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RT @TESOnline: The EU megaserver has been taken down for patch 1.0.5 maintenance. You can read the patch notes here:
I posted about H1Z1 early this morning so gonna re-promote
[Blog post] H1Z1 another zombie clone? What does adding MMO to that genre mean?
When I hear a honk … -
RT @newbieblogger2: Calling all aspiring streamers, podcasters, vloggers and bloggers! The NBI wants you! #WildStar #StarCitizen #eso
New Blog Post: Exemplar Performance in which I talk about mentoring in MMO
Apparently my phone is 4G enabled just never been anywhere with it since October
RT @MMODesigner: Some excellent questions already in the #CityOfHeroes Lore Q&A doc: Ask until 9:45a PDT, 4.18, Answers on 4.28
RT @MK_Loken: @DokChaos yup. they've taken the signature part of the PS2 tank. Just give us more armour and remove the shield.
my @WorldBookNight books have arrived in time for my 3rd time at giving #wbn
New Blog post : No substitute for a good skill system
No substitute for a good skill system -
I have blogged some TSW stuff
I disagree sir! @Teppotastic FunCom launched The Secret World with a very smooth launch as the sharding tech that TESO does was used too
Slow start today, TFS is grinding along slowly.
RT @AmazonUK: Can we get a retweet? Last day to enter the #AmazonUKSweeps > Look what you could #win
Politely @littlesttroll asks me to install a game he dreamt about. Which? "INCEY WINCEY STAR WARS!" It's got a map and controls I'm told
played XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Sid Meier's Civilization V yesterday
RT @Rockjaw: If I was you, I’d start following @Borderlands about now ish.
RT @dracoxv: Another Monday sidles in with an innocent air of one about to commit mischief
RT @Teppotastic: The MMOsketeers #77: Currying Favour It's food for thought! ;D
Our game of Castle Panic ended badly #TableTopDay
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