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tchiseen on "my support would be more useful if he went AFK" -
"Baited and outsmarted" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The 70 million USD house that Markus Persson (aka Notch, the creator of Minecraft) just bought in Beverly Hills, outbidding Jay Z and Beyonce. -
"Why would Notch want to live in LA? Why would he want to even live in America? $70m is a lot of money. That'd get you a hell of a house here in Sydney, and there are some *reeally* nice ones around." - Will Higgins™
Get you 10+ houses on the best beaches here in SA too - Mo Kargas
tchiseen on Tony Hawk makes history and lands the first 900 -
"I remember watching this live... it was very exciting." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The Mysterious Floating Orb by Weird Al -
"I'm okay with Al becoming the next George Takei" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL Christopher Tolkien, son of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, has said of the films, "They eviscerated the book by making it an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25"..[..].."The commercialization has reduced the aesthetic and philosophical impact of the creation to nothing." -
"Sure. It's a bit like the Game of Thrones TV Show. The show does not do the narrative in the book justice. It's just a bunch of tits and swordporn. But it's still entertaining, and they did about as well with the show as you could expect. And SURE, I would LOVE to watch a longer, more accurate version, but even still, the medium of video doesn't give you the same inner monologue you get from books. So you make do with tits, and appreciate the swordplay when it's good and the brilliant casting of Sean Bean as Ed Stark. And you move on. Because after all, you're the son of somebody important, and you're not important yourself. And you'll never get to be important if all you do is naysay." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Dad will always be there -
"[I've been trying to teach my wife how to do this every time she goes to open a jar.](" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Dad will always be there -
"It doesn't work so well with a cleaver or a pointy knife, but with a regular butter knife, slide the top under the side of the lid and rotate the blade to release the vacuum, and the lid will come off easily." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL that Street Fighter II cost $69.99 in 1992; in 2013 dollars, that is $116.18 -
"Speaking as an Australian, that seems like a pretty sweet deal!" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Tomorrow everyone will get the update -
"Still not getting the update, the 15th is almost over here in Aus" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on 1985 McDonald's McDLT Commercial with Jason Alexander -
"I'm so glad our society has moved on from th- nevermind" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Counter Logic Gaming-Official Statement Re. Competitive Ruling: December 10, 2014 -
"Vague and also arbitrary. Arbitrary and also constantly changing. The rules are currently in a state of flux, and have been for the last few seasons. Compared to other leagues, there have been a lot of changes to the rules for the players to keep track of." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Counter Logic Gaming-Official Statement Re. Competitive Ruling: December 10, 2014 -
"And what the hell is Hotshot supposed to do. You've got someone with years of experience, well respected in the community who has come to you basically saying hire me." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Counter Logic Gaming-Official Statement Re. Competitive Ruling: December 10, 2014 -
"You know, Riot, maybe if you're going to have such ridiculous rules regarding keeping players trapped on teams, you should provide them with counsellors or Players Advocates who know and understand the rules, and are able to advise them in an unbiased fashion, so that this kind of shit doesn't happen." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Counter Logic Gaming-Official Statement Re. Competitive Ruling: December 10, 2014 -
"The rule is so silly that I find it hard to fault Scarra for fully understanding that what he was doing was wrong. He wanted out of dig. There were lots of factors in the decision that he couldn't discuss with anyone, so he did what seemed right for him." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [Help] Weather icons not showing up like they do in preview -
"I just updated a watch face to include the weather. It worked fine. It showed the weather and temp on the face. I looked away for a while and it's #WVWTWSSCW# whatever. I have custom Location selected in Facer. This is sorta annoying." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Counter Logic Gaming-Official Statement Re. Competitive Ruling: December 10, 2014 -
"Can someone explain exactly why what Hotshot did was so evil? Scarra was basically done with dig. He was discussing his future with people. And generally, what's so evil about recruiting talent? It happens in the real world... Google recruits from Apple, Apple says hey don't do that and all of a sudden there's a massive anti-competition lawsuit." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Yeah we're bike friendly here in Australia! - Just take a look at this article in QLD's major paper the Courier Mail. -
"Fuck the Courier Mail and fuck Rupert Murdoch. His newsmedia in this country are on a vendetta against cyclists and it's driving me mad. The fact that people actually read and believe this shit terrifies me as a cyclist but moreso as human being." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Take-Two: Don't like GTA? Don't buy it -
"But that's not how censorship works, Tt, we don't want to have the freedom to choose." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Am I too heavy for my bike? -
"I have a similar problem. I'm heavier than you and I'm riding this: I've had a shocking number of rear spokes break since I've bought it. Think 6-7 in as many months. They're almost all breaking at the hub. I just had a front spoke break, too. What the heck is wrong? I used to ride this: for almost 3 years and only ever had one broken spoke. I did however, get a couple flats on the rear, til I replaced the tire, then none. Is the Apollo just a piece of junk? Is there something special, when it comes to wheels, that a fat guy should look for?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on LOL Client Freezes During Gernanimo's Last Game For Diamond Promos (27 Hours Unranked To Diamond) -
"#rekt" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Catch me if you Can Feat. LeBlanc -
"If the twitch chased and the Riven stood on the initial cast, she wouldn't have been able to do that." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on sOAZ goes full Scarra mode -
"I'm so happy they've left this in the new map." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL GoPro founder Nick Woodman is worth $4.8 billion dollars, which is more than twice Mark Cuban's net worth. -
"What a terrific riches to riches story. Brings a tear to me eye" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [URR] A complete city, population ~300,000 -
"I love URR. The scope of the project is just so sexy." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on We are the Inbox by Gmail team. Ask us Anything! -
"I love Inbox already. As an Android Wear user, what can I expect to see in terms of Wear support and improvements for Inbox?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Okay, it's open season. Michael C. Hall here. AMA. -
"Her "Jesus Christ, are you trying to fuck her or set her on fire?" was probably the best part of that season." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Steam Broadcasting -
"This is pretty cool. I have some Steam friends who either play weird games, or play the same games as I do, but have a lot more hours in them (think sandbox games like Factorio, Craft the World, Gnomoria). I'd love to be able to pop in and see what they're doing, to get ideas on how I can play the games like a pro" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Graves Outplay -
"I like how the Lee Sin's name was "Dangerous Game", the exact thing that kept the Graves alive in the fight." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on PAX Australia League of Legends Cosplay Video! -
"Didn't get enough screen time." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL David Bowie, Aldous Huxley, Rudyard Kipling, Ralph Vaughan Williams, George Bernard Shaw, And H.G. Wells, Among Others, All Declined Knighthood -
"To be fair to him, *Sir David Bowie* has a funny ring to it." - Will Higgins™
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