Paul Buchheit
"It's a tautology to say that normal people are the most suggestible, since it's because they're the most suggestible that they're the most normal!" - Impro
Hi Paul. I'm sorry to bother you but i have serious issue related with friendfeed. Someone is impersonating me at this profile; and he/she is using my real life information, phone number and my own pictures to insult me. Unfortunately, this fake profile already listed in Google search under my name and i'm having a hard time in these days. I already reported this issue with using ff contact form but it's not resolved. Could you help me? - Monad Teodise
this suggests that the difference between suggestible and normal is more connotation than denotation. - Clare Dibble
I think it's tautology to suggest that normal people even exist. Have you ever met a normal person? I haven't. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Some people are more normal than others. - Paul Buchheit
Alex, how would you know? Do you have a known standard for normalcy that none have yet attained? I think 'normal' is like 'opposite' in that the term only makes sense if you look at a limited number of axes at a time. Blue is the opposite of red but they're both colors and thus the same. A person normal in every regard would probably be quite unusual for that feat alone. - Kevin Fox
I'm the most normal, suggestible Mark Trapp living in Portland, Oregon I'm aware of. - Mark Trapp
Kevin, I base my opinion on aggregated statistics among other things. After all, how many people do you know who have 2.7 kids? - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
I like Paul's answer though. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
Normal != average - Kevin Fox
I tend to read "suggestible" as "open to new ideas", causing this quote not to make sense to me. - Bruce Lewis
What does normal mean then, Kevin? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Normal applies to samples and populations, average applies to individual data points? - Victor Ganata
If you find someone who fits in to the normal distribution for all characteristics and interests, let me know. I consider someone to not be normal (and this is a good thing, I think normal sucks and doesn't exist) if even one characteristic or interest is outside the norm. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
If you're inside the Bell curve, even if you're in one of the tails, you're still technically normal. You can be normal and be nowhere near average. Like, you might be 6 foot 11 inches, and that's technically normal, although that's almost half a foot taller than average. Whereas, if you were 15 foot 11 inches, that's not normal. - Victor Ganata
True, but with real sample sets in nature, you don't usually get way out there. There are no 15 footers playing in the NBA today. - Victor Ganata
I'm highly suggestible and have never been normal. - Ruchira S. Datta
'Average' has tighter bounds than 'normal' in common usage. Everyone who is 'average looking' is 'normal looking' but not everyone who looks normal is average. You can be a normal person without being an average person. Being above or below average doesn't make you abnormal. You'd have to be further along the curve than that. - Kevin Fox
Paul Buchheit
RT @paulg: It's remarkable what a large percentage of our advice at Y Combinator is either "Just tell them" or "Just ask them."
That's a lot of the advice I give to a lot of people. - Gabe
a is not b but p is q, guess why
@mirat, i m not sure, basically "is" is not for equivalent, it is for object identification but the strange thing is why it differs - aydın
yeap the point is python caches small ints (till 256) and when you define an int it returns cached small int object so "is" comparasion passes but after 256 python creates new object and "is" failed, thanks to ahmet :) - aydın
Extra credit, explain: p=1000; q=1000; p is q - Rob Syme
Every code object has a tuple of constants. The LOAD_CONST opcode loads a constant from this tuple onto the VM stack. So every time 1000 occurs in the program text, it refers to the same object in the tuple of constants for that block. At an interactive interpreter, each line is its own block. You can put multiple simple statements in one statement with semi-colons, so here you've... more... - Jeremy Hylton
it is clearer for now, thanks jeremy - aydın
thanks for this feed - amir
Alex Scrivener
My parents' library makes me jealous
*drools* Oh me, too! - Anika
Same. :) that's a really cool room. - SAM from iPhone
I'm still torn between displaying no books or buying a collection of leather bound volumes... I don't really like physical books. - iTad
I love books, I just don't have the space to store them. Even for my parents, that room is only about half of their books; the rest are in a storeroom. - Alex Scrivener
