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Paul Buchheit
"Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you. And unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you."
Not sure where it came from. Possibly Jack Kornfield. Heard it quoted in a song. - Paul Buchheit
Is that your answer to my question about HGTV? - Clare Dibble
Before you can program your mind you need to deprogram it, and the best way to deprogram it is to get to the bottom of and master intellectual history -- the invented and artificial but influential ideological tape loops that control collective human behavior among all cultures, and about which most people are entirely unconscious. Fully conscious people create and control cultural and ideological systems and loops, they are not controlled by them. - Sean McBride
Too much work. Just tell me the answer. - sofarsoShawn
I googled it for Shawn. It's a quote from Jack Kornfield ( and it's found in Evil Nine's Cakehole ( - imabonehead
Thanks imabonehead :) I was being I guess, very lamely sarcastic to highlight that our minds "programming" or its deprogramming comes as a result of the world itself telling us how to. ~ In short, I'd like to thank this quote for telling me how to think, oh shit... kinda back where I started... ~ ~~> Russell's quote, with your 1st link, has much more explanatory relevance - sofarsoShawn
Many years ago I had a self hypnosis tape and "Every facet, every dept of your mind etc etc...." were the opening words. I can't remember the title of the tape and have been trying to find it. I remembered the opening lines and typed them in when they came up i thought I had finally found the CD i was looking for. can any-one here help me with this? - Sweetdreams Johnny
I never heard this quote but believe it is a great one! - Fred Bucheit
iam 35 and i just now got it - James O'brien
from the bible - James O'brien
i might be some one u might want to talk to - James O'brien
Leo Laporte
Microsoft shows 'touch screen' for any surface | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News
Microsoft Research is unveiling technology that turns any surface into a touch screen at a user interface symposium this week in Santa Barbara, Calif. Dubbed OmniTouch, it is a wearable system that allows multitouch input on "arbitrary, everyday surfaces," according to a description on a Microsoft Research Web page. - Leo Laporte
My neighbor saw me getting out the car and waved hello...then came over and asked if I'd teach him how to tie a bow tie.
I LOVE IT!!! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Presenting: The Bow Whisperer. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
"It's real easy to do / Check it out..." /the humpty dance - Derrick
*bows down* To the Sensei of Bow Tying - CarlC
You not only have a Bow Tie Guy, you ARE "The Bow Tie Guy." - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
can we get Derrick a Fez? cause I bet he could rock the hell out of a fez! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
^^^^ This! - Kevin Johnson
Derrrick? Will you please teach me how to tie a bow tie? - Stephen Mack
Absolutely, Stephen. It's actually not unlike tying one's shoe. The orientation is off, and it's under your throat, but it's pretty similar. - Derrick
You should do a youtube video. I would watch it - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Jesse Stay
Google+ Sharing On Maps A Template For Other Products -
Jesse Stay
Along With Subscriptions, You’ll Soon Be Able To Update Twitter From Facebook -
One more feature I don't have to offer on SocialToo - Jesse Stay
Louis Gray
Eric Schmidt: You Don’t Know It’s A Bubble Until The Bubble Ends -
Ron Capps
Marci Rosenblum >> Mobile Video Search Engine Vuclip Raises $8 Million via @techcrunch #mobile #video #search. -
Ron Capps
Corrected Link - QR-Code Generator for use with URL, VCard, email, message, phone or SMS -
Ron Capps
Sarah Perez
Gmail web app for iPhone and Android in 44 more languages -
Ron Capps
TechCrunch provides a Full List Of The Top iPhone And iPad Apps Of 2010 by MG Siegler
Ron Capps
How Many People Actually Consume Your Content?
