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RT @Sherman_Alexie: Does anybody else vomit when Amazon/Google/Facebook lobby against other company's monopolies?
Victor Ganata
I know lots of parts of the U.S. get far worse weather but the whole point of SoCal is that we're not *supposed* to get shitty weather, and when people are getting struck by lightning when most of the Southland has blazing hot, sunny, cloudless skies, I'm pretty sure that's not normal.
Reminds me of a TNG episode of the tornado that killed the girls parents. - Me
Could swear it said 'vigorous dubstep'.
Vigorous. Dubstep. I'm still crackin' myself up. awwwwyeah. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
John Pederson
59% of the people I follow on Twitter have been around 5+ years. 57% have tweeted in the past 24 hours.
RT @youretherealme: Every word you write I capture And set them free To dance Inside my heart How lucky I am To know such amazing Poets
Andrew C (✔)
RT @chaosprime: Proposed metric for whether your market-economy society is just: do the unpleasant jobs nobody wants to do pay the most or the least?
حجم بی پایانی از سفید! - Hami
این عکاس به سفیدی خیلی علاقه داره. البته من نیز هم! - Mahdi
پس خیلی کارش خوبه در انتقال این حس! - Hami
حتما همینطوره! - Mahdi
Shannon - GlassMistress
Confession: Sometimes when I'm scrolling through photos of my glass work I come across things I cant believe that I made.
Interesting comment. I find the same kinda thing when I scroll through my pictures: "When did I take THAT?" - WarLord
You're very talented, Shannon! - Jenny H. from Android
To be 100% honest, every photo of your glass makes me say "HOW THE %¥#£? DOES SHE DO THAT??!?!" - Johnny from iPhone
Lol! I resemble these last 2 comments! - Yvonne from FFHound!
ohawkguy: the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook. -
I just gave away half my "collection" of notebooks, but some I could not part with. - Betsy
Wait, only 10 other notebooks? >.> - Heather
Yep :( - Amit Patel
I have less than 10 at the moment Heather, but only due to lack of space!!!! - Melly
But what else will Jesse write our love story in? - Heleninstitches
Who what? - Melly
Darn it, why did I think Jesse? It's Noah! - Heleninstitches
Oh, yes!!!! - Melly
RT @PhatEmoKid: Look motherfuckin' Californians, if it's yellow keep it mellow. If it's brown flush it down. #drought
Whiz Buzz
Should I Self Publish And Give Up My Day Job? - via @justpublishing
Shannon Grissom
Pinar Akal
There’s no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves. ~Frank Herbert pic via @nickzantop
Jeff Foust
"It’s odd to feel nostalgic for manned space travel. Audiocassettes and vinyl records, sure… But space travel?"
My new doctor suggested that I try relaxing. I LOLed.
So I said to my guy: "OK lets start with fewer Doctor appointments...." - WarLord
Big Fat Yeast Roll!
Itty bitty coloring.
Ooh. Where's the page from? - Laura
A postcard book called _Secret Garden_ by Johanna Basford, available from Amazon. - Big Fat Yeast Roll! from Android
Cool - WarLord
I have that postcard book on my wishlist ^_^ - Melly
I think I learned about it on FF. :) - Big Fat Yeast Roll!
In 1957, a Dallas housewife had her recipe for cake made with German's Baking Chocolate published in a local paper. It became wildly popular, and soon people all over the USA were making and enjoying her German's chocolate cake.
Language being what it is, we all know it now as German chocolate cake, and I bet a bunch of y'all thought it came from Germany, huh? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Well, that explains why my grandmother used to grumble about it not being really German. - Jennifer Dittrich
That lady is the reason my childhood sucked. My mother loved that cake so much that she'd ordered it for everyone's birthday. I hate coconut, walnuts/pecans and chocolate cake. - Anika
Oh, yuck. - Jennifer Dittrich
My family went through a phase when we'd frequently purchase the frozen Pepperidge Farm German Chocolate Cake, and I remember having at least one birthday cake that was GCC. I think it's the reason why I'm not a fan of coconut these days (unless it's moist, chewy macaroons). - Corinne L
Pretty much my favorite cake and yeah, it all started for me with the Pepperidge Farm version. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Wonder how many people were initiated into GCC by Pepperidge Farm? :-) - Corinne L
I dunno, but I'm one of em! Moms didn't make cakes but she sure bought a lot of the Pepperidge Farms ones. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Mark H
Intermission at a performance of the LA Gay Men's Chorus: only time I've seen more dudes in line for the bathroom than at a tech conference.
Andrew C (✔)
RT @BigRedDreck: "So many MORONS who are computer-illiterate," I say as I drive a magical 2 ton self-propelled system of steel whose oil I can't even change
Jeremiah Owyang
Seriously, the current news cycle is morbid and bleak. Hoping for a better week, planet earth.
Stephen Mack
I'll take Things You Don't Want To Find In Your Tire for $100, Alex.
:( That happened to me once and it SUCKS. - Spidra Webster
Nailed it, Spidra. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:-( No Bueno. - vicster: full-bodied
Small enough that it can be fixed with a plug? - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I am a magnet for road metal too. - Janet
Stephan, unfortunately not. It was close to the wheel well and angled in a way that caused an irreparable buckle. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:-( - Amit Patel
I should put a magnet in front of my tires to avoid this. Bummer dude! - Yvonne from FFHound!
Sorry, Stephen, that's very unfortunate. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
That's the worst. Just happened to me recently on a month-old tire. (Guess who didn't get road hazard insurance? Yup.) - CAJ hates pants
They have road hazard ins? Damn - Janet from FFHound!
I've had a slow leak in my tire for a while. Finally got it fixed today and while I expected them to find a hole, I didn't expect them to find a nail! - Spidra Webster
درویش پارسی
Every minute I was there, I wanted to flee. I did not want to see this. Would I cut and run, or would I deal with the responsibility of being there with camera?
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Why photograph war? Is it possible to put an end to a form of human behavior which has existed throughout history by means of photography? The proportions of that notion seem ridiculously out of balance. Yet, that very idea has motivated me. For me, the strength of photography lies in its ability to evoke a sense of humanity. If war is an attempt to negate humanity, then photography can be perceived as the opposite of war and if it is used well it can be a powerful ingredient in the antidote to war. In a way, if an individual assumes the risk of placing himself in the middle of a war in order to communicate to the rest of the world what is happening, he is trying to negotiate for peace. Perhaps that is the reason why those in charge of perpetuating a war do not like to have photographers around. In the field where your experience is extremely immediate, what you see is not an image in the page of a magazine ten thousand miles away with the advertisements for Rolex watches on the next... more... - درویش پارسی
Victor Ganata
Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer Newell
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
12 magnificent views of travertine terraces around the world -
12 magnificent views of travertine terraces around the world
12 magnificent views of travertine terraces around the world
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خانم پریماورا، چشمه باداب سورت هم اینجا گفته :) - Mahdi
وااای اون خرس قهوه ایه - Primavera
reminds me why I like flickr - Franc, a rememberer from FFHound!
I like Flickr too :) - Mahdi
انعکاس خرسه تو آب هم جالب شده. - Mahdi
t-ra: taking the piss
To everyone working weekend graveyard shifts at a mini mart across the world: do whatchu you gotta do to make that shit tolerable. Respect.
I've been there. - Jenny H. from Android
Isaac Hepworth
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