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You ask people not to fall through your ceiling and what do they do? Fall through your ceiling anyway.…
You ask people not to fall through your ceiling and what do they do? Fall through your ceiling anyway.…
*waits for ceiling cat to appear* - DJF
omg! - Miriella
holy crap people are lucky they aren't all broken in that second one. - Miriella
Somehow this guy managed to fall in between where Chris was sitting and the coffee table, so nothing got smashed underneath. - Miriella
That's lucky. Geez, what a pain. - Steele Lawman
Stephen Francoeur
Seen at Seventh Avenue and 27th Street (in front of the Fashion Institute of Technology).
laura x
laura x
My book is in 100 libraries.
That is a great accomplishment! - Steve C Team Marina
I do find the wording of this URL interesting... - Joe
this book contains 'unexpected Laura Crossett' ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
Checked out 7 times here! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
No one expects Laura Crossett, surprise is her greatest weapon. - Blake
I know at least one library that has it that is not in worldcat. - Katy S from iPhone
*wonders who will play him in movie version* what? it could happen ... FF could be a kind of pseudo Greek Chorus - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Katy, yup, my library has it and isn't in Worldcat. I assume there are others. - laura x from iPhone
So I think you could safely say "my book is in 100 PLUS libraries." - Regular Amanda
...and no MINUS libraries! - Aaron the Librarian
And it's on my kindle. I checked Wyldcat to verify that only 4 WY libraries have it, and it's true. BAD FORM, Wyoming librarians. - kaijsa
Meg VMeg
Sometimes the rage is the only thing that keeps you going.
I thought it was coffee. - Steele Lawman
A pot of Ragewell House. - Spidra Webster
Against the machine, all rage is possible. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
laura x
"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen."
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
"You've just described every great success story." - laura x from iPhone
"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that." (I had to look this up, of course.) - Steele Lawman
"The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don't be a guy." - Corinne L
At Citibank we will meet accidentally We'll start to talk when she borrows my pen - Joe
"Choice, man. We're here by choice." - laura x from iPhone
"Joe lies." - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at like the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers with no women anywhere? - Jen
One of my favorite movies. How did you get Diane Court to go out with you? I asked her. Wow. Nice. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
"I love you. How many more times do I have to say it?" "Once more would be nice." - laura x
Shannon - GlassMistress
I dropped the canapé knife this morning and broke the bead .. grrrr! But I think they are a go, you? - Shannon - GlassMistress
Yes. - bentley
Oh my gosh, YES, YES, YES!! - Marina's Godmother :-)
Something like these would be cute: - Lauren Potts
Yes! - Jenica
Superb! - Stephen Mack
Jason P
I have a TATTOO DAAAAY scheduled
Whatcha gettin? - Kristin
Likely working on my Halloween sleeve. - Jason P
\m/ - Kristin
*jealous* - Soup in a TARDIS
laura x
Meet Galahad. Also, bonus new car selfie.
Also, I got the No. 22 with sweet potato fries from here for lunch: - laura x
Should I call it sir? - Joe
I love the color - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
She's cute, and the car is nice, too. - Glen Campbell
Nice! - lris
nice! - ellbeecee from Android
Most excellent! - Galadriel C. from Android
WHAT CAR? (also, cute Lawra is cute) - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
2014 Subaru Impreza, base model. (It has Bluetooth but no cruise control--wtf?) - laura x from iPhone
Suhweet! - Stephen Francoeur
Is it time to take it drifting and rally racing yet? :) - imabonehead
#toddlerx is disappointed that it is not black. In that case, however, I'd have to name it Mordred. - laura x
#toddlerx is apparently metal as fuck. (or totally goth) - DJF
I love my base impreza - 2008 model does have cruise control. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Welcome to Club Impreza! I love mine (not only because I bought it online, and it was damaged coming off the truck so they upgraded me a Sport version available in the lot the day I showed up to get it!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I always wanted an Impreza. I've test driven them. - Eric - ill subliminal
just about every car I've owned has been black. Malcolm and I are simpatico - MoTO: #TeamMarina
If our users don't migrate away from RefWorks after seeing this login screen, I have NO sympathy for them at all.
