tchiseen on a terrifying video of distracted teen drivers -
"This is why I can hardly wait for self-driving cars. Doesn't matter what you're talking about, if it's fucked up, user error is always the cause." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL The number of Americans who believed homosexuality is a sin actually went up between 2013-2014 (45%-50%) -
"Stupid people are breeding" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Super Troopers 2 Pitch -
"> Here is a thought. If i invest in your movie. Give me a % cut on the sales based on how much i've invested. Then i'd TRULY be involved in the whole process. ;)" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Does anyone watch CSI: Cyber? -
"Those GPIO pins look bent to shit" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on james bond gosu -
"ping is in milliseconds 40 ping is 0.040 seconds So the actual reaction time would have to be something like 0.65-0.04, which is 0.61 which is essentially the same as .65 seconds." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on How dutch moms take their kids to school -
"You wouldn't see this in Australia because there's absolutely no infrastructure to support this kind of cycling." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on England rugby player Courtney Lawes' MASSIVE hit on Jules Plisson. -
"Very, very good tackle. The ball carrier had solid possession of the ball and was holding it in a position where he could have passed, kicked or run with the ball. At the stage where the tackler had committed to the tackle, the ball carrier still had the ball and could have reasonably thrown a dummy and attempted to make a run, rather than pass. For this reason, the timing of the tackle that came through was perfect. The height of the tackle was also perfect. Should the ball carrier have chosen to run with the ball, the tackler was at the perfect height to get a ball and all tackle. While offloading in the tackle isn't as popular in the Northern hemisphere, good tackling technique tries to prevent the ball carrier from passing the ball once contact is made. There can also be no question about the tackers intent to wrap his arms around the tackled player, as in both realtime and slow motion it is clear that the tackler makes contact with his arms immediately and remains holding the..." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on OPL Competitive Ruling: Rich Homie Dre -
"Having played on a number of servers, I can say for a fact that OCE is the most toxic environment I've encountered in a video game. I don't think this ruling is going to have any kind of trickle-down effect, as most of the people on the server aren't professional and thus competitive suspensions are probably not enough of a threat to make them change their behaviour." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on OPL Competitive Ruling: Rich Homie Dre -
"Playing on OCE I was under the impression that all player reports were put into a big box and thrown into a volcano, the community is so full of toxic kids, not to mention the Chinese on the server. Good to know that if any of them become pr0 and popular on reddit at some point they may be suspended for a brief period." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Cities: Skylines review. Everything Simcity 5 should have been. -
"I love Paradox and I'm so happy to see that they're getting this attention. This means great things for the future, they make great games in the right way." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The neighborhood squirrelies kept digging up my balcony garden... and so the Squirrelinator 2000 was born. -
"I have a mental image of you getting a text while at work in your office and then cackling maniacally while your colleagues sit in fear." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Blue Timers in TIP vs C9 -
"This post is at the top of my Reddit frontpage and I couldn't be happier. This is the kind of stuff that makes pros pros and that often gets glossed over. It might even get me to watch some LCS in the future..." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on RP Price Adjustment in Canada -
"Like gas prices, except that gas is an actual resource that costs money to extract and ship around the world. Watch the CAD go back up but the RP stay the same, then, watch it drop again and watch RP get nerfed again" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Inven reacts to Winterfox roster change. -
"I'm going to throw in a prediction: Pob will be back in LCS next split after WFX loses in relegations, but with a different team." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [Spoiler] Froggen and Airwaks play hide and seek -
"What the heck is Froggen thinking not just running towards his base and backing somewhere safe." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Playing Blitz is a stress reliever. -
"Yeah and the BOOSH + BOP when you hit a hook at level 6 And don't forget the random CS with Ult Passive." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [Spoiler] Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Liquid / NA LCS 2015 Spring Week 6 / Post-Match Discussion -
"Can we talk about what a beast Quas is for a minute? The binding at the end of the game that hit doublelift was disgusting, almost as gross as the one that hit zion when he was coming out of his zhonyas. His ultimates were shredding at the perfect times in teamfights, you would always see him use it just as CLG was committing, I really liked how he played the teamfights tactically. From start to finish he played that game perfectly. It was really a display of mastery of not only the champion, but of his role in his team. Even his item build and skill order was perfect. If you want a primer on how toplane Morgana should be played, you need only watch this game." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Has This Happen To Anyone Else? -
"You Must Be New Here" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Patch 5.4 Notes -
"Just quietly, that Kalista nerf is massive, and I expect to see probably 5% win rate drop off it." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Beyoncé getting complimented (0:04) -
"It was obvious by the tone of Whoopie's voice." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on "Bronze 5 is inescapable" (funniest sh!t i have ever read) -
"Gold? You mean Plat 1" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on SpectateFaker admin here. Here's my final decision regarding the stream. -
"Just imagine, all of this could have been avoided if Azubu's video player wasn't so shit." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Make Ohmwrecker open the gates! -
"DEE gates This is one of the best Rito plz's lately" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on SpectateFaker admin here. Here's my final decision regarding the stream. -
"Here's the thing: if qtpie started streaming on Azubu only, and someone started a 'Spectate qtpie' stream, I'd watch him on Azubu, because watching him is about watching HIM play the game. qtpie adds value to the basic gameplay video which is made available to anyone, anwyhere for free by Riot. If Faker wants people to watch him stream on azubu, he needs to add enough value to his stream to make it worth our while." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on It's been over 2 years since Sony first announced the PS4. The game suspend/resume feature they talked about still has not been added to the console. Do you think they will ever add it or just blank everyone who asks about it? -
"Wait it doesn't have DLNA? Everything has DLNA these days" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on If he only had bought a better lock... -
"See you're all assuming there was a bicycle attached to that lock at some previous time, but what if the goal was simply to secure his rack?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on If you're making an "educational" post about AFKs on Reddit youre not helping anyone, you're just whining -
"It's a metashitpost, which is better than a shitpost because it's hypocrisy at its finest." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The fact that Riot will still allow a 4v5 game to start when one player never even connects is frankly pathetic. -
"I mean, sure this gets reposted every week but I'm going to keep upvoting it because, as far as shitposts go, it's not too bad." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Caitlyn autoattacks are all fucky again. -
"High level CSing technique takes into consideration the particle travel time of your auto attack and that of towers and enemy minions, when CSing under tower, you ideally want to start your auto attack animation well before the tower shot is going to hit a creep that's going to be ready to last hit. Sort of hard to explain, but if you watch pros carefully, you'll see what I mean." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Connect to WLAN using a phone only (no keyboard/mouse) -
"I'm using OSMC and you can set the RPi to connect to your home wifi network on boot. Looks like OpenELEC has something similar thru conman: Basically you store your credentials in a config." - Will Higgins™
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