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Michael Kay on Chase Headley's game-winning dribbler that won the @Yankees game: "Well, hearty congratulations for a walk-off E-3."
RT @MarksLarks: Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments to look like superheroes:
“‘We’re on the brink of an age of rationality … the discipline to realize it’s ethical to be rather than to have.’”
Today's Lotus Notes indignity: I try to copy a calendar event, and I get a "gathering crash report" alert box before the app even crashes.
Revel Casino still sponsors Yankee radio broadcasts, even though they're closing before the end of the season. Odd.
Woman opens a door to enter as a man is leaving. Which bit of etiquette takes priority, "out before in" or "ladies first?"
RT @MichaelHwrdSaul: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio regularly doesn't pay for subway rides—contrary to what his office said earlier this week.
Just tried chewing gum without bumping into my crowned-and-bonded front teeth. TERRIFYING
“I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Have we met? “Thanks for your email, I would like to schedule a call.” #inmail
Ah, LinkedIn. Sent to me from a connection: “Have some good ones looking. Need anyone?” Me: some good what? “Candidates.” #inmail
Is it me, or is this not the best way to organize your social media sharing icons?
I feel guilty posting that last tidbit when I should really just be focusing on Ferguson.
“‘Robert Van Wyck himself pronounced it Van Wike; that is what the family says,’ said Mr. Van Wyck.” #informed
Also, the single biggest "whoa, my ears" moment I ever had with tinnitus outside of music? Naproxen. Huge trigger effect
Caffeine May Reduce Tinnitus Risk. Interesting, because once you *have* tinnitus, avoiding caffeine helps minimize it
RT @pomeranian99: @werty @glennf I have a Britannica subscription. Its quality and thoroughness vary a lot, too, I've noticed.
Lotus Notes: "You have an unfinished form. Do you really wish to exit? Cancel | Exit" [I press Cancel] [Lotus Notes quits anyway]
“Very few people would try to upstage fireworks, and probably only Robin Williams could have succeeded.”
Sentence of the day: “Infected corpses are highly infectious, presenting a common risk of infection.”
Side effect of being a pretty good dieter for a month: eating a cupcake is disappointing rather than indulgent. I feel kind of gross.
I'm not pro-war, or pro-U.S. involvement in Iraq, but I sure as hell am anti-genocide, and glad we're intervening:
“The first step towards living without lies is complete honesty with yourself.” Two Years to No Lies by @dinakaplan
David who? RT @says_eli: "E.W. is for Eli Wertheimer. And N.W. is for Nathan Wertheimer. And D.W. is for Daddy Wertheimer."
Why are all the mattress startups selling foam mattresses? I want a good old spring construction mattress without the middleman. #lazyweb
“1¢ may not seem like much but it adds up when you’re buying 100 million bottles each year.” Hotel amenities 101:
“Wikipedia has refused, saying that as the photographer, the monkey owns the copyright to the photo.”
Sad Tweets isn't working for me, which is even sadder than the sadness it's supposed to show.
Well, I feel old. RT @AARP Adam Duritz of @CountingCrows: proof that turning 50 rocks! #mrjones #boomers50
Yanks trade a .219-hitting infielder for a .176-hitting infielder. That'll win us the division!
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