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.54.05.png
Pret' good warnng, there. - barbara fister
does the seconds box visibly decrement? - RepoRat
Yup. It's generated by javascript, so it's a live countdown to next august. - DJF from Android
When I sent a mass email out to the local RefWorks users (everybody who's logged in in the past year), I got a complaint from one grad student that we didn't give her enough notice. - DJF
She can keep her account, no? Or does that only happen if you graduate from a school that currently subscribes. Or did they drop that "it's yours forever" thing? - barbara fister
alumni from schools that currently subscribe... but I don't know how tough RefWorks is going to be on people. - Christina Pikas
Can you get the Mission Impossible music to autoplay.... kidding! #sorrynotsorry - John Dupuis
It's "forever, as long as the school subscribes" - DJF from Android
I need to show this to folk at MPOW -- I think we're a couple three years away from crossing this bridge but it's coming. - Heather
It really does take a year, because you need to start the school year with the librarians talking about "not RefWorks", and give lots of time so that people can pick a good time to transition their writing from one system to another, including folks who are writing books or dissertations. - DJF from Android
What are you offering instead of RefWorks? - Holly's favorite Anna
Wait, what? They gave an official date? - Meg VMeg
Oh, you are canceling it, it's not a switch to Flow. - Meg VMeg
I cannot tell you how much I love this. - Mari
Stephen Francoeur
Trying to figure out why such huge discrepancies between our Summon instance (only searches for articles and has no records from our catalog) and our soon to be live Primo instance (searches for articles and includes all records from the union catalog for CUNY). A simple search for "history" in Summon yields 33,947,198 records. The same search...
in Primo yields only 5,679,243 records. Assuming that we've activated all the same article databases in Primo as we have in Summon, does anyone know for a fact about real differences between the way Summon and Primo run searches? Does Summon perhaps default to full text searches, while Primo doesn't? Does Summon's index have records at the article/entry level for dictionaries and encyclopedias in places like Credo and Gale Virtual Reference Library while Primo is only at the book title level? Something else? - Stephen Francoeur
Summon does full text searches for the content that it has the full text of. This includes searching the Hathi Trust collection for the books you have in your catalogue, even if you only have the print and don't have access to the Hathi Trust collection. - DJF from Android
Interesting. Didn't know that. We don't have any catalog records in our Summon instance, though. so there must be something else going on. - Stephen Francoeur
Oh, an idea. Maybe I need to go into the Summon admin module and turn off the citation-only records in Summon and see if that makes for more comparable searches. - Stephen Francoeur
Hmm. That didn't do anything. Maybe I have to wait until tomorrow to see if the citation-only records are now gone. But even if they were, we're still talking about orders of magnitude differences in Summon vs. Primo. - Stephen Francoeur
And why is it that in Primo you get slightly more search results when you're signed in? What exactly is being hidden from you when you aren't signed in and run searches? - Stephen Francoeur
I suspect that some of the companies that share records with Ex Libris put in their license a restriction that the records are only visible to authenticated users. Does that sound like a reasonable assumption? - Stephen Francoeur
I think that's true. In the activation wizard there are resources that are restricted for search and restricted for delivery. - Zamms
(liking so I can come back and consider this) - weelibrarian
Seems like Summon does a better job than Primo of offering equivalent records for items indexed in various EBSCO databases. So if your institution is heavily reliant on EBSCO subscriptions, maybe Summon is the better service (or EBSCO EDS). - Stephen Francoeur
I had so many questions like this about Primo that MFPOW and I were put under a gag order. And we didn't get Primo. #6YearsAgo - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Are you on the Primo listserv? The discussions of the past week are not even being able to reconcile results comparing Primo to Primo. But, I can answer the "what are they hiding" - or at least say that I recall it is some EBSCO content you get logged in that you don't get logged out. (Let's hope I'm remembering that right!) - Lisa Hinchliffe
TO me the quest8ion is "waht do you want your discovery service to do?" Personally, I want my discovery layer to INDEX ALL THE THINGS and RETURN ALL THE HITS... whether the user is signed in or not. Once the user selects a result and wants the fll text, then the authentication check happens (and the user logs in if not already logged in). none of this "well it's indexed but you can't... more... - Aaron the Librarian
