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“Let people love the small things they love. They mean you no harm.” @kfan on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. /via @beep
Calling it now: @neilyourself's Mouth Silence is the mashup album of the year.
Kevin Smith's new comedy-horror film Tusk features Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment as podcasters.
Tim "Well-Liked Ass Man" Carmody on the mystery of the Wu-Tang Name Generators.
Watched Jurassic Park for the first time with Eliot. "Why did they make any of the dangerous dinosaurs?!" Good point, kid.
I wonder what the overlap of evolution denialists and Obama impeachers looks like. Here's a Venn diagram:
The number of Americans who reject evolution is about the same as those who want to impeach Obama. Coincidence, I'm sure.
Heh, this bot is already paying off. RT @valleyedits: Patent troll Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Google
Apple vandalism! RT @valleyedits Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta) Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Apple
(I stole that joke from @andymcmillan. Hire him for your comedy tweet workshopping needs.)
Well, that explains why @xoxo lost the Doritos sponsorship.
I loved @anildash's post on the shifting meaning of "public." Legally public vs. socially private.
Yay! Someone granted my Lazyweb wish: You can now follow @valleyedits:
Congress anonymously edits Reptilians article on Wikipedia -
the edit was inspired by John Resig's tweet seven minutes earlier - Andy Baio
GENIUS. @jeresig tweeted this: 7 minutes later:
Musician slams his ex-label for suing YouTube star that used his music -
Kaskade's post talks about his issues with Soundcloud - Andy Baio
start with a 3D tool, set a ten minute timer, and render when time's up - Andy Baio
Foursquare rebrands, moving all checkins to Swarm tomorrow -
a big gambit, I hope it pays off; I'm not a fan of the two-app approach - Andy Baio
from last November, but rediscovered with the new New Yorker changes - Andy Baio
Weird Al scores first Billboard #1 album -
first comedy album to hit #1 since Allan Sherman in 1963 - Andy Baio
As YouTube CPMs continue to shrink, I worry we'll see more labels seeking settlements instead of monetizing videos:
The new Hohokum trailer might just make me buy my first Playstation since the PS2.
Weird Al's Mandatory Fun is #1 on the Billboard charts, his first #1 and the first comedy album to hit #1 since 1963!
Neat! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
How well do you know the URLs to popular YouTube videos? I still remember my first time watching FiARsQSlzDc.
Via @jkottke, a wonderful short about an English candy factory untouched by time: The candy typography is crazy.
Internet Man is the new Florida Man.
Decoding Notch's vinyl tweet -
next step, someone has to make a vinyl image generator - Andy Baio
The genius of Weird Al's video blitz -
RCA refused to pay for music videos, so he partnered with a different portal for every one - Andy Baio
Robin Sloan on Minecraft -
"A generative, networked system laced throughout with secrets." - Andy Baio
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