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holly #ravingfangirl
You're jelly of my cat shoes. Don't even try to pretend you're not.
You're jelly of my cat shoes. Don't even try to pretend you're not.
So you did get them! Very cute. - Corinne L
they make me happy. THANKS, T SWIZZLE! - holly #ravingfangirl
I need these, but in doggy style. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Sarah G.
Hehe. Yep. - SAM
Have you finished it yet? - sglassme
No but it's all smiley and I talk about. Think we'll finish when we go back to nwi - Sarah G.
Sarah G.
Just caught something in my oven on fire and I had to throw it out my kitchen door so I guess I've finally turned into a sitcom character.
At first glance I thought it said your OVEN caught on fire and you threw it out the door. And I was mega impressed and also a little frightened of you. - Hookuh Tinypants
The straw that broke auto-suggest's back. We've turned it off, we're so frustrated by it.
Yes! - Kirsten
I dunno, I know people who'd watch that movie. - RepoRat
i LOLed here and i had food in my mouth! there should be laugh warnings on these posts... - Marie
So is a penis labyrinth what the kids are calling a vagina these days? - Steve C Team Marina
A penis labyrinth is the pentagon #satire - Pete
you two are just full of beans today, aren't you? Edit: though you are also near the top of your game - MoTO: #TeamMarina
lololol - Rachel Walden
I suspected some of y'all would run with this one. - Kirsten
Somewhere someone is making a porn parody of Pan's Labyrinth with this title... - Pete
Rule 34, Pete - Aaron the Librarian
Do you have bX too? I'd hate to see what it would recommend... - Zamms
"I didn't mean it before, but I certainly mean it now!" - Steele Lawman
Wow. Our Did You Mean hasn't done anything near this interesting, to my knowledge: I'm a little sad. - Deborah Fitchett
This wins, like, everydamnthing. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, thank you! I really needed that ROTFL today!!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Only had one tiny jar of #nutella left. Thankfully I had the sense to replenish with a much larger jar.
Only had one tiny jar of #nutella left. Thankfully I had the sense to replenish with a much larger jar.
Merry, I had no idea you were so talented! - Laura
Me neither! I was thinking it was going to be crappy, and then I got kicked out of the children's program room when I was working, so I had to take a step back. It actually doesn't look terrible. I was actually only a few credits away from earning a BA in Studio Art in college (which I didn't find out until mid-junior year), but I had too much a full plate to be able to finish it. - Miriella
Stephen Francoeur
A long but essential read: Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014: The Business of Ed-Tech
A long but essential read: Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014: The Business of Ed-Tech
Poor Edmodo - Amit Patel
Marked to read. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
It just occurred to me that I could have BAGELS for breakfast tomorrow. BAGELS!!!!!
OMG do it do it! - Meg VMeg from Android
Bagels!! - Jenica from iPhone
So did you?!? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I did! And they weren't perfect, but they tasted perfect enough to me, so I had 3. :) - lris
Stephen Francoeur
One of the things I love the most about having an extensive network of friends on the computer is that from time to time I finally get to meet people in person after years of lively online interaction. Last night, I met up with up with John Dupuis. So what do two OA advocates do to cap off the night? Why, take selfies in front of Elsevier's NA...
NA? - Joe
Joe: I'm guessing what got cut off was Elsevier's North America offices. - bentley
Ah. - Joe
Thanks. I usually think not affiliated or not applicable, but these two didn't seem applicable in his instance. - Joe
Dang mobile browsers. Yes, meant to say NA (North American) offices. Until about three years ago, Library Journal had its offices in the same building. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
laura x
New computer! Step 1) Download Firefox. Step 2) Open PhotoBooth. Step 3) Post to FF. Hi, all!
Photo on 11-29-14 at 5.07 PM.jpg
Air? - Meg VMeg from Android
Yup. 13" with extra gigs. - laura x
*waves* 👋 - Julian
Your hair looks great. - Meg VMeg from Android
Hi Julian! And thanks, Meg! My stylist is a genius. Also I am experimenting with leave-in conditioner. - laura x
Hi Laurax! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Don't forget: 5) PROFIT! - imabonehead
The hair is stunning, kudos to your stylist and which leave-in conditioner? - Janet
Yes, love the hair!! - Mama Lawson
Pretty Laura is pretty. - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Hooray for a new computer!!! - maʀtha
Hi and congratulations on the new computer! - Galadriel C. from Android
Janet, it's some hippie stuff from the coop. Whatever was on sale. Sadly, the waves fell out when my hair dried. Oh well. My stylist is still a genius, though, 'cause it still looks good. - laura x
hair looks great! … what computer did you end up getting? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
13" MacBook Air with extra memory and stuff. - laura x
JELLUS! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
yay you!! nice hair AND a MacBook Air!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
*cuteness bump* - Marie
Still so cute! - Meg VMeg
incredibly so - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Meg VMeg
"A WAY THAT WE CAN *PROFIT* FROM THIS"?? Burn it to the ground.
