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Casey McKinnon
If we're going to continue this spiral of shit, corporations should start exhibiting their religious affiliation when posting job openings.
They all have the same affiliation, they worship Mammon - WarLord
Michelle Jones
RT @MplsCougar: Well, that took less than a day. RT @TPM: Post-Hobby Lobby, religious orgs want exemption from LGBT hiring order:
This is my "shocked" face.... - WarLord
Waitress: "Is Pepsi okay?" Me: "IS MONOPOLY MONEY OKAY?!"
:) - Eivind
This made me LOL - WarLord
I'm gonna use that one :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
:) - Jemm
Steve C
I am watching a documentary on The Clash on mute while resolving computer/stereo issues by blasting Pink Floyd. If it makes it all the way through Comfortably Numb I'm calling the problem fixed.
And thus getting back to The Clash unless The Baby gets handed back. - Steve C
you need to put on side 2 of Meddle. this is definitely an "Echoes" situation! - Big Joe Silence
Just another brick in the..... - WarLord
Sarah G.
Of course the ruling class wants women to continue having babies without any social safety net to help raise them into healthy adults.
This is moving us to reversing Griswold v. Connecticut - WarLord
Victor Ganata
My impression is that the tech guys running defense for FB simply don't get it and are totally ignorant about how human subject research is supposed to work. Good job. #IAMSOSMRT
No animals were harmed in our product testing - WarLord
Andrew C (✔)
Great thing about Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision is that it strips away distinction between corporate personhood and the owner… it does, right?
To me it quite succinctly pierces the corporate veil that made owner and corporation separate entity - WarLord
Sorry, that was the concept I was trying to articulate. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Sarah G.
I just found out that my dad doesn't like macaroni and cheese. I didn't think anyone disliked macaroni and cheese. Huh.
Just Kraft Dinner, or mac 'n cheese, universal? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
He doesn't like the casserole category of food. - sglassme
My brother in law doesn't like casseroles either, although I think he exempts Mac and cheese from that - ~Courtney F
I've lost the taste for it. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
I, too, dislike the casserole category. - Steele Lawman
Too many Friday dinners for me to ever love mac and cheese (or tuna casseroles etc) - WarLord
My kid won't eat it. And mine is kinda famous. He won't eat mine, Kraft from the box, or anyone's. Only kid I know like that. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Not a big fan myself. I didn't like mac & cheese as a kid - but then I didn't like anything in the casserole category. - Corinne L
Tom Kapanka
RT @mashable: Facebook responds to negative reactions to its experiment on users
Creepy Facebook is SHOCKED people are appalled by creepiness - WarLord
John Dupuis
RT @Bibliocracy: An important read, lots to chew on here: "Facebook and Engineering the Public" (via @zeynep)
Key quote I liked: "... To me, this resignation to online corporate power is a troubling attitude because these large corporations (and governments and political campaigns) now have new tools and stealth methods to quietly model our personality, our vulnerabilities, identify our networks, and effectively nudge and shape our ideas, desires and dreams. These tools are new, this power is new and evolving. It’s exactly the time to speak up! ..." - WarLord
Victor Ganata
Experimental intervention not approved by an IRB and performed without obtaining informed consent causing harm? That's a gold mine there.
Could be a test case for the an algorithm did it defense. - Eric Logan
If my actual Doctor did that FB shit, I'd own him and his clinic... Even if he claimed his "nurse" did IT - WarLord
If "not my fault, the AI did it" actually works in the courts, it would make it a hell of a lot easier for Google to roll out their self-driving cars without having to worry about the body count :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Self driving cars is just one example lots more already here *currently reading Flash Boys* and many more on the horizon. - Eric Logan
Patricia F. Anderson
RT @ePatientDave: VERY IMPORTANT slide - difference between old school "informed consent" and (newer) shared decision making #siipc14
Sloppy defense of FB distorts what "informed consent" actually IS - WarLord
Conspiracy of the plutocrats: Secrets of the wealth-inequality explosion revealed via @Salon
"... His most recent paper estimates that global offshore holdings total $7.6 trillion and rob governments of hundreds of billions in tax revenues each year. He also finds that over the past few decades, companies have stored more and more profits overseas, making the effective corporate tax rate less than half the tax rate on the books. ..." - WarLord
#WOW #richguyspeakstruth The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats #occupy
"... And yes, I know there are many of you who are convinced that because you saw a poor kid with an iPhone that one time, inequality is a fiction. Read more: ..." - WarLord
This Is Your Brain on Writing - -
"A novelist scrawling away in a notebook in seclusion may not seem to have much in common with an NBA player doing a reverse layup on a basketball court before a screaming crowd. But if you could peer inside their heads, you might see some striking similarities in how their brains were churning. That’s one of the implications of new research on the neuroscience of creative writing. For the first time, neuroscientists have used fMRI scanners to track the brain activity of both experienced and novice writers as they sat down — or, in this case, lay down — to turn out a piece of fiction. The researchers, led by Martin Lotze of the University of Greifswald in Germany, observed a broad network of regions in the brain working together as people produced their stories. But there were notable differences between the two groups of subjects. The inner workings of the professionally trained writers in the bunch, the scientists argue, showed some similarities to people who are skilled at other... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"For creative writing, he faced a similar challenge. In previous studies, scientists had observed people doing only small tasks like thinking up a plot in their heads. Dr. Lotze wanted to scan people while they were actually writing. But he couldn’t give his subjects a keyboard to write with, because the magnetic field generated by the scanner would have hurled it across the room. So... more... - Jessie