Lisa, I am on the Primo mailing list and was just now searching the archives. I found someone mentioning that Web of Science records are only visible if you've signed in. I haven't found any other specifics yet. I've been on the Ex Libris site, but they seem to have a lot of documentation hidden away in a place that only folks with support logins can get to. Aaron, I must say that I... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I'll add to Aaron's list - I want ALL THE RECORDS FOR THE SAME ITEM TO CONVERGE INTO ONE. Which was/is also a WoS issue with Primo (I don't know was/is since we no longer have Primo). - Lisa Hinchliffe
to make that vision work, we need a) open metadata, and b) unique identifiers for all the things (so we're not trying to dedupe via metadata fields, which is slow and error-prone). the former is... mostly feasible? given that most publishers at least put TOCs online? the latter would be easier if DOIs weren't expensive and red-tape-laden, or if they didn't have such an Aura of Holiness that publishers don't look at (cheaper, open) ARKs and PURLs. - RepoRat
Yes, but ultimately we need vendor-to-vendor agreements that let the products USE SAID INFORMATION FOR THE BENEFIT OF USERS. Oh, was I shouting? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Open metadata means f*** the vendors. *g* - RepoRat
That only works if the metadata includes the fulltext. Otherwise can still limit de-duping by contract in order to allow discovery vendor access to fulltext for search and ranking. - Lisa Hinchliffe
'Nother good argument for OA as well. *g* - RepoRat
I'd consider it a win if we could at least get open metadata. Here's a relevant post from last year that delves into these issues: - Stephen Francoeur
Hmm Primo sounds like Summon then with regards to WOS showing? EDS will show that a "highly revelant" record exists but only if you login then you can see the details. My understanding is Summon is a big fan of the dedupe and combine all things into a super record approach. But other discovery services and more importantly A&Is, don't like the idea because the super combined record approach means it's difficult for them or users to realise the contribution the A&I records adds to the process. Sigh. - aaron
off to see a realtor about a house...
PICS! - Meg VMeg
It's cute! - Meg VMeg
Nice! - bentley
Watch, now somebody else will out-bid me, just when I finally made up my mind - lris
nope they won't. you'll get it. also i've not done homerepair before, but watched a lot of rehab addict and i'll help operate sanders or something :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
You're going to have to hire somebody to do lawn care. And regrade the side of the house around that window well. - DJF from Android
Yep, and yep. - lris
Exciting!!! - Marie
Wow! The airlock is great and the bathroom looks like it was just redone. I also like that the kitchen cabinets have simple, flat doors as I was just noticing how much gunk collects in the grooves of mine. - Galadriel C. from Android
So explain to me the whole airlock thing? I've never seen one before. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
^ - Marie
Love the grain on the built-ins in the bedroom. If you get re-landscaped, you can save on hiring someone to do mowing, etc. (Owen Dell showed slides of a landscape he designed for a guy who wanted to do absolutely NO maintenance. He had pictures from years later and the guy really had done no maintenance and it looked terrific. Good luck! - Spidra Webster
And which room have you chosen as the yarn room? - Hedgehog
Oh, that's cute! Love the built-ins, and that enclosed front porch (totally giggling over "airlock") will be very, very nice in winter. - Kirsten
In my world, airlocks are mudrooms, if that's a word you know -- they give you a space in which you gear up and gear down for the outside weather, without bringing said weather into your foyer/house. So you go out into the airlock/mudroom to put on your boots and snowpants and coat and mittens and hat and scarf, all of which can then, later, be taken off there, and dry, before you open the door into your house. When it's -20F outside, and you're covered in snow, this is AWESOME. - Jenica
It is the bane of our existence that our house here has no mudroom/entryway/airlock (this is new to me as a term-always used mudroom) of any sort. Not even a hall closet. Yes, it's Virginia but yes, we have weather and clothes. Stupid, stupid builders. - Julie Kane
Huh, in my South Dakotan side of the family, a mud room includes a shower, because they're farmer stock and they come in from the hog farm or the fields and need a shower before entering the house proper. - lris
