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Daniel W. Crompton
Re: 6 Things You Need To Do Before You Live Tweet An Event -
"You need to contact @kevinmarks about that." - Daniel W. Crompton
Damn, accidentally clicked on a Buzzfeed link.
Remember Rickrolling? - Meg VMeg
Yeah - Marie
Will We Believe What Happened Next? - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Never Going To Run Around And Desert You. - Meg VMeg
I am shocked and amazed. - Joe
Commence the cleansing ritual. - Micah
Did you know that buzzfeed also hosts external contributors? It's not all make by the staff of Buzzfeed. - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
"@DrJack37 Thanks for the mention of Oplerno!" - Daniel W. Crompton
Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at
Hi Res Test Card :-) - Ian Waring
Yo! - Ian Waring
hello - Kevin Marks
if you can really see the zone plates something is going on - Kevin Marks
Hey @Kevin, do you have a link to the Wired article you referenced from last weeks show? I couldn't find anything resembling the mention on the Wired site... - J.C. Bouvier
what was I talking about - Kevin Marks
UK Cat present - Ian Waring
wired article about what, JC - Kevin Marks
Sorry - England Cat present - Ian Waring
Tina: Pool boy in the house? - Alex de Soto
some other tech news. Samsung bought smarthings - Chris Hale
anything else? - Kevin Marks
I just watched the White Queen.. and it was interesting to see the UK appear to develop at the very end.. where Henry IV who brought the band together. - mary hodder
so now you can start Hollow Crown? - Kevin Marks
also, its kinda interesting Motorola is scheduling a product launch almost at the time Apple is supposed to announce iphone 6 / iwatch announcement - Chris Hale
@Kevin, yah, that's the question! Steve referred to a 'multi-retweeted Wired article' and you said something like 'oh yah, the sever...I really enjoyed that...' and then you both trailed the context of the messaging app splitting convo...not that big a deal, but sounded interesting and thought I would ask is worries. - J.C. Bouvier
FU, Keith!!! - Tom Guarriello
That's right!! - Tom Guarriello
forgetta bout it! - Chris Hale
ah, this one about Stewart and Slack - Kevin Marks
there might be another chat. Can someone find it and redirect here please - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tx Kevin! - J.C. Bouvier
Good article on trolls by Farhad Manjoo in the NEW YORK Times: - Alex de Soto
Anonymity makes the veneer of civility even harder to maintain online than it is off. - Tom Guarriello
:-) - Keith Teare
So @Robert. Do you think this move by samsung will spark more large companies to try and buyout these smaller home automation companies? - Chris Hale
What about Andreessen investing in Buzzfeed. Media is becoming like Software regarding upscaling and low marginal costs .... Ben Thompson wrote some nice piece here: - Frank Drews
Or abuse by every low energy bluetooth beacon you pass... - Ian Waring
Chris: the great purchases are disappearing fast. - Robert Scoble
fascinating that Twitter ignored Del on block - Kevin Marks
Hehe. I ask because that was one of the points i made last you and I got to sit down and talk. I predicted a land grab for these types of companies. Its interesting to watch it come true - Chris Hale
Jezebel’s staff: “It’s like playing Whac-a-Mole with a sociopathic Hydra,” - Alex de Soto
"Not listening to Harvey tends to be a bad idea. Last December Twitter decided to eliminate users’ ability to “block” people they didn’t like from following and retweeting their accounts, replacing it with a mute option so they simply wouldn’t see the trolls in their feed. Harvey warned it was a terrible idea and would make cyberbullying easier. The blocking feature was pulled anyway,... more... - Kevin Marks
Same at Demon Keith - Ian Waring
ACPO visits - Ian Waring
abandon ship - Tina Chase Gillmor
So, everyones headed to 4chan? - Ian Waring
lowest common denominator - Ian Waring
Twitter needs a "Parody Account" badge too - Ian Waring
Instead of starring (favoriting) a tweet, we should have a dislike function. - Alex de Soto
like Jeff Jarvis arguing with his parody? - Kevin Marks
exactly - Ian Waring
there is a "block or report" button - Kevin Marks
though the "report" is a bit crap - Kevin Marks
Kevin: Don't really want to block or report everything that sucks. - Alex de Soto
You think every person online should do that? - Francine Hardaway
My FB comments are not a cesspool - Francine Hardaway
Facebook has 50,000 one-star ratings (95%) on its messenger app-spit. - clive boulton
People fear authority. Full stop. - Tom Guarriello
+10 Robert - Tom Guarriello
Complex stuff - Frank Paynter
I'm a mother, therefore I believe in consequences. That's how you teach children - Francine Hardaway
And some of these trolls are only large children - Francine Hardaway
Logical consequences makes civility possible - Tom Guarriello
see for how twitter used to work - Kevin Marks
Yep, agree consequences are important. But not important enough to make me want to ban anonymity - Keith Teare
it will be at - Tina Chase Gillmor
was wondering where everybody went - Ankush Narula
Yeah G3! - christina sponselli
thanks Christina - Tina Chase Gillmor
Here is a good example of an anon article.. which I think really shows one of the best version of anon communication: - mary hodder
Ankush - I think I may have published the wrong link somehow. glad you found this chat - Tina Chase Gillmor
Interesting info on Robin Williams found by Cory Doctorow today: insisted that all productions he was involved in hired homeless people http://mostlysignssomeportents... - Ben Werdmuller
thanks Tina :-) - Ankush Narula
Thanks Christina - mary hodder
Well said, Steve - Tom Guarriello
Huge emotional impact because he gave so much to us - Francine Hardaway
+1000 Steve - I don't think anyone thought he would go that way... - J.C. Bouvier
he was our doctor, of sorts - Tina Chase Gillmor
vulnerability - Tina Chase Gillmor
she had it. robin had it - Tina Chase Gillmor
His enormous humanity...the scope of his spirit...was distinctive - Tom Guarriello
he jumped through time. he was a time travler - Tina Chase Gillmor
I Want To Live : Robin Williams’ death helped me understand something. - clive boulton
is it just me or is there a hitch in the stream? - Frank Paynter
melding culture connecting us all - Tina Chase Gillmor
The stream is likely sharded (will sort itself out) - clive boulton
Being in Robin Williams' presence was electric. I stood in a group of four people with him at TED one day and the experience was unforgettable. - Tom Guarriello
Clive: a million people protested the news feed. Users often protest change. - Robert Scoble
Tom: I'm so jealous. - Robert Scoble
This Keith guy is pretty smart... - Frank Paynter
