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played Carnival Games yesterday
RT @CampaignCoins: Our first Kickstarter under our own banner is now live: we'd like to make you some beautiful Fate Tokens! #FateRPG
Taking screenshots in TESO -
Taking screenshots in TESO
[Blog Post] Gunpoint / Banished
StackOverflow Update: 560M Pageviews a Month, 25 Servers, and It's All About Performance
RT @MetropolisRec: whew, now I no longer have to be quiet about this. HOLY SHIT @skinnypuppy_, @VNV_Nation @youth_code & @HaujobbMusic TOURING TOGETHER
Not a SoE game in sight
played Ticket to Ride yesterday
Steaming ahead with TESO -
played Carnival Games, Fruit Ninja Kinect, and Kinect Party yesterday
added Kinect Party to their game list
played Kinect Adventures and Carnival Games yesterday
added Kinect Adventures to their game list
RT @willsh: "Hi, I'm the new Minister for Equalities" "But didn't you vote against same sex marriage?" "Oh, not THOSE equalities. Other ones..."
played Carnival Games yesterday
RT @misterarendt: The new Wretched Mog, coming soon to Sunless Sea:
played Sanctum and FTL: Faster Than Light yesterday
played Shadowrun Returns yesterday
I though the @BlaenauGwentCBC twitter account would have mentioned the fact refuse collection isn't happening today. Many bags out in heat.
God only knows where @MaiqTehLiar is hiding in Stormhaven. Been searching to no avail.
RT @humble: 66% off Democracy 3 on the Humble Store Daily Deal. 24 hours only.
played Sid Meier's Civilization V, Prison Architect, Cities in Motion, Trapped Dead, Fieldrunners 2, Hard Reset, Gemini Rue, Torchlight, Sanctum, Dust: An Elysian Tail, FTL: Faster Than Light, Company of Heroes, Just Cause 2, Shadowrun Returns, Sanctum 2, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Dragon Age: Origins -- Collector's Edition, and Euro Truck...
I'm sure a NPC in TESO was muttering "The Batman, The Batman, The Batman is dead"
added Fieldrunners 2, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Dragon Age: Origins -- Collector's Edition to their game list
RT @GBNewsdotcom: Coke's "Share a Coke with..." campaign is back, but, uh...
RT @failbettergames: We're looking to hire a Unity developer. Details here:
played Euro Truck Simulator 2 yesterday
Had a lovely meal at @My_Old_Dutch today, first visit and certainly won't be our last
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