Justin and I dream of a house with a workshop for him that connects to the house via a mudroom with the laundry and a shower in it... Work with nasty chemicals and metal filings and sawdust, then drop all your dirty clothes and take a shower before coming into the house proper. PERFECTION. - Jenica
The house I grew up in had a breezeway that attached the garage to the house. The first room after that was a hallway that had, on one end, a full bath, and then the laundry area. We definitely used that area to divest ourselves of filthy barn clothes, coveralls, etc. Horse muck did not belong in the house. - Katy S
Oooooo. All of those things sound amazing. Our long-term plan is to expand and cover/enclose our deck, add a mudroom there, and an open deck off of our bedroom. And finish the basement, with bathroom. Sigh. Someday. - Julie Kane
Oddly, out here, laundry rooms are sometimes called mudrooms--e.g., ours is between our "breakfast nook" and garage. I like the airlock idea for climates where it's more frequently needed... - Walt Crawford
Creeping charley is very good at holding soil down. I'm all for it. - maʀtha
I like the closets and cabinets very much - maʀtha
so much wood! i see lots of potential in the sun room. it's cute! - kendrak
you're gonna love that screen porch!! it's also cat heaven!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've read through this three times trying to find your post that your offer was accepted. Well? (The house is really, really nice, so I hope that it was.) - Mama Lawson
I don't know yet if the offer was accepted, and the realtor expects we won't know until early next week. The suspense is killing me. - lris
Happiest Birthday to DJF! May your day begin with a good cup of coffee and get better from there
Happy birthday! - RepoRat
Happy Birthday David! - Hedgehog from Android
Maybe Merry and Pippin will bake you a cake - maʀtha from Android
Happy birthday! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy birthday!!!!! - lris
Happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
Happy bday. - Joe
Jason P
There's yer cat photo, Pellegrino. Quit complaining
<3 - RepoRat
Calvin looks happy to have a friend. - RepoRat
d'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW - Catherine Pellegrino
That really is too cute a pic. - Kirsten from Android
So cuddly! - Katy S
(also I totally did log in to The Evil Empire JUST TO SEE THAT PIC so there, Puckett.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Cuddly kitties are the best thing ever. - laura x from iPhone
We all miss Mina, but Leon is a charming little bugger in his own right. - Jason P
Awww, I thought you named your cat Pellegrino. - Kristin
Maybe the next one. - Jason P
Stephen Francoeur
Love the thinking behind these posters that @rdlankes is proposing: Question ____ @ your library. #critlib
Love the thinking behind these posters that @rdlankes is proposing: Question ____ @ your library. #critlib
Stephen Francoeur
The big list of "Did you mean?" messages you wish you could program in your library's catalog, discovery service, site search, or article databases:
Like, "You probably didn't mean..."? - Meg VMeg
Did you mean to search for something as banal as that? - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"American history?" Srsly? - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"Harvard Business School Case Study"? let me tell you about those asses. - ellbeecee from Android
"This is not a phone directory." - Zamms
"Stress in the workplace?" Just try managing this library's electronic resources. I'll tell you all about stress in the workplace. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"Library hours? WRONG SEARCH BOX, braintrust." - RepoRat
WTF? Maybe you should see someone real, and not just try to figure it out yourself. - Christina Pikas
What you're asking for is physically impossible, despite what any vendor may have told you - Christina Pikas
"Rent a book from the library?" We're not that desperate for cash...yet. - Stephen Francoeur
I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. - Catherine Pellegrino
"um, ouch?" - Christina Pikas
"Bio 532? Yeah, your professor's stuck in 1983. Go to the desk for the assignment cheat codes, 'k?" - RepoRat
"'Messianic claimants'? Go talk to a librarian; we've been fielding this assignment every semester for YEARS." - Catherine Pellegrino
Did you mean "United States relations Nigeria" instead of "Dear blessed sir, I would like to find out more about the relationship the United States has had with Nigeria over the years. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. THE LORD BE WITH YOU!" - Zamms
"controversial topic" Did you mean "gun control" "assault weapons" "open carry" "same sex marriage" "health care" "minimum wage increase" abortion - ellbeecee
write down the call number of that reserve book, because we take the unusual position of shelving our books by call number, not by class nmber - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"What am I, spellcheck?" - YvonneM
Jason P
Welcome to the family, Leon.
