Paul Grav
Ccleaner. Is it any good? I'm the tech support for my parents computer, and my bro has installed ccleaner on their machine. I feel a little uneasy about any software that purports to "clean" the registry. However, he insists that it's a good app.
It is great, I have been using it for some time without problems. - Yasin
Yep, it's good. I like it. The uninstall stuff is quick, and the actual removing temp files is brilliant. - Rich
But you can remove those temps files manually, can't you? I mean, does it do anything that that you can't do without having ccleaner installed? Bear in mind that my parents are not uber geeks. - Paul Grav
I use it all the time. Not sure how much the registry cleaning helps, but I haven't had any problems using it. It works best for removing junk leftover files though. - JazJaz
Never been able to measure a positive impact for cleaning the registry ever.. The best thing to ever do is re-install. - Ian D. Nock from twhirl
@JazJaz. Apart from saving a few bytes on a hard disk, what benefit would a normal user see from "removing junk leftover files"? - Paul Grav
Paul, if your parents aren't über geeks, they'll really like CCleaner because it's just a simple 2 or 3 click operation to use it. I've introduced CCleaner to about 10 of my Windoze-using friends, and they were all amazed at how much faster their systems became, and how much HD space was freed up. I use a Mac these days, and haven't noticed any significant slowdown in OS X after several months of use. Mac guys: is there any need to use anything like a CCleaner equivalent for Macs? I've heard of a few.... - Siddharth Deb
Paul, it's like cleaning the dirt accumulated under your car's hood. Good for the long run. Your temporary files, left untouched, would probably grow into hundreds of MBs, or in some drastic cases, GBs. - JazJaz
@Siddharth Deb. The problem is that they have no clue what it does, and even if I were to explain to them what it does, it would most likely confuse them. I doubt they'd even remember what it does. They don't know how to use their anti-virus software, but they don't need to, it sits in the background and does its job. The anti-virus provides a tangible benefit, I'm still not convinced that ccleaner does. - Paul Grav
Doesn't Windoze automatically clear out the temporary files? They have plenty of HD space, so unless the temp files start consuming tens of GBs, then I don't see the need to remove them. Apropos equivalent Mac products: I've had my Leopard install since its release, and I've not noticed any slow down. - Paul Grav
I wouldn't worry about it, unless ccleaner has been set up to run at boot it doesn't run automatically. If they are like most non technical parents they will never bother to start it. (My mum was like that even with backups, had to use "no hands backup" and tell her to put the USB key before she ran her main app - a course manager I'd built in access- else the app wouldn't work. A lie!). You or your brother can run it when you visit, which is probably plenty enough. But it is pretty safe. - Iphigenie
Paul, Windoze does not automatically clear out the temporary files. CCleaner will also remove the junk left by other independent applications like firefox, opera etc (and too many others to mention here). Um, I hope you are not feeling too threatened by your brother trying to grab the geek mantle in you family. :) - JazJaz
@JazJaz. He's more than welcome to the 'mantle' :) Being tech support to you parents can be quite challenging sometimes. I'm coming from the less is more philosophy. The more crap that my parents have installed, then there's more that can go wrong. Anyway, it seems that the general opinion is that Ccleaner mostly benign so I'll just leave it installed and let my bro deal with it. - Paul Grav
I can understand your hesitation. Just be glad he hasn't installed ncleaner. It's for power users and is really quite dangerous in the wrong hands. - JazJaz
CCleaner comes highly recommended on several authoritative tech-tip sites, and ideally should be run at least once every 2-3 months to keep WinXP running OK. Avoid N-Cleaner though, which is a similar free app. I remember using N-Cleaner last year and playing with the `system optimisation` settings a bit, and it resulted in some weird system behaviour. - Siddharth Deb
Love it. Had no probs. - Toby Graham
I wonder if CCleaner could do it's job on a Japanese Win XP. - Tokyo Dan
CCleaner is great. It clears tons of stuff and you can set it to auto run from the shortcut so non uber users just doubleclick the icon. Now days we just hide it and run silent as a scheduled task. See command line help for arguments. "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO - Keith - @tsudo
Does it work for Vista too? - Ian May
I love ccleaner! - Colide81 (James)
works for me just fine - Live4Emma (L4S)
yes I have been using it for years and my IT guys love it, works great - Kelly Johns
I love CCleaner. It cleans the crap -- no the required files -- so u needn't worry - Keshav Khera from twhirl
CCleaner is great with the exception of the registry cleaner. I have had several problems, especially with MS Office, after using the reg cleaner. However, the rest of the app is fantastic. - Spencer
I've used it on XP machines with no issues whatsoever, but I don't use MS-Office anywhere here. - Ian May
if you use xp you should have this installed - John Duff
Must have tool! - Ernie Oporto
CCleaner is awesome. Used every so often, you'll be surprised what was clogging up your computer. - deusdiabolus
CCleaner is very good - Outsanity
please install ubuntu along side windows, and let them play with it, if they like it, problems solved - Kyle Weller
@Kyle. The only good thing about that idea is that I could ssh in at my leisure and configure/fix their box that way. But don't get me started on Linux. I love using it as a server, I hate it as desktop machine. There's no way I'd be willing to perform the task of permanent support person for a Ubuntu install. It'd be bad enough if I still lived anywhere near them, but I'm 500 miles away. Besides, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Their Vista install is running just fine. - Paul Grav