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Second post today about #refdesk numbers and #rstats, and @hadleywickham's great #dplyr. It's wonderful.
Short post about the short talk I did about #augmentedreality at #arstandards meeting last month: // Thanks @cperey
I really enjoyed James Romm's Dying Every Day, about Seneca and Nero. A short review: #stoicism
This Hoopla service from @torontolibrary means giving my library card number and password to a third party, so ixnay on that.
Is there a Tumblr for very heavily marked up library books?
Dedication of 1974 art book by Anita Brookner. Five years before his spying was made public.
"No, those aren't my D&D dice. They're my Platonic solids. It's math." (Bought at @MoMath1; a fun place)
My favourite of the inscribed memorial bricks in the Math Assn of America yard in DC: "2, 3, 5, 8 / Who do we appreciate?" // @maanow
Brahms and Frahm and Justin Blåbær and hanging out with @edsu made for a good day.
Text of the patent call is in Appendix C here:
This Open Geospatial Consortium meeting began with a "patent call" and warning about intellectual property under discussion. New to me.
Andrew O'Hagan's piece on ghosting for Assange, in the @LRB, is an enthralling and insightful piece of writing. Well worth reading.
Chap here with two laptops, a tablet and Glass has a lot of screens happening. #arcommunity14
Now @blairmacintyre is presenting about open source #augmentedreality, of which there is far too little. #arcommunity14
Interesting mix at #arcommunity14, from engineers presenting complex UML diagrams to think tank directors mulling the future of privacy.
Fun to see all the #c4l14 action going by while I'm at #arcommunity14. Some overlap, but mostly all very new to me.
Libraries love standards, but wow, the IEEE really turns it to 11. #arcommunity14
I propose an entire set of musical subgenres based on Rush: rushbient, rushabilly, rushcore, rushgaze, New Rush, rushover, smooth rush, etc.
On Smurf Twitter there is only one hashtag.
If loving roasted sunflower seeds is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Speaking of #RDF, is wrapping one line of it around some MODS about an item actually making #linkeddata? #odd
#blacklight discovery layer: does it give out linked data? Looked at some sites and the code but didn't see anything.
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