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Trouble at the Koolaid Point -
Kathy Sierra's brilliant, upsetting deconstruction of her online harassment - Andy Baio
Gina Trapani's XOXO talk -
we started posting talks on Monday, with Kevin Kelly and Anita Sarkeesian - Andy Baio
Listening to the new Weezer album while working on @upcomingorg with @lhl. What decade is it again?
Boat Parts or Names of Unvaccinated Children?
I made this randomized mashup generator using isolated YouTube tracks; sorry, not sorry - Andy Baio
Live coding VR with the Oculus Rift, WebVR, and Three.js -
insane demo that makes Quadrilateral Cowboy look like a documentary - Andy Baio
nine new episodes from David Lynch and Mark Frost - Andy Baio
List of actual, real ethical concerns in videogames -
not on the list: the friendships and sex lives of indie game devs and writers - Andy Baio
New Homestar Runner: Fish Eye Lens -
they appeared on Twitter last week, hope this means the return of Strongbad - Andy Baio
the first This American Life spinoff, tracking a story across an entire season - Andy Baio
Rolling Stone's profile of Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward -
"having quality of life outweighed the need to control this project and make it great all the time" - Andy Baio
a bullshit tracker, like Snopes meets Twitter - Andy Baio
Dollar A Day -
clever subscription-based nonprofit project from Kickstarter's Perry Chen - Andy Baio
Cameron's Conference Rap -
fantastic remix skills - Andy Baio -
Paul Ford brings the old-school - Andy Baio
Emoji Map Markers -
fun with Mapbox - Andy Baio
Kutiman's followup to 2009's mindblowing Thru You is live - Andy Baio -
gorgeous music discovery using Soundcloud charts - Andy Baio
an information age tarot deck - Andy Baio
StartUp Podcast -
terrible name, great podcast; Alex Blumberg from Planet Money/This American Life tries to start a company - Andy Baio
The GIF's visual language in music videos -
if you can't watch the playlist, which is preferred, try the full video - Andy Baio
We're Going to Make It After All! (In Our Return of Shirts) 20140916_175916 -
We're Going to Make It After All! (In Our Return of Shirts) 20140916_175916
Quilt Bot vs. Pixelsorter -
two image bots get stuck in a loop with beautiful results - Andy Baio
Don Hertzfeldt's Simpsons Couch Opening -
shades of Mastaba Snoopy - Andy Baio
Yahoo to close Yahoo directory -
the original Yahoo product, killed off in a footnote - Andy Baio
The Problem with Ello -
I wrote a thing about Ello on Ello - Andy Baio
Metafilter gets its first new design in a decade -
as always, incredibly well-considered roll-out process - Andy Baio
Steam Curator Curator -
solid recommendations at the bottom - Andy Baio
Taylor Swift won at Tumblr - Andy Baio
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