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RT @OpenSourceOrg: Top 5 locations of visitors to OSI web site in October: USA 24% India 6% Germany 5% UK 5% China 4%
New-Age Bullshit Generator
Groupon abandons attempt to establish Gnome trademarks
RT @Groupon: We have decided to abandon our pending trademark applications for #Gnome. Read more: #defendGNOME
RT @MihaelaGordon: @webmink @Groupon @cbrandtbuffalo I'm wondering what's the point of registering a trademark, if you still need 80 k $ to defend it?
Totally amazed that @Groupon would pull a shameful stunt like this. They should prepare for amazingly bad publicity.
RT @Popehat: "WHY do I keep coming to these Trek conventions? They just make me feel so . . . aw shit here comes Putin."
I sincerely hope this collective request from many of the people who created today's technology market will succeed.
Why I don't invest in Apple hardware any more
RT @AlecMuffett: "Mozilla’s going to start hosting high-capacity middle relays, making the Tor network faster and more robust"...
RT @guardian: PARKLIFE! Russell Brand releases parody after being mocked on the internet
RT @guardian: PARKLIFE! Russell Brand releases parody after being mocked on the internet
Government open standards - the curious case of Microsoft and the minister It may not seem to be a serious business issue for you, but for Twitter and other social me...
RT @geeksrulz: Pope Francis explains #luxleaks Also Trickle Down Hockeynomics. #auspol
RT @johns_FSF: "A closed mouth gathers no foot."
RT @petercoffin: This is what GamerGate looks like to the public.
RT @neilhimself: Florida school district to choose between allowing a Satanic Colouring book or getting rid of kids' bible stories
RT @xeni: #EncryptNews @JuliaAngwin: asking source to use encryption on first contact is like asking for sex on first date. And by 4th date too late.
Backer of node.js, Joyent, open-sources its core container-based-cloud orchectration technology and object store
RT @TwitterOSS: today we are open sourcing our emoji to share with everyone #twemojiparty 🎉 😜 👯 🍻 🎈 🎤 🎮 🚀 🌉 ✨
Joyent throws down the gauntlet to OpenStack & open-sources its core technology
RT @nebulaworks: Joyent open-sources its core technology by @webmink via @infoworld
How Publishers & Copyright Gave Amazon The Very Power That Publishers Now Hate
RT @makehacklearn: Funny. I don't think they've submitted to @mozilla. "NSA Director Says Agency Shares Vast Majority of Bugs it Finds"
"European migrants to the UK ... pay out far more in taxes than they receive in state benefits."
Nexus 9 Android image will seperate open source & proprietary file trees, making open source distros easier
I so wish I could use MarkDown on G+ and Facebook.
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