"When the two groups started to write, another set of differences emerged. Deep inside the brains of expert writers, a region called the caudate nucleus became active. In the novices, the caudate nucleus was quiet. The caudate nucleus is a familiar part of the brain for scientists like Dr. Lotze who study expertise. It plays an essential role in the skill that comes with practice,... more... - Jessie
"During brainstorming, the novice writers activated their visual centers. By contrast, the brains of expert writers showed more activity in regions involved in speech. “I think both groups are using different strategies,” Dr. Lotze said. It’s possible that the novices are watching their stories like a film inside their heads, while the writers are narrating it with an inner voice."" -... more... - Jessie
Interesting about the visual versus the language approach. Looking at tales like Beowulf or Odyssey are they visual or conversational? - Todd Hoff
IIRC I would say they're more conversational, because they have a distinct phonetic cadence since they were intended to be spoken, but I'd have to look again at the original texts. - Jessie
Very interesting study - I was wondering what effect the "writing exercise" had on the language v visual. If they were creative writing students they faced a writing prompt challenge once a day at least so that could affect their "verbal" approach and I also know load of writers who picture their story arc like an unfolding TV drama...... - WarLord
Leah Soleil
Twitter News: Facebook to polling firm Gallup: No matter what consumers say, our ad business works: How can yo...
Facebook has never served up an ad to me that was useful in a buying situation nor that lead to me buying any good or service - WarLord
Direct response may be iffy, but brand advertising seems like a real human effect. - Todd Hoff
Sean McBride
Megyn Kelly to Dick Cheney: "Time and Time Again, History Has Proven You Got It Wrong" on Iraq | Video | RealClearPolitics -
Megyn Kelly to Dick Cheney: "Time and Time Again, History Has Proven You Got It Wrong" on Iraq | Video | RealClearPolitics
"MEGYN KELLY: In your op-ed, you write as follows: 'Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.' But time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well, sir. You said there were no doubts that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. You said we would be greeted as liberators. You said the Iraq insurgency was in its last throes back in 2005. And you said after our intervention, extremists would have to "rethink their strategy of jihad." Now with almost a trillion dollars spent there with 4,500 American lives lost there, what do you say to those who say you were so wrong about so much at the expense of so many?" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Megyn Kelly is blonde, but apparently she is no bimbo -- there is a sharp and biting intelligence there. - Sean McBride
It is huge that Fox News (at least in part) has turned so forcefully against the architects and ringleaders of the Iraq War. The Republican Party invested all its political capital in this war and in neocon policies in general. - Sean McBride
Dick and Liz Cheney must have been stunned by this interview. - Sean McBride
i recall 10 years ago, one of the veeps requirements at hotel was to have the tv set to fox when he would power the remote on. He must have had heart trouble after that interview. - Chu_
Clearly Megyn is planning for life after Faux Nooz #options - WarLord
It could be that some powerful players at News Corp. and in the Republican Party have decided to pull the rug out from under the neoconservatives and Christian Zionists they have coddled for the last decade or two. That turned out to be a bad bet. - Sean McBride
Regarding Megyn Kelly, to whom I am now paying more attention: smart as a whip. Not your typical Fox News ranter. - Sean McBride
Well, he does have heart trouble after that interview, but he had it before the interview, too. - Glen Campbell
RT @wordlust: It sucks that the U.S. won’t win the World Cup, but at least we still have our great math scores and safe, violence-free culture.
Imagine that Brazil wins. They'd have all that, and the cup! Oh wait. - 9000
Letterman's monologue - WarLord
#flooding In St Paul Mississippi River is at 13.0 feet, 14.0 is flood stage and they are predicting "major" flooding... This is spring time "snow melt" type flooding and just weird! Be careful out there and if you see standing water on the road DON"T try to drive through it!!! B safe out there
As noted on news tonight, sixth highest river and this is highest river level "not In April" in St Paul. - WarLord
Mark Davidson
The Secret Service wants software that detects social media sarcasm.
wouldn't it be cheaper just to hire a hipster to detect irony - WarLord
doomsday bunkers!!
Great setting for a post-apoc diaspora SF novel - WarLord
Quinoa will never forget when her friend Pabst learned that Portland was an actual place and not a m
Hipster Irony Quinoa will never forget when her friend Pabst learned that Portland was an actual place and not a metaphor for heaven. #MIWDTD - WarLord
Friendships take work in order to appropriately maintain them. This is going to seem weird to read, but... in what form does said work take? I am not asking for a friend; I am shamelessly asking for myself.
