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I liked the auditorium - @dresv: RT retweets are appreciated! @dresv: Looking for a free meet-up space? #sanoma
Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Jobs
From G+: 15.04.2014 23:30 - 2014-04-15
Why I won't take your research survey -
Google Weighs Boosting Encrypted Sites in Its Search Algorithm -
I commented on Twitter looks to beef up its data business by acquiring social data startup Gnip
Interesting... - How to Lie with Data Visualization -
Nice! - Akamai admits its OpenSSL patch was faulty, reissues keys -
Why the Web Needs Perfect Forward Secrecy More Than Ever -
Just got early access to @blendle, dupe, dupe, dupe, dupe.
Google May Push Sites to Use Encryption -
Playing middleman for a VPS Service and a StartUp Accelerator. I believe in cutting out the middlemen. :)
Breaking up with Facebook: Where are brands and young users going? via @thenextweb
A friend got a @ABNAMRO premium business cc because it included a @regusgroup Gold Card. In reality they actually didn't have contracts
So Monday I'm giving him and his friend a unit testing tutorial... That's gonna be fun...
A new dev told me: "No, I don't need unit testing!" 1000 LoC on he called me: "Can you show me unit testing? Everything keeps breaking..."
I liked a @YouTube video A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you)
I liked a @YouTube video A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you)
At Facebook they got certs reissued with backdated not-before dates set to March 1st, because so many people have their clocks set wrong
Funny that @the_intercept doesn't support Forward Secrecy and hasn't updated their certificates. Didn't they have trouble with Heartbleed?
Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations - via @Nuzzel
Still not fixed one week on... - 'Yahoo! Breaks! Every! Mailing! List! In! The! World!' says email guru -
Turns out Akamai's patch wasn't so secure after all -
Go Crypto Book - /cc: @_adrianus_
Healbe Hustle: The full story of how [crowd funder] humiliated Indiegogo and took “the crowd” for over $1m -
Akamai releases a OpenSSL patch they've been using secure malloc -
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