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Andy Bakun
RT @doctorow: Illustrated timeline of anti-fun moral panics
RT @doctorow: Illustrated timeline of anti-fun moral panics
The Other Yvonne
I MAY have bought a huge LEGO set for the boys today. It really felt like a guilt purchase since they didn't put much money of their own towards it, but I wanted it, too. =)
I may be adding to the Lego guilt for your kids today! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Uncle Stephen!!! It's ok. They look happy. =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
I always want Legos. I was very sad when I stopped getting them at Christmas. Which is to say, after college. - laura x from iPhone
Laura, I think toddler x should add some to his bday and Xmas lists this year. ;-) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Andrew Trinh
I don't trust you people. I'm asking everyone that comes in what colour the dress is.
Andrew C (✔)
RT @dwineman: I color-corrected the dress image both ways. In the blue-black version, the background is more balanced. Blue wins.
RT @dwineman: I color-corrected the dress image both ways. In the blue-black version, the background is more balanced. Blue wins.
Wait, is that the question? Which one wasn't tampered with? - Meg VMeg
No, this tweeter color-corrected both images (the other didn't import to FF). In one, he pushed it more towards white-gold, the other towards blue-black. - Andrew C (✔)
But arguably the color cast from the background coulda been yellowish from sunlight while the dress itself was light by fluorescent lights or something. - Andrew C (✔)
I feel like you have to color-correct much, much harder to get it over to blue/black. - Andrew C (✔)
RT @jasonlastname: 1. have a child 2. never mention it on facebook 3. dress it in old-timey clothes and have it stand in the background of all your photos
Or always dressed in the same long, ghostly looking white nightgown. - April Russo
Neil Gaiman on Writing: From The Nerdist Podcast -
Neil Gaiman on Writing: From The Nerdist Podcast
Andrew C (✔)
.@DanaSchwartzzz Even JK Rowling conceded Hermione really shoulda ended up with Harry, so…
Sets up a sequel in which Hermione gets divorced? - John (bird whisperer)
Context: apparently Emma Watson is dating Prince Harry. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Oh, I hadn't connected that. :-D - John (bird whisperer)
That said, I guess Prince Harry is far more a Ron Weasley than a Harry Potter. - Andrew C (✔)
Michael W. May
Woman's open letter to disabled toilet snob sends powerful message via @MetroUK
Woman's open letter to disabled toilet snob sends powerful message via @MetroUK
I'd say "overzealous disabled stall shamer"... - Spidra Webster
Andrew C (✔)
RT @cbseveningnews: Wow, what a shot. Ice surrounds #NYC on a cold day .@VinitaCBS has more on the record freeze
RT @cbseveningnews: Wow, what a shot. Ice surrounds #NYC on a cold day .@VinitaCBS has more on the record freeze
YES. - Steven Perez
7 Incredible Scientific Innovations Held Back by Petty Feuds | -
7 Incredible Scientific Innovations Held Back by Petty Feuds |
"Ignaz Semmelweis didn't buy that load of crap, and instead embarked upon a large scale study, discovering that doctors often went to assist births immediately after doing autopsies. Apparently the least stupid scientist in all of Vienna, he concluded that the problem probably had something to do with the practice of handling a rotting corpse and a freshly born baby one after the other. His recommendation was simply that doctors should take 30 seconds to wash their hands somewhere between the morgue and the maternity ward, a habit which was shown to cut mortality down to a comparatively astonishing one percent. Unfortunately, the scientific community violently rejected the idea of hand washing, because it offended their status as gentlemen. One fellow by the name of Charles Meigs went as far as declaring that doctors should never have to wash their hands because doctors are gentlemen and "gentlemen's hands are always clean."" - rönin from Bookmarklet
I've been in love with Prince since like 1979. Back then he was rocking that fluffy blowout natural. Just adorable. These days, in middle age, I'm loving his afro, and I think he looks better than ever. Love seeing the pix from last nite. He's still so pretty!
