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Our lineup for XOXO Tabletop is so great, it might just be illegal.
You're not helping, CNN.
YACHT, John Roderick & Sean Nelson, Nerf Herder, Mike Doughty, Pomplamoose, Molly Lewis, Vektroid, Marian Call, Maggie Vail, DJ Anil Dash!
For the next five days, we're announcing @xoxo lineups daily! First up: XOXO MUSIC
Hey, today seems like a good day to announce some stuff.
RT @andymcmillan: So @waxpancake and myself scored VIP passes to MusicFestNW this weekend. Look, I even took a photo:
The WSJ has a “Mansion” section. RT @CNBCAlex: Really moving human interest story in today's @WSJ
Well, what do you know: Sony dropped their copyright claim on a four-year-old video of mine:
Donut County looks so, so good. Like Katamari with holes.
Katy Perry faved my Ferguson tweet.
Real military vets respond to Ferguson's play-military response. Consensus: "You are fucking it up."
Ferguson police teargassed a news crew to dismantle their cameras, not realizing they were still being filmed.
Scooby says, “If you’re ever in hiding, just change your first name on Facebook to your favorite cartoon character. They’ll never find you!”
“I want to live.” A beautiful, heart-wrenching new comic from @ErikaMoen.
Accidental ICO cosplay with @fullbright at the coffeehouse.
What @ftrain calls “politeness” here, I call “empathy” and “kindness,” two traits he personifies for me.
Crazy, @TheOddGentlemen are not only making the Homestuck adventure game, they're rebooting King's Quest too:
"This is the face of my mental illness. I am not ashamed of it."
Seizure warning! I redesigned Belong this weekend with a logo from @mrgan and backgrounds from Glitch GIF:
This should’ve been a haiku.
PDX food: I’ve waited three years for @kimJongGrillin to reopen after it burned down in 2011. Totally worth the wait.
And, no, we won't tell you yet. It's a surprise!
Kind of freaking out about the lineup we booked for XOXO Music. You people are in for a treat.
Aaaaand we're back. The team at apologizes for the interruption in service. Contact your representative for a credit.
Nothing like chatting with SoftLayer support techs while enjoying locally-microbrewed IIIPAs.
Rebooting my server for the first time in forever, from the sunny patio of a beer bar in SE Portland. Fun!
Huh, my sites are all down on a Friday night. First downtime in... years?
This is #4 on right now. The ranking algorithm seems to be working JUST RIGHT
Anyone out there best buds with Homestar Runner's Brothers Chaps? I'd love a personal intro.
For the third year in a row, @xoxo's insurance policy forbids hip-hop, fireworks, and bounce houses. Sorry, Juggalos!
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