I'm not sure I'm going to make it... I woke up this morning with day 2 of a really nasty pain in my shoulder running up to my neck - like I slept really, really wrong the other night. I'm checking all the "spas" in JC and none of them open before 9. I NEED A MASSAGE STAT!!! I have an hour before I can even make an appointment. I may keel over.
Hot shower? Heating pad? Muscle relaxers? Vodka? - Mary Carmen
heating pad + painkillers - ~Courtney F
I've got the painkillers going, but I'm at work, so the hot shower (and the hot shower last night didn't help in any permanent way) and vodka won't work and I don't have any muscle relaxers or heating pads here. I should have brought my heating pad from home but I didn't think of it this morning... - WebGoddess
Go to Healthquest off of American Drive (back behind Lowes). They do great work. Our former chiropractor works out of that office. They also do massage. Wifey got a massage there once and said it was quite pleasurable. The people there are really nice. While you're there set up an appointment with Dr. Tang to have him check out your back and shoulder. He's awesome. He'll have you fixed up in no time. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I actually go to Dr. Owens at Healthquest for chiropractic work, though I've been tapering that off lately because I used all my insurance and now I have to pay full price. I will make an appointment for him soon, though! I think Dr. Tang worked on me once when Dr. Owens was out fishing - he's a nice guy! I forgot that they do massages, though! I'll have to see who I can get into the fastest! - WebGoddess