I listened again to his Actors Studio interview on Bravo. Woman there was hospitalised from laughing too much. Also replayed "Who's line is it anyway" with him in it. Genius. - Ian Waring
Ferguson and Gaza? they connect when the guys in Gaza give advice to the guys in Ferguson about how to deal with tear gas. - mary hodder
I am sad that WIlliams, George Carlin and Richard Pryor are all gone. I will miss them all. - Alex de Soto
I heard all that on The Sixties. And I'm reading Graham Nash's autobiography. - Francine Hardaway
Mary: great point! - Robert Scoble
Robert, it was one of the most amazing 10 minutes of my life - Tom Guarriello
Alex: agreed. - Robert Scoble
Eddie Izzard tribute to RW: - Ankush Narula
Mary Hodder that would be funny if it weren't so terrible - Francine Hardaway
+1 Steve's comment. Militarization of domestic police forces. - christina sponselli
Tom: I bet. I've had a few of those kinds of experiences, including being on the floor at TED shooting Bill Gates while he talked with people about nuclear energy. - Robert Scoble
It's the forty-fifth annvsy of that upstate NY rock concert today. - Frank Paynter
John Cleese doing Eulogy to Graham Chapman was brilliant too - Ian Waring
Francine - Steve reading that one too. He read Neil Young's just prior. Steve's like "boy, these guys saw the same situation so differently" - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert: yes. good point. I changed enterprise apps. Almost a mutiny. - clive boulton
Robert: Thorium is the future indeed - Ankush Narula
Robert, were you at TED the year he took over the stage when BBC had technical difficulties during an interview? Incredible. - Tom Guarriello
Robin travelled through time and took us with him on a ride - Tina Chase Gillmor
What was the name of that comedy club on Clement near 9th Ave? - Frank Paynter
it could have been a medicine shift too - Tina Chase Gillmor
Right. He was struggling with many things. - Francine Hardaway
shifting meds can be deadly - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, I also read Neil Young's. - Francine Hardaway
I know a lot of comedians... they are not necessarily happy people - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does it matter how/why really? He's gone. It's awful and sad. - Ankush Narula is the site - Francine Hardaway
Would somebody google that for me? - Frank Paynter
I'm not on Xanax - I'm on Klonopin - Ankush Narula
I'm on sucrose. - Frank Paynter
Psychotropic meds are no picnic - Tom Guarriello
I'm on Lexapro. Have been for 20 years. Manages my anxiety and depression quite well - Francine Hardaway
Im on a drug called awesome. - Chris Hale
+1 +1 "Comedians not necessarily happy people" - clive boulton
That's so good to hear, Francine - Tom Guarriello
and not to mention that mental health help is very difficult to get.... good help... and the help isn't always helpful - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert, I am interested in hearing about your thoughts about depression in Enterpreneur types. - Chris Hale
Chris - I need some of that awesome - Ankush Narula
In the not too distant future, people will look at our era's treatment of mental illness the way we view leeches, trepanning, etc. - Andrew Hazlett
Tina: not to mention, it isn't free. Insurance often doesn't cover therapy. - Robert Scoble
It was the Holy City Zoo. Thanks everybody. - Frank Paynter
depression is when you can't feel anything.. you're black inside.. and you can't see any future.. it doesn't exist. - mary hodder
it doesn't even sound as bad as it is.. - mary hodder
mind what you EAT. this has a MAJOR effect in what you ARE. - flyinthesoup
I think it's a wind up - Daniel W. Crompton
My health plan (effectively): Mental health call this 800# - clive boulton
Let's all turn off the screens/phones for one weekday per week - I'm almost positive it will improve overall mental health - Ankush Narula
Entrepreneurs are are similar to comedians and public figures in a some ways. Sometimes that dark side is a thing that drives people forward - Chris Hale
The first part of my career, 20+ years, was spent working as a clinical psychologist. The mental health system in the US is shameful. - Tom Guarriello
We'll get to Yo! 1.1 and Slack... - Ian Waring
Corporate culture trumps strategy and intelligence. It's really amazing. - Tom Guarriello
There is enough experience in this room to discuss depression and it's very real effects upon daily life. As opposed to the heartless comments that are flying around from self proclaimed "Normal" people. - Aron Michalski
@tom what part is shameful that you are referring to? - Chris Hale
Microsoft needs to forget hardware altogether. - Alex de Soto
I am not disagreeing , just curious - Chris Hale
MSR has so many good engineers blocked - clive boulton
Chris, the failure to recognize mental health needs as equal to any other health needs, for a start. - Tom Guarriello
I completely agree Tom. - Chris Hale
TOm agreed - Tina Chase Gillmor
Can we get back to trepanning? - Frank Paynter
Getting paid for forty, work forty - Frank Paynter
you might also make your mark and go off and get funding to start something awesome - Ankush Narula
I think everybody recognizes mental health needs, but they don't want to admit they have them themselves - Francine Hardaway
I have been exceptionally intellectually curious about behavioral patterns in entrepreneurs. I am an entrepreneur and I want to see some of the patterns that can be derived from other entreprenuers. - Chris Hale
Everyone would like to people to think they are just fine. - Francine Hardaway
Insider. To get one feature added to SQL Server typically requires moving the dial by $200 million. - clive boulton
"I'm just fine" NOT - Tina Chase Gillmor
There's a lot of research about entrepreneurs: they have poor concentration, ADD, are prone to anxiety and depression, and have high risk tolerance - Francine Hardaway
I've learned to recognize, Tina, when I am just fine and when I am not. And when I am not, I go to friends, yoga, meditation, and -- interesting enough -- Facebook. - Francine Hardaway
gets back to what Nadella thinks is MS's future core competence - which is still confused - Ian Waring
my previous health insurance didn't cover ANY mental health issues. My new one does and it just required a doubling of the premium. - Aron Michalski
That's part of the "shamefulness" I was referring to, Aron. - Tom Guarriello
Some of this platform talk is a little meta-meta... - Frank Paynter
Is it too late to say Robin Williams really touched me when I was a kid? - Ankush Narula
doldrums - Tina Chase Gillmor
Network is the system... (copyright DEC 1977) - Ian Waring
(he would have laughed) - Ankush Narula
if you're building a networked refrigerator inventory product, then all the consumer platforms are just a late phase in the dev cycle - Frank Paynter
