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Joseph Ortenzi

Joseph Ortenzi

Web Specialist, keen on web standards, UCD, accessibility, IA, creative & disruptive technology, collaboration, semantic markup, cycling, nu-jazz and laksa!
In memoriam: to the passengers of MH17 and their families, friends and colleagues. (at Squiz) [vid] —
Hey @facebook. When you tell me it's someone's birthday, the link should go to their timeline, so I can wish them well. Duh! #uxFail
I read your "help" file, @songkick and am still annoyed. Ease remove your app from @spotify until I can log in. Cc/ @SpotifyCares
Hey @songkick. Why can't I log into your @Spotify app? Can you help @SpotifyCares?
Prettiest useless thing I found today:
My answer to What are some good examples of Google Maps in Web Design?
RT @PennySharpemlc: Enrico giving good advice about what not to do on twitter & Instagram #ignitesydney
RT @alanstairs: #ignitesydney reposting this... Sadly can't make tonight and have 2 spare tickets... dm me if interested...
Come to #ignitesydney and I’ll tell you about standing up for your health
Hanging with some of the presenters before the doors open for #igniteSydney tonight. #deathToPowerpoint
RT @craigthomler: Denton: "the greatest wealth and strength of any nation is not its army – it’s its intellectual capital" #auspol
RT @Rog42: @johnhaining @ignitesydney @wheelyweb @HSM_AUS I am indeed "Braking Dad"
Hi @yorgi_ I tweeted your requested link but I've not received a link to the Axure icon library. any chance U can send me a link please? Tx
RT @OaklandElle: OH MY GOD. RT @CuteEmergency: greatest thing I've ever seen 😊
Just left the @ignitesydney rehearsals and seriously impressed at the quality & passion. A few tix left I believe.
I'm hoping these Free Icon for #Axure RP Work as advertised. Else I've wasted a tweet - Via @Yorgi_
Just checking Acuity Research, @qantasairways, @qfcustomercare, over 1/3 of your respondents will try this on mobile?
Just to be clear: a coal mining billionaire and a senator from the Motoring Enthusiast Party saved the Carbon tax?
RT @stilgherrian: Wow where do we go from here?
Awesome word play from the guardian
I’m getting Google Cal Reminders to Social Media Business events #SMB. Anyone know how I can shut these off? #DidntSignUpForThis :(
I like the “history will revile you” dance: Looking forward to it!
RT @Magpies4me: It's Emmeline Pankhurst's birthday on 15 July. The original #frightbat & suffragette. Being carted off to gaol.
RT @DavidW2035: If Abbott had spent that first week as PM with indigenous people as he promised they may have told him about the 50,000 years thing #auspol
RT @juliefairey: Having a Minister for Aboriginal Issues who believes in terra nullius is a little like having a male Minister of Women's Affairs. Oh wait.
RT @craigthomler: New York Times: Australia using draconian measures & failing in international obligation re asylum seekers #auspol
Check out this photo of Noodle Dumpling on #Yelp
Is @QandA broadcast live on iView? Or do I have to wait to view it?
RT @PistachioWrites: .. breakfast Magritte-style by Sydney artist Ben Smith
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