That is a beautiful room! - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
Also jealous! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
That's lovely! - Rochelle
My Mom has a lot of books in the living room in the built in bookshelves. I'm jealous of her library. She has a lot of photography books, which I love to look at. - Molly Song ;)
Trade the white couch for some dark red reclining armchairs, add a skylight, and that is a room I've been fantasizing about for YEARS. *drool* - Lo
There are brown leather recliners under the windows, just out of the picture. - Alex Scrivener
Damn. - Jenny
Books are my weakness. I've been planning my dream library since Beauty and the Beast. - Heather
Note that the coffee table in front the sofa is a dark-stained wooden wagon. - Alex Scrivener
Lo, are you here? *This* is why people buy hardbacks! - Eivind
Still not worth it. The amount it would cost to buy that many hardbacks would feed me for at least a year. - Lo
You don't buy them new! Never buy them new! Used bookstores are your friend. - Alex Scrivener
I am definitely jealous. - Starmama
Need ; ) - Fossil Huntress
Used book stores and library sales are my friends! - Heather
I think that's about the sexiest photo I've seen in a long time! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
Nice! - Ken Morley
My dream! - Melly
Beware of the professor and the lead pipe. - Julian
That's awesome. I'm very jealous. - Mike Berberich
Please inform your parents that I will be moving into this room forthwith - Rachel Walden
Too late. It is now my temporary office. - Alex Scrivener
It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. - Alex Scrivener
*want *double want *triple want! - Becca
!...............................................:-) - Nispell
Speaking of parents and books... - Alex Scrivener
I want to like this again... - Lisa L. Seifert
I just want to steal it. The whole room. - Alex Scrivener
The only thing missing, in my most humble opinion, is a big, in-wall fish tank. And I don't even know if that's possible. - Lisa L. Seifert
It would take away space from the books. - Alex Scrivener
thats aw reminds me of my Mom had only 1 wall panel for books. Her most prized possession. The Whole Rudyard Kipling collection - leather bound. My Bro inherited that ! - Peter Dawson
MAKE THE ROOM BIGGER!!! I want fishies, too... - Lisa L. Seifert
Filing for future reno project. - Ken Morley
Need to see an evening picture with the wall sconce lighting on! :) - Ken Morley
Jonah Lehrer: How Poverty Hurts Young Children, and Why Rich Parents Don't Matter - -
Jonah Lehrer: How Poverty Hurts Young Children, and Why Rich Parents Don't Matter -
"How much do the decisions of parents matter? Most parents believe that even the most mundane acts of parenting—from their choice of day care to their policy on videogames—can profoundly influence the success of their children. Kids are like wet clay, in this view, and we are the sculptors. Yet in tests measuring many traits, from intelligence to self-control, the power of the home environment pales in comparison to the power of genes and peer groups. We may think we're sculptors, but the clay is mostly set. A new paper suggests that both metaphors can be true. Which one is relevant depends, it turns out, on the economic status of families. For a paper in Psychological Science, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia looked at 750 pairs of American twins who were given a test of mental ability at the age of 10 months and then again at the age of 2. By studying the performance of identical versus fraternal twins, the scientists could tease out... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"When it came to the mental ability of 10-month-olds, the home environment was the key variable, across every socioeconomic class. But results for the 2-year-olds were dramatically different. In children from poorer households, the choices of parents still mattered. In fact, the researchers estimated that the home environment accounted for approximately 80% of the individual variance in... more... - RAPatton
"For parents, the correlation appears to be clear: As wealth increases, the choices of adults play a much smaller role in determining the mental ability of their children." - RAPatton
"Though this latest study doesn't speculate about the causes of these class differences, previous research has focused on a panoply of factors, such as the variety of words directed toward the child (more variety leads to higher test scores), the number of books in the home and even the ratio of encouraging remarks to discouraging warnings. By the age of 3, children from wealthier... more... - RAPatton
Heather Piwowar
Where do you point to for explanation of why data is most appropriately released under CC0 instead of CC-BY?