Surely he could have phrased that better. - Meg VMeg
such a patronizing fucker. - jambina
I like it when he said he didn't want to bore people with details. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
holly #ravingfangirl
saw an ad for @LibrariansTNT on tv tonight and clapped like the world's biggest nerd. because i am the world's biggest nerd.
Stephen Francoeur
Let Univ. of Mich. School of Info. students conduct needs assessment & usability eval. of your website. #LibUX
laura x
Megan loves summer
This was good for a giggle.
Sometimes I can make a wild guess at what the autocorrect is doing. This... is not one of those times. - RepoRat
Susan? (did you add this to the tumblr) - Christina Pikas
Yup, submitted - Megan loves summer
Desperately Seeking... - RepoRat
I will get it posted later today! - laura x from iPhone
(I need to get Tumblr on my phone, aka my home computer) - laura x from iPhone
Which tumblr? - bentley
Sorry, I need to bump this RIGHT NOW. - Zamms
Thanks, Laura. I just giggled a lot. - bentley
Sarah G.
RT @unvirtuousabbey: For those who, in this moment, are thinking about giving up, we pray.
RT @unvirtuousabbey: For those who, in this moment, are thinking about giving up, we pray.
Sarah G.
Hells yes! My Lego pirate keychain is on its last legs, and they now have batgirl ones!!! (Batgirl was a librarian)
Hells yes! My Lego pirate keychain is on its last legs, and they now have batgirl ones!!! (Batgirl was a librarian)
Stephen Francoeur
Not my library, but MIT Libraries has usable search box w/ drop downs instead of tabs. #LibUX HT @deirdre_lyon
Not my library, but MIT Libraries has usable search box w/ drop downs instead of tabs. #LibUX HT @deirdre_lyon
For what it's worth, I helped design the search bar as sentence for the Conifer version of Evergreen: - copystar
Although it should have been, IMHO: Search [format] for [blank] by [modifier] in [system] - copystar
Stephen Francoeur
Not my library, but I like the search box @ Columbia U because it suggests search scopes as you type. #LibUX
Not my library, but I like the search box @ Columbia U because it suggests search scopes as you type. #LibUX
Sarah G.
Not only am I hosting 7 family members at my house for Thanksgiving, but I got us all matching t-shirts to wear to dinner. Yes.
Sigh. - sglassme
Mr. 13 has proclaimed that he is not wearing the shirt. - Sarah G.
It isn't a holiday if someone isn't upset. - sglassme
What's on the shirt? - Corinne L
What is really going to be fun is when Grandpa's OCD gets huffy at Mr 13 for not wearing his shirt. BTW, does the restaurant have a liquor license? - sglassme
Yes, it has a bar. I suggest pre-gaming, tho. - Sarah G.
Love the shirt. - Corinne L
I don't know what Mr. 13's problem is. - Sarah G.
I just showed P the shirt. I think he is very glad he is not coming up, too. - sglassme
Meg VMeg
Whenever people enthusiastically agree with me, I assume they're drunk.
Oh yes, absolutely. - bentley
beyond the slightest shadow of a hint of doubt. - Big Joe Silence
*tips glass* - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Omg I could die from the adorable thank you card. #StarWarsReads
Omg I could die from the adorable thank you card. #StarWarsReads
This week brought to you by Dropbox, Evernote, and my mobile devices. I've had only one hour in my office all week.
laura x
I just sent out a pitch and got to say, for the first time in such a document, "I have written for the NYT."
YOU FANCY - jambina from Android
Look at you! All grown up and credentialed and junk! ☺ - MoTO: #TeamMarina
:) - ellbeecee
holly #ravingfangirl
They wore cardigans on the Enterprise, right?
They wore cardigans on the Enterprise, right?
I'm sure the ship librarian did. - Steele Lawman
off camera they did. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
If starships are anything like airplanes, you need the extra layers. AMIRITEPEOPLE? - Zamms
Galadriel C.