Louis Gray
"social networking giant Facebook will publicly unveil its “Project Titan” — a web-based email client — to the world at a media event scheduled for Monday, November 15th. The report cites anonymous sources and alleges that the email service will bring email addresses to its users." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Maria Reyes-McDavis
Why You Should Link to Your Competitors - A Lesson from Yahoo (via @HubSpot)
Sardar Mohkim Khan
Michel Fortin
Louis Gray
Seidio Triples HTC Evo Battery Life, Adds Some Bulk -
Seidio Triples HTC Evo Battery Life, Adds Some Bulk
what other software options have you seen for extending battery life? - chrisofspades
The basics include the task killers, disabling bluetooth and 4G, and ditching HTC sense. - Louis Gray
Watchdog and JuiceDefender are great - Mo Kargas
Thanks for the suggestions guys. - chrisofspades from Android
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I'm patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it. [Edith Sitwell]
Louis Gray
4 Ways to Backup Your Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media Accounts Data -
Mitchell Tsai
Stalkers Exploiting Mobile Phones - Reviews, News, and How To Geeks [Robert Siciliano, Geeks.Pirillo - 8/13/10] -
Mobile phone GPS can generally be activated in 2 ways. First, phone carriers offer a service to track the phone for a monthly fee. The service acts to find the phone if it’s lost or to be used by parent or a spouse to keep tabs on their families. Employers often activate GPS to locate employees. Once activated the carrier sends a text message to the phone alerting the person they are being tracked via the phones GPS. The person paying the bill who is responsible for the contract is usually the person who can turn on tracking. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
Second, mobile phone spyware. Software is installed on the phone that allows for another level of “keeping tabs”. The software will locate the phone via GPS and also keep track of all the text messages and phone calls too. In this scenario spyware is most often installed manually by someone who has access to the device. Otherwise in rare instances it can be installed remotely. - Mitchell Tsai
“Stalkers” who use the phones GPS are usually someone close to the victim like a family member or ex- boyfriend/girlfriend that has the capability of turning on tracking. - Mitchell Tsai
If you suspect your phone’s GPS has been activated by the carrier then call to find out. If you don’t’ like the feature turned on, request it be turned off or get another phone under your own name. If you believe the phone has been compromised by spyware then call your carrier and request they walk you through the process of reinstalling the phones operating system. This will wipe away any spyware that tracks via GPS. - Mitchell Tsai
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Rave music sounds like an electronic disco version of '30s Universal monster movies. [Mojo Nixon]
Chris Brogan
BP Caught Using Photoshop To Fake Two More Official Images -
Adam Helweh
Take your age and transpose the numbers (IE: 34 would now be 43). Would you want to be that age instead of your current age?
Hell no. - Akiva
83? No thanks! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
13? Not for love nor money. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Ah, no (92) - Just Mrs. V
Nope. - Rochelle
Ask me in two years. I"m 39 now. :) - That's So CAJ!
Hahaha @Geoff - Adam Helweh
Nope - FFing Enigma
Well 24 was pretty good, but the 40's haven't sucked all that much. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Nope. - Kenton
I would be 63. I don't think so. - Bren
This is no choice for me. I would rather not be 33 instead of 33. (Or do I mean that the other way around?) - Kristin of Two Everything
Wow... Alex and I are the same age! Mister #Bunneh is, too. 1972 was a good year... :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
52? Nah, not yet. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
84? ask me when I'm 83... - Kevin Johnson
Yes because I'd be the same age I am now. 33. :-) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
yeah. I was hawt when I was 24. - Starmama
I'm with warmaiden - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I would like to be 92 someday, but not now :-P - Lo
I'll get to 54 eventually, no sense in rushing it. :-) - Dan owns
Well I'm 58 so 85 is a lovely goal assuming I'm upright and taking nourishment but ummm not yet OK - WarLord
No - Mo Kargas
I'm not looking forward to aging, so 62 doesn't sound appealing at all. - Heather
Well, I guess I'll be happy right now ~ 37. Fun question though... - Marcus Schroefel from Nambu
I'm 44. I can't frickin win! - Spidra Webster
Me either Spidra - 33! - Melly
That would be 54 and I'll say yes, considering the two previous generations of women in my family didn't live to be 50. - vicster.
No, but I'd like to live to it. - surf guitar
23 was fun; wouldn't mind doing it again. :) - Jenny
I wouldn't mind being 23 again, either. - John (bird whisperer)
Yes. 33 - Louis Gray
I'll be there in just 9 years: 56-65. - Jack&Cleo
13? No way! Middle school was torture. - Shannon Jiménez
14?? No. - iTad
No way do I want to be 93 *now*. When I actually *am* 93, there is a good chance that medical technology will have been able to slow or reverse some of the effects of aging in the interim. - Michael R. Bernstein
44. I'd easily give up 10 or even 15. - earlyadopter
Guy Kawasaki
Clay Shirky on people power and "cognitive surplus"
Marshall Kirkpatrick
RT @codinghorror: rt @NikkiC_ New smart phone app by MIT offers inexpensive and accurate eyeglass prescriptions
Brian Solis
21 Rules of Engagement in Social Media -
Paul Buchheit
"If you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it'll spread over into the rest of your life. It'll spread over into your work, into your mortality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you." - Bruce Lee
I was allowing myself to get all fired up (not a great idea at 1.25AM Irish time) until I saw the dead guy who's dispensing the inspiration. Perhaps there are limits afterall Bruce. - JSLeFanu from FFHound!