Yo! API - John Borthwick's vision realised - Ian Waring
You mean next week.. in a week.. they leave. - mary hodder
Once a hippie, always a hippie. - christina sponselli
Yo! API permits notifications, subscriptions control, with 2 lines of JS or PHP - Ian Waring
steve quit dope for bourbon - Ankush Narula
I quit acid and mushrooms for wine and dope. - Francine Hardaway
Funny that: "Das Venture Capital" - Alex de Soto
I thought acid was a prerequisite for try disrupters - SImonB
ZOMG.. and then they'll be talking glue: - mary hodder
quality? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Steve: relo to Salesforce Seattle, you can eat legal pies. - clive boulton
Headline writers VC funded - Ian Waring
or Salesforce Boulder - Kevin Marks
Steve was referring to JUST pies not pot pies - Tina Chase Gillmor
Salesforce Netherlands? - Alex de Soto
Forget Buzzfeed, I want to invest in Clickhole! - Andrew Hazlett
You'll Never Believe The 7 Reasons Steve Gillmor Gave up Dope - mary hodder
Nee toch... - Daniel W. Crompton
Vice on Ice... where the puck is heading - Frank Paynter
Steve's big vice now is eating too many cashews - Tina Chase Gillmor
5 Ways Marxism is Better than Acid - mary hodder
SketchFactor anyone? - Alex de Soto
You can get high on a large dose of cashews? - SImonB
click economy.... it sucks - Tina Chase Gillmor
A16Z defining Digital Ocean as "Open Source Software as a Service". Growing like a weed - Ian Waring
Damn, I stepped away for a minute. Whose headlines are we quoting? - Tom Guarriello
MAry.... he, he - Tina Chase Gillmor
Aren't they one of the Quiz Companies? - Frank Paynter
they have done quizzes - Kevin Marks
I love this Clickhole Buzzfeedized headline for... ALL of Moby DIck "The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My Perspective On The World" - Andrew Hazlett
...and with animated gifs - christina sponselli
Yo! should do this now... - Ian Waring
I post a lot of tech links on my twitter feed, the only stories that get likes/RTs are a specific subset (mostly javascript these days) - Adnan
Buzzfeed...oh yeah... - Tom Guarriello
21 Reasons Not To Visit Buzzfeed :-D - Ankush Narula
I love digital ocean. They are the hosting company I use for my businesses and clientts - Chris Hale
people care about "stars" not the human condition - Tina Chase Gillmor
Likewise. My Wordpress network on them. - Ian Waring
"What YOU didn't know about linkbait?" - Ankush Narula
Church is the content side? - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel - yes - Keith Teare
Names make news ;) - Dave Martin
"What Food Combination Represents Your Relationship?" - Ankush Narula
But then you'd turn into an ignorant rude lout, Keith! ;) - Tom Guarriello
that's some deep journalism - Ankush Narula
Bazaar pointing at Cathedrals - Ian Waring
oh, wait... "seattlepi" ... I get it. - Frank Paynter
So if I understand Dan correctly, I should be posting only javascript links, but thats no fun - Adnan
It's native advertising.. verses native content.. - mary hodder
I think the toast beats buzzfeed hands down - Kevin Marks
John Oliver suggests that if the advertisers get to direct content.. that the journalists should get to direct ads.. see video above.. very funny. - mary hodder
Cathedral and the Bizarre - Frank Paynter
The Internet's Original Sin - The Atlantic - Ankush Narula
^^^ this kinda sums it up - Ankush Narula
John Oliver++ - Kevin Marks
Bit like the guy attacked by a machete in a NY bar of ill repute - "Headless man found in topless bar" - Ian Waring
Dan, what is yr opinion of Vox? - christina sponselli
12 ways Buzzfeed is better than Marxism (which is better than Acid) - mary hodder
+1 Ian - clive boulton
Mary - nothing is better than acid - Keith Teare
Facebook unbundling grief lacks an animal logo - clive boulton
Once again, someone using the word "schizophrenic" when what they mean is "multiple personality." (Pet peeve.) - Tom Guarriello
anybody read "Retreat of the State" by Susan Strange? - Frank Paynter
"native advertising" = self-promotion - Tina Chase Gillmor
is Robert Scoble still alive? let's see..... - Tina Chase Gillmor
"native advertising" puts food on the table for a lot of free-lancers - Frank Paynter
Shouldn't that be "indigenous people's advertising" or "First Nation's People's advertising"? - Andrew Hazlett
Yo! can notify you when Andreessen releases a tweet storm also :-) - Ian Waring
(It's so much easier to comment here and post links -- to NATIVE advertising John Oliver video above -- when you aren't on the show.. than when you are on.. can't do it.) - mary hodder
yep, he's ok LOL - Tina Chase Gillmor
agreed mary - Kevin Marks
I have to shut up for a bit to go get them - Kevin Marks
as part of our content marketing I've been posting listicles on BuzzFeed, it does drive traffic. - Daniel W. Crompton
Man, Durkheim shows up on GG...heavy duty show today! - Tom Guarriello
Emile Durkheim! FTW - Frank Paynter
"A long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation." - Ankush Narula
Redmond should rehire Robert... - clive boulton
Sounds like the web - Ankush Narula
First world problems Mary and Kevin - Francine Hardaway
iBracelet? - Alex de Soto
when it comes to some informative reading together with monetization, I like what medium is doing here - Satyajit
How about talking about Humin being released this week. I know scoble likes Humin. I have been trying it and want to see others think - Chris Hale
you can blame deleuze for that - Kevin Marks
iPud 6.0! - Frank Paynter
link to that podcast podcast? - Andrew Hazlett
doesn't kevin get any cred for podcasting? - Ankush Narula
I've been listening to GG since it wasn't a podcast, then - Tom Guarriello
Yeah, Kevin contributed one of the critical pieces - Andrew Hazlett
audioscrobbling somehow become podcasting - Ankush Narula
Steve Chen taking Kevin's place at Google Ventures... - Tom Guarriello
I made the first script that put podcasts on an iPod, yep. - Kevin Marks
Interesting story about KKR promoting desert grown alfalfa for the Chinese dairy industry... exporting Colorado River water to Shanghai! - Frank Paynter
Including your abusive ex-boyfriend.. Humin is great for data-exhibitionists.. but not so great for those of us that might not want everything out there for various reasons. - mary hodder
Wasn't able to get the voice mail set up in Humin... ;( - J.C. Bouvier
no trail - Tina Chase Gillmor
hmm. That sounds interesting as a chat concept. - Chris Hale
No social consequences, the sociopath's anthem - Tom Guarriello
Dust blows forward and the dust blows back - Frank Paynter
that could be good for speed reading too! - Satyajit
Is this a dagger? - Frank Paynter
Is Scoble In This Room? Almost certainly not. We last saw Scoble 1223km away from you, 434 days ago. - clive boulton