This looks like a good start: Others? - Heather Piwowar
Especially interested in blurbs that discuss why attribution should be part of community norm rather than licensing term. - Heather Piwowar
Some ideas (mostly from David Wiley) here:, - Bill Hooker
Heather raises a good question--and, Bill, neither of those posts seems to object to CC-BY. Assuming that remixes included credits for sources of data, why would CC-BY be objectionable? (If you interpret it, for data, not to require a credit for each and every item when used.) Then again: In the U.S., at least, true "data"--facts--are not copyrightable. - walt crawford
No time to find at moment but there is a john wilbanks piece at nature precedings which is my main touchstone piece. I should probably write something on this - Cameron Neylon from Android
Couldn't find a relevant bit on Nature Precedings, but did find this relevant blog post by Wilbanks. Great stuff: - Heather Piwowar
Walt, that's true -- the main point of the posts I linked is license incompatibility, which is a reason to avoid CC-BY for data, but not the main one. - Bill Hooker
I guess the only reason I can think of is that a strict interpretation of "BY" might make it impossible to reuse the data properly. Otherwise, is there a reason a researcher wouldn't credit sources? (Not trying to be argumentative here. In fact, if I had useful data sets as such, they'd have CC0, I think.) - walt crawford
Perhaps more important than license incompatibility is the "attribution thicket" effect, cf. patent thickets -- when you pull together multiple sources of data, it can become virtually impossible to attribute them all, especially since each owner gets to define *how* attribution should be effected (that last is, imo, a much overlooked fly in the CC-BY ointment). - Bill Hooker
And that may be reason enough--that attribution is too difficult. Thanks. So: Source of data: The World? - walt crawford
re: source, I am sure that I got the idea from David Wiley. - Bill Hooker
The main arguments are: objects created from data may not be appropriate to a copyright based licence (why share-alike is not ideal). Massive re-use of data could lead to attribution stacking problems (what is the appropriate form of attribution). Other requirements on data (privacy, ethics) may trump licence provisions, effectively ruling out data use in specific areas. And finally.... more... - Cameron Neylon
Very helpful points, Bill, Walt, and Cameron. Thank you. - Heather Piwowar
not to make this shameless self promotion, but this is the follow on from the 4 hour tutorial i did with tom and leigh from talis on the issue, laying out the science commons position and implications of the license toggles: - Kaitlin Thaney
FFing Enigma
AWESOME!!!!! - Kevin Johnson
<3 When can you start? - Shevonne
The giraffe did it for me:) - Abhishek
I don't think we'll need to call your girafferences. - Kevin Johnson
lol Kevin! - Starmama
and how perfect is comic sans for this? :) - Starmama
if you can't get hired for stuff with this resume then i give up all hope for my own jub hant. - Big Joe Silenced
I almost went with Impact, but it clashed with the giraffe. - FFing Enigma
Brilliant! - Anika
I am available for resume consultations at a very reasonable rate. You too can have a document this clear and concise! - FFing Enigma
:D - Starmama
I am now fighting the urge to make this my profile picture on LinkedIn... - FFing Enigma
Awesomesauce - AJ Batac
I just showed this to Dave and he said as a hiring manager he'd give an interview to someone who sent this in. Interesting. - FFing Enigma
would be worth a field test - Kevin Johnson
And now I love Tina even more! Best. Resume. EVAR! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
you are so hired. but i might need to give you a hug because of your awesomeness. i hope that will be ok. - Morgan
Man, imma have to redo the whole thing to be able to use it on LinkedIn, it's not square enough! - FFing Enigma
seriously - i think i love you. this is the best resume i've seen. and i've seen thousands. my mom ran an employment agency for 18 years. and i've had all kinds of jobs - Morgan
Why thank you Morgan. I do try =) However it won't do at all as my profile pic: it winds up being too small to actually read. How unfortunate. - FFing Enigma
Did the giraffe just have something shoved up it's butt? It seems a bit surprised. - Morgan
In one of the inspiration threads we decided I needed to send a company a picture of a giraffe for my resume, preferably one with a large posterior. This giraffe fit the bill perfectly! - FFing Enigma
I agree with everyone here Tina. I think you should send it out next time. If you catch the right person's attention with this they'll be compelled to hire you. - Kenton
Wait no mention of the drama llama??? - Steve C, Team Marina
Nope! There's no room for the Drama Llama in the work place, he has been replaced by the Staffing Giraffe! - FFing Enigma
<3 this, Tina. :))) - Micah
I'm so all over this. - Heather
You need to get this printed on business cards, at the very least. - April Russo (FForever!)
That might be the best resume / kid's birthday party invite / I have ever seen! - Martha
Perfect! - Kathleen
Don't ask me why, but I felt the urge to bump this too... - FFing Enigma
This is what I should do. - edythe from iPhone
you're hired! - Jim #teamFFrank
can i steal this when i re-enter the work force 2 years from now? :P - Big Joe Silenced
Are you kidding? I'm still sending it out now! - FFing Enigma
actually I would add ..all the handle at the bottom.. like personal blog, twitter ID etc ..but all in very small fine print like 3/4 points font .. and if they call u for an interview ask them did you read the fine print ? - Peter Dawson
Lisa Green
At the @codeforamerica open house. Great people and exciting projects!
The @codeforamerica open house has bested @timoreilly but James Madison is still hanging out.