Depends on the friend. - Meg VMeg
Keeping in contact can be a big one - making sure you drop a line from time to time to see how they're doing (phone, email, letters, text, whatever.) Also, trying to make sure to see them from time to time in person if you live near (lunch, movie, walk.) - Jennifer Dittrich
One of the big ones is letting the other person be your friend, and letting them be a full person, with feelings and problems and triumphs of their own. - lris
Basically, trust is hard, people are hard -- people/friends are hard and therefore are work. Demonstrating trust is key. - lris
Part of the "work" IMHO is initiating. We decided that we had to be the ones to plan and make thing happen among our friend. So we call and e-mail to make regular dinner plans or other activities not waiting for calls that might never come... I think in every circle there are one or two people who initiate and others who are pleased and happy to not have to. - WarLord
^^^ This for sure. - lris
I have some emails to send -- one at a time. Starting tomorrow. (I say this too often.) - Julian
Matt Stratton
RT @CapSteveRogers: You're Liz Lemon. RT @hellocookie When you ask the restaurant for two sets of chopsticks so she doesn't judge you for ordering so much food.
always ask for 3 fortune cookies - WarLord
Eric Logan
Infographic: Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably) -
Infographic: Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably)
Based on data drawn from media reports and state salary databases, the ranks of the highest-paid active public employees include 27 football coaches, 13 basketball coaches, one hockey coach, and 10 dorks who aren't even in charge of a team. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
All those highly paid coaches for athletes to be sent to the non - profit NFL. - Eric Logan
Eric this might be illuminating: Why Do Football and Basketball Players Have to Stay in School? via @FoxSports - WarLord
They should definitely pay the student athletes. - Eric Logan
“Democracy has been hacked”: Al Gore channels his inner Thomas Piketty via @Salon
Discussing the economy, Gore lamented that “we have rising levels of inequality and chronic underinvestment” in public programs. He reminded the crowd that when “95 percent of all the additional national income in the U.S., since the recovery began in ’09, goes to the top 1 percent, that’s not an Occupy Wall Street slogan, that’s a fact.” - WarLord
As Princeton economist Alan Blinder noted in a January Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, technology is “clearly the major villain” in rising economic inequality, as “e-commerce eliminated many ‘ordinary’ jobs (while) enhanc(ing) the opportunities and rewards for some ‘extraordinary’ jobs.” One way to see this is in the app economy, which often rewards billions to companies with relatively few employees, thus concentrating wealth in fewer hands. - WarLord
Later in his discussion, Gore said that “democracy has been hacked” by moneyed interests. Then, in response to a question about tech billionaires spending big on allegedly philanthropic enterprises, he said: “That’s a good thing, as long as the rest of us don’t ever fall prey to the illusion that charity is going to do the job of what democracy needs to do.” - WarLord
Why Do Football and Basketball Players Have to Stay in School? via @FoxSports
After all, we don't ask Taylor Swift to spend three years singing in the Vanderbilt chorus or demand that Leonardo DiCaprio toil for three years acting in collegiate stage productions for USC before either individual is allowed to cash in on their talents. Indeed, you can scour the American landscape and hardly find a single profession that adults aren't allowed to pursue to the fullest of their abilities at the age of 18. - WarLord
Overt racism is comparatively rare in our society today, but structural racism still exists. That is, systems that were put in place decades ago continue to have a substantial racial impact in the present day whether intended or not. When you get right down to it, why are Ed O'Bannon and Tyrone Prothro and many others suing to get paid for college athletics, when they should have had... more... - WarLord
RT @loveritsvivi: This four year old just called a nurse the f word, an old woman is crying, someone half dead on a stretcher and a woman has 4 cops on her
Sounds like County-USC. - Anika
Welcome to the medical meritocracy - WarLord
Johnn Luevanos
California K-12 Teacher Tenure System Struck Down -
On Tuesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu said that the laws governing K-12 teacher job security were unconstitutional. Treu declared the rules governing K-12 teacher tenure in California were unconstitutional because they affect predominately minority and poor students, allowing incompetent instructors to remain in the classroom. He said in the decision that the protections "impose a real and appreciable impact on students' fundamental right to equality of education." He went on to say that the evidence for this "shocks the conscience." The decision ends the process of laying off teachers based solely on when they were hired. It also strips them of extra job safeguards not enjoyed by other school or state employees. And, lastly, it eliminates the current tenure process, under which instructors are either fired or win strong job security about 18 months after they start teaching. The case was brought by a Silicon Valley group, Students Matter. The suit has... - Johnn Luevanos
Seniority is a key defense preventing age discrimination and firing older, better paid employees in favor of younger less well paid employees. Tenure prevents random firing at whim of supervisor. Both of course products of the hated union and naturally Silicon Valley sweatshops hate idea of unions protecting workers from the beloved meritocracy. Of course given number of teacher and civil servants vote Republican fuck'em if they can't take a joke.... #solidarity - WarLord
Virginians Choose Even Bigger Tool via @NewYorker
When asked about the defeat of his longtime colleague in the House, Speaker John Boehner said, “I will give a formal statement as soon as I can stop laughing.” - WarLord
Borowitz #ftw - WarLord
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