tobacco is not a cause of serious health problems? Global warming denialists, for the most part, occupy the same part of the ideological spectrum as creationists and apologists for the tobacco industry. - Sean McBride
I am laughing at you on a fairly regular basis. I don't have to appeal to authority or consensus some of things creationists believe are ludicrous yet I would hazard a guess most humans believe in some form of a diety and I don't feel a need to silence them either. - Eric Logan
I don't know what you find funny about having your views crushingly rejected by all the leading science publications in the world, without exception -- but to each his own. I think you've got your ego invested in global warming denialism and are unable to find a way to disinvest. This isn't a rational topic for you. - Sean McBride
Let me know when the actual global temperature observations are within the statistical error bars of IPCC projections. Call and ask for blue boy. I will be holding my breath. - Eric Logan ? "Since 1990, global surface temperatures have warmed at a rate of about 0.15°C per decade, within the range of model projections of about 0.10 to 0.35°C per decade." - Andrew C (✔)
(same link) "All in all, the IPCC models do an impressive job accurately representing and projecting changes in the global climate, contrary to contrarian claims. In fact, the IPCC global surface warming projections have performed much better than predictions made by climate contrarians." - Andrew C (✔)
What that link glosses over Andrew while mentioning this. ==> "IPCC models have been accurate For 1992–2006, the natural variability of the climate amplified human-caused global surface warming, while it dampened the surface warming for 1997–2012. Over the full period, the overall warming rate has remained within the range of IPCC model projections, as the 2013 IPCC report notes." - Eric Logan from FFHound!
It fails to mention this ==> "The 1990 prediction did require an adjustment, since it did not take into account natural variability — which includes the chaotic nature of weather as well as longer-term natural patterns, such as the El Niño/La Niña cycle." They expect us to take their word for it and you apparently do that they know what contribution natural variability makes. Even though it was not accounted for in the original projection. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
The same adjustments can be applied to the AGW deniers; wouldn't have helped them. - Andrew C (✔)
Meanwhile, you seem to take the projected _positive_ effects of increasing CO2 as settled facts... Your so-called skepticism seems to always and only go in one direction. - Andrew C (✔)
Increased CO2 has a logarithmic effect. That's not in dispute. It's a radiative physics fact: - MRW_8
This is from Thermal Physics by Stephen and Katherine Blundell, 2010, Oxford University Press, p. 454. it shows the radiative effect of doubling CO2 in the atmosphere: As noted, CO2 absorbs in the 15 micron band--and loosely from 13-18 microns--which is around 193 K or -112 F. As shown, CO2 doesn't absorb from 220 K to 320 K, which is... more... - MRW_8
With all due respect, Andrew C, you don't understand the Greenhouse Effect. Neither did I for years until I had a radiative physicist and infrared astronomist sneer at my basic science ignorance, and slowly and painfully explain how it works. If you will look at any IPCC report that reports on AGW, H20 as water vapor is not in the listing of greenhouse gases. That's why CO2 was... more... - MRW_8
Robert Rosner: "I believe climate change is very real and that it’s anthropogenic. And it means that we have a big problem." - Sean McBride
“The term ‘climate change’ is meaningless. The Earth’s climate has been changing since time immemorial, that is since the Earth was formed 1,000 million years ago. The theory of ‘man-made climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis [about] our climate [which says it] has been adversely affected by the burning of fossil fuels in the last 100 years, causing the average temperature on... more... - Eric Logan
FACTFILE Carbon dioxide (CO2) was discovered around 1770 by Joseph Priestley, who also discovered oxygen (O2) in 1774, for which he is better known. A scientist called Le Chatelier proposed the so-called ‘equilibrium law’, which has been used to argue if CO2 increases in the atmosphere, plants will metabolise it faster. Before the Industrial Revolution there used to be about 27 molecules of CO2 for every 100,000 molecules of air - now there are roughly 39 molecules per 100,000. - Eric Logan
Eric: shouldn't you post the links and sources for your comments? [‘Global warming’ is rubbish says top professor] - Sean McBride
Sheesh. That's a gross abuse of Le Chatelier's principle. All that means is that given any reversible reaction, the forward reaction and the backward reaction will eventually occur at rates such that the reactants and the products will reach equilibrium concentrations. So all the natural processes involving CO2 have forward and reverse reactions: atmospheric CO2 dissolves into carbonic... more... - Victor Ganata
