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tchiseen on I painted a triptych of Werner Herzog, one of my favorite filmmakers. -
"I love this. Reminds me a lot of Francis Bacon. I have a thing for triptychs I think." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' Breaks 1,000-Year-Old Weightlifting Record -
"I feel like this would be a hit on /r/nocontext" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on DJ Sona has over 3 hours of sound effects... -
tchiseen on Randy Quaid Just Uploaded A Video Of Him Fucking His Wife Wearing A Rupert Murdoch Mask -
"Someone stole a credit card. Enjoy the lounge, boys" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on How to disable a fed Jax, and the Boxboxbox (ft. Aphro & Boxbox) -
"ty box" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Garena sponsoring an all female League that punishes teams for having "too many" Gay/Lesbian/Transgender players -
"Not working hard enough, honestly. What year is it?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on What are some things you should avoid doing during an interview? -
"Essentially, the cock-tease of the HR world." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on What are some things you should avoid doing during an interview? -
"Said someone who is unemployed." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Orchestra in Prague smashes out 'Ghostbusters'; conductor has the time of his life -
"That was an excellent version of the song, and the orchestra did a great job playing it, it was super sharp and punchy all the way through, and the "creepy" sounds were great." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Australian Broadcasting Corporation launching "Good Game Pocket" a daily online show from the team at ABC TV's Good Game -
"RIP Junglist I flicked on an episode a while back and it just struck me as a show for kids, with the writing the way it is. I used to really dig the show when it was lower production value and more honest feeling." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Why competitors open stores next to eachother -
"This is the same Nash as the Russel Crowe Beautiful Mind Nash, for those watching at home. And it's not just that, for a lot of businesses like restaurants being in proximity with other similar businesses actually increases the amount of business they get; if you have one Mexican restaurant on the corner, it's just a restaurant, but if you have 2 or 3, the corner becomes the place to go if you want Mexican. Each restaurant does more business because there are similar businesses nearby that they would not otherwise have were the competition to move away." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on TIL the pressurization of an airplane cabin alters the function of taste buds, causing a decrease of up to 30% in the ability to taste saltiness or sweetness. This is one of the reasons so many people dislike airline food. -
"This is incorrect. Airline food tastes like shit because it is, at least on the airlines you fly on. Japan Airlines, Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines, Cathay, China East/Southern and other airlines don't serve shit food. The food you get in flight is actually tasty to begin with. Also, having flown business class, I can tell you that the food you get in business tastes good. Smoked Salmon, chocolate mousse, taste fine at altitude. You can test this theory yourself the next time you fly. Just take some food on the plane with you, and see if it tastes noticeably different in the air and on the ground. > the majority of altered taste was caused by the extremely low humidity drying up your nose and severely restricting the sense of smell. It might be the case that being in close proximity with so many people also has an effect on the taste of the food." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer [FULL HD] -
"The black and white door really had me excited. The rest of the trailer was fucking terrible." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on A local burger place is serving a burger with a mozzarella balloon on the side. A BALLOON OF CHEESE. [2048x1536] -
"OP do they still do the burger with deep fried mac and cheese for a bun? I went to this place. Easily the best thing in Des Moines, Iowa." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on at least the parking lot is clear -
"Do what you do, man. Ride how and when you want as long as you enjoy it. Riding isn't about proving how tough you are, it's about doing something you like. Personally, I loved riding in the winter, but sometimes conditions were too poor to be safe, and I had to find alternatives. That doesn't mean I'm a fair weather rider." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Diego Costa stamp on Emre Can's Ankle -
"I like how his cute little gloves match his outfit. I certainly hope his little fingies don't get cold when he's playing outside!" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Diego Costa stamp on Emre Can's Ankle -
"Oh god that poor man may never walk again what a terrible injury he surely suffered from that vicious attack." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Watch out for people with no lights, going the wrong way, in the bike lane, at night. -
"You ride a bike without health insurance?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on OCE Just hit their 275,000 point goal for Ocean Week. -
"Fizz 1340 votes Nami 885 votes Nautilus 2845 votes 5070 Total" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Eye-opening video on how the media only shows you want it wants you to see -
"I fucking love Mediawatch The current government is trying to shut down the ABC ( ) Nine always makes Abbot out to be some kind of brilliant leader." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on [Spoiler] Elements vs. Fnatic / EU LCS Spring, Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion -
"> This message was created by a bot > Toggle you off, mate" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Police apologise after girl left alone following helmet arrest | -
"It's a good thing the police were there in force to stop this madman. I find it totally unacceptable that someone who is not wearing a bicycle helmet be allowed to do so. The police were totally justified in harassing this person, putting him into a police car and taking him to the station, just so they could give him a $55 fine. This is the kind of police action that really helps communities and is a perfectly good use of public funding." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on PBS played this in the middle of the night. It took a single animator 2 years to illustrate this by hand. -
"The more I see stuff like this the more I feel like this is the only reason why American soldiers ever went to Iraq in the first place..." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on 2017, Urgot rework is released -
"> a solid 10 minute gank 2017 is looking up!" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on "The most toxic person I've ever met" [Spoilers] -
"This is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff that happens here on OCE." - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on DiRT 3 update to ditch GFWL in favor of Steamworks. All previous owners will be automatically upgraded to the Complete Edition. -
"GFWL is still around? Games are still using it? Has nobody learned anything?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on The little Jew behind ARCHER got a little bigger. H. Jon Benjamin here. AMA. -
"Hi John, If you had to Roast one famous historical figure, who would it be and what would you open with?" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on 'Nemesis Draft' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE -
"I keep trying to get my MTG Cube playgroup to do this but nobody ever bites" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on Sky news panic after showing of Charlie Hebdo cover -
"Sky "News"" - Will Higgins™
tchiseen on People suck sometimes -
"I like how the second line of any article you read is blatant cyclist blaming. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad." - Will Higgins™
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