I guess he finally discovered his limits... Though it sounds like they never exactly concluded what it was that killed him: - Paul Buchheit
He has a number of good quotes: - Paul Buchheit
There are always limits but sometimes its better to not know what those limits are.....those unknown limits can kill you though. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
What limits? - Dan owns
@JSLeFanu Don't let Bruce hear you say that - he'll come back & kick your ass... - Nick Lothian
You know lads this is getting me thinking about quotes. Heavy thoughts. Paul B is, as we know, a smart and successful guy. I'm wondering to what extent have the quotes he's paid attention to contributed to the success bit. I'm wondering because I'm beginning to suspect I've been spending too much time ingesting the wonderful, but cynical, thoughts of H.L Menken and not enough in the... more... - JSLeFanu from FFHound!
"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible" (Arthur C Clarke) - 9000
Limits are there for a reason. In music, they are called rests and without them you don't have the full expression of the music. Limits, properly set and respected, give us our greatest freedom. - Melanie Reed
If it kills you, you get to come back and trying again anyway :) - Private Sanjeev
I'm suddenly reminded of my high school calculus teacher, who would often break into the Eagles' "Take It to the Limit...". - τorƍue
"A man's got to know his limitations" - "Dirty" Harry Callahan. - Gabe
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 11:00AM PT. Participate at
I'm standing by waiting for the usual call. - Robert Scoble
Hey Scoble, it's not that Paul. - Cliff Gerrish
Oh, crap. It's Paul Carr then? - Robert Scoble
Which Paul will it be.... - Chris Aldrich
It's a mystery Paul, you'll need to tune in to see. - Cliff Gerrish
McCartney? :-)))) - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: now THAT would be a show! - Robert Scoble
Heheheheh - Stephen Pickering
We will be starting shortly. - Robert Scoble is our special guest. Brian Dear. - Robert Scoble
Gillmor Gang recording session live with Brian Dear, Paul Carr, Kevin Marks & Scoble- - Cliff Gerrish
Ahhh, cool, thanks for the link - Stephen Pickering
The Plato birthday party will be at the Computer History Museum: - Cliff Gerrish
They did a great job - Stephen Pickering
hmmm. Friendfeed isn't letting me post. trying from a different place. - Karoli
Karoli: that worked. - Robert Scoble
Karoli, I'm seeing your post saying you aren't able to post. - Cliff Gerrish
This is a classic battle of who has the most leverage. Happens in every industry - Stephen Pickering
It's sort of like when Apple got rid of the disk drive. - Cliff Gerrish
Bah. Buy the 3G. The iPad's all about convenience. - Ken Sheppardson
yes, posting from the NGL beta window works. - Karoli
Re: iPad - interesting post by Fred Wilson changing his opinion about the iPad: - Mike Doeff
the Evo has lasted me for 2 days without plugging in - David Robit Chen
It's really a format question... why isn't there more cross interaction between my three screens: television, computer, and phone/mobile device? - Chris Aldrich
We're going to buy the 3G. It makes sense to have one that goes on the road. - Karoli
I'm really annoyed that I pay AT&T $120/mo and not tethering - Stephen Pickering
Chris, the smaller screens need to control the bigger screens. - Cliff Gerrish
And I can't hear my phone calls - Stephen Pickering
Task killer? Now that just reminds me horribly of my days prior to iPhone, aka when I suffered with Windows Mobile. - Nick Wade
I think it's the other way around, the big screens need to allow the smaller screens in for interaction. - Chris Aldrich
3G is the fill in network. Filling in the cracks between wifi signals. - Cliff Gerrish
Karoli: Do it. I messed with a tethered WiFi for a bit, then got a 3G... 3G rulez. Not having to worry about another device is worth it. - Ken Sheppardson
I got the 3G iPad last week. I haven't activated it yet but I like knowing it's there. - Mike Doeff
Yeah, but why won't AT&T let me get the 3G off my iPhone for my iPad? - Stephen Pickering
Berkeley/Oakland, no iPad sighting for me yet - Da
But then Apple doesn't make as much Brian if they don't tether you to the iTunes store.... That's the real tethering issue. - Chris Aldrich
I think we'll see iPad sync via wifi fairly soon. That's what the acquisition was about. - Cliff Gerrish
And now Google has a UI Expert! - Stephen Pickering
Yep. Just like my Palm Pre. Apple could do it if they wanted to. It's not unique to Android. - Ken Sheppardson
Seems like Google eats UI experts alive. - Cliff Gerrish
And open source advocates, and startups... - Ken Sheppardson
Brian Dear has Androids new slogan: 'A phone that a sysadmin would love...' - Cliff Gerrish