"The models don't know how to model the H2O part yet. " - cite, please? - Andrew C (✔)
Water is most definitely the most abundant greenhouse gas, but its concentration varies so much that,it can't be what's driving the temperature rise. It's the other gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) that have unilateral effects. If water were the sole greenhouse gas, temperatures would fluctuate depending on humidity and therefore over time, it would average out of to a delta of zero, and you wouldn't see a positive signal. - Victor Ganata
Comment on Les Woodcock: "Am I reading a newspaper or Viz comic? Can't believe this issue has become polarized along political lines. Does cancer have a left and right perspective for example? Maybe we are a way off knowing if increased planetary warming is natural or man made definitively. However 97% of scientists now believe the probability is that the changes we are seeing have no... more... - Sean McBride
The physics of the greenhouse effect and the chemistry and biology of the carbon cycle isn't super complex. This is all lower division undergrad kind of stuff. Don't try to obfuscate and paint it as accessible only to experienced climate scientists. - Victor Ganata
If it's so simple Victor why can't they model it ? CO2 doesn't work like a thermostat. Does the increased presence of CO2 increase temperature alone ? - Eric Logan
They make adjustments to the data ex post facto. Over and over again. - Eric Logan
Yes, the model is that not that much more complicated than delta [CO2] = delta T * some constant. Because of Le Chatelier's principle, you can generally ignore the contributions of cyclic processes, because you know the reaction rates will cancel out. The only thing that drives concentration changes in one direction is burning up fossil fuels. - Victor Ganata
The difficulty is more that local T, which is the only thing you can really measure, fluctuates for a lot of different reasons besides [CO2] and statistical analysis of local Ts is the only way to derive a global T. The interpretation of the data involves separating out all the other processes, which is what requires experience in climate science. But there's no significant question about the greenhouse effect or the carbon cycle. That's a lot more understood than global T. - Victor Ganata
I also honestly have learned more about this topic as a result of information that you have brought to this debate in this forum then any other contributor. I have been reading extensively about it. Like MRW I actually pay to read reports behind paywall's that are complex and tedious. I asked a polymath friend who is a skeptic for the most part about optimal levels of CO2 a few weeks... more... - Eric Logan
Climate science isn't a monolithic discipline, it's really interdisciplinary, and a lot of parts are actually quite settled (like the infrared absorption wavelengths of CO2, the dissolution and effervescence of CO2 in the ocean, and carbon fixation with RuBisCO vs transpiration). Arguing against these things without convincing models and supporting data (which, if they existed, would... more... - Victor Ganata
I agree that the media has been damaging to the discussion by sensationalizing anecdotes and making correlations where none exist, but this doesn't really have much to do with the science. - Victor Ganata
So, yeah, I'd say the parts that aren't completely settled are how to get the global temperature signal from statistical analysis of local temperature observations and what exactly the constant relating CO2 concentration to global temperature is. But the existence of uncertainty doesn't mean we know nothing. I don't see anyone credible arguing that there isn't a positive delta in T,... more... - Victor Ganata
That's the definition of complexity trying to extrapolate formulas that are well understood into a chaotic system. Instead of actually trying to elucidate uncertainty we get worse case scenarios designed to pass policy that will enrich some and impoverish others. If things had gone according to plan we would have a CCX right now in Chicago near where you need a three foot auger to go ice fishing on Lake Michigan in April presently. - Eric Logan
Policy is whole other level of complexity and, yeah, some of them are probably not going to be effective or helpful (I don't think carbon credits will do anything to affect emissions, for example.) But that still doesn't invalidate what we do know. Some parts of this country may have had a long winter, but if you look at the statistical analysis of local temperatures, it still shows a rise in global temperature. Maybe not as high as some of the models predict, but still within confidence intervals. - Victor Ganata
