California City Stops Plan to Post DUI Photos on Facebook: The goal was to shame drivers suspected of drunk driv...
Georgia DUI Offender Escapes from Courthouse: Suspect was being taken to jail for violating probation terms
1 in 12 Leave Major Sports Events Drunk: Study leads to calls for limiting drinking at games
Motley Crue Singer Sentenced to Jail for DUI in Nevada: Vince Neil was arrested for drunk driving in Las Vegas l...
More Than 800 Arrested for Drunk Driving in King County Washington: Special enforcement campaign targeted impair...
Astros First Round Draft Pick Arrested for DUI in Georgia: 18-year old stopped for driving wrong way on one way street
Sheriff's Deputy Arrested for DUI in Florida: Off-duty officer usually makes FL DUI arrests
Drunk Driver Tries to Headbutt Arresting Trooper: Charges filed against man includes Pennsylvania DUI
California DUI Suspect Had Goat in Truck: Police suspect goat was stolen
15 Bicyclists Stopped for California DUI Check: Five riders charged with drunk riding
Tiger Woods Mistress Sent to Jail for Florida DUI: Waitress pleaded no contest to drunk driving arrest in Orange...
Former WWE General Manager Charged with DUI in Illinois: Mike Adamle now sports director for Chicago television station
Over 1500 Arrested During Colorado DUI Crackdown: Arrests made statewide between Thanksgiving and New Year's
'My Name is Earl' Star Arrested for DUI in LA: Jaime Pressly arrested in Santa Monica
Oklahoma DUI Suspect Arrives in Court Smelling of Alcohol: Man charged with public intoxication
California DUI Arrests Down During New Year Celebrations: Fewer drivers arrested for drunk driving in California
Grandma Busted for DUI in Tennessee: Woman tried to outrun cops before arrest
California DUI Crash Leaves Car Stuck Between Two Houses: Car ended up stuck five feet off the ground
New York City Ballet Chief Arrested for DWI: Peter Martins arrested at sobriety checkpoint shortly into New Year
More than 3500 Arrested for DUI in Arizona During Holidays: Number is a substantial drop from last year
New Minnesota DWI Law Goes Into Effect: Ignition interlock option available to renew driving
Alabama Man Nabbed With 23 Cases of Beer in Car: Driver also charged with drunk driving in Alabama
Washington DUI Driver Causes Propane Tank Explosion: Accident destroys residence in Skagit County
New Illinois DUI Fees Go Into Effect: State law increases cost of drunk driving violations
Man Blames Ozzy Osbourne for Ohio DUI: Suspect arrested in Cleveland area
Bicyclist Nabbed for Florida DUI: Man arrested in Naples on New Year's Eve
Business Leader, Former GOP Leader Arrested for Indiana DUI: James Kittle stopped for drunk driving in Hamilton ...
Florida DUI for On-Duty Cop: Trooper had flat tire and called for help
Half-way Through Holiday Campaign - 675 Charged with Minnesota DWI: Crackdown on impaired driving will continue ...
Surf Shop Impresario Busted for Florida DUI: Ron Jon founder stopped with open can of Four Loko
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