Kind of like the Hollywood mantra... Porn directors drive old cheap Corollas so they can save money for liquor and drugs. - Chris Aldrich
Brian makes a good point. The iTunes synch makes the whole iPad experience too complex for novice users. - Mike Doeff
Buying a computer at Target or Walmart is a different experience - Da
The problem with that argument is that there aren't 11 fake versions of me on Facebook. - Chris Aldrich
Yes, but there may be more than one Chris Aldrich - Stephen Pickering
If you want to be found, yes, you make things public. That shouldn't be his call. - Ken Sheppardson
Who's call should it be? - Cliff Gerrish
there are over 10k versions of me on Facebook :) - until you start narrowing in on my nicknames - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
What about the issue Leo has about that Facebook is making a "grab" to control the web? - Stephen Pickering
Didn't we have this same convo last week? And the week before? And the week before that? - Ken Sheppardson
Facebook has 500 million co-conspirators in its 'grab' for the web - Cliff Gerrish
I've argued that you should have two separate pages, one public facing the other totally private - Stephen Pickering
I'm having trouble understanding how Facebook opening up more is a grab for the web. The more public it is, the easier to scrape & repurpose. - Ian McGee
sounds like Facebook is trying to make the same change that sites like Geocities tried - the move from hobby/personal to hobby/personal/business - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
But even my flower shop should be able to post up drunken photos and have privacy settings to prevent all of my Mormon customers from seeing them. - Chris Aldrich
I think Leo is talking about the "Like" implementation - Stephen Pickering
So what do we do when the bad starts to creep up? When the porn sites, smashers, hackers and unethical users begin to leverage this power and blame it on Facebook? - Jeff Madlock
calling us dumb isn't really great for getting us to listen. do you think we're not aware they sell data? - Karoli
Banking and Airlines operate in a very strict regulatory regime. Europe has started that regime. - Cliff Gerrish
Adding a like button is opt in. - Cliff Gerrish
I like the "like" button myself but I'm just re iterating Leo's argument. What happens when you like something? Do the users know their data is being collected and funneled through third parties when they "like" something? - Stephen Pickering
With Facebook and privacy, one can use the cigarette analogy: doing it is bad for you in the long term, but a smoke today feels pretty good. The giving away of privacy today may not have consequences until it kills us 50 years from now. - Chris Aldrich
Great analogy Chris, I heard someone else make that argument earlier this week. Can't remember who. - Stephen Pickering
Chris, depending how old you are -- that's not a problem. - Cliff Gerrish
The "like button" will be an incredible tool for cultural anthropologists at least... - Chris Aldrich
perpetual beta - Da
Jay Rosen said Zuck's WP Editorial was "a bunch of crap" - Stephen Pickering
I love the expectation of public roadmaps now. Can't think of anyone doing it 5-10 years ago, but it's incredibly useful. Little hard to mesh with constant iteration though. - Ian McGee
I'm starting to feel like a rat who gets a treat for clicking on ads... Who is it that's doing the research on us? - Chris Aldrich
Yes, but he build his network on privacy and then pulled the rug - Stephen Pickering
I don't know why anyone is surprised by this. Free stuff has a price. - Karoli rocks - Ian McGee
Yes, Karoli, but TV and Radio don't share are data surreptiously - Stephen Pickering
just be selective with what you put on the internet - Da
Stephen, TV and Radio made assumptions, reached a small fraction of who they could reach. I like seeing ads that I might be interested in. - Karoli
Somebody needs to have a long talk with Robert about self-selection. People who don't want their calendars public don't sign up for public calendar services. The fact that those who do make their calendar's public doesn't speak to what "we" want. - Ken Sheppardson
Now I do agree that Flippy or whatever it is, is silly. No way would I do that. - Karoli
Oh sure, Karoli, I'm all in favor of the Google model - Stephen Pickering
Public signaling is playing with masks. It doesn't represent a true state of affairs. - Cliff Gerrish
Yeah, I heard you laughing Scoble! - Stephen Pickering
@stevegillmor can you skype me in now? calliflower won't let me rejoin - Kevin Marks
Kevin, stand by. - Cliff Gerrish
Anyone else lose audio? - thestaticfrost
re:Blippy - isn't it interesting that Orwell et al.'s visions are coming true, only it's in the guise of cute/whimsical Web 2.0 names and Facebook games about sheep... - Alex Schleber
