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Release a statement that funding libraries and museums is a core federal responsibility.
I'm listening to Blackbird by Beatles on Coffee House via @siriusxm Perhaps my favorite Beatles tune
I'm listening to Escape by Jack Johnson on Coffee House via @siriusxm Yes, that's right, the Pina Colada song. So sue me. LOVE.
If you didn't listen to today's NCompass Live, starring our own @jezmynne talking about Killing Dewey, catch the recording later. You will thank yourself!
So it's been like 80F in our offices since the weekend. PubWks guys are here and now it's like 40F. I'm hoping they come out somewhere in the middle. Sandals yesterday, sweater today.
This fascinates me: Whispersync for Voice
My gas/power bill, which I do on budget billing, has been pretty steady for like 2+ years. It just jumped $23/month. Ouch! No more usage (yay me), just higher costs.
Another great #LTC2014 ! And so glad our good weather mojo continues another year - go team!
YES! '@anikawriter: "Fix the website, not the user" #LTC2014
RT @libraria: "Don't have a gaming event in the corner of the library in a room labeled "shelving." #word #librarygaming #LTC2014
RT @LibJenn: Patrons in the wrong place for what they want to do on websites. Ben calls it "The Search box Syndrome" Read my mind. #LTC2014
RT @jdcSciLib: Confirmation that Sharepoint is so terrible is so many ways. #LTC2014
Web analytical = tag that pretty page TTPP. #LTC2014 when you set up new sites, be sure to set up analytics at same time.
RT @LibJenn: "The Confusing Library" The Two Ronnies. A GREAT example of classification issues. #LTC2014
#LTC2014 on Connecting the Clicks starting with great old comedy bit from The Two Ronnies. And then a monochrome DialPac. Whee!
RT @grasshopperlibr: person demoing Google Glass? totally dislikes Google Glass. heh #ltc2014
RT @LibTechConf: Try sitting by someone new at lunch today. Tweet about who you met. #LTC2014
RT @grasshopperlibr: .@LibSkrat 's bookmarks on patron privacy #ltc2014 lots of goodies here
RT @TheRealArty: #LTC2014: Protecting Library Patron Privacy Online
RT @sbbiro: On the Go extends the reach of the library, but it's not a library. #LTC2014
RT @pfanderson: WHO-proposed sugar recommendation comes to less than a soda per day | #health #diet #nutrition
RT @LibTechConf: Thank you so much to @bfister for another wonderful, thought-provoking #LTC2014 keynote!
At #LTC2014 session about Anoka County On the Go. Both material and equipment 'pick up services' in community locations.
RT @MetroRebecca: Community dynamics of, say, GoodReads vs. LibraryThing: @bfister 's sabbatical project starts in June. #LTC2014
RT @samanthaklein: MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. #LTC2014
RT @MetroRebecca: Pro open-access prof: "I want my work to be read, not just be a line on my vitae." #LTC2014
RT @griffingate: Regarding tenure: "it's not publish or perish, except that it is totally that." #LTC2014 (lolz)
RT @samanthaklein: Ppl who always get what they need don't realize how closed scholarship really is. @bfister laying the smackdown. #LTC2014
RT @barnlib: Looks like @bfister is killing it at #LTC2014. So psyched for her keynote at #lacuny14.
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