You and my friend Robin could talk forever about Prince! =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
3 words Little Red Corvette - WarLord
God, my sister listened to his albums over and over and over and over and over and over again. - Todd Hoff
As did I. Memorized every note of every song. Posters and drawings of him were all over my room. I had a Levi's jacket I stuck about a dozen Prince pins on, every time the record store got a new pin in stock I snatched it up. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
What's not to love? My go to when I need cheering up. - Laura Norvig
"Will you accept my tears to pay the fare?" - MoTO Boychick Devil
Sarah G.
RT @pcsweeney: Libraries are not a social welfare organization. They are an economic development agency.
That is a fantastic reformulation. - RepoRat
(I'd fix the agreement, though: Libraries are not social welfare organizations. They are economic development agencies. Otherwise, librarians look like they're in need of literacy organizations.) - Walt Crawford
RT @lightstalking: "There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes." ― Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Kovalev
Сегодня я снимал портрет вот этой девушки (нет, это не моя фотография).
Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 22.48.25.png
Жизнь прожита не зря... - Andrew Kovalev
И! И! О, чуваки, каких Эдварда Хоппера с Тамарой Лемпицкой я дал в цветах и светах!.. - Andrew Kovalev
Ааа!!1 И только что журнал выбрал вариант Хоппер-Лемпицка! Всё не зря! - Andrew Kovalev
Какая красивая! - jinger
@jinger И поёт! - Andrew Kovalev from iPhone
Todd Hoff
What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic -
What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic
"The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Very interesting! - Eivind
I still think like the situation with Israel I'll never really understand all this. There's just too much outside my tiny sphere of experience. - Todd Hoff
I'm currently wading through a tome to acquire more background, but, yeah, I'm far from the orientalist authority on all things Middle East - Eivind
Isn't it a bit like trying to understand love by reading about it? - Todd Hoff
More like marriage, perhaps. - Eivind from Android
Where each has their own story of what the marriage is like. The kids have their own story. So does the dog. Even the gold fish swimming in circles in their tank have their own version of the story. - Todd Hoff
Yes, a book about the history and different cultural implementations and understandings of marriage would not give me a complete understanding of how everyone who's ever been in contact with the phenomenon experienced it. - Eivind from Android
That was deep. - Brian Johns
As deep as the fish bowl, the dogs water dish and the agape love between Isaac and Ishmael. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
See this: [What The Atlantic Gets Dangerously Wrong About ISIS And Islam] - Sean McBride
I look forward to the next article: What ThinkProgress Gets Dangerously Wrong About The Atlantic - Todd Hoff
The Happy Hooker
Do you ever get so into the creative process you forget simple things like drinking water and eating proper meals?
It's happened. I've been known to forget to eat lunch until it gets to be about 3pm and I start to wonder why I have a headache. - Katy S
This is me almost every day, Katy. - Nellie Oleson
I've been known to set the alarm on my phone to go off to remind myself to eat that lunch, because otherwise I'm a mess once the headache starts. - Katy S
Yep. In the poetry zone, jamming on my first book, I forgot to go to sleep for about 32 hours. G'won, girl. It's a good space to be in :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
It is a good space to be in; I ain't gonna lie. - The Happy Hooker
Back when I used to spend entire Saturdays at the Harvey Milk Center's darkroom, I'd get there when it opened around 9am, then be utterly shocked when they did last call for the photo dryers at 4pm. Felt like only 20 minutes had passed. - Half Pint
Yep. I consider that to be a Good Day :-) - Amit Patel
Spidra Webster
Fwd: RT @martin_heng: Museo del Prado Leads the Charge Toward Better Accessibility for the Blind via @hyperallergic (via
Fwd: RT @martin_heng: Museo del Prado Leads the Charge Toward Better Accessibility for the Blind via @hyperallergic (via
Couldn't use the Bookmarklet on this but it's worth a look. - Spidra Webster
Iván Abrego
Charles Manson wedding off after it emerges that fiancee Afton Elaine Burton 'just wanted his corpse for display'
Charles Manson wedding off after it emerges that fiancee Afton Elaine Burton 'just wanted his corpse for display'
Andrew C (✔)
RT @theshrillest: The diff between AMERICAN SNIPER and 50 SHADES OF GREY: one acts out juvenile power fantasies on marginalized bodies. The other... wait
holly #ravingfangirl
Andrew C (✔)
RT @kylemeyer: Too funny. Silicon Valley Hierarchy of Needs.