I know it doesn't seem that I am open minded about this especially here which is kind of sounding board for me on this topic. I often play devils advocate for lack of a better term, but I am and I am paying attention. Where friends on FB I rarely if ever broach these topics there. - Eric Logan
"Can climate models explain the recent stagnation in global warming?” Hans von Storch(1), Armineh Barkhordarian(1), Klaus Hasselmann(2) and Eduardo Zorita(1) (1) Institute for Coastal Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Geesthacht, Germany (2) Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany - MRW_8
"Stochastic modeling of water vapor in the climate system” - MRW_8
"WATER VAPOR in the CLIMATE SYSTEM, Special Report. December 1995.” American Geophysical Union. Reprinted here: - MRW_8
"Observations of Stratocumulus Clouds and Their Effect on the Eastern Pacific Surface Heat Budget along 20°S” Simon P. de Szoeke,* Sandra Yuter,+ David Mechem,# Chris W. Fairall,@ Casey D. Burleyson,+ and Paquita Zuidema& doi: QUOTE. Coupled model intercomparison project... more... - MRW_8
The National Science Foundation: ""Clouds: The Wild Card of Climate Change.” See specifically, "Computing Clouds--Predicting cloud power with computer models.” - MRW_8
"An Evaluation of Decadal Probability Forecasts from State-of-the-Art Climate Models” Suckling, Emma B., Leonard A. Smith, 2013: An Evaluation of Decadal Probability Forecasts from State-of-the-Art Climate Models*. J. Climate, 26, 9334–9347. doi: - MRW_8
Austria’s national weather service, the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) press release November 11, 2013, "Slower temperature increase: climate models under scrutiny” Use Google translate. "“In the last 15 years there has been a clear weakening in the global... more... - MRW_8
Just for starters. - MRW_8
Don't ask me to do your Google cite homework again. My time is valuable. If you were really interested, you'd be doing this yourself. I study this for my own edification to understand the parameters of what I'm being told are the limits of my own survival. I don't enjoying bullshitting myself, and I won't let others do it to me; I have enough scientific formal training to muddle through... more... - MRW_8
MRW -- no one is obligated to research your minority claims on global warming -- that's your responsibility, if you are interested in persuading others to your point of view. I did my usual scan of the latest global warming/climate change news this morning using Prismatic, Twitter and Google News (it takes just a few minutes) -- the authoritative scientific consensus hasn't changed from... more... - Sean McBride
Iced Coffee --- •strong black coffee •sweetened condensed milk to serve •coffee ice cubes •••• Allow
Like this recipe - WarLord
Mindfulness - Living in the moment - WarLord
Adriana Lukas
RT @BrainTrainUK: To The Woman And Child Who Sat At Table Nine… via @tonyposnanski
Liked this story very much - WarLord
Production of Caterham’s three bikes will begin in the spring of 2014, with the Brutus 750 first off
Concept bikes - the one pictured is an electric see at - WarLord
Winter Storm Warning for Saint Paul, MN (55106) - via @weatherchannel
Bad. Words. >.< - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
The provost of the university is having the big faculty recognition dinner and I need to RSVP. Part of me is curious and wants to go; part of me is intimidated? It's fancy, at the National Press Club, high class invites and while I've worked hard to get here, part of me is I *belong* here? Trying to make sense of it all, I guess.
Normally I'd say fake it til you make it, but you've already made it, so go and have fun. - Katy S
GO and enjoy yourself. Have a free meal on the university and mingle with folks. - Mary Carmen
You got an invite, therefore you belong. Free fancy food! - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Looking at what I just wrote, I guess it's telling about my insecurities, but I *have* worked hard to get here. It's just...such a thing. Mulling it over in favor of attending, I think. - Derrick
Go, but find someone to go with -- a coworker, somebody. I've been to these things (though not as high-falutin' as all that) on my own as a new faculty member and it was weird and awkward to sit at a table with a bunch of old farts (sorry, now-valued colleagues!) who all knew each other but didn't know me. You DO belong, so find someone to belong there WITH. - Catherine Pellegrino
Dude. Go. Your right to be there is beyond question. - Pete
Ooh, plus one. Hrm. - Derrick
I have to think that somewhere there was an invite meeting and someone said "Derrick?" and everyone else said "Fuck yeah" and gave small fist pumps. - Johnny from iPhone
^ Love this. - Steele Lawman
We gonna need to get poppa some new shoes to roll there in style ;) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Do you need me to come down there and shake you? Of course you belong. Go, have a great time. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