The @codeforamerica open house has bested @timoreilly but James Madison is still hanging out.
btw, I still want Albuquerque #abq to @CodeforAmerica !
Me too! Are you getting any traction at the city? - Michael R. Bernstein
Andy Bakun
Did anyone else ever write a friendfeed data archiver, so you can have a copy of your own data?
Well, I'm working on one now. I forgot how nice the Friendfeed API was to work with. I wish all APIs were this nice. I pine for simpler times. - Andy Bakun
I always get distracted when writing code these days. - Andy Bakun
Which is to say, I've got it downloading everything, and applying updates, but this took me way to long to write considering how long it is. Although, I'm doing it in python, and I'm a python noob, so I spend a lot of time poking around the standard library and just becoming more familiar with stuff. - Andy Bakun
Sign me up for one when you're done :)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
There doesn't seem to be a way to determine if an entry has been deleted other than iterating over all the entries. - Andy Bakun
I'll update this entry with the latest status. I'll post it on github. - Andy Bakun
It's good that the API can return everything, even if the friendfeed website can't go beyond 600 entries. - Andy Bakun
Attachments are now downloading also. Damn blob columns. - Andy Bakun
Now battling string encodings, which I know I'm going to get wrong. - Andy Bakun
Data exporting works; everything, including media attachments, is loaded into an sqlite database. I'm finding out some interesting things about the friendfeed interface that I never bothered to look at before, like how the in-line youtube videos and in-line audio player work. - Andy Bakun
Go Andy, go. I think someone (from Turkey perhaps) wrote an achiever in Java, but not sure about it, though I recall some ran into API call limiting (IP based?) when running it - so heads up. Great learning project for Python - keep on keeping on! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
There'll be two scripts, one that syncs the data and another that makes it browseable. By default, it's just gonna look like the default friendfeed layout. Uneditable, of course, since it's just an archive. - Andy Bakun
At this point, I'm just playing around with HTML formatting, although I keep finding more stuff I should sync... I was just going to hardcode all the service icons (I really like the service icons, and was sad to see them removed -- ironically, Facebook shows service icons in its layout), but I should really use the feedinfo API call to get that. - Andy Bakun
I'm sticking it in sqlite, but it's mainly just blob columns containing JSON and some extracted data into separate columns to make sorting and searching easier. I don't want to go whole key-value-store-implemented-on-top-of-relational-db for this (like friendfeed is implemented, IIRC), nor do I want to have some document-store database. I mean, I only have like 5200 entries, and the database size is just 8.5meg, so it's not like size is a concern. - Andy Bakun
Since the focus is archiving, it's pretty much single user/person only, only archive one user's feed or one room/group. - Andy Bakun
Woo woo! v2 of the API doesn't have the "title" of image thumbnails, but v1 does. If there are images attached to an entry, I do the v1 API call for the entry and merge the titles in the v2 data structure. But I'm kind of hoping that maybe Bret (or Paul, or someone who has access to the Friendfeed code) will risk breaking the v2 API and add the title field to the thumbnail objects. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* - Andy Bakun
Embedded media playing working. - Andy Bakun
This all sounds v hopeful, Andy! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Went through and downloaded my entire feed, media, attachments, images, everything for entries posted in my feed, the resulting file is 105 meg. - Andy Bakun
My goal isn't just a backup, but a way to essentially republish your friendfeed content off of friendfeed in a way that doesn't rely on friendfeed (like a widget would). Which is why just writing everything to a directory structure isn't going to work: you can't *do* anything with that without being technical. - Andy Bakun
Andy, will you be putting your code on github at any time? I'm really interested in using itto archive my feed. Thanks. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Mark, if I start using Backupify now, will it go back and retrieve old stuff, or is it just for stuff going forward? Also, how does it archive my comments on someone else's thread - can it archive that whole post even if the OP has a private feed? - Laura Norvig
Is this the recommended procedure? - Joe
The code is really rough and not really in a state that I'm willing to help people use it yet. But yes, it will be going on github. - Andy Bakun
Andy, awesome. Alpha code on an API read-only utility == fine by me. :) - Micah from YouFeed
I made one for personal use, but for obvious TOS violations, though they would doubtfully be enforced, I haven't made it public, or use a database. At one point, I realized if I so wanted I could pretty much clone the friendfeed databases, with only a "comparatively" few extra calls, and attaching a database. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Just reviewing the terms again now... Section 4 seems to be a little ambiguous ("FriendFeed-originated content", "compilation of *all content* on the Site" (emphasis mine), "no reproduction of any FriendFeed-originated content"). What does "FriendFeed-originated content" mean in this case? FriendFeed the company (facebook) or FriendFeed the site? Does "originated" mean posted by users... more... - Andy Bakun