RT @kylemeyer: Too funny. Silicon Valley Hierarchy of Needs.
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I 'Wasn't 100% Sober' During State of the Union #myheroine
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I 'Wasn't 100% Sober' During State of the Union #myheroine
Anyone want to help me write the "History of the Future of the Library"? Pretend that you are in the year 2025. What changes did we see to academic libraries in the last 10 years? I will put in comments for some of my prognostication below.
Publishers will continue to merge and consolidate power. - Joe
OA has grown, but it is still only 20-30% of the available content. - Joe
Ebooks (and only available as an ebook) are pretty standard offers from scholarly publishers. Maybe 50% are ebook only makers. The other 50% still offer printed titles. - Joe
Tell me why I am wrong about some/all of these things... - Joe
The main way people access the internet is through tablets or smartphones. Some people still have laptops. It is hard to find a desktop computer. - Joe
Some publishers are backing off of bundled journal deals, allowing libraries to just subscribe to the titles that COUNTER usage data has shown to be the most cost effective. This allows them to survive--better than having a wholesale cancellation. - Joe
People will continue to collaborate with group writing using Google Docs like software. - Joe
This is how I imagine the librarian of the year 2025 - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Some societies survive by providing good virtual conferences and webinar like experiences. The associations that try to keep on getting people to attend meetings and conferences in person will see dwindling attendance. - Joe
Like that clip. Thanks Mr. The. - Joe
I am not sure about how AI might fit in. This has been so hyped over the last 30+ years. Maybe we will have some smarter search software that is beyond the google search of today. The browser knows the history of what I have been looking for, and it tells me that something new in TOPIC X has been published, and it pushes it my way. Sends me a text or an email. - Joe
The Great Cataloger Retirement Wave, occasioned by the transition away from MARC, is just about over, leaving behind a much more networked, less siloed, less vendor-controlled bibliographic infrastructure. Small branch libraries are nearly extinct on major-university campuses. OA to the journal literature (green and gold) approaches 75% in STEM due largely to government and other funder... more... - RepoRat
While email still exists, people prefer messaging others using text/DMs/twitter messages, etc. - Joe
I'm not an academic librarian (obviously). I'd like to think you're wrong about desktop computers and face-to-face conferences, and I'd like to think OA might grow to, oh, maybe even 35% (REAL OA, not hybrid fakes) by 2025, but I'm not confident of any of those doubts. Especially since I do my computing with a 6-year-old laptop... - Walt Crawford
OA may be 75% in stem, but what do you think of Soc Sci publishing? Funder mandates will probably not have nearly as strong an influence. - Joe
I was thinking of 20-30% gold OA journal content. Green OA will add in another 10-30%. I think there will be a better central indexer of green OA content that is not Google Scholar. Something will be able to crawl and index all of the green OA sources out there. - Joe
I am not sure how much institutional mandates will have inroads. - Joe
Actually, I would argue with the "50% ebook-only": PoD is so easy to set up that I can't imagine most scholarly publishers NOT offering paper copies as an option, even if only via Lulu or CreateSpace. Added capital outlay: $0 (if they use generic covers). - Walt Crawford
The last time the library purchased a DVD [or bluray or whatever new format] was 2022. It is now all streaming. - Joe
Good point on the PoD. I would guess that libraries will tell patrons that if they want a print book, they will have to pay for the printing charges of it. - Joe
I do worry about that scenario. - Joe
The big boss of the University Libraries phrased it as the "History of the Future of the Library". I would have called it something like the "Future Recent Past of the Library", but that doesn't quite flow. - Joe
To steal the subtitle from a favorite book when I was younger: "stories of a future past" - ellbeecee
And to go back to the OP: A lot more emphasis on Just In Time collections, which ties into the POD mentioned earlier. Spaces will be used much differently - many academic libraries will have moved even more of their physical collections to off-site storage in favor of more group and individual space. A lot more shared space with other academic/administrative groups on campus. - ellbeecee
