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Joseph Ortenzi

Joseph Ortenzi

Web Specialist, keen on web standards, UCD, accessibility, IA, creative & disruptive technology, collaboration, semantic markup, cycling, nu-jazz and laksa!
Excellent! Any smoking guns in relation to barangaroo as well?
RT @kfury: This is literally the most misleading chart I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of charts.
RT @beccafosterart: Wow. This was made in 1622. Bernini was 23 when he sculpted it. 23!!!!! Those hands! that body! amazing
A collection of Axure widget libraries + free twitter bootstrap widgets #ux #mockups
Going to try this Axure widget library + free twitter bootstrap widgets #ux #mockups
hey @spotify ! where’s the delete my account function? Where is that hidden?
Hardly good CX: Equivalent of: “Unsubscribe and we won’t want to hear from you again”. Fine. Same here. Bye! :p
RT @Mr0wka18: Autoplay is still bad for all users (and annoying, and inconsiderate!) #a11y #UX #video #HTML5
“@SenatorLudlam: this is incredibly depressing. @delimiterau on the crashing of the #nbn #auspol
Flu jab done, now to visit the dentist about this grumbly tooth. Don’t tell ME how to have a good time
RT @rpy: Thanks New Zealand
Hmmm. Some surveys seem to want to suggest their own failure. #NPSFail
From the genius that is XKCD, where real geeks hang:
Love the idea of an open, shared design space; calling it a war room's a bit heavy, though.
Jump. Interesting update from @saasu. I might actually have a "play" with my accounts this week!
It's never been easier to get a handle on what goes on in code.
Quite a few strange fungi suddenly sprouting in the park. Anyone recognise… (at Camperdown Memorial Park) [pic] —
Excel goes all Jedi on my data. This is not the data you’re looking for.
underscores are for DOSssers
Really. What’s the difference between a donut and a cruller. Crullers are way better anyway, IMHO
RT @IBMAccess: Nice! RT @w3c_wai WAI-ARIA 1.0 published today! See blog: and press release #a11y #csun14
RT @HistoryInPix: Nikola Tesla in his laboratory, 1899.
yep. Newtown. I wonder what they were filming?
"...treat the act of creation as a continual learning experience that empirical research and gut instinct _both_ inf…
Few better breakfasts. (at Casa WheelyWeb) [pic] —
The perils of not proofing adequately.
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