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woot!!! - Derrick
*dances and hugs everyone* - lris
Gratz! Trophy husband status achieved. :) - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Turn your head and cough? - Johnny from iPhone
Hey, I don't talk about our personal life in public, Johnny... oh wait, I saw what you did there... - Zamms
Does your wife know about this? - Steele Lawman
*rimshot* - Zamms
shut the front door! (tell her congrats) - Meg VMeg
I will! I will also shut the front door. - Zamms
GREAT NEWS!!!!... um, so i have this pain on my left side? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Yeah, and I've got this rash... - Melly
Were these ailments caused by the social networking between Broadway producers, directors, and writers? - Zamms
By "social networking" you mean what exactly? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
In the sociological sense, not the interwebs sense. - Zamms
Ducks and Runs are also #ThingsNOTtoDoOnYourHoneymoon - Zamms
One of our librarians brought in a giant tub of stuffed animals for end-of-the-block study relief with a big "Need a Study Buddy?" sign. And her favorite monkey puppet, which has been slung around both her and the ref desk monitor (alternating). Actual squeals of heartfelt delight have been heard. Some of them from hockey players.
There are stuffed animals dispersed throughout the building. I love this place. - Marianne
That's brilliant. We've been having fun with a bunch of donated stuffed animals (for teen craft this summer). Head of Circ arrived yesterday to find a Teddy Bears' Picnic Staff Meeting going on in her office. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
holly #ravingfangirl
chocolate: it's what's for breakfast. #grown
John Dupuis
RT @sc_k: Very April Fool's. RT @SLAClab: Wow. Just wow. RT @scicurious: We have a winner for best April Fools.
Yeah, I think that's a winner. - Betsy
very win. - RepoRat
amaze. - Christina Pikas
So winner. - Joe
Not so much an April Fool's joke as it is fantastic web presence. - Meg VMeg
wow so information *dies giggling* - Hedgehog
i'm doing this for our website redesign - weelibrarian
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone here actively using the U of Arizona's "Guide on the Side" tutorials software? Wondering about how good it is. Thought I'd heard of some problems folks were having with it.
I saw some folks from U of Arizona present at ALA Annual on it last year and I liked what I saw. Enough to consider sharing my then thoughts on it with library management for possible implementation at the library...and then I moved away to a new job. I'd have to go back and look at it, but I don't think I heard any negative comments. Would be interested in hearing both pro and cons. - Derrick
I wonder about accessibility for folks with vision impairments. How well does it work with screen readers? - maʀtha
Looks like there's been some progress on accessibility: - JffKrlsn
We do need to do accessibility testing, but really like the platform and have been creating, testing, and assessing all year. Students really like GoTS - it is really interactive. - Jen
We tried an html5/swf-based style tutorial (which has accessibility isses, too) but which did not allow for quite the same free-flowing options. for example: or (now that i've bragged on my colleague for putting these together...) I think I really like Guide on the Side, too. - Aaron the Librarian
You know what I like about it? Not have to update screen captures all the freaking time when interfaces change. - maʀtha
So, the more accessible version is the 1.0-beta3 release? I guess? - maʀtha
I host 2 of them now. It's a bit buggy, but it's pretty nice. (sysadminly speaking) - Blake
The main problem i have with guide on the side when testing is that our library homepages have links that *open in new windows* sigh. Not going to change that any time soon. - aaron
How many people here use LibGuides but refer to them as something else when communicating to students etc. Eg "Library guides", "Research guides" etc? We thinking of doing that.
