RT @Pink: For those of you with a sense of humor:) http://instagr.am/p...
RT @financialrunner: RT @BCBerrie: RT @concretefluff: RT @causticchick: GO #CANUCKS GO! RT IF YOU'RE WITH ME!
Seed Saving today. Acquired heirloom squash, pumpkin, spinach, and wrapped up our plum seeds. Can't wait to show you
Honey is the most environmentally sustainable and healthiest sweetener we have, a far better choice over imported sweeteners, and sugar.
Tip: When searching for grass fed meats, if you buy in advance and bulk you will save a ton of money, and doing wonders for your health
Articles, Articles, and more Articles. I cannot believe how much research we have amassed in three years.
Working Away... hating the web right now
listening to Lil' Mil make the CUTEST sounds while she does tummy time on her daddy. She's climbing him! She's getting used to it! Yay! :)
*PEACE DAY* Sept. 21st! Join this global united party for peace!! http://htxt.it/OObI
#agape time!! spreading the love thanks 2 michael beckwith! couldn't have my wednesdays and sundays without it! woohoo!
RT@AlexisNeely: Sign on 4 #agape streaming live & sing along. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. http://www.agapelive.com WOOHOOO!!!
bought Lil' Mil 1st halloween book, 5 Little Pumpkins. SO excited! always bought seasonal books 4 classroom. feels good 2 buy 4 MY kiddo!
RT@UFGatorFootball: Another picture of the teams warming up on the field. Florida #Gators http://twitpic.com/hg6ye Woohoo!!
RT@UFGatorFootball: Another picture of the teams warming up on the field. Florida #Gators http://twitpic.com/hg6ye Woohoo!!
it's another lovely *GATOR* day! Goooooooooo Gatorssssssss!
sipping some of Ds guinness. OMG! I used 2 hate it. now i'm like YUM! GIVE ME MORE! it's been way 2 long. I think I have a new fav... :)
@hellobrigi lol. how many husband's were there?
@derekfred oh my gosh! fabienne's newsletter made me teary eyed! enjoy ur day 2day! I'm grateful for you both! :)
remember 2day & at the same time take time to be still, breathe, & BE grateful for you and everything around you!
@lawschoolwife exactly!! :) it's funny b/c it takes my husband some time 2 adjust w/out football. lol.
doggie brother rusty is really staring to LOVE his baby sister. he lays by her all the time now and follows us everywhere! TOO CUTE!
happy 09/09/09!! :)
@lawschoolwife i hear ya! i miss our undergrad days a lot! but it's not too bad.
@lawschoolwife it's hard. i let him watch b/c i know he needs down time. i ask for 15/20 min. each night w/ no tv/cmptr.
pandora=paul oakenfold station=i wanna dance SO bad=turn a room in house 2 a techno club @ nite after baby is asleep & DANCE! SO doin' it!
@lawschoolwife read ur recent blog post. last paragraph = story of my life. football & studying. wife time is a must!
been watching a squirrel burry food for two days in my backyard. summer is def. over. my preggo/new mommy mind swears it was just march!
@carolinagirlnva lol. yeah. i don't like cane's fans at all!! they're the worst in the state. :)
@lawschoolwife did husband have the day off? mine didn't! his school doesn't give them holiday's off. makes me angry!
this gator is rootin' for fsu...oops! did i just say that!
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