Obviously you could recreate friendfeed by cloning the database: the database is almost completely available via the API and is the valuable portion of what the site is. It wouldn't be a very good social network if you couldn't access the posted content (API or not). I mean, you could effectively clone even Facebook if you already have an account (baring scraping protections). - Andy Bakun
I think it was this, but I can't be sure, because it's been close to a year, now. " reproduction of any FriendFeed-originated content is permitted without written permission from FriendFeed." - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah, but what does "friendfeed-originated" mean? Obviously, imported tweets are not friendfeed originated. So this only includes stuff typed into the box at top of the page? Links created with the bookmarklet are for content that originates somewhere else. I could see "friendfeed-originated" to mean the content like the stylesheets and graphics (in fact, the paragraph that says that list those kinds of assets explicitly) -- so no copying the duck hunt icon, for example. - Andy Bakun
Yeah, reading it now it seems more company oriented, I honestly don't remember what it was that I read there that stopped me. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
According to the FAQ, the icons are Silk, from, so those don't even apply. - Andy Bakun
Didn't have a lot of time to work on it tonight. Rather than picking and choosing which elements from the v1 API to "merge" into the record, I just decided to store the entire v1 record for the entry, since there's a lot of stuff in v1 that wasn't included in API v2. Linking to an individual entry is working, and the parts are all there to start doing pagination. Code is still really... more... - Andy Bakun
it's 667 lines of python so far, split between two files. - Andy Bakun
I'm gonna have to restructure the code, create some classes, and admit that it all needs to be arranged in nested directories, rather than keeping it visibly as simple as possible by reducing the numbers of files. - Andy Bakun
Service icons, pagination, individual entry's pages, profile pictures working. I was going to throw a demo page up on my web host, but the account I have only has python2.5, and my code currently needs simplejson. - Andy Bakun
... and the Friendfeed theme I'm blatantly copying (Helvetica) doesn't look so good outside of the rest of the friendfeed UI, so the default layout is gonna need to be tweaked to make it more unique at the very least. I'd like to template the theme so different ones can be swapped in, too. - Andy Bakun
The display script is running at (a static mirror of, it doesn't update) but it's on dreamhost, so it performs terribly. I had to compile python 2.7, guh. I think there are either concurrent process or request limits at dreamhost, because it performs beautifully on my server at home, but in that case it's loading all the media over the local network. - Andy Bakun
This demo page is only reading the database and sqlite doesn't lock on reads, but it's even having trouble loading some of the static files from the filesystem, which is why I think dreamhost has some process limits. - Andy Bakun
The demo page seems to be working okay today. Still, maybe dreamhost isn't the best place to run a demo. - Andy Bakun
okay, testing live updates, updates every five minutes. - Andy Bakun
Still going strong (with a slight delay). Having to deal with API v2 and API v1 issues concerning attachments. Increased performance slightly by caching media on the filesystem after the first time its served--I'm going to be keeping an authoritative copy of the media in the database so it's self-contained, however. Still a bunch of UI tweaks I want to make. It's really turning out to be a good project to bone up on python with. - Andy Bakun
The band-horse-boat-names group is also being mirrored at for testing. - Andy Bakun
Nice. Is your code posted anywhere? - Michael R. Bernstein
Not yet, I'd like to get to posting it within the next week. - Andy Bakun
Still going strong, albeit a little slower than I'd like. - Andy Bakun
Because all the HTML is in-line, the rendering code is fucking mess. I've been looking for a short templating library. Cheetah seems kind of large for these purposes. - Andy Bakun
Keep on keepin' on, Andy! :) - Micah
There is a mirror of my feed up at, but it's not using the latest code. - Andy Bakun
Keep up the good work! - Ruchira S. Datta
As I'm using this to get better at python, I'm getting really frustrated with python's encoding support. "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2013' in position 295: ordinal not in range(128)". No shit. There doesn't seem to be a way to find out which string contains that character, the traceback is generated deep inside the string library. I can't seem to make everything operate with unicode only, ascii keeps rearing it's ugly head. - Andy Bakun
Andy, were you having issues before you bookmarked the Python, Unicode and UnicodeDecodeError,, The character that it's having trouble parsing is the en-dash, though I'm getting position: 238, from counting by hand characters of your most recent posts, though I'm not sure what or even if, you have other data parsed between that. Update: I can't figure out what's going on with the encoding of that character. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
No, I'm having problems with this entry: It's the emdash there, I know that. The problem is, the data I'm reading in is in utf8, simplejson.loads returns unicode and properly decodes the utf8 it receives (as far as I can tell, but I'm still investigating this, it is returning unicode for the json keys, and I think it's doing it also for the... more... - Andy Bakun