what everyone else said, esp. Catherine -- GO! and go with a good (preferably work) buddy. Also, new shoes might be required, or a new tie or something. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Alright, I'm on it! Thanks for talking me back down from the ledge. - Derrick
take photos & show us!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
haha, I don't know about all that. :) - Derrick
Glad you're going, D. Belonging is beside the point. They need you. - MoTO Moca Blend
Acquiring plus one... - Derrick
everyone's going to be thinking "Dang, who is that sharp-looking, magnetic guy?" Except for the people who already know you. They'll be thinking, 'YAY DERRICK." - Marianne
Yay Derrick! Be sure to post pics of what you'll be wearing to this soiree. - Corinne L
Y'all are great. For all of my sassy strutting, there are times I really struggle with feeling like I have the chops for these kinds of things. Very much appreciated. - Derrick
Most welcome. FWIW, I still feel that way every time I get a special invitation to something. Or sometimes even a regular invitation :D. - Marianne
Do the damned thing. I feel the same often, but when you're doing it right... - Eric - Watch Me Now
Swanky! Enjoy! - LB: Ratchet Bear
Go have fun. Going to the National Press Club means you will now be a reporter. Be sure to wear a hat that says PRESS on it. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Go! Wear spiffy tie. Win. - Rachel Walden
Go celebrate your success and be comfortable Have fun and yeah it's a good excuse to buy some spiffy clothes - WarLord
I feel the same way sometimes! I give a ++++1 for a "campus events" buddy. - Regular Amanda
So glad you decided to go. Have fun! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
I'm late to the party and happy you decided to go. Events like this are where I've met my best friends/most valuable contacts on campus. - kaijsa
Are you on the faculty? Try it on for size. - awd
Yay D! We want to hear all about it (meaning the food and the gossip and what everyone was wearing, of course). - laura x from iPhone
This is the way the world ends: Once-in-a-millennium drought a wakeup call for America via @Salon
"..... But what kind of world will we live in when something as clear and common as water suddenly becomes the rarest of status symbols?..." - WarLord
Deadspin nails this: Gooks Don't Get Redskins Joke #colbertreport #colbert #ColbertNotRacist
Quote: "... We will bet all the money in our pockets against all the money in Dan Snyder's that there was no one happier last night than Snyder himself, who saw the lampooning of his half-a-loaf measures to atone for his team's nickname give way to the willful misapprehensions of a single Korean-American shit-stirrer. Snyder had hired Lanny Davis to launch a PR campaign that would somehow take the stink off his doomed defense of a racist name, but now he had a friend in Suey Park, too, who in focusing on her own claim of racial grievance—what happened to intersectionality?—moved the debate away from the issue of Native American nicknames and onto the question of whether Snyder's critics are taking an appropriate tone. That is exactly where Davis and Snyder want to see it go. ..." - WarLord
Todd Hoff
Did flickr stop automatically making different size images for each uploaded picture? I don't them anymore.
Another new look for #Flickr and I have no idea what the new look actually "does" - WarLord
It looks the same to me, just minus this much needed feature. - Todd Hoff
It's still there. Go to the 3 dots and it's under 'Download/All sizes'. - Anika
Hm, I don't see 3 dots. I see a star, a comment bubble, and two arrows at angle facing away from reach other. - Todd Hoff
Todd the page before that one, your preview page on the far right - under date you joined 3 dots - WarLord
I just clicked on the photo and the options are there. The 3 dots under your join date have nothing do with getting the sizes of photos. - Anika
Oh. Kay "those" 3 dots... #learnsomethingnew - WarLord
I only ever really use it from the photostream view. So I do see the dots, but unfortunately the old functionality is lost. The view doesn't actually show the different photo sizes so I can't get the URL to the size I want. Clicking on a size just changes what is downloaded. This makes flickr next to useless for me. - Todd Hoff
And thanks BTW - Todd Hoff
I keep getting loading side bar error message :( - Halil
You can get a link for different sizes in the same way I mentioned, by clicking "view all sizes" at the bottom of the grey "Download/All Sizes" box. OR the share icon next to the 3 dots has the html code for different sizes. - Anika
Another way of getting to the sizes is to simply add "/sizes" to the end of the photo page URL. - Mark H
Interesting, thanks. And they do appear to resize correctly now. But I used to be able to just hover over the picture and see the sizes. Shit, this is about pictures isn't it? - Todd Hoff
