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.@tastytrade just ran an 'ad' #facebookdisabled that was hilarious. Hope they post it on YouTube. Don't see it there yet.
RT @nomadphp: .@newrelic Thank you for sponsoring this special meeting of @NomadPHP! :)
Another Isn’t She Cute -
RT @patrickcoombe: by far the most influential quote of the day @jeremypalmer
Greatly appreciate the work and words that Jim @FlatlandChurch put into this #GodGrieves #GodLovesYou
Didn't realize how much I needed a break @mactech Bootcamp Denver until they announced it. Serious relief!
Wifi session good @mactech bootcamp there has been some good info here. I keep getting distracted by a ooo, that is interesting pull up web.
Should not have sat at back of room @mactech. Can't see the slides. But I need to listen and not tweet, PKI security etc is important.
Looking forward @MacTech BootCamp III in Denver next week. Great excuse for getting away from the wife… hum, to learn something.
Drew Houston: Keep Condoleezza Rice and I will #KeepDropbox Sigh, I hate extreme politics and this dropdropbox campaign is just stupid!
Re: Kornacki: "House of Cards" falls down -
"Kornacki needs to watch a bit of CSPAN. He would be shocked at how many white democrats are from the south (and who can tell what kind of accent they have sometimes). He also hasn't paid much attention to Illinois politics recently where DC politics greatly rub elbows with who was chosen. Maybe his fantasy of what DC politics should be doing runs hard aground against reality and TV fiction. I am not much of a Spacey fan and have a tendency to downgrade stuff he is in. I think Kornacki may just be in the same boat, throwing up questionable objections to the show to justify the fact that he just doesn't like Spacey." - William Reveal
Trying @GuildWars2 again with Mac beta client. Either my iMac is long in the tooth or the client is still not there. Still it is a fun game!
So how many people went to with their iPad after seeing the #superbowl commercial only to run into a total #fail
LoL, playing @gw2 on my Mac. Sometimes it is real funny. I am running around and all I see of my toon is the rifle floating in space.
Brain in pain. Trying to do the new iTunes U course Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone. Can't believe how much I have forgot.
Wow! Looks like the support folks at @Jawbone just went way out of their way, extraordinary, unexpected help. Thanks!
Since I am being verbal today, I have surprised myself by actually liking Sass for css creation. And CodeKit by @bdkjones is very helpful
Sitting here enjoying my @Jawbone Jambox. Too bad it took so long to get fixed/replaced (24 days) and not the color I originally had.
How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu | Nettuts+ -
How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu | Nettuts+ -
How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu | Nettuts+ -
Spamassassin Intro, Setup, and Advanced Techniques -
Spamassassin Intro, Setup, and Advanced Techniques -
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