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tchiseen on OCE Just hit their 275,000 point goal for Ocean Week. -
"Fizz 1340 votes Nami 885 votes Nautilus 2845 votes 5070 Total" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Eye-opening video on how the media only shows you want it wants you to see -
"I fucking love Mediawatch The current government is trying to shut down the ABC ( ) Nine always makes Abbot out to be some kind of brilliant leader." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [Spoiler] Elements vs. Fnatic / EU LCS Spring, Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion -
"> This message was created by a bot > Toggle you off, mate" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Police apologise after girl left alone following helmet arrest | -
"It's a good thing the police were there in force to stop this madman. I find it totally unacceptable that someone who is not wearing a bicycle helmet be allowed to do so. The police were totally justified in harassing this person, putting him into a police car and taking him to the station, just so they could give him a $55 fine. This is the kind of police action that really helps communities and is a perfectly good use of public funding." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on PBS played this in the middle of the night. It took a single animator 2 years to illustrate this by hand. -
"The more I see stuff like this the more I feel like this is the only reason why American soldiers ever went to Iraq in the first place..." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on 2017, Urgot rework is released -
"> a solid 10 minute gank 2017 is looking up!" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on "The most toxic person I've ever met" [Spoilers] -
"This is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff that happens here on OCE." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on DiRT 3 update to ditch GFWL in favor of Steamworks. All previous owners will be automatically upgraded to the Complete Edition. -
"GFWL is still around? Games are still using it? Has nobody learned anything?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The little Jew behind ARCHER got a little bigger. H. Jon Benjamin here. AMA. -
"Hi John, If you had to Roast one famous historical figure, who would it be and what would you open with?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on 'Nemesis Draft' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE -
"I keep trying to get my MTG Cube playgroup to do this but nobody ever bites" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Sky news panic after showing of Charlie Hebdo cover -
"Sky "News"" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on People suck sometimes -
"I like how the second line of any article you read is blatant cyclist blaming. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Videographer flies drone over Chicago to document what it looks like while frozen solid -
"Spoken like a true Chicagoan. Chicago is a pretty unique place." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on How not to respond on Riots gift vs how to respond -
"I got like Workshop Poppy or something. If I had known, I would have been more toxic." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Elon Musk says Hydrogen is a pretty much a waste of time to help power automobiles. Is he wrong? -
"It's important to note that Musk has a vested interest in the success of batteries as a technology. [His companies are focused on creating batteries.](" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Family Feud question about 'something annoying a cyclist might do' causes backlash -
""not reflect the view of *all* Australians.... just **MOST** Australians"" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Family Feud question about 'something annoying a cyclist might do' causes backlash -
"How about this? Name Ten good things a Cyclist might do: 1. Get to work faster than someone who takes public transportation 2. Spend 1/10th the amount on transportation than someone who relies on public transportation 3. Spend 1/100th then someone who relies on a car 3. Create zero greenhouse gas emissions 4. Get *way* more exercise than you 5. Kill roughly 1200 fewer people than motorists every year in Australia 5. Participate in charity events like MS Gong Ride, Great Bike Ride, and many many more 8. Represent their country in one of nine cycling events at the Summer Olympics (Australia took home 6 medals in Cycling in 2012) 9. Find a parking spot at the shopping center 10. Skip leg day" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on BoxBox having hallucinations on his 24+ hour stream -
"I baylieve" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Champion Update: Tristana -
"Tristana, now 100% more Zuna" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Didn't check my straw stores for a while... -
"So you figured out how to track stocks, and didn't start tracking straw. Oh well there's always next time!" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Simple Wu-tang face I chucked together -
"This watchface is not something to fuck with" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Ship Your Enemies Glitter -
"This is evil genius on the scale of Dr. Evil evil." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The truth about tipping and why it's bad. -
"I got a bottle of beer at a bar in Chicago one time after waiting way too long for the dude to pay attention to me, crack it open and hand it to me. I paid by credit card, go home, the next week, the guy put an extra dollar on the charge without telling me. Unreal" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on New game mode: RNGesus -
"As you're walking to lane you may or may not get hip checked into the baron pit by your own minions" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Let us combine the sightstone with a tier 2 gold income support item to save a slot for other items -
"How about one that lets you drop two pink wards" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL in San Francisco the homeless can take care of puppies and get paid for it. -
"In California there is a real correlation to mental health and homelessness." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Lyte's smite is nice, but players need a more reliable way of getting their chatbans reviewed - Review Tokens - Behavior Review -
"A review of player behaviour management systems, brought to you by /u/WillyWankerFagtory" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Damning evidence of how formulaic pop country has become -
"To be fair, country music has always been about the same, it's not just 'new' pop country that sounds like this, I'm sure." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL David Phillips paid just over $3000 for pudding to receive 1.25 million frequent flyer miles. He also received $800 back in tax deductions for donating most of the puddings to charity. -
"You can usually take whatever offer they mention and multiply by eight. It's called "Denied Boardings" and it's a legal thing. It's a tracked stat, so airlines want to minimize the "Involuntary Denied Boarding" count." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on This creep block thing is out of control -
"I think at that point you have to just /dance" - Will Higgins™
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