mary hodder: I can only see people who have handed me a business card or who has friended me on Facebook. So, DE FACTO you have stuff out there. I just wish I could keep all that stuff up to date. Contacts rot over time. - Robert Scoble
Oh, this one is definitely important to me. Cisco just announced laying off 6k employees - Chris Hale
thats - Kevin Marks
KEVIN, why known is based on PHP ? - flyinthesoup
Is this a dagger I see in front of me, with its handle pointing toward my hand? (to the dagger) Come, let me hold you. (he grabs at the air in front of him without touching anything) I don’t have you but I can still see you. Fateful apparition, isn’t it possible to touch you as well as see you? Or are you nothing more than a dagger created by the mind, a hallucination from my fevered... more... - Frank Paynter
yes, PHP for ease of hosting - Kevin Marks
it's nicely written PHP - Kevin Marks
what are yall taking about PHP? I missed the start of that thread - Chris Hale
please suggest guys to go with nodejs + markdown - flyinthesoup
you pasted a footnote too Frank - Kevin Marks
Huge inflection point re: robots forthcoming - Tom Guarriello
we are talking it is a shame this indie WEB good initiative is born dead with PHP - flyinthesoup
Kevin: collections of Android / iPhone apps on desktops? - clive boulton
Im a 10+ yr php dev and love hearing new php stuff. At the same time, I am starting to lean more towards node - Chris Hale
nodejs is still a bit hard to self-host - Kevin Marks
Kevin, why do you think node is hard to self host? - Chris Hale
thats just silly language partisanship, flyinthesoup - Kevin Marks
Kevin, you should never believe it - flyinthesoup
I saw that! TMI - Frank Paynter
Cliff Richard on the telly again - Ian Waring
it's easy on heroku, it's hard on a generic hosting provider - Kevin Marks
I was just into the sililoquy thing - Frank Paynter
<sarcasm>but without node how are they going to get funded</sarcasm> - Adnan
+1 Ian - clive boulton
Bravos, Dan. Well said! - Dave Martin
Meteor looks good atop node.js - Ian Waring
I was a lead devops engineer at a startup that had some public node sites and it wasnt so tough. It was actually fairly easy. Just install nginx and node and its pretty seamless - Chris Hale
Known needs to be hosted in places that host wordpress, which means MySQL+PHP - Kevin Marks
Chris: yeah, sad to see problems at Cisco, lots of people are being hurt, but that helps startups too, available humans to work. - Robert Scoble
Oh, kevin, that's not right to paint a "silly language partisanship" . This is the DEFACTO standard for ANY modern thinking web app - flyinthesoup
I think it was the Gaza strip folks - Andrew Hazlett
gaza!# - Ian Waring
there are indieweb apps in node too - Kevin Marks
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. H. L. Mencken - Andrew Hazlett
Kevin: on desktop collections of Android / iPhone apps vs Polymer components? - clive boulton
I agree @Robert. It affects me since I am a contractor for them. Thankfully the axe hasnt been weilded over my head - Chris Hale
73 - Ian Waring
Superinjunction city - Ian Waring
flyinthesoup you are talking bollocks. - Kevin Marks
I build stuff in node, python, ruby, PHP, Java, whatever - Kevin Marks
Google Elm Lodge Kitty Gladys - more... - Ian Waring
Speaking of wordpress hosting, I might be open sourcing some of my nginx config stuff on how to setup wordpress sites on nginx while using hhvm for php - Chris Hale
+1 Kevin - Adnan
George Carlin - Ankush Narula
Senor wences - Frank Paynter
@flyinthesoup - Just noticed the thread. CEO / lead developer of Known here. PHP was a pragmatic decision based on research and data. Not arbitrarily chosen. Supported platform is a feature. - Ben Werdmuller
node is quick to get up, but has a lot of immature libraries too - Kevin Marks
Netcraft monitor coverage of PHP sites worldwide for Zend - Ian Waring
Meteor.js on node! - Ian Waring
I love snarcasm - Ankush Narula
Jonathan Winters - christina sponselli
+1 christina - Tom Guarriello
devops luv go hate node - clive boulton
Thanks for ending on a positive note Steve. Louis C.K. is cool. He will step up! - Alex de Soto
@Kevin, I agree about library maturity. On the flip side, I am really digging a lot of the new js and node based tools that are springing up to help make developer workflow easier. Tools like yeoman, gulp and others make development really nice - Chris Hale
Keith - BBC say more people have come forward with more info... - Ian Waring
We're all bozos on this bus, Steve - Tom Guarriello
it seems that devops love ruby more than anything else - Ankush Narula
browserify is attractive too - Kevin Marks
The guy who was mentioning meteor, have you tried sails? Do you have an opinion on one or the other - Chris Hale
call me a "bollocks sayer" and stick with PHP and you'll see what happens to the world - flyinthesoup
No experience of Sails - Ian Waring
PHP was certain doom for Facebook after all - Kevin Marks
i have been teaching myself Sails this week and like its ability to scaffold REST apis really quick - Chris Hale
Awesome show Steve and gang! - Chris Hale
Gang, as always big thanks for taking time to share your thoughts with the rest of us. - SImonB
That was great! - Daniel W. Crompton
au revoir, over and out - until the next time - Ian Waring
Another outstanding GG - Tom Guarriello
Great show, have a nice weekend all... - J.C. Bouvier
@flyinthesoup. I still really love php as a language. Have you seen react php? - Chris Hale
wow.... it was a nice show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Love it when I catch these live. Thanks everyone; awesome as always. - Ben Werdmuller
I find bits of PHP very annoying, but you don't have to use them. - Kevin Marks
i liked it.... seems like all we could think about this week - Tina Chase Gillmor
@kevin, very true. I cheat when i write javascript i use http://php.js when i get pissed that js doesnt have some of php's cooler functions - Chris Hale
@ben, i really appretiate you stepping in and please take my comment as a compliment for your initiative. I am sorry Kevin is talking "bollocks", but i do believe the speed things happen perfectly justifies going for nodejs with ANY indie initiative. - flyinthesoup
this is due to NPM and all the ecosystem of modules and flexible app creation taht comes with it - flyinthesoup
@Kevin, where do you work again? Its cool that you get to work on writing in a bunch of different languages - Chris Hale
I'm independent, and I am advising a few startups (including Known) - Kevin Marks
I think every language has a package manager nowadays @flyinthesoup. PHP=composer, javascript web=bower, node=npm, ruby= gem - Chris Hale
yes @Chris, but we're talking about a single language in front & back end - flyinthesoup