I'm just so sad over flickr … I find that I use it very little now :-( - Amit Patel
todays machine at Courage Center in Stillwater, MN
Did 10 minutes on the Nu Step today. Slowly getting back to the gym #babysteps - WarLord
Andrew C (✔)
This Just In From Our Sociopath Bureau - Esquire -
[re Bill Kristol] "Blow me, you monstrous, bloodthirsty fraud, you silly, stupid chickenhawk motherfker who plays army man with the children of people who are so much better than you are, and who would feed innocent civilians in lands you will never visit into your own personal meatgrinder to service your semi-annual martial erection. You and the rest of your cowardly cohort helped prepare the ground for the worst geopolitical mistake the country has made in 30 years. You fought the battle of the Green Rooms and the think tanks while other people's sons and daughters died for your fantasy of how the world would work if you really were the pimply, adolescent Zeus you see when you look in the mirror every morning." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"The country does not need you lectures any more. The country does not need your counsel. The country does not need your advice. And, as sure as human beings have become dead because of your lectures, and counsel, and advice, human beings about whom you otherwise care nothing, the country does not need your hectoring that it has become insufficiently bellicose to fulfill your newest, blood-drenched fantasies." - Andrew C (✔)
BEST smackdown EVAH!!! All my humbs way up - WarLord
Andrew C (✔)
How many ethnic holidays are national drinking holidays? Just three? (St. Patrick's, Cinco De Mayo, maybe Columbus Day)
I know people where every holiday is a drinking holiday. But then again, I also know people where every day is a drinking holiday. - Victor Ganata
I really hate the way even many Irish-Americans reduce "being Irish" to drinking. It's why I started holding St. Pat's dinner parties where the emphasis was on a full course dinner, Irish music, Irish literature and art. I'm really fucking sick of the drunken Irishman cartoon. It's actually something I think is harmful to Irish-Ams because some are enough generations away from their FOB... more... - Spidra Webster
Given the way that Columbus Day has been rebranded as Native American/Indigenous People's Day, I think there would be a lot of people giving the side-eye to anyone suggesting alcoholic binging on that day. - Victor Ganata
I think the day of the Superbowl should definitely be an ethnic holiday. - Victor Ganata
Chinese New certain cities. - Spidra Webster
July 4th is an ethnic holiday, right? - Victor Ganata
Oktoberfest. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Oh, how could I forget about Carnival/Mardi Gras? - Victor Ganata
I considered Mardi Gras, but I wasn't sure if that was an ethnic holiday... Oktoberfest I definitely shoulda included. - Andrew C (✔)
Jen, that was right in front of our face. Mardi Gras isn't so much ethnic as Catholic, but it's certainly been embraced by people of all faiths. - Spidra Webster
While, yeah, it's definitely a Catholic thing (which I'd argue is it's own cultural group) I tend to associate Carnival specifically with Brazilians and Mardi Gras with New Orleaners (or whatever the proper demonym is) so that should count :D - Victor Ganata
I'm not sure how I feel about New Orleans (or Louisiana) being considered a nationality or ethnicity... (I mean, I guess there's Quebec in Canada, but.) - Andrew C (✔)
Well, New Orleans folk are a pretty ethnically mixed lot, which is why I hesitated. While Catholics share a lot of culture, there are pretty wild differences between Catholicism as practiced by Southern Germans and as practiced by Pilipinos, right? ;-) - Spidra Webster
I've never been there, but the culture in New Orleans definitely seems quite distinct. Of course there's going to be variation in culture. Given their roughly similar populations, there's probably as much variation in the PRC as there is in the Catholic Church, but Westerners nonetheless talk about Chinese culture like it's a perfectly homogenous thing, so I can imagine doing the same thing to the Catholic Church :D - Victor Ganata
Mardi Gras was always French Catholic celebration, I'd add it. Super Bowl is a massive celebration of consumption and of course beer. Consider it ethnic wasp ;) And maybe Kentucky Derby like Super Bowl people participate who don't even care about the sporting event - WarLord
Mardi Gras by name is Francophone Catholic, but dressing in costume and letting loose before Ash Wednesday is actually present in several different Catholic countries. - Spidra Webster
LOL, there's probably a lot of empirical evidence supporting the idea that Thanksgiving is an ethnic drinking holiday. - Victor Ganata
Stephan Planken
Is there any sense in continuing a Flickr Pro account? Mine is due to expire later this month.