As far as non-library folks are concerned, ours are either "research guides" or just "guides". - ~Courtney F
what do you put on your marketing materials? - aaron
We use library guides, but, honestly, it means nothing to the students - maʀtha
I wonder if research guides would be better? - maʀtha
The argument here against this is "research" sounds scary to Undergraduates. Personally I think this underestimates them, at least the ones here. - aaron
Research Guides for us. I like it in part because it helps me figure out what belongs there and what belongs on the website. - JffKrlsn from Android
Research guides here. - Joe
Research guides. - Meg VMeg
Research guides. We complicated it by having "subject research guides," "course research guides," and "general research guides," but yeah, no "libguides." - lris
Subject guides - Megan loves summer
Has anyone done user testing about this? - maʀtha
I did some card sorting and so on back in 2009. Was inconclusive. - aaron
Has anyone ever tried calling them "Assignment Guides"? - RepoRat
Collectively, we call them "Subject Resource Guides" but when people refer to individual guides they usually say a more precise type - course guide, subject guide, topic guide, assignment guide, etc. There are relatively few places we refer users to them in the collective because mostly we refer users to a specific one. - Lisa Hinchliffe
LibGuides is a brand that means something to librarians only. We've had research or course guides for much longer than Springshare has existed, and calling them by the brand name would mean nothing to users. - Holly's favorite Anna
^ what Anna said - ellbeecee
I surveyed more than 60 students, showing them what the pages looked like, asked them to pick which name fit best: research guides, subject guides, topic guides, or something else. Students overwhelmingly voted in favor of research guides. - Stephen Francoeur
We dropped subject/course/citation and just label them guides on the website. In classes, I often tell the students, "I made a guide for your class," or something. At other times, I point them to a specific research guide or give general advice to look for a subject guide. - kaijsa
the title on the website is "research and subject guides" --usually we use some variation of that. - Hedgehog
RR, if we used "assignment guides" here, student would expect it to include guides to any assignment they got in their classes. "Research" isn't perfect either (there are plenty of kinds of research that don't involve the library) but it's closer. - lris
gotcha, thanks. - RepoRat
Since "Discovery happens elsewhere", as Lorcan Dempsey so famously said, how do we make it easy for users who have discovered the perfect thing get it (or even find out if they CAN get it), even when getting it requires going through library authentication mechanisms that are on the opposite side of the internet from where they are.
of course, if this was easy, they wouldn't pay me so much *cough* - DJF
OPEN ACCESS, that's how. - RepoRat
Bookmarklet thing-y seems most likely to be helpful but getting it marketed and pushed out is of course challenge. We are not a shining example of getting this tool out to users... E.g., - Lisa Hinchliffe
RepoRat, yes, that is the answer moving forward. But that doesn't solve the problem for our licensed backfiles not for our ebook collections. - DJF from Android
Lisa, yes, we have an ezproxy bookmarklet that is also badly promoted. But that doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered. - DJF from Android
yeah, I know. best answer I got is "umlaut." - RepoRat
that ezproxy bookmarklet looks pretty sweet. we just moved to ezproxy this year and i didn't know about the bookmarklet. - Marie
i <3 libx ... but that's just me. - Christina Pikas
Bookmarklets are great except of course when you use multiple computers. - laura x
I think what we need to be thinking about is how we can work with our vendors so that when users randomly wind up their sites, they can log in directly somehow. JSTOR, for example, has thought of this, but I'm willing to bet money that if you did usability tests with students, they'd fail to figure out how to use JSTOR's system to see if their institution has access. But I think what... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I should have prefaced my comment by agreeing that users find a lot content by searching elsewhere online, often when they are not on our IP range and things can't magically appear to them in the way they do on campus. We can't start thinking about this problem soley as one of user education, marketing bookmarklets, etc. We have to think bigger. - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen, that's the dream of Shibboleth. Unfortunately, Shib is a huge complicated protocol that seems to require a lot of fiddling to configure correctly, if my local experience is anything to go by. - DJF
Yeah, that its complicated and requires a lot of fiddling is a shibboleth about Shibboleth from what I hear, too. I wonder if I should look into it more and decide if I should start advocating for it here at CUNY or just Baruch College where work. - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, limits to Bookmarklet. But, we should really at least promote what we have set up! Not a criticism of anyone but myself here. :) Putting this higher on my to-do list ... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I've been thinking about this because we've recently had a flurry of questions to MPOW's technical support email (which I oversee) about getting access to things where the person is including the link to the thing they want, so they obviously found it via Google (Scholar). - DJF from Android
Well Lisa, as you know promoting the proxy bookmarklet is one thing my place does right. But it's out of necessity, since we have to route all access via ezproxy even within campus and until recently we were not registered on Google Scholar library links. "Discovery happens elsewhere" is pretty old but I don't know about you guys, but my stats are showing, % of direct/referrer access to... more... - aaron