flyinthesoup: I'm happy for you to use node for your projects - i use it form some of mine too. You seem to have a bad case of "golden hammer" syndrome when you insist everyone else should use it too - Kevin Marks
I plan to try some Go next - Kevin Marks
If you want to read me saying nice things about node, try - Kevin Marks
so @kevin, in what capacity are you advising startups. I am curious because I have a few initiatives I am working on and I know I always need advice on different aspects of things. - Chris Hale
i see you insisting in "TAGGING" me withou arguments on why would anyone build anything that can not be fully explored to become a mobile app as a single page front end app consuming as many APIs people want to and this is not ideology, this is effectivity - flyinthesoup
I'm glad you find it effective. - Kevin Marks
Ben finds PHP effective - Kevin Marks
why is that impossible for you to accept? - Kevin Marks
Great, everyone can respect that, but in fact this is not a matter of finding effective, but being effective. - flyinthesoup
I am most interested in the platforms I can use that let me be the most effective one man development team possible. - Chris Hale
Chris: It varies - sometimes I'll do day rate consulting, sometimes I'll have an ongoing advisory board role (with stock or retainer) email me if you want to chat - Kevin Marks
because it is not wroth it. if you are the one developing it, you'll certainly benefit A LOT. - flyinthesoup
what have you built, flyinthesoup? I'd love to see examples - Kevin Marks
also, Chris is a good place to talk about independent web development - Kevin Marks
Thank for the info @Kevin. Looks like that could be a helpful IRC to watch - Chris Hale
I have been trying for the past few months to work on going 100% independent developer and consultant and realize it is not as easy as I had hoped. - Chris Hale
@Chris, never give up. @Kevin is certainly a very good advisor. Try to balance selling your time to execute other people's work and gather enough experience to build your own. - flyinthesoup
thanks @flyinthesoup. I have been struggling lately to find time to complete work on my own stuff. This is one of the big reasons I am starting to get into node. Anything that can speed up my dev time is a great thing for me to utilize. Work smart , not harder - Chris Hale
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me | Gadget Lab | WIRED -
"My pages posts reach most people without an image and inline like. The link can be there, just not the preview." - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: Win The Sleekest, Most Portable Macbook Ever -
"Why can't I login with my TNW account?" - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Woodblock Carving out higher education together It's going to be fun! -
Woodblock Carving out higher education together It's going to be fun! Faculty of Oplerno have expressed an interest in creating certificate and degree programs. The time has come for us all to get together! - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Transparency with Video Recently we decided to do something some might consider insane or revolutionary... -
Transparency with Video Recently we decided to do something some might consider insane or revolutionary: we started to broadcast our team meetings. We — Oplerno — are an education startup, which means that we heavily rely on both educators and people who want educatio… - Daniel W. Crompton
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Creative Destruction Original Post from Oplerno: Creative destruction A cost crisis, changing labour markets and new technology will turn an old institution on its head Interesting article which makes some valid points, though some of the 'facts' about MOOCs are largely based on conjecture. There is little hard evidence that MOOCs […] have so far failed to live up to their promise. Largely because there is no formal system of accreditation, … From the research I, +Daniël Crompton, did - comparing MOOCs to other online education offerings - this is merely one of the contributing factors. IMHO the primary factor to the failure of MOOCs is that they are massive. Recent research, highlighted in the NYT, showed that the introduction courses - the ones with 300-400 students - suffer from the same or similar problems. Once they took some of the poorest performers out of the lecture halls and put them in classes of ~30 they performed as good, if not better, than the students in the large... - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Reshared post from European Commission: -
The Erasmus InitiativeThe Erasmus initiative is renowned for the opportunities it provides students to learn abroad, as well as the opportunities it provides for teaching staff in higher education. Original Post from European Commission: In the field of education and training, the Erasmus initiative is renowned for the opportunities it provides students to learn abroad, as well as the opportunities it provides for teaching staff in higher education. Building on these, the Erasmus+ programme now covers five major areas of education and training: 1/School education opportunities for staff and institutions; 2/Vocational education and training opportunities for students, apprentices, trainees, staff, institutions, and business; 3/Higher Education opportunities for students, staff, institutions, and businesses; 4/Adult Education opportunities for staff, institutions, and businesses; 5/European Integration opportunities for academic and research staff and institutions. We have a dedicated... - Daniel W. Crompton
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Bring on the workplace revolution! This is a guest post I wrote some time ago for TEDx Amsterdam, I... -
Bring on the workplace revolution! This is a guest post I wrote some time ago for TEDx Amsterdam, I recently updated an revised it a little. If there is one thing that TED has taught me is that change is good; however, not all change is always good for everybody. Take the issue of employee tenure, in simpler words, keeping employees in your company. It is tricky: change for the employee is probably good, an opportunity for growth. Change for the employer is often good too, as an employer, you’d prefer not to have somebody working for you who doesn’t want to be there. And there’s the crux. How can companies entice their people to stay? The Lean Startup methodology establishes that we need to look at where the pain is for customers and focus on solving that pain. In this case, the pain of employers is a result of the pain that the employee feels, a combination of lack of job satisfaction and growth potential. This can be as a result of a number of factors, but one jumps out of the... - Daniel W. Crompton
Louis Gray
Matthew and Sarah turn six today! Happy birthday twinners!
