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RT @heathr: Me too. Me too. Nothing since has come close. RT @mulegirl Thinking about how much I miss .
"Ma Kelly" on the Lower East Side -
"Ma Kelly" on the Lower East Side
RT @emlrossi: @waxpancake Hi Andy, actually not a bot - it's a dummy account we use for testing software. In lots of languages. So yes, it's weird!
The tweets are all posted with Dragon’s speech app and each follower has an animal avatar and “dragon” in their bio.
This Twitter account that just mentioned my site is really weird. Look at their tweets and followers. RT @tone76167
I was kinda hoping the Blood Moon would destroy everything so I wouldn't have to finish my taxes. No such luck.
RT @everyword: waxy
Gah, @lhl is torturing me with photos of the tsukemen he's eating at the Ramen Museum in Yokohama right now.
In case you missed it, my @Webstock talk went up today. #borntorock
PAX attendees thought they were getting free packs of "PWNMEAL Extreme Gaming Oatmeal" and got a surprise instead:
Apparently, the Internet thinks I'm Dear Abby for piracy.
My @webstock talk is live, covering indie culture, startup funding, and my secret childhood on the '80s Sunset Strip.
Want to see me jump around like a monkey and share embarrassing childhood photos of myself? YOU'RE IN LUCK:
My friend Nong blew away #TEDxPDX today with her difficult journey of building @nongskhaomangai. Watch it:
Well, @indutny won Cloudflare’s challenge, proving private SSL keys CAN be stolen via Heartbleed. Revoke your certs.
If you care about PDX food, this interview with Micah Camden (Blue Star, Little Big Burger, Boxer) is pretty great.
Ha, @BlueStarDonuts was born from pure hate for Voodoo. "I stood in that stupid line and lost two hours of my life."
Difficult, incredibly personal @jah video about his divorce and the aftermath.
“You seem like a good kid, man,” the booking officer remarks. “I think I am,” says Swartz.
"JIFF" is the file format "GIF" is the culture
Hey, @andymcmillan... I think we just found our headliner for XOXO Music.
Teaser trailer for Wish I Was Here, @zachbraff's Kickstarter-funded film's out: Garden State fans should be pleased.
Worth noting: Quora has no public API, no backup/export tools, blocks anonymous display of answers, and banned the Wayback Machine entirely.
Such retention policies give a new meaning to 'anal-retentive'. - 9000
Quora has taken $151M in funding. How can they say this with a straight face?
Can someone explain to Quora what "independent" means?
I don't know what to say I do for a living on LinkedIn anymore. I guess this will work.
First presenter at @demolicious is cooking hot dogs on a grill connected to a Surface. SaaS = Sausage as a Service
I love the idea of a doc focused on blogs exclusively written by women, but god, the pretension of that trailer. I can't deal with it.
Quick V/O rewrite: "IN A WORLD where all bloggers are middle-class white women... only ONE MAN can tell their story."
Now THIS is cringeworthy.
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