Mine expires in a few weeks, too, and I downgraded to free. I don't use it enough to justify the cost. - Trish R
i use it a lot. I have tons of photos up there and if I didn't, I wouldn't have been able to recover most of several days of photos that I lost in that data accident. The free account only allows far fewer photos up. So for me Flickr Pro is like offsite data storage for my photos for a pretty low price. - Spidra Webster
I think there are still a few differences between Pro and free accounts, even though Flickr upped the free storage to 1 TB. For example, Pro accounts are still ad-free, and you still get unlimited storage (though the difference between that and 1 TB would be meaningless for most people). - John (bird whisperer)
I think I saw initially that the renewal fee was still the same, $25 I believe. However, I have also seen double that. I'm contemplating extending the pro account too. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
And thanks for that link, John. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I just extended the account, pricing was the same as before (just under $25/yr). - Stephan Planken
My understanding of Flickr pricing, if you had a Pro Account before upgrade you keep the pro account by paying to "old" price. That gives you unlimited and no ads - WarLord
Yes, I thought I read on one of their pages earlier that the price would be a lot higher, that is why I hesitated. - Stephan Planken
Eric - Watch Me Now
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg phones Obama about NSA -
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg phones Obama about NSA
"The call between the two chiefs won't lead to immediate reform, so Zuckerberg also turns to his Facebook page to amplify the volume of his frustration." - Eric - Watch Me Now from Bookmarklet
He can see the writing on the wall NET3,0 will exclude the US and US tech companies are scared - WarLord
Rio’s Race to Future Intersects Slave Past
Now, with construction crews tearing apart areas of Rio de Janeiro in the building spree ahead of this year’s World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, stunning archaeological discoveries around the work sites are providing new insight into the city’s brutal distinction as a nerve center for the Atlantic slave trade. - WarLord
Scholars say the scale of the slave trade here was staggering. Brazil received about 4.9 million slaves through the Atlantic trade, while mainland North America imported about 389,000 during the same period, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, a project at Emory University. - WarLord
Apple and Amazon’s big lie: The rebel hacker and hipster nerd is a capitalist stooge via @Salon
This narrative leaves out what few people are commenting on: corporate economics and Buddhism are two very different ways of thinking. For all of their countercultural pretensions, mega-corporations like Google, Amazon and Apple are still corporations. They seek profits, they try to maximize their monopoly power, they externalize costs, and, of course, they exploit labor. Apple’s dreadful labor practices in China are common knowledge, and those Amazon packages with the sunny smile issue forth from warehouses that are more like Blake’s “dark satanic mills” than they are the new employment model for the Internet age. - WarLord
While Tyler Cowen’s top 15 percent of earners struggle on with the stress of working with their robot comrades, pausing now and then to focus on their breath, where’s everybody else? For corporate mindfulness, the world looks a lot like it does in Spike Jonze’s “Her”: there are no poor people; everyone is walking around with the latest high-tech gizmo stuck in their ears. In short, mindfulness is for the world of the winners. - WarLord
As for the workers in Amazon warehouses, their only stress reduction will be what it’s always been: a beer after work. And it won’t be a craft beer, either. That’s for their betters. - WarLord
The silicon valley hipster meritocracy is only for the rich, for the poor its the same old sweatshop - WarLord
Is this dating start-up sexist? via @Salon
From Comments: "'''. here's a problem on the Bay Area side. To quote Garrison Keillor, "The odds are good, but the goods are odd." I don't see fashion-obsessed New York women hooking up with the coder crowd..." - WarLord
Poor, poor brogrammers. - Spidra Webster
@shaynley made some comments about this on twitter and got blasted by some asshat in London for being a "rad fem" and "hysterical". ugh, that bro-tech BS attitude bothers me more and more lately. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Victor Ganata
Man, am I getting sick again? My immune system is totally shot to hell or something.
Maybe you're coming into contact with too many sick people? - Andrew C (✔)
I used to come into contact with way sicker people and wayworse infectious diseases when I was doing my residency and I was sleeping half as much as I do now. Maybe the sleep deprivation was actually protective! - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Maybe your system gets so out of whack that even disease can't get a foothold That's my only hope really ;) - WarLord
Getting old sucks. I hear telemedicine is the future. - Todd Hoff
Andrew C (✔)
RT @repjackkimble: Mr. President, there is a solution in Ukraine. Find some Muslim extremists and arm them to fight a guerrilla war on Russia #Noreprecussions
What could go wrong? - John (bird whisperer)
I think there's a Rambo and/or James Bond movie clause on that one - you have to make sure they're portrayed favorably in one or the other within a five year timespan. - Jennifer Dittrich
There *is* a reasonably sized Muslim Tatar population in the Ukraine...a case for jihad could probably be made...after all, the Afghan mujaheddin worked out in our favor... - Bren from iPhone
Not so far fetched there was good reason for that ring of steel around Sochi.... #Chechnya - WarLord
Victor Ganata
One of the things that fascinates me about cryptocurrencies is the fact that you can divide them infinitesimally. I'm definitely no economist, but this fact alone seems like it should have some really interesting corollaries that make theoretical cryptocurrency economies far different than fiat currency economies.