For those of you who have or are implementing Alma - How have you migrated you e-journals Knowledge Base to Alma? We're going from SerialsSolutions to Alma. So far, there's a spreadsheet we could fill in line-by line of resources/titles/holdings, but we're really hopeful that some automated manner of migrating data is possible.
(liking so i can find responses again) - weelibrarian
Well that sounds awful. Keep us posted. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Much of the Alma migration utilizes such spreadsheets. Can you extract data from SS in the format you need? - Jen
We were on SFX, so didn't have to do that, but yeah, I'd try downloading the info from SS and going from there. - Kirsten
It seems like I had heard that SS can send you the data in a spreadsheet format that you can then send to Alma. - ~Courtney F
We can extract a spreadsheet out of SS, but because Alma and SS use different names for resources (e.g. "EBSCO Academic Search Premier" vs. "Academic Search Premier") it becomes much more complicated -- a very manual process that utterly baffles me as in how can this not be more automated? Ex Libris is saying we have to complete their spreadsheet and that they can't do anything with the SS spreadsheet. Courtney do you know/are you able to share more about Alma doing something w/ the SS spreadsheet? - Galadriel C. from Android
Hey Galadriel - have you been over to to the Alma FF room? Deborah I think migrated from SS and may have help for you. Migrating to Alma is not a very pleasant process. I hear that life on the other side is good though. - Jen
I can in fact tell you a heap about how we did this and what to avoid and what problems can't be avoided. Might get a bit longwinded for here, unless everyone else is interested too, but email me - deborah.fitchett at probably the best address for this one. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah - can you post to the Alma room? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Just the fact that there is an FF Alma room makes me feel a little better :-) Deborah, I will *definitely* be in touch!!! - Galadriel C.
(How does one get to the Alma room? I searched groups w/o luck.) - Galadriel C.
G- I sent you an invite - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Jaclyn, can do. - Deborah Fitchett
Got it; thank you! - Galadriel C. from Android
I would guess you would have the same problem going the opposite direction? That said I am told if you want to move to EDS they will accept SS or Sfx holdings exports. Not having done it before seems to good to be true. As you said we talking about different knowledge bases even with compatible formats they might not match packages so it might end up very manual. - aaron
Aaron, I'd say it's probably too good to be true, though I was told the same thing when they were trying to make the sale. My guess is that EBSCO just has their folks do the manual translation, which doesn't make me all that more comfortable with the process. - Holly's favorite Anna
Since EDS was mentioned I thought I’d respond to clarify some things. I am the VP of Discovery Strategy here at EBSCO. I am glad to see the interest in this topic – and Aaron is 100% correct. EBSCO does allow for automated leveraging of holdings information from SFX within EDS. The following was published in a library journal article some time ago, and should shed some light on this.... more... - Tamir Borensztajn
Catherine Pellegrino
Apparently pranksters got into the library last night and TP'ed the circ and reference desks:
At least they didn't do donuts on your nice carpet. - Stephen Francoeur
(FTR these were pranksters who happened to have swipe cards for the staff entrance and sub-master keys to the building, but whatever. :D ) - Catherine Pellegrino
Gee, that hardly narrows it down at all! - Kirsten
John Dupuis
If I may toot my own horn for a moment, I'm a bit over the moon about being invited to speak about the Canadian Government's War on Science at the York U Science & Technology Studies Seminar Series in October.
awesome, John!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
The page for the series is here: It's pretty serious stuff. - John Dupuis
woot and congrats!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
that is pretty cool - Steve C Team Marina
Thanks! Of course, the easy part of agreeing to do the talk. The hard part comes in October when I'm all, "Yikes, now I actually have to do the damn thing!" - John Dupuis
dude. you GOT this. - RepoRat
It's today! Wish me luck! - John Dupuis
Good luck!! - Hedgehog from Android
Good luck! - bentley
Great news John! - Elizabeth Brown
Rock it, John. - Joe
I repeat myself: dude. you GOT this. - RepoRat
Thanks everyone! It went pretty well, if I do say so myself. Slides here: - John Dupuis
Apparently I am both hilarious and sobering. Not a bad combination, really. - John Dupuis
"LOL! Whoa!" --> audience member, direct quote. - bentley
Deborah Fitchett
Today is apparently the day for "So when our documentation says 'The sky is blue' actually we meant 'Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!'"
Thanks, since all we have to do is think the phrase... we're all doomed now :) - Aaron the Librarian
Considering some of the cases I've been dealing with (and also the unrelated six meetings I have scheduled for today) that'd quite possibly be an improvement. - Deborah Fitchett
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