We'll be so busy dealing with climate disasters that we'll have less time to fiddle with discovery layers and will have new respect for preserving the historic record. Oh, and traveling Shakespeare companies will fend off leaders of weird religious cults. Wait, that's Station Eleven. - barbara fister
The distinction between the library and the student union will have disappeared. - Larry Schwartz
It is getting closer and closer. - Joe
We will realize that we have enormous gaps in our periodicals collections due to massive amounts of content we leased and can no longer afford + massive deallocation of print collections - maʀtha
We will look back at the collapse of giant publishers and wonder why we ever sent them so much money when it was obvious that open access could work without them. (In my dreams.) - barbara fister
I trust someone will remember to archive this stream locally, just in case FF and IA both disappear...not that such a thing could ever happen, but damn, I'd love to look at this in 2025. - Walt Crawford
Variants of the arXiv/SCOAP3 business models and institutional PeerJ-style library support for authors have universally redirected library subscription funds from closed access models to open access models. Oddly (or perhaps not...), ElseSpringerGoogleSoftDeley is the largest provider of such services to the scholarly community. Pete Binfield is the newly named CEO of that corporate behemoth, btw. - John Dupuis
the city of norfolk just opened a new library recently, the Slover Library , mayhaps it may show where libraries are headed? - chaz2b
The Norfolk library might be great, but I hope that "vertical scrolling required on every page and no easy way to get to, y'know, key info" isn't the future of library websites. Big pictures are neat, but... - Walt Crawford
That is some new facility. I would guess that most people use this website as the main place for finding info about the library. - Joe
Yes, that site is MUCH better (if still too much motion-even-before-doing-anything for my taste, but that's me). - Walt Crawford
Things that make me grumpy about current web style: giant pictures that require scrolling to see anything important, teeny pale gray text on white background, About info hidden somewhere at the botttom in even tinier text. No contact info other than a form, newspapers with no indictation of their geographic origin </grump> - barbara fister
Yep. Also web-only stories interrupted every paragraph or so for more giant pictures (or ads). Also public libraries that name the city but not the state. (Altho' the surprising number of newspaper sites with *no* geographc indication is worse.) - Walt Crawford
:))) - سام.کیا
:))))) - sepideh
♣ - Sima
♥ - Mahdi
:)) - Mahdi
Cheghadam vazagh :-( eesh - یکاترینا ایوانونا
لیتل کی‌ این وسط وزغ شد، دختره یا پسره :)) - Mahdi
:) - amin
:))) - Mahdi
The heart...HAHAHAHAHA - Anika
The heart is the funniest part :))) - Mahdi
:))) - Mahdi
نیما نیستی‌ زیر این فید یک کم ترول بازی در بیاری سرمون رو گرم کنی‌ :))) - Mahdi
Hawn? Na baba ghoobaaghe! :-D Pesareye vazaghe krokoldil! - یکاترینا ایوانونا
لیتلو :)) - Mahdi
قلب مرده اونجاشه - alireza6211
علیرضا قلب همه مردها اونجا هست اما قلب دومه :)) - Mahdi
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @fajitas: Librari-fans, your due date has arrived! #TheLibrarians Thanks to all of you for being our patrons!
RT @fajitas: Librari-fans, your due date has arrived! #TheLibrarians Thanks to all of you for being our patrons!
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45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine -
45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Show all
Thanks to envymask for this entry. - ◄ 道 ► D/\\/|I|D ッ
wow - Noosha
Nice - Shevonne
dance dance !!! - Noosha
تخته !!!! من میخوام - RokhSaare
Cool. - Kol Tregaskes
من اینو دوست دارم خیلی هی لایک هی لایک - Noosha
لایک برای جفت شیش - SokooteDel
:)))) - anahita
وای خدااااا :* - فاطیناز
+++ - زی
وووی - NαrgeS
گربه ها دوست دارند خودشون رو لوس کنند :)) - Mahdi
Nellie Oleson
RT @cnbc: Longstanding advice about avoiding cholesterol for heart health may be scrapped »
RT @cnbc: Longstanding advice about avoiding cholesterol for heart health may be scrapped »
Let's hope! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
You had me at bacon - WarLord
Andy Bakun
RT @theitskeptic: It is ironic that science has so improved our lives that all the neurotic have left to be afraid of is science.
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