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You had me at "super premium tequila brand."
My two favorite talks from Webstock this year just went live. @baconmeteor: And @shashashasha:
Wish you were here, Greg Knauss
Celebrating my impending death!
RT @mathowie: Every drink @waxpancake loves has a description that reads like a My Little Pony episode synopsis.
RT @mrgan: Happy birthday to @waxpancake! I made you an interactive birthday card:
Spending the next 90 minutes floating in silent darkness, inspired by @LuBellWoo’s comic: See you on the other side.
Cyberspace art found by the curb in N. Portland.
My Medium glitch post is the gift that keeps on giving. @danieleagee just got this email:
Every line from Speed is being tweeted, in its entirety, by @Speed_1994.
RT @Speed_1994: Shoot the hostage.
Note the pretty sweet collection URL that cheats the Medium naming scheme:
NEWS! I joined The Message, a collaborative writing project with some of my favorite people ever:
The new George and Jonathan album just dropped, complete with its own WebGL visualization.
I deleted this tweet immediately after I posted it. If you saw it, you're a special snowflake and I love you.
Twitter-fueled riots at college campuses: Reminds me of @tomscott's flash mob gone wrong:
The last three episodes of Portlandia were so bad, it feels like they’ve replaced their writing staff mid-season with castoffs from SNL.
The first season of Rick and Morty was SO GOOD. Eight of the 11 episodes are streaming here:
Your Friday night jam: Dio's Holy Diver remixed into Steely Dan-esque jazz-rock.
Finally, a cyberpunk sauna simulator.
Thanks to @jsmooth995 and @mathowie for sending me down the MAGCon rabbit hole. I may just have to write up everything I just learned.
RT @heathr: Me too. Me too. Nothing since has come close. RT @mulegirl Thinking about how much I miss .
"Ma Kelly" on the Lower East Side -
"Ma Kelly" on the Lower East Side
RT @emlrossi: @waxpancake Hi Andy, actually not a bot - it's a dummy account we use for testing software. In lots of languages. So yes, it's weird!
The tweets are all posted with Dragon’s speech app and each follower has an animal avatar and “dragon” in their bio.
This Twitter account that just mentioned my site is really weird. Look at their tweets and followers. RT @tone76167
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