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The GIF's visual language in music videos -
if you can't watch the playlist, which is preferred, try the full video - Andy Baio
We're Going to Make It After All! (In Our Return of Shirts) 20140916_175916 -
We're Going to Make It After All! (In Our Return of Shirts) 20140916_175916
Quilt Bot vs. Pixelsorter -
two image bots get stuck in a loop with beautiful results - Andy Baio
Don Hertzfeldt's Simpsons Couch Opening -
shades of Mastaba Snoopy - Andy Baio
Yahoo to close Yahoo directory -
the original Yahoo product, killed off in a footnote - Andy Baio
The Problem with Ello -
I wrote a thing about Ello on Ello - Andy Baio
Metafilter gets its first new design in a decade -
as always, incredibly well-considered roll-out process - Andy Baio
Steam Curator Curator -
solid recommendations at the bottom - Andy Baio
Taylor Swift won at Tumblr - Andy Baio
Daniel Agee's photo project from XOXO - Andy Baio
Anil Dash's lessons from 15 years of blogging -
solid advice for an evolving form - Andy Baio
Hitchhiker's "11" -
love the Lawnmower Man aesthetic - Andy Baio
incredibly addictive, deceptively simple match-three game from the creator of A Dark Room - Andy Baio
now browser-based, but runs locally and works offline - Andy Baio
Steam revamps discovery with curators -
this instantly made Steam better for me; though now they need a way to find curators - Andy Baio
Kutiman's "No One In This World" -
second single off his upcoming followup to Thru You - Andy Baio
Markov chaining the Bible and programming texts - Andy Baio
XOXO 2014 Field Notes: Glitch Edition -
XOXO 2014 Field Notes: Glitch Edition
The narrative lottery at XOXO -
Glenn Fleishman's Boing Boing writeup, with a great roundup of reactions at the end - Andy Baio
like Photoshop VR - Andy Baio
The iPhone 6 black market in NYC -
Casey Neistat documents 24 hours in line - Andy Baio
Jonathan Mann's "Are Video Games Sexist?" -
an auto-tuned rebuttal to AEI's regressive stance - Andy Baio
documentary about Internet archivists; interviews with Brewster Kahle and Jason Scott - Andy Baio
Wolfram's Tweet-A-Program -
look at the results here - Andy Baio
Tweet a Wolfram Language one-liner to @wolframtap, get back the results in a tweet:
From the XOXO inbox: "Hello, I'm the local marketing strategist for Chipotle Mexican Grill..."
It takes a lot for me to get starstruck by now, but I'll admit my knees got weak and I forgot to words.
Still in shock Pendleton Ward showed up at XOXO unannounced. I basically threw a full conference pass at him: "TAKE EVERYTHING, TAKE MY CAR"
Something I worked on was finally featured in one of those hand-wringing gamer conspiracy images: I drink your tears!
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