That you have to jump through hoops to change the default encoding in python is really frustrating. I'm writing server software here, it's only going to a terminal, where ascii *might* make sense, while I'm writing or debugging it (that being said, it gets the same encoding problem if I run it under apache or from the command line (and my terminal is utf-8)). I might have better luck under mod_python, but I'm writing as a more portable CGI. - Andy Bakun
Ugh, I feel your pain. There's this answer here but you probably already knew that--it doesn't help when the modules you're importing don't do that. - Ruchira S. Datta
I think I got it working. Turns out it's not distinctly an issue with encoding, I think it's an issue with the way objects are converted to character streams by string.Formatter. I was only defining __str__ and __unicode__ on some objects, but string.Formatter calls format() to character-ize the values it's formatting, and this calls __format__, which on non-basestring objects just... more... - Andy Bakun
Awesome! So, do you think it's ready for people to try out? - Ruchira S. Datta
I created a group for it, it's at The code can be downloaded from github at Not much there yet, just the downloader is working. (I still have a lot of code I have not committed to the master branch and pushed yet). - Andy Bakun
RT @maxogden: thanks a ton to @dfhuynh for coming and blowing our minds with his Google Refine demo at yesterday's @codeforamerica friday lab
Ragani Harris
Your Favorite Science Fiction Yarns, Reinvented as Kids' Books (via
Show all
The role of the Internet as a platform for collective action grows - O'Reilly Radar -
"A survey released this week by the Pew Research Center's Internet and Life Project shed light on the social side of the Internet. The results offered insight into the differences between the connected and the disconnected, revealing that Internet users are more likely to be active participants, with some 80 percent of Internet users participating in groups, compared with 56 percent of non-Internet users. These findings confirm the impact of the the Internet on collective action, observed Beth Noveck, NYU law professor and former deputy CTO for open government at the White House. "Internet users are more active participants in groups and are more likely to feel pride and a sense of accomplishment." Perhaps we are all not, as Robert D. Putnam suggested, relegated to "bowling alone." "Technology may not be the corrosive force that Putnam imagined in American life," wrote Jared Keller in The Atlantic. "Instead, it may provide new lifeblood for civic organizations by making participation... more... - Wildcat from Bookmarklet
"If we want to defend an open Internet, we have to establish that it's promoting democracy," he said, not simply a vehicle for content consumption or commerce. - Wildcat
Kevin Fox
Should be on everybody's to-do list:
But I utilize the Internet in getting my shit together! - Akiva
and most of the good shit is on the internet - Kevin Johnson
haha! that is EXACTLY why you should get off the internet - Adelein Ro
It's already been executed. This would assume we're all procrastinating. We're not :-) - Richard A.
Tim O'Reilly
About time! "We hear the feedback... loud and clear: people are asking for even stronger action on content farms."
Evolutionary robotics: for robust robots, let them be babies first | KurzweilAI -
Evolutionary robotics: for robust robots, let them be babies first | KurzweilAI
"In a first-of-its-kind experiment, University of Vermont roboticist Josh Bongard created both simulated and actual robots that, like tadpoles becoming frogs, change their body forms while learning how to walk. over generations, his simulated robots also evolved, spending less time in “infant” tadpole-like forms and more time in “adult” four-legged forms. These evolving populations of robots were able to learn to walk more rapidly than ones with fixed body forms. And, in their final form, the changing robots had developed a more robust gait — better able to deal with, say, being knocked with a stick — than the ones that had learned to walk using upright legs from the beginning. “This paper shows that body change, morphological change, actually helps us design better robots,” Bongard says. “That’s never been attempted before.”" - Spaceweaver from Bookmarklet
Spidra Webster – the Blog · About the last 24 hours - – the Blog · About the last 24 hours
"As many of you will be aware, has been experiencing an extended period of downtime in all user-facing services. A hardware failure has led to one of the most serious system outages we have experienced for a long time, and we are very sorry about the inconvenience caused to our listeners. At this moment everything should be on its way back to normal, but it could take some time for all services to return to a fully stable state. We want to apologise for this outage, and explain the problems that have led to the difficulties you may be experiencing now. Yesterday afternoon a fault in a blade chassis in one of our datacentres caused it to break, taking the power supply for its rack with it. On site teams were unable resolve the fault with this chassis, but were able to restore power to the rest of the rack. Unfortunately, this chassis contained several critical components of the top-level load balancing systems we use to evenly distribute traffic across all of our datacentres.... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
via edythe - Spidra Webster
Paul Kedrosky
Academic papers newly getting torn out apart so fast on twitter/blogs that researchers can't keep up .
