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RKOBH wisdom courtesy of Dorothy Wang! :p
TMZ is such a bully calling Leo as LeoLARDO DiFLABrio! :(((
Tuesday has been soo unproductive!
Chrclmnky is dj-ing. Lols! Raggastep, I like this shit! — listening to Skrillex
Palawan is just UH-FUCKIN'-MAZING!
Thank you for the late bday gift migohcarl! Haha!👍📦
Multi-mon is looove! It makes work so much easier! <3
I'm sweating bullets right now even when the fan is on 2! #whew
I'm sweating bullets right now!!!!!
I need to shoot some looks asap! No more photos to edit and share.. Huhu! Rain, staaaaahp!
They may be disabled but their brain is beyond awesome! Savants have extraordinary minds!
Rainy days and Mondays!☔☁⚡ @
RT @TheGoodGodAbove: If corporations are people, who do they fuck? Oh right, you.
Cool Bookish Places: Stockholm Public Library » BOOK RIOT via @BookRiot
Manny's redemption vs Bradley's vindication Which side are you on?💪🏆
Sir Isaac Newton and William Herschel so cool! #cosmos
Organic vs Toxic Which would you rather?🚬
Soooo sleepy! :(
I was planning to shoot looks today...........and it rained! #bummer
🌀It's gloomy still.⚡ Visit my blog
#ThatMomentWhen you actually know the "people you may know" suggestion on Facebook but never really add them coz you don't wanna be FC. Lol!
Handling 6 accounts and scheduling all of them in advance before I leave. That's a week's worth done in one night! *pats self on the back*
To change or not to change, that is the question!
Nothing beats pen and paper when writing down notes and reminders! Sticky notes apps and the like just won't do for me. Lol! #oldschool
Damn! Got so many unfollowers... Huhu! I'm officially unfollowing you all back. :)
Micturition after every few minutes is sooo tiring but at least it's not painful now! Whew! #UTI #watertherapy
This is why I'm an advocate for the proper use of the Oxford comma... :p
This is why I'm an advocate for the proper use of the Oxford comma... :p
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