Another thing we have and don't promote enough is our locally developed "Journal and Articles Locator" - ... which also features a copy/paste my citation option - I'm not sure if we could add a function that would take a URL and try to parse the relevant data - I'll check with our developers... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, yes you guys have awesome stuff. Quite surprised you not promoting them. Still I wonder, perhaps our sessions end up focused on just "tools and tricks" rather than focusing on the real goals of IL. There is limited time after all, so something have to give. - aaron
Lots of ways to promote besides taking time in sessions. We suffer from being large - hard to have anything stand out, be consistent, etc. We're making good progress toward addressing this come fall tho so I have hope! - Lisa Hinchliffe
upthread, "But that [proxy bookmarklet] doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered" -- and this is why LibX is so great, right? linking from DOI, ISBN, etc., to your link resolver, which *always works and never fails* oh well... - JffKrlsn
I love libx. Except libx doesn't work in IE sigh.. That's why some librarians here dont want to promote it unlike the bookmarklet. And your remark on the link resolver is sarcasm of course. - aaron
I really like RR's solution. Simple and clean and no need to be affiliated with a dues-paying institution. - barbara fister
Went #geocaching tonight and all I found was this scratch off ticket & an engagement ring. <3
Went #geocaching tonight and all I found was this scratch off ticket & an engagement ring. <3
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??! - Melly
My boyfriend did this super sneaky thing in which he actually went tracking down the geocache before me. He stuck the scratch off ticket (I flipping LOVE scratch off tickets) in the geocache and I had no choice but to scratch it. When the words started to reveal, he got down on his knee (in the snow?!) and had the ring in his hand. And the rest is history. :) - Miriella
Oh. My. Gosh. CONGRATULATIONS! What an awesome proposal!! xoxoxoxoxox - Melly
<3 - Marie
so awesome!!! - Lnorigb
Congratulations. That's incredibly sweet of him. - Anika
How sweet! And exciting! - Anne Bouey
That's awesome! Congratulations! - vicster: full-bodied
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich
thank you thank you thank you! - Miriella
Well played, boyfriend... Well played *claps* - Johnny from iPhone
Congratuations! - Stephan Planken
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
Wow! That was an amazing way to do it! Congrats! - Monique Judge
Brilliant. Congratulations! - Jenny H. from Android
o_O congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and woooooooooooooottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Congratulations! - Betsy
How fantastic and congratulations! - Galadriel C.
thanks guys :-) - Miriella
also, congrats! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
What a lovely gesture - Mo Kargas
!!!!!!!!!! - Marissa
Congratulations! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Yay! Congrats! - LB hates stale candy! from Android
congrats!! - imabonehead
Mary Carmen
Scott and his Mini-Me.
Yes, she does have two dimples. She just always half smiles so you only see one. But when she really cracks up, you can see them both. - Mary Carmen
She is just so cute! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
When she's in your arms, I see how she's your Mini-Me, and when she's with Scott, I see how she's his Mini-Me. Babies are sneaky like that. :-) - Corinne L
Thanks to MC I have that photo sitting on my desk, helps me through the tough times at work. - Scott. Cat Herder.
<3 <3 <3 You guys!!!!!!!!!!! - Melly
I love that you can see her diva pic in the background. - Mary Carmen
Mini Me is ready to learn some awk, sed and openssl! - imabonehead
The geeks always notice the books. Always. Like librarians. - Scott. Cat Herder.
I was born a geek. Long live the geeks! :D - imabonehead
Holly's favorite Anna
#fitbit emailed me to say I'm among the top Fitbit users when it comes to upping my step count in 2014.
You go, girl. - Meg VMeg
Big thanks to Marie for talking me into getting one over a year ago! :) - Holly's favorite Anna
:D - Marie
laura x
I have a car to drive for as long as I need one. It's possible I may be able to plug my new dryer in as soon as tonight. My websites are back up (thank you, Blake!!!) and can get fixed up gradually. I don't care much about the dishwasher. And I even got 5 hours of sleep in a row last night. So things are looking up.
this makes me happy - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I'm glad to hear this! :) - Laura
Marco Werman signed my picture of him giving today's Convo talk. Squeeeee
Also #nprnerd - lris
Holly's favorite Anna
The staff are all in a meeting. They're going to have someone look for me soon, but it's probably gone gone gone. - Holly's favorite Anna
OMG! THEY FOUND IT! THEY FOUND IT! - Holly's favorite Anna
HOORAY! - ~Courtney F
huzzah! - kendrak
Glad it was found! - Katy S from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
I swear I spent half my time in philly sitting on high barstools, swinging my legs like a little kid. wtf Philly. get more normal chairs. :P
No! You get normal legs! - DJF from Android
make me, longlegs! - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
So you spent half your time in Philly sitting in bars? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I might have spent some time with her. - Derrick
Mary Carmen
Yup...definitely my kid.
Liking is not enough for this pic. :^) - Friar Will
Middle finger! - Marie
i lurve her - jambina
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
Meg VMeg
Howdy from Finland!
