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Department of Dirty ridicules Cameron's porn filters (Wired UK)
On @UnitedAirlines 930, which is still on the ground over an hour after we boarded because of broken seats.
RT @stevesilberman: Imagine a nation shooting down a civilian plane, killing children, and trying to cover it up. Imagine the US in 1988.
OFCOM report shows consumers don't want filters
RT @galoppini: It was great to join @webmink and @adambn at #OSCON2014 to talk about #opensource monetization /cc @michaeldexter
RT @theopenbastion: Join us with #OSCON chairs @sarahnovotny and @simonstl at the Survivors' Brunch downtown
RT @michaeldexter: "Money for nothing and your clicks for free" @webmink at @OSCON
"Post Open Source"? Rubbish. This is the golden age of open source. And open source licensing is the key.
"It's like a scanner for the planet" -- about the band of Dove mini-satellites @planetlabs has launched using open source #OSCON
RT @spazm: Humanitarian Dove satellite, built in a Silicon Valley garage. #OSCON. #AWESOME
.@spazm @oscon Plenty of room down here front left - almost empty.
UK Government announces that it's standardising on ODF & PDF for all published documents
Amazingly few tweets from the #OSCON keynotes this morning...
Today is my press day at #OSCON. If you want me to write about you in InfoWorld, get in touch :-)
RT @cra: TIL: @OpenStack folks are creating a modern fully oss task tracker called StoryBoard (moving from launchpad) #FCM2
Summary of my talk on metrics in open source projects at #FCM2: You become what you measure, so measure what you want to become.
RT @davelester: MetricsGrimoire is an open source toolset for extracting and organizing community metrics data #FCM2
Serious ceiling fan in the meeting room at Puppet. #fcm2
RT @jgbarah: The FLOSS Community Metrics Meeting is running right now! #fcm2
RT @OpenSourceOrg: The OSI #OSCON booth is live! Come by booth "T17" and say hi.
Making Ice Cream With Liquid Nitrogen: via @YouTube
Making Ice Cream With Liquid Nitrogen: via @YouTube
RT @DavidAllenGreen: So: in less than a week, without any amendment, the Coalition have forced through #DRIP. From all-party stitch-up to royal assent in 6 days.
Dear House of Lords: please fix #DRIP. Make reviews public (within reason) & make sunset 1 year.
RT @jimkillock: #DRIP could easily become a constitutional issue, as the coalition has failed to fix it. It'll be back in the courts.
Fascinating to see the Tory anti-Europeans using #DRIP as an opportunity for UKIP-style obstructionism.
A sunset in 1 year would not prevent earlier resolution. How about it?@julianhuppert @tom_watson #DRIP #SplitTheDiffernce
Jack Straw's faith in the correctness of RIPA -- his baby -- is a touching as it is upsetting #DRIP
Very sad that @alanwhiteheadmp is not listed as opposing the #DRIP ramrod. Care to explain?
Very sad that @alanwhiteheadmp is not listed as opposing the #DRIP ramrod. Care to explain?
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