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Is there a Planet feed aggregator for archivists? @anarchivist? @deantiquate? Anyone? #archives
Barbara Fister? Barbara FistEST!
A Library Book for Bear, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton and written by Bonny Becker, is available today.
"Mitchum admits that leaping into the cop car and screaming, 'Let’s go downtown right now, motherfuckers' was probably a strategic error."
Anonymous Wikipedia edits from the House of Commons -
York University Libraries Wikipedia article edited anonymously by Someone at York University
Final blog post about #awe2014, and privacy, FOSS, #augmentedreality and #augmentedweb :
Hell of a show. Fantastic band. Trombone players seemed to be having a great time. Thanks, @SoulRebelsNOLA
Toronto audiences are so straight not even @SoulRebelsNOLA, working their hardest, could get everyone to stand. :(
Voted in Ontario election. Now I just have five months of campaigning and lingering dread until the Toronto mayoral election. #onpoli
Julian Oliver and Critical Engineeringg -
A masterpiece MT @xor: Well, I give up writing Robot Snowden fanfic now that I've read the peak of the art form
In preparation for the New Orleans funk brassplosion in Toronto Saturday I have cued up @HeavyweightsBB and @SoulRebelsNOLA.
'Some users[who?] have criticized Prezi’s “zooming user interface (ZUI),” claiming it can induce nausea.[citation needed].' #notneeded
Long post about what I saw the first day at #awe2014; there are some good YouTube vids to watch:
Made a little #jekyll plugin that shows CO₂ concentrations using #noaa data. #ClimateChange // @350
Wrapping up #awe2014 with notes, here's a post about the #arstandards preconf // @cperey @nambor
Librarians, get on this MT @disquiet: This week in @djunto we record—possibly make music from—sound of libraries: "
Got HTTPS and HSTS set up on my personal web site; it's pretty easy to do if you run your own #ResetTheNet
RT @IronMaiden: we will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed or numbered! #theprisoner
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