Whoa! Finland? - Julian
finland? o_O - Sir Shuping is just sir
Ooh, cool! Hi! - Jenny H. from Android
Tell them 'satana perkele' from me :) - Eivind
Yep, we're in Helsinki for another day, then taking the night train to Lapland, to stay in glass igloos, in hopes of seeing aurora borealis, then Helsinki again. If anyone has any specific Helsinki recommendations, I'm all ears. - Meg VMeg
I might be in love with Helsinki. - Meg VMeg
Right now, we're watching Law & Order: LA, which I didn't even know existed. - Meg VMeg
DO NOT TELL THEM SATANA PERKELE!!!!! (I'm no fun anymore.) - Zamms
Mostly we say, "Kiitos," or "Anteeksi!" - Meg VMeg
Today we went to an amazing cafe/bakery (related to Tintin?), then naked sauna/pool here: - Meg VMeg
"You simply have to try this public sauna. First of all, there is a wide selection of different kinds of saunas. Second, there is a swimming pool. Third, the ambience is straight from Cold war agent movies. Fourth, you can order food. And booze. And enjoy them whilst swapping illicit documents and spy photos." -- TripAdvisor comment - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Does Marimekko have a showroom in Helsinki? - Marie
There is a huge flagship Marimekko store, a normal-sized Marimekko store, a Marimekko stall in the amazing market, and a Marimekko outlet store. We went to only three of these in one day. Because we are slackers. - Meg VMeg
I am intrigued by the glass igloos - maʀtha
Holly's favorite Anna
Sir Shuping is just sir
Happiest of happy birthday wishes to the awesome Iris!
Happy happy! - Megan loves summer
Happy day! - ellbeecee
^^^ !!!!! - Julian
happy happy birthday Iris!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Enjoy your day Iris! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday Iris! - Rachel Walden
Soar, you pegasus! - RepoRat
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Flap your happy wings on this most wonderful of days like you have never flapped your wings before. Happy Birthday. - Joe
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
Happy Iris Birthday!! - Hedgehog
Thank you, all. :D - lris
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IRIS! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Happy birthday! - Steele Lawman
Many, many happy returns of the day, my friend! - Catherine Pellegrino
All the best to you, my wise and laser-eyed friend. - maʀtha
Happy birthday :-) - Pete
Happy birthday! - Jen
whee! happy birdies! - barbara fister
Happy birthday, Iris! - Betsy
You are all so kind. I'm so glad to know you. - lris
Happy Birthday Iris! <3 xxx - Melly
Happy birthday, Iris! - Anne Bouey from iPhone
Dog meets bird. Dog can no longer see or hear or smell anything other than OH WOW OH WOW BIRD.
so are you adopting a dog now? - Sir Shuping is just sir
So bird. Much wow. #ObligatoryDoge - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Julie Kane
I don't understand using umbrellas in snow? People, you're going to put someone's eye out. I've been repeatedly assaulted by umbrella tine today. It's snow. SNOW. Wear a hat.
Gotta learn to bob and weave around the umbrellas, especially the knuckleheads who use golf umbrellas in the city. - Stephen Francoeur
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Now that the boss has announced it, so can I: As of July 1, 2014, I'll be the newest member of the instruction and reference team at CSU Channel Islands!
Well, congratulations :) - Pete
California! - Derrick
CONGRATS! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Congratulations! - Galadriel C.
had to look up where that is. I take it for granted that it is beautiful there though ;) - Joe Hardy
Thanks, all! It's gorgeous :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Congratulations!!! - Hedgehog from Android
Californy, here I come, right back where I started, that's not quite right. Well, congrats all the same. - Stephen Francoeur
Congratulations - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Congratulations! - vicster: full-bodied
congrats! xxx - Melly
Congratulations! - Kevin Johnson
Congrats! - Katy S
Congrats! It's a very nice library -- I used to work quite close. Glad to see they filled that slot too, they've been looking for some excellent people. Looks like they found one :D - Soup in a TARDIS
Congrats! - Joe
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations! (tho very slightly miffed as thought you meant the Channel Islands ie Jersey, Guernsey which would have put you in our neck of the woods so to speak) - Heleninstitches
So happy for this wonderful news! - Janet from FFHound!