Transactions would have to be way more convenient than they currently are, but I kind of wonder what sort of business models and services could become quite profitable if it was possible to charge subcent rates. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Think about the relationship between the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The yen is worth about $0.01. So, fractional yen are already fractional cent prices. - DJF from Android
True, but how likely is it that U.S. businesses will price their products and services primarily in yen, even if there's massive deflation and the exchange rate somehow holds? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
What I meant was that if you want to see what a well developed economy with subcent pricing looks like, the is one - DJF from Android
I realize that Bitcoin is supposed to be governmentless and it's not supposed to operate on a fractional reserve system (Mt. Gox nonwithstanding) but if you had an infinitesimally divisible currency, banks wouldn't be able to round off interest and gas stations wouldn't be able to round up tenths of cents. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Yeah, but you still can't set prices in yen less than 1 rin (1/1000 yen). I'm trying to imagine what sort activities and materials one would be unwilling to pay $0.01 for but wouldn't have a problem paying $0.001 for. (Or activities/materials you'd be unwilling to pay 0.001 yen for but would be fine with paying 0.0001 yen) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Fort Knox was essentially cold storage for currency before fiat currency. - Eric Logan
iFiat Currency is all "infinitely fractional" compared to barter - WarLord
Well, "hot" and "cold" specifically refer to whether or not there's Internet connectivity, so any physical cache of currency would be cold storage, while the ledger keeping track of your account balance and the bytes of data floating around the Internet while your transfers are "in transit" would be considered "hot". - Victor Ganata
I have read before and I need to find the notations that bank notes which where actually bonds payable in gold under the gold standard, could and where invalidated as not legal tender under certain circumstances. Not sure if there where instances of theft, but I think there where. I do know that notes where sold at a discount because of the possibility they would be dishonored.. - Eric Logan
After Andrew Jackson killed the Second Bank of the U.S., every state basically had incompatible currency. - Victor Ganata
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
I just discovered young people don't know what P.S. actually stands for. I'm gonna need a minute.
I'm not sure *I* understand what it's an abbreviation for. - Spidra Webster
"Post Script" EDIT: IOW "Here's some shit I forgot to tell you before i signed my name to the letter." - Big Joe Silence
PhotoShop. :P - Not Me
That's funny, my kids asked this morning what P.S. means (they saw it on a sign outside a store). - Stephen Mack
I honestly never knew. I know how it's used, but not what it stood for. I'm better with the Latin stuff like e.g., i.e., etc. - Spidra Webster
Ok, maybe I need to let it go then. But damn. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Spidra, PS is Latin! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No one writes letters anymore. It's just a chain of texts. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
Without looking it up, who here uses "N.B." and knows what it stands for? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
nota bene. And I use it. - Spidra Webster
That I did not know. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Know the difference between I.E. and E.G.? I had to explain AM and PM to somebody. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I admit that I don't know what "ibid." is short for but I do know how it's used. Do you know what "viz." is short for? - Spidra Webster
I'm guessing "clockwise" and "counter clock wise" turn the filtting clockwise will just leave apprentice confused - WarLord
Ipso facto this thread. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
It's an intuitive thing, but I kinda like the original latin "post scriptum". I like latin words ending in "-um" for some reason, like "tecum". - Brent Schaus
Latin baked stammers right into their language! - Andrew C (✔)
ibid is short for ibidem - same place. I got a degree in Latin, so I have lots of these things stored away somewhere in my brain :) - Iain Baker
Excrementum toro cerebellum superat :-) #badlatin - Steel Penguin Slippy
Geez, slippy, I didn't know it was gonna be *that* kind of party. I'd have put down the plastic sheeting ;) - Brent Schaus
rectum! *skips across field and over edge of cliff* - Big Joe Silence
Heart of Blandness A Walking Tour of Silicon Valley
This is one of many times when I realize that walking the entirety of Silicon Valley is not illuminating at all. Nobody at Facebook walks this rotten road with its mile-long run-down apartment complexes and the Comcast bill collector leaving shutoff notices on the doors. Nobody at Facebook cares about East Palo Alto's terrible murder rate. Besides, that will all be fixed in a few years, when these last "bad neighborhoods" are recolonized and rehabilitated by the pioneering young couples making ends meet on combined annual salaries of $250,000 - WarLord
Silicon Valley is actually a century-long experiment in Military-Intelligence Capitalism, going back to 1912, when a Stanford graduate got a radio patent, started up the Federal Telegraph Corporation in Palo Alto, and immediately signed the U.S. Navy as a major client. The Pentagon and NASA and DARPA and the vast American intelligence octopus have all rewarded Silicon Valley with... more... - WarLord
FFS. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Famous Novels' Opening Lines - Business Insider -
Famous Novels' Opening Lines - Business Insider
Show all
"In their magna opera, famous authors have written some of the most beautiful and well-known lines in literature. Elements like word order, vocabulary, and grammatical construction give these sentences their power. To demonstrate this, Pop Chat Lab diagrammed some famous novels' first lines. If a staunch logophile taught your seventh grade English class, you probably saw similar images. Depending on the part of speech and function within the sentence, each word sits on a different line in a different color." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Hemingway's complexity made me smile - WarLord
I'm never going to listen to anyone who insists you should never use forms of "to be" again. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Victor Ganata
Arthur Chu totally wrecking the board.