2014-09-13 11.19.07.jpg
2014-09-13 14.08.39.jpg
2014-09-13 14.22.05.jpg
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awwwww! hi sweetie! - RepoRat
He's about nine weeks old and early signs indicate that he and Calvin may get on famously. - Jason P
Marley couldn't give a shit. He strode in and stole part of her dinner and she didn't even look up at him. She's seen 'em come and go. - Jason P
He's adorable - such unique coloring! - Laura
What a cutie! - Galadriel C. from Android
Cute, but he looks like he may be an advance scout for the Alien Cat Invasion. Something about the eyes ... - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Odds are good he'll darken up a bit as he grows, which will make his coloring even more striking. - RepoRat
EARS. omg the ears! - Catherine Pellegrino
I love the super black nose - Hedgehog
and toe beans! - RepoRat
I LOVE HIM. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
We're gonna need this many pictures every day. You know that, right? - RepoRat
He and Calvin are becoming buddies. It's amazing to watch. - Jason P
Is he a Maine Coon? Cause he has a big M on his little forehead. And he will be a substantial cat. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
He could have some MC blood, Maurice. (He's a shelter mutt, so who knows.) We're going on the theory that he might be a Siamese/tabby mix, given his points and the stripes on his face, and the blue in his eyes, but he definitely doesn't have the Siamese voice. I think he may be a big guy too. He eats like a horse. - Jason P
Siamese tabby all the way. He looks just like my friend Sarah's cat did, as a kitten, and we know she was a S/T mix. He also has that slight cross-eyed look that siamese cats get. Miles has it, too. ;) - Jenica
oh em gee the cute! cannot stand! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
He's very outgoing but still often shy about being petted or picked up. Yesterday I caught him napping, picked him up to cuddle him, and he went "eeeeeeEEEEeeee hey this is okay PURRRRRRRRRRR", so I have high hopes that he's going to end up being very sociable. He follows Calvin around the house wanting to play now, and Cal seems to like it. - Jason P
It takes a few days before they get over OMG UNFAMILIAR PLACE. He's gonna be just fine. - RepoRat
Oh, totally. He was in "high-speed exploring mode" almost immediately. No fear. - Jason P
ADORABLE - Mary Carmen
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @erinrwhite: Librarian up (verb): to do your damn research and use that information as a force for good. Not exclusively reserved for librarians, btw.
Sarah G.
Seriously, you guys....stop making infinite scroll webpages.
Especially when the contact information is only at the bottom of the page. This happened once. I would see it for just a second and *poof* it was gone in the scroll. - bentley
Betsy - I remember Facebook being like that for a long time. There were links that only appeared in the footer, and you could never get to them because of the infinite scroll. Those were times when I was actually thankful to have a slow connection. Not sure if Facebook is still that way or not (I haven't needed to use those links for a few years). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I call that "Sisyphean scroll". - Deborah Fitchett
Couple years ago a client hired a PR person who insisted contact info had to go in the footer - that it wasn't good enough to have it in the header or at the top of the right-hand sidebar. Infinite scroll mean's I'm right. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Deborah++ for "Sisyphean scroll". - Andrew C (✔)
Whosoever scrolls to the ende of thys page is rightful kinge of Britain. - Andrew C (✔)
I always got around that by opening an individual item page in a new tab, which only has 1 piece of content, therefore nothing to infinitely scroll. Page stops at the footer. ;) - April Russo
Meg VMeg
Leftover yellow dal, over rice, topped with 2 poached eggs.
