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RT @fraying: Feel that? The FCC just fucked us.
RT @SammyWalrusIV: What would happen if Samsung splits its stock?
RT @jkottke: @werty I think was Offmaps. No idea if still good.
“Allen began experiencing double vision on the sideline, but he went back onto the field and finished the game.” #NFL
Hey @Hertz big thanks to Sam in Oklahoma City for understanding Heartbleed and booking my reservation! Best of the 5 (!) reps I spoke to.
Spotted in an signup confirmation email, today, April 21, 2014: "America Online Users Please Visit Here to be Activated"
Springtime at the playground
RT @moneyries: Of course somebody posted on Secret a week ago about the impending Nike FuelBand firings
RT @cantpredictball: And here it is, Martin Maldonaldo knocking the cover off the ball on an infield single.
Triple play! (Related, via @ESPNStatsInfo: all 3 Yankees triple plays since 1969 came with CC Sabathia on the mound.)
In the annals of "wonderful dumb things on the Internet" please add to your list
Ukrainian instability is leading to frightening displays of anti-Semitism. Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine
Read my first 5 Useful Articles newsletter today and I heartily recommend it.
That feeling when you Google someone and you get back a set of photos all of the person wearing Google Glass.
Doctor's appt at 9 a.m.: see the doctor at 9:05. Doctor's appt at 10 a.m.: see the doctor at 10:50. #StillWaiting
RT @ThisIsMyJam: We don't mean to alarm you, but we have a coolness rating of 2.666. (via @werty)
The 20th century Internet endures! Cool Site of the Day still posts new links daily. /cc @dens @ThisIsMyJam @qz
Sure, I can call and avoid the Heartbleed bug on your site, but that's not the point, is it? RT @Hertz You can call 1-800-654-3131 to book.
RT @arctictony: @werty Still blew me away when they knew who I was coming through the door for the first time #service
So how long will it be before someone ties all these Tommy John surgeries to overprotecting pitchers with pitch and innings limits? #mlb
"Needs a little more consideration of what is comfortable and what is creepy." Eleven Madison Park Googles its guests
“I’ve got to watch more movies.” #madmen
“Money is filled with these strange images, if we only look for them.” Love this piece about linguistics in banking:
“I don’t know what Paul Newman’s situation is, but I make sauce.” Oh, Kelis. And that jacket only makes it worse.
The badass classic rock in "Mad Men" gives the show a crazy new edge this season. Love it. (See also: )
I wish I had a Tiny Letter listserv so I could implore everyone I know to read the @CKlosterman Kiss piece again.
RT @NickHamelinMLB: Is that pine tar on Michael Pineda's hand? Whatever it is, it looks illegal (Photo credit @bpbino44)
I'm hitting the 9GB limit of my Dropbox folder. Meanwhile, Facebook gets 600 terabytes of new data every single day.
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