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This @guardianscience interview with Yuval Noah Harari about human evolution and thinking is wild and surprising:
MARC 007, header field to kill, or parse with difficulty. RT @sgillies: @wdenton Inventing diabolical new authority file formats.
"Do you expect me to talk?" "Yes, and to prepare a report, based on reliable sources, of the top three heist targets on a beautiful coast!"
Did any Bond villains have librarians on staff? Researching sources of minions or obscure weaponry or lair locations? Challenging job.
Anonymous August Wikipedia edits from the House of Commons -
New grandchild MT @gccaedits: Larry Miller (Canadian politician) edited anonymously from Canadian House of Commons"
The reimaging continues.
Updating the public workstations.
The Hollinger box Wikipedia entry has history now! #hollingerbox RT @RovingLibrarian: @wdenton I added a bit more.
I created the Hollinger box page; I hope archivists can expand it #hollingerbox #saa14
Here are three views of a lovely Hollinger box. #hollingerbox
No Wikipedia entry for Hollinger box!? I uploaded three pix ... #saa14 can you take it from there?
More math news than usual in the @guardian app. #FieldsMedal
Great Guardian obit of Lauren Bacall. Didn't know Bogey was having an affair with his toupee maker when they married.
Lauren Bacall. Unequalled. What talent, and what a life.
"So, how big a threat to everything is me and everybody else being careless with our passwords?" asks Stewart Brand of an NSA administrator.
Hey @matthew_d_green @xor @csoghoian @trevortimm have you listened to this? Worth a look. Jaw-dropping.
Lots of cozy laughs, ha ha ha, but no mention of working to completely obliterate privacy worldwide.
Specious reasoning, bathos, misdirection, smugness, it has everything. The rhethoric is worth analysis. The content is worth demolishing.
"Free lemonade and signed photos of John Stamos."
Have any of you ever met a seamster? Or a Teamstress?
This senator or his staff haven't clued in yet MT @gccaedits: Thanh Hai Ngo edited anonymously from H of Commons"
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