Awww! Happy birthdays! - Stephen Mack
Happy birthday! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday to the twins! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Wait...what?! Weren't they just born not that long ago? - April Russo
Yay! Congrats. - Daniel W. Crompton
@April, they were born just yesteryear... - Daniel W. Crompton
Six years and one day ago. - Louis Gray
How time flies! Happy belateds :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Belated happy birthday! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
A belated Happy Birthday to Sarah and Matthew! - vicster: full-bodied
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Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care Interesting... -
Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care Interesting read... Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care. - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care Exactly the... -
Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care Exactly the problem we are trying to solve with +Oplerno... Teaching college is no longer a middle-class job, and everyone paying tuition should care. - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Gillmor Gang If you missed it, watch Gillmor turns out to be right. Right  +Robert Scoble ? ;) -
Gillmor Gang If you missed it, watch Gillmor turns out to be right. Right  +Robert Scoble ? ;) Steve Gillmor hosts weekly tech show, The Gillmor Gang, a roundtable conversation with Silicon Valley notables and various experts in the world of technology. - Daniel W. Crompton
Holly's favorite Anna
"This capacity responds to fans’ skepticism at the Tamarian’s technological prowess. The Children of Tama would not be delayed by their inability to speak directly because they seem to have no need whatsoever for explicit, low-level discourse like instructions and requests." -- BULLLLLLLLLLLSHIT - Andrew C (✔)
And again, it never explains how the Tamarian children learn these stories and myths. Surely adults don't just chant "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" until the kids suddenly get it. - Andrew C (✔)
And what do you say when you're figuring out what to have for lunch, esp if no shared cultural story has a hero who wanted, say, a burrito? "Darmok at the food court... but not what he had?" - Andrew C (✔)
There are few things in geek culture that make me more annoyed than this episode of TNG. Sorry. - Andrew C (✔)
yah, but it's fun to appropriate. - Big Joe Silence
The concepts are interesting, but the reality and execution get tricky. Symbolic spoken language might work if there was also a telepathic communication that could convey the details/complexity with the words as a short-hand. - Holly's favorite Anna
But if you could communicate details telepathically, why would you need spoken language at all? That'd be like how I've wished I could teleport so I wouldn't be late for the bus. - Andrew C (✔)
Even though it doesn't really work with Tamarian as portrayed in TNG, I still find the idea of the Universal Translator translating every morpheme in a brain dead fashion highly amusing. Like, imagine if the Tamarians spoke a highly-appropriative language like Modern English, and the UT just decided to literally translate all the Greek and Latin and Celtic and Anglo-Saxon and Norman French morphemes without any regard to cultural or historical context whatsoever. - Victor Ganata
Although, to be honest, the more I think about it, the more it doesn't really seem that far of a stretch where the majority of verbal communication involves quoting lines from movies and memes. This is already kind of how me and my brother communicate. :D Of course, it doesn't account for the lack of less context-dependent forms of communication, but it's still amusing. - Victor Ganata
I used to speak with friends in long strings of Simpsons quotes. I get communicating by reference and allegory, but I also got that _not everyone got those references_. The bootstrapping problem that the Tamarian captain has with Picard is exactly the same problem Tamarian children would have and illustrates exactly what's idiotic about the entire premise. - Andrew C (✔)
What if you were connected to the Internet before you were even verbal, and you're been bombarded 24/7 by memes for years and years? I guess we'll eventually find out! :D - Victor Ganata
I mean, sure, the execution of the idea wasn't that great, but I actually don't think the premise of a highly-context dependent language that isn't easily translatable by a machine is far-fetched. All it would take from a ST canon perspective is to say Kirk's description of the UT as a telepathy device is totally wrong. Then it would be easy to say the translation algorithm just screwed up royally. #DamnYouUniversalTranslator - Victor Ganata
Seriously, what's a starship captain gonna know about linguistics and how to program machine language translation algorithms, anyway? And if you really had a telepathy device, why would you only use it to translate languages and not invade people's minds when you're in dangerous situations? - Victor Ganata
"I actually don't think the premise of a highly-context dependent language that isn't easily translatable by a machine is far-fetched." -- except in a universe where the UT otherwise has never failed. - Andrew C (✔)
That said, there's a great moment in Y The Last Man, I think, where someone upbraids Yorick for using the "crossed the Rubicon" phrase without really knowing what it means... but since we're not as dumb as the Tamarians, when we use a phrase and listeners don't know what it means, we don't merely repeat it over and over hoping for enlightenment by repetition. - Andrew C (✔)
If you accept the premise that Kirk's explanation for how the UT works is crap (kind of like how I think Morpheus's explanation for why the machines enslaved the humans is crap), then there's no reason to assume that the UT is infallible. For all we know, there are billions of instances when it failed, but the writers just never touched the topic except for this episode. - Victor Ganata
"If you accept the premise that Kirk's explanation for how the UT works is crap" -- that way lies fanfiction! Beware! - Andrew C (✔)
That's actually the only time that they ever try to explain the UT, though (well, unless they do it in the episodes of Enterprise that I haven't watched yet.) And, again, there's good reason to doubt Kirk's grasp of the actual technology. - Victor Ganata
Still, would even Kirk have the stones to bullshit Zefram Cochrane? - Andrew C (✔)
Kirk probably believed that that's how it really works. Still doesn't mean it's how it actually works, though. - Victor Ganata
Especially after watching Enterprise, I'm more inclined to believe it's just a far more sophisticated version of the pre-Federation UT, to be honest. - Victor Ganata
But leaving aside whether a very-highly-context dependent language would actually work that way and ignoring whether the UT would actually fail in that manner, the episode and the article does tread the well-worn ground of semiotics. Words ultimately only represent reality indirectly—the connection between words and reality is quite tenuous at best. Words more directly represent words... more... - Victor Ganata
The part that kills it for me is that they clearly have normal non-metaphorical words, such as "fist" and "walls" and "sail" -- and they understand the difference between "open" and "closed." So it is simply untrue that they only speak in metaphor. They must speak a non-metaphorical version of their language as well. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Andrew, when the geeks brought up the 'Darmok' episode. {shakes fist} - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I think it's possible that the individual words don't have much conscious meaning the same way we rarely think of the meanings of individual morphemes and only consciously think about words, though. - Victor Ganata
I enjoyed the episode because I didn't think this hard about it. - Amit Patel