Meg VMeg
Today I got to show how bad an expensive thing's search algorithm/logic was, to the person who made the thing, in front of people much more important than I am.
I felt bad, but what could I do? Socialization is a bitch. - Meg VMeg
Usually I only get to demonstrate how bad things are to vendor reps at conferences. They're always terribly distraught but so far it's never really helped anything. - Deborah Fitchett
Awesome. - laura x from iPhone
You're a good egg, Meg. - Stephen Francoeur
it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. - RepoRat
If the person is interested in building a good Thing, you did him/her a huge favor. - barbara fister
Holly's favorite Anna
Meg VMeg
My ideal day these days: Wake up at 8. Poke around on internet & drink iced coffee. Go running. Poke around on internet while eating large arugula salad and drinking seltzer. Work on interesting research project (without concrete deadline) while random shows/movies are playing on tv....
Drink beer while continuing to work on interesting research project, poking around on internet, and chatting with BFFs while random shows/movies are playing on tv. Order in amazingly cheap and delicious food and chat with BFFs. Drink beer while continuing to work on interesting research project and poking around on internet (again). Bedtime at 11. - Meg VMeg
that is my ideal day too. only replace running with swimming. - jambina
Living the dream. - Steele Lawman
Yeah, and today there are lots of action movies on, all featuring Denzel Washington, so it's kind of like there's one really, really long Denzel Washington action movie playing in the background, which continuity is surprisingly soothing. - Meg VMeg
If left to my own devices I could totally go to bed at probably like 9:30-10 and wake up at 6 or 7. I would dig running, too, and the weather for running would always be like 55-60 and slightly overcast but no humidity at all. - Christina Pikas
Sounds awesome. I too would replace the running with swimming, and the beer with wine. - Corinne L
holly #ravingfangirl
i saw meg's doppelgänger at my starbucks this morning. and then i was sad because it wasn't meg.
Aw. - Meg VMeg
I knew she was an imposter because she didn't have megface. FALSE MEG. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
People with pleasant facial expressions are so irritating. - Meg VMeg
they can't be trusted. - holly #ravingfangirl
laura x
Does anyone have a link to that comic strip about downloading a book from Overdrive that ends with the guy just pirating it because it's so much easier?
YES. Thank you. - laura x
sure thing - RepoRat
Catherine Pellegrino
I am so totally bookmarking this for the next time a student says in class, "but if it's from a .edu address it's okay!" - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
Aw, damn. The animated gifs (old-school style) didn't come through. - Catherine Pellegrino
omg. 1995 threw up all over this professor's website. - Steele Lawman that comic sans on her research articles page? - Sir Shuping is just sir
*twitches and curls up in a corner, under a blanket* - Laura
Shuping: Yes. Yes, it is. Steele: "1997 called, and it said you could keep its web design; it doesn't need it back." - Catherine Pellegrino
...I think I'm more horrified by that than the 1997 design. and the fact that apparently she added the visitor counter in 2007. when means that she probably picked up "building your first webpage" 2000 & "internet for dummies: after dark" 1993. and that this is in the code: <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/4.5 [en] (Win98; I) [Netscape]"> & Code for IE 4+ i'm more horrified by the design than the font. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Well, I don't know about her library, but our library didn't weed "building your first webpage" 2000 and "Internet for Dummies: After Dark" 1993 until well after 2007, so one can hardly blame her. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
yeah, that's actually about when we weeded ours as well :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Visitor counters are so adorable. It must have been so exciting to see the numbers go up! - Megan loves summer
The little running man is kinda cute. But UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH for everything else. - Joe
laura x
Dear God, please send reinforcements. Or patience. Or an early bedtime.
Hang in there, Laura! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Funny. I'm thinking the same thing, but mine is 19 years old. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
How about a glass of wine? - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Thanks, all. Yvonne, I'll take that too. Though to be fair I did already have one. One hour to go.... - laura x from iPhone
Did you make it? Are you alive? - Joe
Holly's favorite Anna
My hair, before the humidity poofs and flips it.
My hair, before the humidity poofs and flips it.
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