everybody is all for "disruption" (pat pending) until it happens to stuff you love - WarLord
I'm a big fan of playing games in ways they weren't intended to be played, although I'm decidedly less sanguine about the gamification of real life. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
t-ra: lose,find,repeat
If I could start over, I would play the pedal steel. Swear to G-d.
and the blues harmonica... but yeah agreed - WarLord
I was going to buy a starter kit, but it seemed heavy and unfriendly to neighbors. - Meg VMeg from Android
Apple Maps sends skiers down dead-end road to fed-up homeowner via @YahooNews
For the past year and a half, a grandmother in rural Pennsylvania has been turning away drivers following directions suggested by Apple Maps to a local ski area. According to the iPhone app, the best route to Roundtop Mountain is via Beaver Creek Road. One slight problem: It's a dead end. Judy Saltsburg, who lives at the end of the road, told WGAL-TV she comes out several times a day and explains to confused travelers that her driveway does not lead to the resort. - WarLord
Saltsburg says she's tried calling Apple — to no avail. - WarLord
Andrew C (✔)
If You Have Bitcoin in Mt.Gox, You Are Probably Fucked -
"Without a trace of irony, others are wondering if a "bailout" (From where? Narnia?) could save Mt.Gox" -- ahahahahahahahahahahahaha - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
LOL. It's as if people don't understand what anarchocapitalism is about at all! - Victor Ganata
In theory, they could sue, though. - Victor Ganata
and once again to we learn that in real life not in dope addled libertarian pipe dreams government banking regulations are actually a good thing.... - WarLord
It's a buying opportunity for users of Coinbase. Buy when others are fearful. Sell when others are greedy still works. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
The part that differs from usual markets is the part where you watch your "money" get confiscated by private individuals without having any realistic recourse to the law. - Victor Ganata
It's like gambling not for the risk averse. Anything that is as volatile as Bitcoin is a day trading opportunity. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
Mt Gox maybe a different case, but with Coinbase investors that are verified have legal recourse against the companies possibly not the government. I think regulation is coming. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
Well, yeah, I'm sure they can sue Mt. Gox for breach of contract or something, but the trick is successfully dragging them to court. - Victor Ganata
This might actually work in Bitcoin's favor, though. Hopefully more things like this will continue to reinforce the idea that you need to spend them, not hoard them, which is the actual intended usage of cryptocurrency in the first place, if the people who developed the code are to be believed. - Victor Ganata
The Japanese government basically gave carte blanche to Mt.Gox today to fleece the investors if that what they choose to do. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
Anyway, I don't have any sympathy for Bitcoin speculators. It's karma for abusing the technology. - Victor Ganata
I don't either. I am an investor Bitcoin is like any other speculative investment. As long as it is central to the deep web and illicit activities it will never be mainstream. Don't be surprised if it becomes a platform for more conventional transactions. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
A platform for transactions does seem to be the goal, but I think the intense speculation does a lot to hinder adoption. - Victor Ganata
Illicit activities do a lot to hinder adoption also. Who wants extra scrutiny? I have never personally bought anything with it. The actual protocol seems pretty solid though in need of regulation. - Eric Logan from FFHound(roid)!
602.97 this morning on Coinbase. - Eric Logan
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