NM, had to reload. - thestaticfrost
Yahoo is an online media company? - Da
Fixing culture in a company that big is a huge problem. - Chris Aldrich
They've got Flickr and Finance. Does anyone use anything else there? - Stephen Pickering
Delicious. - Cliff Gerrish
Yahoo news - Da
I consider Facebook the new AOL - Karoli
Way too many people are still using their email client... - Chris Aldrich
no facebook is not the new yahoo - Wayne Sutton
But far more people spend far more time on Facebook than Yahoo... - Ian McGee
Yahoo Buzz gets large volumes of traffic too... I'm not sure why though. - Chris Aldrich
People spend 7hours a month on Facebook, no other site is even close, the problem is they can't monetize it and that's why they haven't gone public and had to take DST's money - Stephen Pickering
Facebook doesn't have a mobile OS - Da
BTW, for me UStream is constantly re-caching when I have the browser tab in focus (my connection is plenty fast); works OK as just audio in the background. - Alex Schleber
Why doesn't Yahoo build a great social network? Did you see that POS they tried a few years back? Build one that's cool and works and does everything FB does - Stephen Pickering
Will Yahoo buy a location-based platform? - Wayne Sutton
yahoo answer to get homework answered is great - Da
Sooner or later the individual user will have the tools to control and maintain their own infrastructure on the web and will link out into the world instead of relying on FB and other social media sites. - Chris Aldrich
Facebook NewsFeed is getting meatier iwth all the new-media news groups I've been adding to my stream -- TechCrunch, VentureBeat, etc. plus a bunch of affiliation groups. I'm finding more stories there and on lately.. - Ian McGee
Chris, totally agreed, everyday there are new tools for "average" users to build there own sites with advanced features. Scoble interviewed Buzzr which is a usability layer on top of Drupal - Stephen Pickering
I was just watching that Buzzr interview just before this started. It's definitely a good start... - Chris Aldrich
All this talk about user built apps makes me miss hypercard... - Cliff Gerrish
Yeah, that kind of thing I believe could disrupt a Facebook in the next 5-10 years, maybe less - Stephen Pickering
I mean Drupal just rocks, but its so hard, give the average person that kind of power easily, and I feel something new developing - Stephen Pickering
The central social index gives facebook an advantage over distributed systems. - Cliff Gerrish
HyperCard is locked in Steve Jobs's basement; thats the trouble with building on one company's code - Kevin Marks
I love the potential of projects like Webfinger to be one of the enabling strategies for all of this. - Chris Aldrich
Hypercard turned into javascript and then jquery... - Cliff Gerrish
The only reason Facebook is important is because we have a dearth of connectivity. When everyone has a fiber connection a totally new peer to peer type of revolution will happen, I believe, decentralized, with the intelligence at the edges of the network - Stephen Pickering
there is an architectural imperative because of NAT against distributed clients; My hope is that IPv6 will change this again - Kevin Marks
We will each be our own facebook page, connected to each other with the same or even better features - Stephen Pickering
I also think FB has removed a lot of the "force" behind someone's desire to build their own page. They're effectively already doing it with FB, so something new has to have real benefits. - Ian McGee
Ian, it will - Stephen Pickering
It has to do with easy usability layers on top of real power, just as OSX is a usability layer on top of Unix - Stephen Pickering
And when that finally appears. we'll all be glad so much of the social graph is open for us to leverage. - Ian McGee
Just as computing became decentralized, so will social networking - Stephen Pickering
Ian, Right! - Stephen Pickering
as time goes on, are non-tech people gonna be reluctant to develop iPhone apps because they have to submit it for approval from Apple? - Da
Da, Yes - Stephen Pickering
Great show. - Mike Doeff
Da, that's already going on. Many developers are taking a close look at Android to replace; just takes more Android units out there to make it clear. - Ian McGee
And most of all, THANK YOU Steve for always putting these together! - Chris Aldrich
thanks to all of you. good show. :) - Karoli
Thanks, Steve and Gang - Stephen Pickering
Good stuff. - Ian McGee
Nice show - thanks much everyone! - Rob La Gesse
Thanks Rob! - Stephen Pickering
Marshall Kirkpatrick
What Happens When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account -
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