Andy Bakun
Remember us? We're still shipped with Apache! And we're all web-safe colors!
Yup. I still remember you guys. - AJ Batac
I want to hover over them just to check - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think the bomb in the document was meant to be the icon for core files. - Andy Bakun
"AddIcon /icons/bomb.gif core" We've come a long way from a time when core files littered the filesystem. Within the past year, I've had to jump through hoops to get a core file to actually be generated sometimes. - Andy Bakun
blondies, infinitely adaptable -
blondies, infinitely adaptable
blondies, infinitely adaptable
"Of course, this recipe is nothing new. I’ve been making it for nearly two years now because it’s simple the tastiest and easiest — one bowl! — baked goods to whip up for a party. It’s denser than chocolate chip cookies, more complex than brownies and in the classic Minimalist style, you’ve can customize it anywhere from a cranberry almond coconut bar to the gunky artery-cloggers I’m best known for. I typically load up on whatever chocolate I have around — tonight it was milk, white and bittersweet — finely chop some walnuts or pecans, use dark brown sugar, European butter and in something you will probably sense is a theme with me, add a splash of bourbon to boot." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
I think I was right when I called you evil earlier. :D - holly #ravingfangirl
I thought that said, "Blondes, inflatable adaptable." - Kristin
I'm kind of obsessed with blondies right now. A splash of bourbon? *faints* - Derrick
made these last night - w/milk chocolate chips & walnuts - even still too hot to come out of the pan properly they were tasty. - Elaine is trying to write
Gonna make these today, I think. Thanks for working FF Search! - Derrick
Amit Patel
Solar Realms Elite
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It's been a long time. I got this running in DOSbox and was reminded of all the detail I put into this game. - Amit Patel
I had a windowing system, although the modem users never saw it. It supported overlapping windows, window borders, window titlebars, scrollbars, menus that worked with arrow keys or keyboard shortcuts, drop shadows (with "alpha": preserving text but changing it to a lower contrast), tiled desktop backgrounds, status bars: - Amit Patel
I had implemented a cooperative multitasking system in DOS. The local (sysop) UI and the remote (player) UI were separate threads. The sysop could watch the player and drop in to chat. - Amit Patel
Menus used dark/light color combinations to highlight the keys you could use (see . Prompts included uppercase/lowercase to indicate the default (Enter key) (see There were shortcuts for entering numbers, such as "300K" expanding out to "300000" or ">" expanding out to the max value. - Amit Patel
I comma formatted numbers, and made sure to handle plurals properly ("1 planet" vs "2 planets"). - Amit Patel
For inputs that had potentially long typing, I had a "/" shortcut to search (although it wasn't search-as-you-type). There were multiselect boxes where this was quite useful. - Amit Patel
In text, important numbers and status words were highlighted so that advanced players could go through quickly. - Amit Patel
There was plenty of silliness, like “The Galactic Coordinator suggests having anti-pollution planets to combat pollution, preserve wildlife, and project a good image to your people” and “486 million people were killed in riots due to high tax rates” and “You received 4174 megatons of carrots and peas for your birthday.” I'm running 'strings' on the binary and finding lots of these. - Amit Patel
Lots of embarassing text. “Your economic advisor is not in her office. Her employees say that she is out playing tennis, and will be back shortly” … “Your chief of military maneuvers asks you if you have any asprin. He seems to be ill” … “381 exatons toxic fumes were released when one of your advisors burped” … “A general was lost bungee-jumping off the cliffs of Raekel IV” … “Amit Patel swallowed 138 megatons of food in one gulp” - Amit Patel
I logged a quite a few hours in this. :) - James Leard
Awesome. There must be some way to put it online, no? - Paul Buchheit
"FUR POSTAGE"? How did you come up with that? - Gabe
Gabe, I had found the anagram generators on the internet, and probably even used them to guide the naming of the new planet types I was creating. Would you prefer "GROUP FEAST"? :) - Amit Patel
Paul, there were some Telnet BBSes that connected door games to the Internet (socket adapter for COM ports), but I haven't kept up with them. - Amit Patel
Woah, I didn't realize you wrote this game! I played so much BRE and SRE back in the day. - Benjamin Lee
The new @codeforamerica site launched today. Go check out @anemani10's excellent handiwork! Http://
Andy Bakun
"Well, it is 'The Left Coast'".
