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Document Model Support in DynamoDB: Flexibility, Availability, Performance, and Scale...Together at last -
AWS Pop-up Loft 2.0: Returning to San Francisco on October 1st -
Congrats @larryellison on your promotion into the CTO role. We all know it is much harder than running a business...
RT @jeffbarr: Launch Your Startup at #AWS re:Invent With @Werner - #awsreinvent
As everyone probably noticed by now I am off the grid with limited updates. It will last for most of August. Thanks for your patience.
Introducing Amazon Local Register -
customer driven innovation rocks! RT @mza [...] is the 280th new #AWS announcement this year, equalling our total for the whole of 2013 [..]
On this @United flight the stewardesses/flight attendants have been rebranded as "safety professionals"
How Al-Qaeda Uses Encryption Post-Snowden /via @harper
#AWS Trusted Advisor For Everyone
#AWS Trusted Advisor For Everyone y
#AWS Route 53 adds Domain Name Registration and Management, and Geo Routing ... and the 45th #AWS price reduction
My favorite list app/service "@Wunderlist 3 is here" Real-time sync & public lists thanks @christianreber @chadfowler
really looking forward to see what @hmason is going to do with her new venture @FastForwardLabs
"Compact vibration harvester power supply with highest efficiency opens door to “fix-and-forget” sensor nodes" #IoT
Amazon Announces Additional US $2 Billion Investment in India
The Amazon Books team: "Update re: Amazon/Hachette Business Interruption"
Congrats @binnybansal & @_sachinbansal !! RT @wsj India's @Flipkart Raises $1 Billion in Fresh Funding
RT @awscloud: #AWS & @whitehouseostp announce AWS Climate Research Grants totaling 50 million core hours using EC2 Spot Instances:
Introducing Amazon's 3D Printing Store
If want to learn more about building for the long term you should start with Jeff Bezos' 1997 letter to shareholders
... 4.9 - RT @aalndy · How to find your Uber passenger rating.
Amazon and AWS are businesses built for long term success. You make different decisions when building a business that needs to survive you.
Amazon and AWS are businesses built for long term success. you make different decisions if building a business that needs to survive you.
RT @HistoryInPics: Tupac after being shot 5 times
99 Days of Freedom; an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness. /via @amsterdamant
Met with innovators @SkullyHelmets who greatly enhance motorcycling safety through integrated technology in helmets
Since they took the fun out of @foursquare (competition, mayorships) my check-in rate has dropped dramatically
For those who got an Amazon Fire Phone and are wondering where the standard android "back" button is: it is the swipe from the bottom up :-)
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