Sort of related: I just remembered a book I read and enjoyed a few years ago, The Guild of Xenolinguists. It's a series of short stories by Sheila Finch. - Betsy
Thinking out loud: What if Tamarians have two levels of language. As children, they speak one level that is closer to ours, and that's how they learn the stories and "open" and "closed." As adults, they transition to the allegorical/metaphorical/whateverical language. Maybe the first language, let's call it FirstSpeak, is used by and to children, and also at home with family, but rarely... more... - Betsy
"I enjoyed the episode because I didn't think this hard about it." - it's not like I was striving to dislike this episode. The basic bootstrapping problem occurred to me while watching it for the first time. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
[Still thinking out loud]. With the addition of servant caste to my theory, maybe FirstSpeak doesn't apply to family anymore. Maybe FirstSpeak is only used by/to children and by/to the servant caste, further emphasizing the difference between servant caste and ruling caste. And I'm stopping now.] - Betsy
And doesn't Picard teach the Tamarian captain an Earth story? That would mean the foundations of the Tamarian "language" aren't transmitted via DNA nor telepathy. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
There's really no indication that the Tamarian captain understood Picard's summary of the Epic of Gilgamesh, though. - Victor Ganata
The more I think about it, the more it seems that having an entire cultural database pumped into your brain before you're even verbal isn't really that far-fetched. - Victor Ganata
Oh! I just remembered an Ursula K. Le Guin short story that totally does the bootstrapping thing, though. Only children speak. The adults only communicate non-verbally. - Victor Ganata
It's called "The Silence of the Asonu" - Victor Ganata
I'm now imagining a scenario where the highly abstract, very culturally context dependent dialect they speak is the formal dialect of their culture. Everyone first learns to speak some low-prestige dialect but if they want to get ahead in their society (like being able to pilot a starship) you have to only use the formal dialect. It could really just be an extreme form of code switching enforced by dialect discrimination - Victor Ganata
I don't think the bootstrapping thing is as bad as you expect. Imagine a child learning the word "Laughter" or "Laughing". You wait for an appropriate moment where the child is laughing, and then you introduce the word. Imagine instead that you introduce the phrase "Steve, when the comments were read" The child learns the same association. I can also see that the child might actually... more... - Steve and 4 other people
"you have to only use the formal dialect" - but it would be asinine to think that foreigners necessarily know and use your formal dialect. The Tamarian captain was clearly exasperated, but he didn't resort to the non-allegory language, and that's more likely because he didn't have one than because using it would be declassé. - Andrew C (✔)
Why would we assume that aliens would understand, say, AAVE or Cockney or pidgin, better than General American or RP? I mean, I can't really imagine that the first thing a starship captain would try if the aliens didn't get General American is start speaking to them in a dialect that doesn't have as much prestige. - Victor Ganata
Look, there is no "Simpsons-ese" where people *only* communicate in Simpsons references, and believe me, I've tried. - Andrew C (✔)
I guess I'm trying to look at it more abstractly, though. The execution wasn't that great, but I'm reimagining the premise as one where we have a language that the UT can only translate very literally and not idiomatically. If you ignore the specifics (like the Tamarians apparently do :D ) it doesn't seem like such a preposterous idea to me. - Victor Ganata
I mean, if you think too hard about language, it becomes apparent that all language—even individual words, individual morphemes—are really just analogies and abstractions of reality. I actually think that the writers got that part right, at least. - Victor Ganata
"in a dialect that doesn't have as much prestige" -- I would assume that if they didn't get General American at all that they might instead start from the building blocks of language, the way we generally teach language these days. We don't just say things louder and slower. The Tamarian captain's plan was literally to just repeat himself until it worked. There's no way they developed advanced technology if one of their starship captains was that dumb. - Andrew C (✔)
That's why they went with gestures, and that didn't go so well either. - Victor Ganata
I mean, what do you mean by "building blocks of language" though? You learn semiotics well before you're verbal. We don't teach kids what words mean by going through their etymologies. - Victor Ganata
Now that I think about it, how would you even teach someone what "failure" or "agreement" meant devoid of any experential context? - Victor Ganata
I love this episode! And this discussion! - Daniel W. Crompton
"I mean, what do you mean by "building blocks of language" though? " grammar and meaning, I guess. Like Stephen said earlier, they know individual words like "fist" and "open". The building blocks of their language are the stories they have to tell each other, and those stories themselves, at some level, cannot be endless allegories to something else. They don't say anything like "Jell and Kevarr at Dan" to mean "Darmok and Jelad at Tenagra" because, like, ... why? - Andrew C (✔)
But that's what language is! Endless allegories and analogies to something else! You only need to look at etymologies to know its true. - Victor Ganata
Meaning is elusive. - Victor Ganata
This is one of my favorite episodes. That is all. - Friar Will
You don't consciously learn syntax and grammar, though, at least not until you start formal education. Much of that ends up in place long before you're actually verbal. So it's not that difficult for me to imagine that, if the Tamarians also never thought to bring a linguist along, it would be nearly impossible to get to that very basic but also mostly instinctual level of instruction across a massive cultural divide that we can't even really imagine. - Victor Ganata
I still like the analogy where their individual words correspond to our individual morphemes. While they do carry some semantic meaning, they're hard to pin down without surrounding context. The word "walls" in "Shaka when the walls fell" probably has the same status as "-struct-" does in a word like "deconstruction." Knowing that "-struct-" is derived from Latin "to build" doesn't... more... - Victor Ganata
Like analyzing the morphemic elements in "deconstruction" (de- sense of undoing, -con- "together", -struct- "to build", -ion morpheme that nouns verbs) totally doesn't tell you what "deconstruction" means. - Victor Ganata
"You need to know the history of Western Civ leading up to Postmodernism to really appreciate what it means. " -- and by analogy, the Tamarians would... share their stories! not repeat "deconstruction" over and over, which is essentially what the Tamarian captain actually did. - Andrew C (✔)
Like I said, how to you explain "agreement" when you can't be sure that the other person has any idea of how your culture and society is supposed to work? I can't imagine how you would convey that with gestures alone. - Victor Ganata
The "allegories and analogies to something else" is where this concept totally fails in the episode, because the Tamarians apparently cannot grasp that there /is/ a "something else" at all; they make references without even the concept that anyone could not know those references. Which I maintain is pretty much as impossible as the language Douglas Hofstadter proposed (as a thought... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Just thinking about the ST prime universe, we kind of cheated with even getting a universal translator up and running. The very first sapient species we met were telepaths with similar biology (owing to the Ancients). Without the Vulcans and their existing knowledge base, and without the shared neurobiology with a lot of the sapient species in the Alpha Quadrant (the Klingons and the Cardassians were also descendants of the Ancients), I wonder how impossible trying to grok xenolinguistics would've been. - Victor Ganata