Congrats! - Rachel Walden
YAY I GET WARMAIDEN AND JED ON MY COAST!!!! :D OMG must start planning the shenanigans... - Hookuh Tinypants
Congratulations! - Betsy
Congratulations to Warm-aiden from chilly Minnesota. No, really, I'm not jealous. - barbara fister
congratulations! - YvonneM
congrats!! - imabonehead
Congratulations! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Cool. Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
Oh yay! Another CSU-er! I may get to see you at systemwide events! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich
Many thanks for all of the good wishes :) I've missed instruction terribly, and while I've had wonderful opportunities to test my hand on the management side, my passion is for working directly with the students and faculty. And huge ups to Jed, who is willing to go on this adventure with me :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Congtats - Monique Judge
Congrats!! - Chris Topher
Awesome news! Congrats! - Jen
Congratulations and best wishes for the new job! - kaijsa
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Thank you! I'm doubly excited that in January I'll return to reference & instruction here at UTC until the summer. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Congrats! Lots of great places to visit near Camarillo - and there's an excellent outlet mall there. - Corinne L
Yayyyy! Can't wait! Congrats! (Looks to be about an hour or so from here - maybe a touch more.) - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Very proud of my lady. :) - Jed from iPhone
Wonderful! Congrats! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Sarah G.
Oh man, I may need to make a counted cross stitch sampler with "Feelings taste like carbohydrates" written on it.
Actually, last night they specifically tasted like dark chocolate goji raspberry candy. - sglassme
Is that a Trader Joe product? - Sarah G.
No Brookside In the candy aisle of your local grocery store. Kroger only carries small bags, but at SETAC someone had a bag that was the size of a potato chip bag. Too dangerous to have at home. - sglassme
Let's just say I had my dose of antioxidants last night. - sglassme
If we were staying in a hotel room, would I turn on the light at 3am and catch you eating them? - Sarah G.
Err, no comment (nom-nom-nom) - sglassme
Hats off to our own jambina for shepherding this through publication! (Graham Steel also puts in an appearance, and your humble servant serves as cleanup hitter.)
wherein Dorothea recommends we all become wasps :) WELL DONE - Hedgehog from Android
sting 'em all, devil take the hindmost - RepoRat
It rubs me wrong when people say that "Librarians will never go for that," or "Librarians are afraid of change." Maybe YOUR librarians are, but you are not the universe.
Most of the librarians I know don't resemble the librarians I hear the Big Names talking about. - lris
For me, it's a matter of context. Is someone saying it out of hope/vision, or out of cynicism/derision. Fine line, of course. I try not to say things like that unless it's with people I know well enough, that I think they get that I am truly hopeful and momentarily despairing. - Meg VMeg
I sincerely hope that librarians will never go for crass generalizations like "Librarians will never go for that," or "Librarians are afraid of change." - Aaron the Librarian
I dunno. There's a deep undercurrent of derision fairly frequently, even among some LSW members. Sometimes it makes me feel like I should just stop trying. - lris
I don't go for everything, and I don't like change for its own sake. But I don't know very many librarians who are as utterly tradition-bound as lots of people make out. - lris
"make out" - Aaron the Librarian
Also, I'm with you on all of the above - the best of us are skeptical but encouraging of exploring new stuff - Aaron the Librarian
Iris, I think those of us who have chosen to connect in this forum and other LSW-type places are of a kind that are more inquisitive and experimental. My current workplace is (for the most part) like that, too. However, my previous workplace was the epitome of complacency and defeat, so I get where that generalization can come from. - Holly's favorite Anna
I've seen this dynamic in play, oddlt from people who may think they are quite innovative. And maybe they are in some areas, but not others - maʀtha
Most of the libraries I've worked in don't resemble the libraries I hear the Big Names talking about. - Larry Schwartz
You don't stop trying but you know there will be people resisting even if it's obvious thing to do. Sometimes saying it is a way to protect yourself from disappointment. Other times reverse psychology. *after presenting a kickass analysis of why we need to do something* then say, "well, it's going to be very hard to convince staff here to do this due to radical changes" - more often than not I get contradicted..- "It's worth doing, we will get it done somehow". - aaron
Mary Carmen
Hello from the land of the 4am feeding followed by deep sleeping on Mommy's chest.
