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RT @says_eli: [hitting a balloon] "I'm not playing multiplayer."
“The more informed you are, the more likely you are to choose store brands.”
Sad but true: I clicked the "read later" link in my browser on this article. Getting Over Procrastination
This is how you survive air travel. “Let’s fly” by @craigmod
Whatever's driving the latest focus on how great the Bee Gees are, I couldn't agree more. and
RT @MaximEristavi: In huge surprise, Malaysia PM manages to reach his own deal w/ Ukraine rebels. Kyiv didn't have a chance anyway #MH17
No, James Dolan took care of that already. Anthony's Contract Could Doom the Knicks to Mediocrity by @fivethirtyeight
“Why people think they need to be the first to know something instead of waiting a few hours I'll never understand.”
Shopping @DuaneReade: 4 oz Colgate toothpaste, $3.99; 6 oz of the same Colgate toothpaste, $3.99. #decisions
RT @ftrain: “We'll be your best homo buddy all day long (rates below).”
Overheard: "You don't want to use too much suntan lotion, it's bad for you." "Yeah? So is skin cancer."
“The most striking thing about Google: they’re taking on almost every single consumer-focused major company in tech.”
Headline of the day: “Cavs think LeBron listening to pitch.” Seems free agency sales are a lot like ad agency sales.
Starting to appreciate the endorphin rush of my bike commute.
RT @Adweek: Ad of the Day: @GuinnessUS has made the only ad you need to see this Fourth of July.
RT @dlependorf: In 1987, Cleveland became the first team in "Jenny" history to use an 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 lineup (9/19/87). Today is number two.
This really happened in baseball today: "8-6-7-5-3-0-9 ... Joe Maddon honors Tommy Tutone with Rays batting order"
RT @conradhackett: Half of all Americans live in the blue counties, half live in the gray counties
“Boom! You’ve bought yourself another hour of looking smart.” 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings
Danny Meyer calls for NYC to forge “something in [our] culture that prizes continuity, even over maximized profit.”
RT @seanahern: Hurry up and forget to buy your @xoxo pass so I can jump ahead in the queue!
RT @AntDeRosa: Target asks people not to bring guns into its stores
Check out @DerickMelander's work on display showcasing American Eagle's sustainability initiative: (via @jowyang)
Check @DerickMelander's work on display showcasing American Eagle's sustainability initiative: (via @jowyang)
This sculpture at American Eagle is awfully similar to @DerickMelander's work: (via @jowyang)
“Eat24’s second-most-successful ad was a high-resolution close-up of a bacon sandwich.”
“Anti-vaxxers’ repeated exhortations to avoid vaccines suggest that autism is actually a fate worse than death.”
I'm 🍕🍪👀 on Emojli, which is read right to left, "Look! Cookies and pizza."
I'm anti-Red-Sox on just about everything, but I can't help but root for the rookie named Mookie. #mets
Would love to know who @prastyobudiw thinks I am that the account keeps tweeting me Ramadan fasting tips in Anglicized Arabic.
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