But what is that "something else" though? I suppose one could argue that nouns and verbs most closely correlate to experience in reality, but even then, they're ultimately idealized abstractions that rely mainly on shared experience and shared culture/society to have any useful meaning. - Victor Ganata
Yes, but there are some foundational words rooted in reality or pre-verbal experiences (eating, for example), which is how we bootstrap. The Tamarian language has an immense bootstrapping problem. - Andrew C (✔)
Conversely, if the allegories of Tamarian-ese map so well to words and phrases, then the UT shouldn't have failed. - Andrew C (✔)
But you can't really bootstrap an entire language on base concepts like that. Otherwise learning other terrestrial languages would be totally trivial. - Victor Ganata
Yeah, but we're having this discussion ignoring the alleged infallibility of the UT. I think we can all agree that if Kirk's explanation for how it works is right, then there's no way this episode makes any sense. - Victor Ganata
Even ignoring Kirk's explanation, though, the established function of the UT has been that it has basically always worked, or at least never failed to the extent that it did with the Tamarian language. - Andrew C (✔)
I have to wonder, though, how one could possibly go about explaining the history of Western Civilization leading up to Postmodernism if you don't share a common language or a common culture :D I don't see how you could start from basic concepts of eating and sleeping. At best, it would take a *really* *really* long time. - Victor Ganata
Absence of evidence of failure is not evidence of absence of failure ;) - Victor Ganata
Actually, while there weren't any episodes depicting total failure of the UT except for this one, there were apparently a couple of DS9 episodes where the UT wasn't perfect - Victor Ganata
The UT facilitated translation to the nanites!!! By any measure they're more foreign than the Tamarians. Edit: two fucking seasons before "Darmok"!!!!! - Andrew C (✔)
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: Fantastically Wrong: mandrake -
"Clear, thanks!" - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Original Post from Oplerno: Coming Soon: Introduction to Existentialism #philosophy This is a 12-week online course designed to introduce students to key themes, concepts, thinkers, and texts of Existentialist Philosophy and Literature. The online course learning environment includes lecture videos, lesson pages, a glossary, handouts, study questions, and pages of links to useful material. Students work and learn individually and collaboratively through discussion forums, videoconferences with the professor, online quizzes, and writing assignments. Many of the texts used in the course can be found online, but links are also provided for students who desire to purchase texts. By Professor Gregory Sadler (+GregoryBSadler) - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Enforceable TLS policies on known-good email domains - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Hey! Thanks for the invite to the community! I'm the guy in charge of tech at +Oplerno. I'd give you... -
Hey! Thanks for the invite to the community! I'm the guy in charge of tech at +Oplerno. I'd give you the whole spiel, but I'm sure you don't want a marketing pitch. Simply put Oplerno is an affordable platform for university education approved to give course credit, which could be transferred to your own institute. - Daniel W. Crompton
Louis Gray
Confession: I still visit FriendFeed about 5x more than Facebook. Maybe 10x.
But Google+ is where your heart is, yes? - Mark H
Google- - Maurizio
Me too! - Farzad
*sleeps on LG's shoulder* - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
I am fair to all networks. I use Twitter and Google+ the most. Much of my Google+ activity is in communities. - Louis Gray
FF is a site i see in e-mails, facebook is the network of people I know. Google plus is the reason I use Android now and twitter is thrown to the history books. The community has left twitter. I'm on instead. - Richard A.
I much prefer the Friendfeed interface and feature set for information sharing and discussion over Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all blog platforms. Imagine where FF would be now if it had remained in intensive forward development and tweaking for the past few years. - Sean McBride
Why the preference? -- highest signal to noise in terms of the overall user experience. Look at how clean this page is. Look at how much information is on it. Look at how easy it is to follow conversations and add comments. I could go on and on.... - Sean McBride
But is the clean look/user experience a function of the fact that FF has been basically left alone? I enjoy the way it works, too. And I often wonder why more socnets don't adopt it's interface and feature set. And then it occurs to me that twitter and Facebook were a lot cleaner before the developers started fiddling with them. Also: it is undeniable that FF is great but it's no Google Wave ... *runs* - MoTO: Team Marina
@Sean, I think my allegiance to FriendFeed for 6-7 years is well documented. You also know I wish they'd had a chance to grow without being acquired. - Louis Gray
Louis -- you have always had impeccable taste in picking superior technologies. It's unfortunate that sometimes the best technologies don't prevail in the marketplace. It's enough to make a grown man weep. - Sean McBride
@Sean, please post a video of you crying to YouTube, and share it. - Louis Gray
Please -- I must maintain my dignity. :) - Sean McBride
I keep wondering if there are any far-seeing parties out there who could revive FF, bring it back from its state of suspended animation. Such a dreamer. - Sean McBride
I still have the app running telling me about new posts. - Daniel W. Crompton
Louis it's still a source of complete bewilderment to me that your friends at Google didn't buy it. Has to be one of the worst "passes" in tech history. - JSLeFanu
Only the people there know the whole story, JS. - Louis Gray from Android
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: A perfect minimal Capistrano deploy.rb for Rails and Unicorn with rolling restarts -
"It doesn't actually restart, it creates a fork from which it it spawns the new process with children. It could be a ruby 1.9 issue, which is resolved in 2.0." - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: A perfect minimal Capistrano deploy.rb for Rails and Unicorn with rolling restarts -
"I've found that the rolling restart of Unicorn using USR2 sometimes neglects to pickup changes, requiring a full stop/start." - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: A Theory On The Rise Of Tweetstorms -
"Like a stream of consciousness, I suppose that that is possible. That would mean that if you notice a serious mistake you would need te remove the storm up until the mistake or it won't make sense." - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Re: A Theory On The Rise Of Tweetstorms -
"I've never understood why they start with 1/... they should post in reverse order." - Daniel W. Crompton
Thomas Power
@markshaw Klout or PeerIndex or Followerwonk or a combo or a.n.other
I was a little concerned with Followerwonk's buying of directed tweets from twitter bot networks, so I decided against using it... - Daniel W. Crompton
wil wheaton
If my math is correct, we're about 30 minutes away from rolling camera on the first episode of @wilwproject.
Cool! Sadly only in the US... - Daniel W. Crompton
Daniel W. Crompton
Suspended Animation Trials Start -
Suspended Animation Trials Start The researchers behind it don't want to call it suspended animation, but it's the most conventional way to explain it. The world's first humans trials - Daniel W. Crompton
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