Photo on 12-5-13 at 5.47 AM #2.jpg
OH HAI BABBY - Glen Campbell
*peeks in* Awhhhhhh!! - Heleninstitches
Morning, folks. - Mary Carmen
*waves* - Kirsten
Good morning, Mary. Hopefully you were able to close your eyes for a few minutes. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Good morning. Yes, I slept from 11pm-3am, so I'm good. My parents are here for a visit so I am hoping to get a nap in today. - Mary Carmen
*tiptoes by and waves* :) - LoisMarketing
I've definitely got a stomach sleeper here. Too bad I can't put her in the bassinet this way. - Mary Carmen
*whispers* o hai, mc and mariella. :) - Steven Perez
you're trying to kill my grouch aren't you? thanks for sharing this. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
No grouchiness! - Mary Carmen
Precious!!! - Yvonne from FFHound! look great!! - furrworld
you are a natural. - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
Thanks :-) - Mary Carmen
A lovely shot. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
i miss having the baby or toddler versions of our kids asleep on my shoulder or chest. - Big Joe Silence
Bubba wants babby Skype. :) - LB's Bubba. The other 1
Enjoy these moments - Doug was just telling us that Lily has the new game of finding whatever in the room is most likely to kill her and running full speed to play with it. He feels his role as Dad these days is just to keep her alive in spite of her own curious nature. When M is doing this to you, you will fondly remember these quiet, non-mobile moments... - WebGoddess
Sarah G.
RT @simonpegg: Here's me as a Lego minifig reading a book about Lego minifigs in a Lego bookshop. This happened.
RT @simonpegg: Here's me as a Lego minifig reading a book about Lego minifigs in a Lego bookshop. This happened.
Joe Halovanic posted this on Facebook - sglassme
kristin buxton
Anyone have a good academic library hours page you like? I'm trying to come up with example as we redesign ours. Complications: multiple branches with different hours, different hours for different audiences, different hours school year vs summer and want to show more than just today's hours
this is ours: we went with gcal, because like you we had different school vs summer hours, and have different departments that we needed to showcase. it works well and is easy to update. there's also a way to display the hours in a widget like on our home page: using gcal's api - Sir Shuping is just sir
MfPOW custom coded something, though it doesn't have the 'different hours for different audiences' complication: - Deborah Fitchett
Ours pulls from a 365-day spreadsheet with all our locations and units. The web designer has the main library's "today's hours" show up on the website header, but it links to the main calendar page. - kaijsa
Does different hours for different audiences correlate to reference desk or special collections hours vs hours for the same building? We break those out. - kaijsa
We don't even mention reference hours at this point. The different hours for different audiences refers to being open one set of hours for anyone, a bit longer if you have some connection to MPOW and 24 hours in one building if you're a current student, faculty or staff member - kristin buxton
It would work the same way, calendar-wise, though. Unless I'm missing something, you could just label the calendars with extended hours accordingly? - kaijsa
This is ours. We have multiple locations with different hours, too. We also have a linked PDF with all of the exceptions for holidays and intersession. - Holly's favorite Anna
There was just a long discussion about this on code4lib - Christina Pikas from iPhone
i guess my comment didn't come through? there's a long discussion about this on code4lib from earlier this week with some examples. my parent institutions' is pretty - Christina Pikas
yes yes yes! We love ours (tho' the back end was a challenge, I think): - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've set up a "today's hours" feature with LibCal on our homepage and am in the process of probably migrating all our gCals into LibCal. gCal is nice and easy, but LibCal should allow several currently unavailable options for calendaring display variants - Aaron the Librarian
I'll pretty much "like" every post for the next few hours out of sheer relief.
That's my plan. :) - Steven Perez
I'm down with this - Iain Baker
yepyep - ellbeecee
Yep! - Galadriel C. from Android
Meg VMeg
WAI. - Steven Perez
ALL DA WAI - Johnny from iPhone
(not kidding, DM me if you don't want to post publicly) - Meg VMeg
yeah, and he owes beers to someone at FB? I will ask for a Paypal. - Meg VMeg
I'll make sure he has some beers on us. Oh, and BTW - he's not just on FB, he's here on ff too, so he knows exactly what this place is all about. - Iain Baker
Thank you thank you thank you thank you. - Meg VMeg
What she said. - lris
Iain, if you are in NYC anytime in the next year, there's a jar of homemade apple butter (that probably won't blind or paralyze you) with your name on it. - Meg VMeg
Well, if we do that tour we've been planning for YEARS, then that's a deal. - Iain Baker
Done *nods* - Meg VMeg
Iain, you and your contact rock. No one is ever in Iowa, but if you are by chance someday, I am buying all the drinks. - laura x from BuddyFeed
Iain, THANK YOU!! - Laura
IAIN! \m/ *weeps* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
"Probably" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
Iian - thanks so much! - Galadriel C. from Android
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