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Joseph Ortenzi

Joseph Ortenzi

Web Specialist, keen on web standards, UCD, accessibility, IA, creative & disruptive technology, collaboration, semantic markup, cycling, nu-jazz and laksa!
The source of that previous tweet:
“The manner in which we’ve monetised digital media means we often reward reaction over reflection and eschew meaning for meme-ing.”
Feeling like I’d like to try other survey tools. Anyone have a recommendation that’s not SurveyMonkey? #UX, #surveyTools, #research
Information the government doesn’t want you to read about metadata and what it means to surveillance:
Slightly depressing calculator:
RT @timothy_yim: #FridayLaughs: The @FTC should get this guy to strategize #Robocall #honeypots & #datasec vulnerabilities. #defcon
RT @craigthomler: With Brandis in charge, gov's bid to keep the web surfing activities of Aussies for 2yrs has an uphill battle #auspok
RT @bengrubb: Confused again. First @TurnbullMalcolm say no IPs and websites, then yes IPs, but r we talking source & destination?
We've been using it for nearly a year and I can only concur, James. Compared to GoToMeeting, the inerface is clear…
RT @SBSNews: Is this the most awkward interview ever given by a politician?
Really, @Adobe? Do you honestly think I was born yesterday?
Cringing at reporters on @ABCNews completely trash details of Brandis’s metadata trawl. There’s no shortage of experts ready to help, guys!
Quite a straightforward set of instructions layered on top of an otherwise straightforward set of instructions.
You want my metadata, George Brandis? Get a warrant - clear breakdown why Tony Abbotts "envelope" analogy is wrong
Wheeling into spring: Second pair of roller I found this year in my street.
RT @tomscott: I just found out that replying to a promoted tweet, even just with heckling, costs the promoter between 50¢ and $5. Use that as you will.
RT @luckykat: Running d.School #designthinking tonight @ixda_sydney. Get excited! Horace the chicken is taking charge…in as much as a rubber chicken can..
It's THAT Easy to create a new identity. (at Squiz) [pic] —
A rather elegant way to supply context to fast changing news. I suspect they're hoping to turn it into a platform th…
RT @ixda_sydney: Have what it takes to be an IxD mentor? Come and give it a try.
Nice to know AUS & CAN are the least disparate, no surprise US & IND are the most disparate:
They misheard my name and now I have a new name. I quite like my new name! (at Klink Handmade Espresso) [pic] —
RT @OldUnclePunch: The Huffington Post UK: You'll Never Have Got Poorer So Fast By 2015 Since The Victorian Era.
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