So. Bullying starts in Kindergarten. Crap.
:( - Derrick
Sorry to hear that. - Shevonne
So can karate :-) seriously - Todd Hoff
Yep. I remember that when I was in kindergarten about a thousand years ago. - vicster.
can start pre-K too - Kevin Johnson
Wow. I don't remember getting bullied until 6th grade. Sure, there were kids you didn't get along with but I don't remember getting hassled until 6th grade. Times surely have changed. - Akiva
I was bullied in Kindergarten-6th grade, and then my parents finally let me have my way with homeschool after years of pleading. I went back in 10th, and there was heckling, but that was about as far as bullying went, there. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
She's 5 1/2 now. We'd planned to start karate at 6 or 7, but may move up the timeline now. Self-confidence seems the best solution to stopping the bullying. - DGentry
Yep, if you don't read victim you'll hopefully be left alone. - Todd Hoff
The trick I was taught that worked great for all non-physical confrontations was just to gladly agree with them and then up the ante a bit. Bully: 'You're a fat idiot.' Me: 'Yep! I'm the fattest, dumbest person in school. Did you know that I drool uncontrollably?' Bully: '...uh... SHUT UP.' - Akiva
Sperm don't cut each other any slack. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Agreeing with the bully is possible. Right now she gets mad, which doesn't help. It just encourages them. - DGentry
Tell her to tell the bully she has twin brothers at home who will kick her butt. - Louis Gray
I don't remember my peers being all that articulate in kindergarten. Bunch of drool-faced nobodies. - Andy Bakun
Articulate, no. They mostly say "you are a baby!" over and over, but thats enough at this age to upset her. - DGentry
Our daughter is in Kindergarten had an issue like this with a couple of other girls earlier this year. We talked to the teacher and she took it very seriously and got on it right away. I was actually very impressed with how she and the school handled it. It was really hard on her though. You could see how much it upset her and she just wasn't herself when this stuff was going on. - Joe Beda
Joe Stump
"Free beards for everyone." is possibly the funniest quote I've ever heard about GPL/FOSS advocates.
Spidra Webster
Redevelopment agencies: California cities race to shield funds from state - -
Redevelopment agencies: California cities race to shield funds from state -
"A revolt by city officials against Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to abolish municipal redevelopment agencies is rapidly spreading across the state. Over the last several days, officials in Long Beach, Pasadena, Palm Springs and numerous other cities have hastily called special meetings to discuss transferring billions of dollars from their redevelopment agencies to city control to keep the money out of the state's reach. The move is an attempted end-run around Brown's proposal to scrap redevelopment and allow school districts, counties and the state to take the billions in property tax dollars the agencies now collect to improve blighted areas. Brown predicted that the move would save the state $1.7 billion in the next fiscal year and send much more money back to school districts and counties in years to come. The redevelopment agencies take in about $5 billion each year. To block the governor, some cities have launched a mad dash to lock up future revenue — in effect laying claim to... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Cameron Neylon
Currently sitting in groundside restaurant area of San Diego airport Terminal 1 wearing a blue SciFoo shirt if anyone around yet for #btpdf
I'm in San Fran, en route, and someone just exited the previous flight in a 'Where Would Jesus Publish' PLoS ONE t shirt :) - Peter Binfield from Android
I'm carrying PLoS Forum, PLoS Blogs, and xkcd t-shirts so I think I'm well equipped... - Cameron Neylon
Ramy and I are meeting at 7.15 if you are interested. - Peter Binfield from Android
Ah sorry, missed this. Ended up with dinner at the hotel but no doubt see you this morning! - Cameron Neylon
Danielle Morrill
OH: dude, you're like the Octomom of startups
Emily Lewis
2011 Mediocrity: "Designers" (Extended) -
2011 Mediocrity: "Designers" (Extended)
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